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January 24, 2012



How can anyone ever forgive the idiots who put this fool in office and subjected us all to such DISGRACE.

That includes neighbors and family members of mine.


It was a good night to discover recorded episodes of Downton Abbey.

Told you education was no longer about the students.

Conduit for funding.


I didn't see any. Bummer



Gloria Borger: It was a Laundry list, and his call for Taxes is in sharp contrast to Mitt Romney's Taxes.

John King: Pres defended all his programs. The contrast between him and the Repub candidates is clear.

Jessica somebody: Tried to inoculate himself against attacks he'll be receiving . Disatnced himself from Congress.

Dana Bash: Pres's solution, invest more and more public money.

Gergen: Politically shrewd speech. Will win independents and influence his base. Should have been 30 percent shorter and it would have been more powerful.

Begala: I loved it and that conclusion was worth standing for. He is comfortable and confident as Commander in Chief. He is very comfortable in that role. As a citizen I love seeing my pres like that.

Ari Fleischer: I hardly liked anything in that speech at all. Credit for Osama, but all the rest is take money and redistribute it. There is nothing there except spending, and no mention of Debt.


That would Yellen, daddy, that's also what I would have been doing, if I hadn't been watching the Mummy, the brainslugs have really
gone to town, at CNN.


Just think if a Republican president had used somebody like Warren Buffett's secretary as a prop. They would have investigated her kindergarten records, picked through her garbage, found her birth control prescription, you name it.

clarice feldman

Frankly, whichever president does it the SOTU addresses are really a tradition which has jumped the shark.

Frau  Federhalterin

TK, it's the people who put McCain on the ballot, not McCain.

No one gave Pres.Jive Ass the feather. He took one from his feathered nest.

Benjamin Franklin

Mitch Daniels; Mr Milquetoast.


Mitch Daniels:

Have to show respect as the opposition party. I congratulate him for Osama and for having a strong family.

He knows what he is saying about the State of our nation is not true.

He has put us on a horrible path to debt. We cannot survive and thrive with such debt. His experiment in trickle down government has failed.

An excellent response so far. Excellent job Daniels.


Thanks to all you brave people who blogged the SOTU.

We have such a wonderful country. I hate to see it destroyed by this fool.

Jim Ryan

I had my boys read The Time Machine, and tonight we watched the 1960 movie. Come to find out, H.G. Wells was a big fat pinko. He even schtupped Margaret Sanger and praised Stalin.

Oh, well. At least my radio station didn't preempt Levine for the SOTU.


Well I think he may be following the 'Constanza rule,' it's not a lie if you believe it,


The only way up...

The only way out..

Private sector jobs.

Make money. Be successful.

Good job, Daniels.


Mitch Daniels is doing good. It is like the serious grownup has arrived.

Rick Ballard

Jane & Daddy,

Thank you very much for a fine job.

The last TOTUS SOTU lived down to my expectations.


I blame McCain for what happened in one of the debates, Frau. He had Obama on the ropes, gasping for air, over energy(nuclear to be specific).
McCain found his button and hit him on it. He never pushed that button again. Instead he suspended his campaign.

Once he was on the ticket, he should have fought for the prize.


He's calling our situation honest. An adult talking.

As an opposition Party e have to not just criticize what is happening, we have to give an alternative.

Then he starts laying it out:

We need to encourage business, not cripple it.

The late Steve Jobs created more Jobs than all of them the President has. The extremism that cancels a perfectly safe pipeline or that makes us have to change goof lightbulbs, is a system to create poverty.

This guy is doing great.

He is dealing with the Pension system problems. The mortal enemy of Social Security is not paying attention to the math about the debt that is going to sink us.

It is not fair nor true to attack Repubs as do nothings in Congress.

The saddest part of Obama's presidency is his dividing people.

We have to go to a pro jobs, pro growth economy. Otherwise we will never effectively deal with this national Debt which will sink us.

Good job on describing O's push to make Govt be the big nanny of all of us.


How refreshing! A wise man is speaking and making total sense, besides being exceedingly inspirational. Hmmm......Mitt, Newt, you listening?


Daniels did great.


Wonderful. Daniels makes me proud.

Melinda Romanoff

Not short enough.

Not enough gut punching.

But I might be biased.


For cathyf and TK-



Sighs. What might have been.

Krauthammer, just now.

Frau Spiegel-an-der-Wand

TK - mistakes were made, for sure. Folks were afraid of letting the Clintons in the WH again because of what was known. the country went for the shiny ,new mystery man.


Here's an old Mitch Daniels quote -

"If James Carville and Geraldo Rivera were both drowning, and you could only save one, would you read the paper or eat lunch?"
Mitch Daniels


"Very impressive." (re: Daniels' response)

AB Stoddard. (prissy lips pursed. Words escaped anyway. Nearly killed her.)


Excellent job from Mitch Daniels.

Gergen said just that Mitch Daniels just gave one of the best opposing speech that he had ever heard. At least Gergen was honest about that.


Jacobsen sums it up;


Melinda Romanoff

Oh, and this seems to be disappearing from the intertubes, suddenly.

This Bloomberg news piece on Buffett benefitting from the Keystone turndown.

Somebody might want to screenshot it for a You Too, Congress post.

Just sayin'.


Daniels was spectacular.


Okay, long day. Going to sign off.

Great group here. Keeps me hopeful.

Melinda Romanoff

OK, the new screengrab feature for FireFox is awesome.

Linky is here.


--"If James Carville and Geraldo Rivera were both drowning, and you could only save one, would you read the paper or eat lunch?"
Mitch Daniels--

Draft Daniels!

Melinda Romanoff

Right click in the middle of the page in question, and the option is on the bottom of your menu.

Very slick.


Hi Jane,

Now to go read the thread and see what you guys were thinking.

I am glad that it looks like we have Obama starkly and unambiguously defined now. He is without question a redistributive Socialist, and anyone willing to open their eyes ought to be able to see it. Whoever our guy is, he needs to take a lesson from Daniels speech and pound that lesson till Election Day.

Anderson Cooper and some of the CNN guys seem to me to be a lot less gaga now after Mitch Daniels speech. I sense concern in Anderson's face, so they're off doing Gabby Gifford's feel good stuff.


Draft Daniels!

He probably doesn't want his church set on fire.


We're so thirsting for truth and leadership, just *listening* to Daniels helped quench our parched souls. Mitch said more in that speech than Obama could say in 100 SOTU's. Scratch that----Obama could never say anything as sensible.


Jim Ryan

Oh, thanks, Mel. That's useful.

Dave (in MA)

For those of us who didn't catch all of the Daniels response: http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/24/politics/sotu-gop-response-transcript/index.html


Senator Jim Demint on Anderson Cooper this minute.

Cooper: "Anything you heard from the President that you agree with and can work with?

Demint: He said many wonderful things but they were not true. I talk to manufacturers and they know how bad things are in reality.

He is trying to run from a record of broken promises.

Cooper: "Should millionaires get a Tax Break?"

Demint: "None of us should get any special Tax Break. We are all for that sort of stuff, but then the Prez comes back with his loopholes and picking winners and losers and you can't believe him. We want a simple Flat Tax Rate system for everyone. To build a policy around Warren Buffet is wrong.

And the most thing toniight from the President was for him not to recognize the massive national Debt problem we are in. That is irresponsible. He said some wonderful things but what he says doesn't match up with what he's been doing the last 3 years.

Okay. Enough of playing stenographer for one night.

Jim Miller

Sometimes our "mainstream" journalists are just plain funny.

I was listening to KOMO radio after the SOTU speech. (It's one of the main news stations in the Seattle area, perhaps the most important.) The announcer, Art Sanders, interviewed just two outsiders for reactions to the speech, Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell and Ron Dotzauer.

Sanders did not ask if he could shine Cantwell's shoes, but he might as well have. And he was surprised to hear some favorable comments on Daniels from Dotzauer.

Who's Ron Dotzauer? He's usually described as and "advisor" to Maria Cantwell.

Now that is getting a range of opinions.

And then, Sanders asked one of the station's social media people what the reaction was from listeners on the station's site -- and was very surprised to learn that all those who had posted so far were negative on Obama's speech.


I Fly with a guy who was squadron mates with Gifford's husband. He and his wife were good friends with Gifford's husbands ex-wife for years. Haven't heard much about that have you.

daddy, Back at 8:58...what was this about?


Sorry to disagree, but while Daniels was 80% good, he wimped out when he included "equality" as a goal for Republicans. Why couldn't he have said "equality of opportunity"? Why can't Republicans resist the urge to be Dem lite?

Same for his big pitch to turn SS into a big income redistribution: "We have to stop sending millionaires pension checks they don't need." BS. First, that's their money they were forced to deposit. Second, they already get a crappy return on it, plus having to pay taxes on at least some of it a second time. Is he saying we don't redistribute income enough, we're just going to do it different from Democrats? Once again, Dem lite.

Thanks y'all for blogging the SOTU so I didn't have to watch it. I was glued to the Australian Open and just tuned in for Daniels.

Ralph L

It's the applause interruptions that make SOTU insufferable to me, regardless of Pres/Totus, so thanks to you lie bloggers. The wisest thing Al Gore ever did was give his acceptance speech without those interruptions.

The first political thing I ever went to was a Support the Troops rally down on the Mall when some ANSWER march was happening
Was that a couple Saturdays after 9/11? If so, my Dad and I drove right past you up Penn Ave. A beautiful day, and the Capitol was empty. We walked his (now my) dog up the steps and around it.


That not being allowed to leave high school idea seemed to stun even the Dems.


Facebook: The Kitchen Cabinet

NOT TO WORRY! The President has EVERYTHING under control! We don't need Newt! We don't need Mitt...or Rick or Ron! Obama is a Conservative now! He wants to reduce regulation, bring jobs back from overseas, reduce taxes ......at least that's what the screenwriter who composed his teleprompter copy said!
Captain Hate

So what did I miss? I was listening to some excellent music and reading "The Forgotten Man" and "The Secret Knowledge". I'm guessing I did the right thing.


all bullshit, all the time. Where my gorge rose was when he said his most proud possession was the autographed flag from the ST6 mission to kill OBL.

No discussion of the Health Care bill. My internist sent a letter last week informing us that he is going to concierge service. He's done. $30/call and the fights with the insurance companies and he's done. We will pay the cost because we can and we want an excellent doctor, but this is happening more and more across the country. People are going off the grid.

Having Buffet's secretary there was the height of foolishness. To think she's not worth a couple of hundred mil is nuts.

LaGarde at the IMF is warning of imminent collapse and Obama fiddles.In truth, the DoT and Fed are pumping trillions into the new QE. This is all off the books and has been generally ignored by the financial press.

Like I said, it will change, and then it will change again. Soros is warning that the OWS crowd will turn violent. Just let them try.


Was that a couple Saturdays after 9/11?
No Ralph L. It was in the spring of 2003. Laura Ingraham spoke & some others. Big crowd though. I got some WMAL Support The Troops bumper stickers for my kids. I was pretty timid.


Mucho thanks to daddy, Jane and the rest of the clever, witty, JOM bloggers for keeping us laughing instead of on suicide watch. It also helped to switch off the dish at my house and avoid the gawd-awful lying voice and grandiose affectation of the verbose one. :)


We're so thirsting for truth and leadership, just *listening* to Daniels helped quench our parched souls.

Great line, OldTimer.


"...quarrelling and paralyzed over the Niagra of Death" - I kinda liked that part. Pretty good Mitch, pretty good.


"...so thanks to you lie bloggers."

Ralph, I was only repeating the lies.


So what do they do to you if you don't go to HS?


Hopefully they don't censure them.

Captain Hate

Ok I just read the thread; great job guys and I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad I missed it.


Jane: You get incarcerated and are forced to watch Obama speeches 12 hours a day.


Jane and daddy,you are the best. Thanks!


Thank you Jane and daddy! I was so spitting mad at that outrageous speech that I don't know how you both held it together.

Matt, Have you seen this?:

Spiked Romney Cover Cringe

The media wants a war and has no problem starting ONE:


This is so sick. Look at that and remember that they tried to blame the Arizona shootings on Palin because she used target terminology or something, the Sons of Bitches!

Rick Ballard


That was a sop to the teachers unions. There may be some garbage behind it (RSE might know) but there won't be any legislation before BOzo gets the boot.

It should backfire on BOzo rather well. He still doesn't quite have a handle on the mandate bit.



I had a trip with a guy who was his Squadron mate and knew him well back in Navy days.

We 2 were together when the husband was bashing Sarah (or allowing himself to be used in bashing Sarah) when the meme was that Sarah was somehow responsible for the guy who shot his wife.

My friend, strong Conservative, was very pissed at his old squadron mate for that, and went off a bit on what the hell happened to his former wife. Did he dump her, etc. that sort of stuff.

Anyhow, my point was simply that if it had been Joe the Plumber, or anyone critical of the Left, we'd have known all about that stuff in a heartbeat. Since he was useful in criticizing Sarah Palin, we heard nothing.

Ralph L

I saw at O's last formal news conference (before changing channels) that he'd adopted the Clinton Wiggle Walk. Did he do that tonight? Any Benito poses?


The double standard is just overwhelming, isn't it Ann?


Cripes, Ann, and Bloomberg's been busy spiking Buffet's rail road acquisitions, too....must not embarrass Obama and Warren's secretary at the SOTU campaign gala..



That was all and all, a deranged performance, worthy of the dictator in 'Bananas';



Marco Rubio with Hannity blew Daniels away.

Daniels speech was fine but his voice drives me crazy and I don't think I've seen anyone give a whole speech without moving a muscle on their face since the last time I watched Pelosi. Is Mitch a botoxer?



That is sick and a point well made.


Thanks, daddy...yeah, the double standard again.
One positive thing in my house is that my husband cringes at the Republican bashing now. It is so over the top. He points out things to me!


Kiriakou's wife resigns from CIA too.


Interesting how Kirikaou seems to be a serial offender, as he seems to have a source with the following piece,


From the documents, the amount of detail would indicate that Brian Ross, was another
ewho received information, about these personnel, including the location of certain
secret detention facilities, Probably Jane Mayer was the third, as she usually got most
things wrong about the detainees and the program in general.


O'Reilly was directing all his anger tonight against the reporters who gave the info to the lawyers for al-Qaeda. Lisa Wiehl said there are three or four guilty parties, but no one knew names. O'Reilly said they will if he finds out who they are. The not so veiled threat was that heads would roll and careers would come to a screeching halt.

JM Hanes

Will have to catch up on the snark later, but I didn't want to leave ya'll bereft of your SOTU Wordle:

SOTU 2012

At nearly 7,000 words, Obama may have outdone even himself. Of course, it would have been a lot shorter if he hadn't repeated the same speech twice in one go.


Yes, they are all pondscum, Shane, Ross (for reasons already obvious) Mayer, Susskind, but
those that collaborated with them, and then tried to cover that up, well they belong in a whole 'nother level,


The not so veiled threat was that heads would roll and careers would come to a screeching halt.

Didn't Dana Priest do some stories on the CIA black sites?



Should I read anything into the fact that America, American, and Americans all seem to be hanging off the edge or cliff?


National Park Service is afraid to enforce the no camping laws against the OWSers.
Maybe families across America should plan on coming to DC & just camp in the parks here. Cheaper than hotels. I guess it is okay now.


Ah I forgot about Dana, her story on 'the Pit' was not long followed by a AQ breakout
attempt, where most of the operatives were


But not all as it would turn out;



and with Dana Priest & her husband, William Goodfellow - we've got a Joe Wilson/Plame overlap.
"William Goodfellow is the Executive Director of the the Center for International Policy (CIP)."

"Now, it has another mission. Fenton has established a “war room” with CIP called The Iraq Policy Information Program (IPIP). Its main job is getting the anti-Bush foreign policy message out to the media and providing guests for talk shows. A featured speaker of the IPIP is former ambassador Joe Wilson, one of the Bush administration’s most vocal enemies."


I think the OWSers will look at JMH's graphic and conclude they are correct that the U.S. is listing to the right.

JM Hanes


"Does everybody realize a US ship will be named after this guy?"



Question, who knowingly invests in Egyptian bonds, the answer is probably MF Global.



Honestly if they didn't have double standards they would have none at all;


JM Hanes

Excellent snark blogging tonight!


Re: The President's hutzpah tonight at criticizing Congress for "Insider Trading."

What is a better example of "insider trading" than Warren Buffett investing in the Railroads and knowing all along that he is going to make a killing because his best pal, Obama, is going to nix the XL Pipeline deal.


With the next Republcan debate coming a couple days after the SOTU, perhaps the candidates got enough red meat tonight to get them to concentrate on the real target and not on each other.

clarice feldman

Do you suppose it was not the best idea to have as a senior CIA analyst dealing with the most sensitive material a person married to someone working as a staffer on the Senate intelligence committee?

I think the CIA has some weird personnel ideas.


Just read this threat from Nancy Pelosi headlined at Drudge:

Newt won't be President: There is something I know.

That strikes me as a rather dangerous game to be playing. I can imagine some folks, in and out of Newt's corner, not taking kindly to such threats from.


Oops wrong Pelosi Link: Here's the right one.


Bill Gates on a BBC Interview says he likes the Presidents call to Tax the rich. He says he himself isn't paying enough and America's debt should be fixed by taxing the rich.

Buy an Apple/Mac and tell Bill Gates and Microsoft to go to hell.

Arianna Huffington also interviewed on the BBC. Says Obama's speech was wonderful oratory, but she is worried his economic fixes won't work as quickly as Obama hoped and that that will cause him problems for re-election. Says she is excited at Davos with its theme this year of "transformation" ("Change" is so 2008). Says Capitalism has to be given some sort of moral base.

BBC Host calls Arianna a "deep thinker".

If nothing else, Obama's speech seems to have brought the redistributionists and the anti-Adam Smith capitalists out from under their rocks in Davos, to bask in Obama's reflected vision and to give him their kudo's.

I haven't heard a single capitalist champion on that channel all day.

Captain Hate

Fortunately I missed all of these: http://minx.cc/?post=326017

Dawn will be here in the time of it takes a human to gestate.

Well, same state of the union, same speech.


Start taxing Gates' foundations, then he will change his tune.

Or maybe not. How low we have fallen when people like Gate are championing socialsim and the punishment of success. You can bet he did not run Microsoft this way. He should be ashamed of himself, but he obviously is quite incapable of shame. He will do and say exactly what the Nomenklatura demands of him.

The protection racket against him in the 1990's worked. What a moral and intellectual coward.

(And do not kid yourself. Pronouncements like these out of Gates have profound effects with the imbecilic American population.)

We cannot even get close to one peep of the real truth in the media or in a national conversation. Not one industrialist will stand up openly and decry this. They are that cowed. Just Shameful.

People like Daniels and Mitch really are just speaking slightly left of center, and yet this is seen as wildly conservative.

Are we watching the final act of a real and lasting Bolshevik coup in the USA? Seem so to me

Even with the best candidate it seems pretty dicey for the country to come out of this. Between vote fraud and riots in the streets, the Left may likely take the day. Given that we have let the Democrats so dominate and ruin the GOP campaign, the chances are that much slimmer.

The TP better start marching people to large rallies across the country.

It is just amazing how low this country has fallen. The left is throwing it right in our faces.

Never has a POTUS stood up and so blatantly and openly promoted Communism--not even FDR was so open. Never has there been an administration so openly and unapologetically corrupt.

The liberals have a figure like Bloomberg, who is a liberal democrat, BTW, he just went over to the GOP because the line was too long in the NC Democrat Party. He runs a media empire while he is mayor, and literally bought his way around term limits. He pulls the Biffet story, just like that.

If a Republican did this we would not hear the end of it.

There should be broad-spread shock, but there is none. Americans are actually taking this stuff seriously. Obama should be a 5% in the polls, not neck and neck with the GOP.

Our future as a nation hangs in the balance.

This is like living in the USSR or a Latin American nation.

How decadent we have become that we take this with nary a peep.

It seems reasonable to assume that it will only get worse. Only a tiny minority sees what really is happening. Every fiber of our society and culture has been corrupted by the Left. Even if we could stop them today,the damage that they have done would take generations to turn around.

What a bad joke America has become.

Insane, incompetent and suicidal We are handing this country away to idiots like Obama and vile lunatics like Soros. We cannot see even our most basic self interest when it is destroyed right in front of us.


It seems reasonable to assume that it will only get worse. Only a tiny minority sees what really is happening.

I think this is true. PD jokingly called me a tea-vangelist, but maybe we need to think like that. Evangelism for the core principles (the gospel) of our Constitution. Hand out simple tracts at subway stations, bus stops, etc. across the nation.
You have the right ____!
Government may not ____!


I have to say I'm with Janet and squaredance here. No one else seemed bothered by Daniels's [?] call for massive income redistribution by taking confiscating wealthy people's SS and Medicare benefits (as opposed to reforming or eliminating those programs).

OK, the new screengrab feature for FireFox is awesome.
Yawn. If you have a mac, hit command-shift-4. Your cursor will turn into at cross mark, and you click-drag-release over the rectangle you want to screenshot. If you want a whole window, hold down the space bar, and the cursor will turn into a camera and the window will highlight. Click the mouse, and it takes the picture. The screen shots show up in your Desktop folder, they are png's and have the timestamp embedded in the file name.

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