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January 23, 2012



This is frickin insane.


Apparently Brian Williams will be asking about Cuba.

Not Iran, Cuba.


I cannot find the debate on my local NBC channel or on MSNBC.

What am I doing wrong?


--What am I doing wrong?--

Nothing. It would be wrong if you found it.


I am having to watch it online. None of my NBC channels is carrying it. Interesting.


I can't help myself:

No applause or verbal reactions allowed. Can't have any feedback from the voters, can we?

Electability: Newt, Mitt said mean things about you. So now get back at him.

I'm Ronald Reagan, and I'm Ronald Reagan and I'm Ronald Reagan.

Tell us how you have changed Newt.

I balanced the budget, yadi yadi yadi.

And nancy pelosi should leave like I did.

Mitt: Newt was mean to you. How do you respond?

Leadership. Leadership, leadership.

Newt is an insider and a corrupt one at that.

We differ on leadership.

Newt: I'm not going to chase Mitt;s lies. I'll have a website about it tomorrow. Romney is a liar.

Romeny, no one likes you.

It doesn't matter, Newt is bad. His own people don't like him. And the lobbyists at Freddie mac hired him.

Romney - you promised to go after Obama why attack Newt.

"I learned something in S carolina, Newt lies."


cc, It is on my local NBC channel. Brian Williams is replacing the show Fear Factor tonight. Hah! Isn't that hysterical.


cc, It is on my local NBC channel. Brian Williams is replacing the show Fear Factor tonight. Hah! Isn't that hysterical.


My local NBC channel is doing local news, as regularly scheduled.

I told you - NBC would silence the audience. Another manipulation by the MFM.


Why does a Republican audience bow down to their media masters and shut up? My god we are in serious trouble in this country!


Newt: Romney is a terrible historian. I didn't do anything wrong as speaker. I'm simply spectacular.

Romney not allowed to rebut.

Santorum - why are you still in this?

Everything is wrong and I'm positive. I'll make Obama the issue - (except the debate moderators will never ever allow that)

Santorum talks about his very boring record.

But you lost.

Yeha yeah yeah.

Ron Paul looks bored.

Ron, your base is enthusiastic. But you said you can't envision yourself in the oval office. When will you be honest about being in a 3rd party.

Unlike everyone else Brian, I don't sit around dreaming about the WH. Bite me.



Go Jane!


Local here says it will play at 9 pacific. No live blogging from me.


Thanks, TK - delayed and a replay for us California folks. There goes their debate ratings.

Jim Ryan

WILLIAMS: Speaker Gingerich, why do you think black people need to be on food stamps and how do you reconcile your racism with the founding ideals of this country?

GINGERICH: You've got to be f***ing s***ing me.

WILLIAM: I'm sorry?

GINGERICH: I mean you have got to be f***ing s***ing me.


WILLIAMS: It's just that you have said that President Obama extends food stamp assistance to blacks not because of the damage done to the economy by the Bush Administration but because blacks are incompetent and should be enslaved as children in janitorial positions in order to pay for the assistance. I believe you are on record as saying this.

GINGERICH: What the f***ing-

PAUL: I believe you are on record as saying that, Newt.

ROMNEY: That is what you have been saying, Mr. Gingerich.

WILLIAMS: Well, let's go onto the next question. Congressman Paul, why was the Bush Administration so neo-con, so warmongering in its foreign policy?

PAUL: Brian, I'm glad you asked that-

WILLIAMS: Time's up. Senator Santorum, do you think it would be constitutional for a state to force all non-Christian and non-white Americans and foreign nationals within its borders or crossing its borders to be sterilized?


WILLIAMS: Mr. Santorum?

SANTORUM: You've got to be f***ing s***ing me.


Paul: Let's talk about 1997. Newt didn't have the votes for speaker that's why he didn't run.

But but but, will you run as a 3rd party? Brian is practically begging him.

Newt: Perry likes me. The stuff about the fed makes sense. Now I will ramble on and drop names.

Romeny: Only 1 year of tax returns. Yet you are a pack rat. What in your taxes can we attack you with?

This debate is all about Brian Williams and not about the candidates.


LOL Jim, I should leave this to you.

Jim Ryan

I can't beat you, Jane, no way.


TK, LUN for an article from 2008 about Oduma blaming his staff many times.


That would be a much better debate, certainly,


IMO Romney is doing well right now about his tax returns. I hate the MFM.


This is an utter waste of time, if all we here is uh, uh, uh, from Brian Williams.

Yes, NBC, let us not let the audience who represent voters root for their guy - Romney, Gingrich, Santorum or Paul - let us focus on you Brian.


Wait, tell us how to attack you on your taxes Mitt, pretty please.

I pay what I owe. Get bent Brian.

What will satisfy you Newt?

I won;t attack him for the 15% rate and will call my flat tax a 15% tax rate.

What about capital gains?

Newt says zero. Mitt says, then I don't know anything.

But Mitt, your daddy released 12 years.

Brian, I am not my father.

Are you surprised how you have been attacked for having $$

I thought it would come from Obama, not from republicans. I will not apologize for success. I earned it and worked hard.

I believe in free enterprise.

RIck, Mitt says you atttacked him.

Mitt - no I didn't.

Geez brian, get your facts straight - or was this on purpose?


Brian Williams...ugh. Could they ask questions like this to any Dems?
I'm mostly sick of the MFM grilling the Republicans because they NEVER grill Democrats.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Sounds like Brian is committed to making up for dense colleague Gregory's spectacularly unimpressive cross examination on MTP yesterday.


This MST-#K style of blogging, works better.


I'm done. I can't watch our guys attack each other.


RIck: If you believe in capitalism why did you support the bail out of wall street Newt and Mitt?

Brian Williams ignores the very good question.

Newt: your contract with Freddie Mac doesn't show work product.

I was a consultant. I've never lobbied.

So you never peddled influence?

Mitt has gotten personal and it's sad.

Mitt: they don't pay people $25k a month to be a historian whcih you said you were, and you were hired by the chief lobbyist of freddie mac.

Newt: My share was not 25k a month and I used my knowledge of history to consult - and I can keep threading this needle closer and closer. And Freddie and Fannie did some good things.

Mitt: I never worked on K street. And you did lots of influence peddling.

Newt: "I understand your technique" (Yikes) and I am for medicare and you lie.

Mitt: The problem is you got paid by health companies who can benefit from legislation and they you meet with republicans in office you are influence peddling. 15 years on K street is a problem.

(I think Newt lost that one, anyone else?)


Boy Brian williams really sucks.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

You were a saint, Janet to endure it as long as you did. I have chosen the easy way out -- watching the Hawks in Milwaukee whilst listening to Bach trio sonatas, and finishing a fine bourbon old fashion.


This is a complete crock of shit. I agree with Janet.

Where are the attacks on Barack Obama?


I think they both lost that one. Somebody needs to give Williams a wedgie, knock the smug right out of him.


I agree Janet. They both look like juveniles.

What are the rules if we get to the convention and there is not a clear cut winner of delegates. Anyone know?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Why not e.g. "Newt is worse than I am but we're both better than the socialist in the WH".


From what I'm reading here, it appears NBC plotted to ensure a circular firing squad with the candidates, effectively preventing them from spilling their bile over the anointed one.


The Fred just endorsed Newt

Per a blogger at Ace's

Anyone else seen anything in that?


What Janet said.

While its a cute slogan, the idea that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger can only be said by someone who's never been badly injured.

Frankly, it's not even remotely true.


Question about housing to Santorum.

Obama, Reid and Biden caused the collapse. Now what do you do about it. I say:

Let capitalism work. deduct the losses from a sale of a home.

Paul: are people owed anythning?

They were owed a free market and govt screwed them. He goes thru the history - the bubble was completely government manufactured. Get out of the way. But the politicians can't allow that. He goes on to attack the fed. The feds dumped the debt on the taxpayers.

Mitt: DO you help homeowners? Of course. get fraud, flexibility, Dodd Frank bad, rev up the economy.

Newt: repeal Dodd frank and you would have a better housing market.

DO you really think the financial markets are over regulated"

Yes says Newt, it's an invitiation to crime.

Mitt, was it over regulated?

It was POORLY regulated. Dodd Frank sucks. It is killing small banks.

Mitt - 3 AM phone call says Castro has died. A half million cubans want to come to teh US. (Why if Castro has died wouldn't they stay)

Work with the new ruler. Obama has done the wrong thing, stand with the people who want freedom and fight for democracy.

What will you do Newt?

Fidel will go to hell. Then over throw the regime. We need a Cuban spring.

Military? no "covert".

Ron paul: I have work to do on him on foreign policy. I don't like isolationism. We've propped up Castro and he has used us as a tool for blame. I'm against isolationism.


"Will Brian Williams ask Newt to elaborate on some of his big ideas?"

Who cares about what Brian Williams says. I just arrived at the Lobby of the Narita Hilton (Tokyo) and gues wh's on the 2 big screen TV's in the Lobby.

Piers Morgan on CNN, interviewing Sean Penn. The header on the screen reads "Sean Penn on Politics."

So you guys go head and get your political input from Brian Williams. I'm going with the wit and wisdom of Political genius Sean Penn, as strained thru the tough questioning of Piers Morgan.


Oh screw this. This is a travesty. Any Republican that is going to sit still for Brian and NBC dictating to us in this manner deserves Barry and Moochelle for another 4 years.

clarice feldman

Don Surber:

What a difference 48 hours makes. On Saturday night, as the votes were being tallied in South Carolina, Nate Silver of the New York Times gave Mitt Romney a 93% chance of winning Florida. Today, Nate Silver of the New York Times gives Newt Gingrich an 86% chance of winning Florida.


Well it was Nietzche that said it, you don't expect it to make sense.


))Yes, NBC, let us not let the audience who represent voters root for their guy..))

they prolly don't want anyone to hear the audience cheering when the media is insulted


Rick: If there was a strong lobby of chinese dissadents in Florida would we have a better policy?

Not if they were 90 miles off shore. Sanctions should consider until Castro is dead and then let them embrace freedom. Jihadists are working wiht the Cubans and it is a serious threat.

Mitt: If Iran closes Straight of Hormus is that an act of war?

Of course it is. This president keeps shrinking our navy.

So Newt, how do you get Americans to embrace war?

Americans have no interest in war anywhere? But we have a commitment to freedom of the sea. Iranians are taunting us so Obama cancels military operations. Iranians know Obama is weak\.

(let's skip that can't have bad things said about Obama)

MItt, how can you not talk to the Taliban?

The president is weak, weak, weak, spineless and a complete wimp. He is a complete and utter failure.

Doesn't anyone want to negotiate with the taliban?

Paul: We committed the act of war toward Iran by the blockade.


This is a stupid and ridiculous debate.


I actually think Santorum is doing the best job, but I can never tell while I'm blogging.

Jim Miller

"This is a stupid and ridiculous debate."

Unlike all the other debates, during this nomination fight?


Piers to Sean Penn,

"Sean, you're at the speak of your acting powers..."

Sean: I have an obligation. I feel I have to show everyone, to articulate what I feel about other countries and the United States. We have to have a new environmental consciousness in this country. We have to commit...we have to have a disconnect from our comfort...Haiti has intermingled with that consciousness here...We may just get our Mojo back."

Piers: "Is there room for love in your life?"

Penn: 'There's always room for love in your life."

Piers: "Sean, it's been a pleasure, as always"

Penn: "Yeah." "Thank you."


Well, Typepad ate my comment.

You are doing a great job Jane. But this is all about NBC and I can't stand another minute of it.


Santorum does better when he doesn't talk about all his premade plans.

Jim Miller

"We've propped up Castro . . . "

Here's a question for daddy: Has Sean Penn said anything half that funny?


I object, your honor! This trial is a travesty. It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.


English is also a great thing. eyeroll.


How about 'Hey Dude, lets Party' then of course there is 'Shanghai Surprise' but that was unintentional comedy


That is the last sentence of several paragraphs by Romney.

clarice feldman

Look what I miss by never watching TV here or wherever the hell daddy is tonight.


"Has Sean Penn said anything half that funny?"

Only that the consciousness raising in Haiti may sever us from our comfort zone and allow us to get our Mojo back.

Frau Ungeduld

Nate Silver is a flip-flopper...

Jim Miller

Sometimes what does not kill us makes us stronger.

Look up "hormesis" for some examples.

(Heck, look up "hormesis" just because it's a fascinating phenomena.)


Adam Smith and Beth reinhart from National Journal join.

Rick: Where do you limit the target list in Iran? huh?

What happens if Iran gets a nuclear weapon. Obama's lied about the threat Iran poses. Theocracy in Iran is the equivalent of Al Qaeda.

Drilling v oil spill?

Rick: We have a bad economy because of oil/energy prices. We need the keystone pipeline, it's the safest way.

English as the official language. You guys court people in Spanish but it;s not okay for the gvt to use Spanish.

Newt: English is the common bond.

Mitt: it makes no sense to keep kids from learning English. Anything else limits them.

Paul: Florida can do what it wants. Not a federal issue.

Newt: The dream act: I'd work for a different version. You have to join the military. Mitt says that is also his position.

Mitt: I don't get your views on immigration.


"We've propped up Castro . . . "

Well, that should piss off the Russians. LOL


I guess we don't have to watch the debate to know NBC decided beforehand NBC would win the debate. There's no way they're going to allow the candidates to diss them publicly again, ala King or Gregory. No way.


I'm bored.

Jack is Back!

Is this the most boring debate ever?

Where is the audience interaction? Have they been paid off?

clarice feldman



Me too, Jane. No, I am pissed off big time that we just sit down and shut up all because Brian Williams told us to.

This only benefits Obama and Brian.


No applause or verbal reactions allowed.

My first response from the podium:

"Let me preface my answer with a remark to the audience. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are impressed by the answers from anyone on this stage - or if you're appalled by any of the questions - you react as you see fit. Brian Williams thinks he's in control of this debate. He isn't. There's something we keep forgetting, and it's as true in the country as a whole as it is in this building: We outnumber them."

"Now to my answer. Brian, that question wasn't remotely connected to the issues that are on the minds of the electorate, most of which concern how each of us plan to fix the damage to America that has been wrought by Barack Obama. I'm going to take my time to begin to outline my plan. First, as to spending...."

Frau Ungeduld

catching up from previous thread:

Kerry Conehead (D-South of France) did have corrective surgery on his chin following a hockey "accident." It's a face that only Mother Forbes could love.

Jack is Back!

Ron Paul. The Do Nothing President. He has my vote except when the shit hits the fan.


Maybe some CIA operatives "visited" Kerry after one of his aides outed their friends to some Gitmo detainees?


"No, I am pissed off big time that we just sit down and shut up all because Brian Williams told us to.

This only benefits Obama and Brian."

Exactly what Kumbaya Musical Chairs at the SOTU tomorrow night is designed to do. Supposedly its a "Groundswell".


How did Sean Penn get in the GOP debate? Or was that Newt saying something about getting his mojo back?

(Jane & daddy --this is the best way to expereince the GOP debate. Thank you so much for your efforts...)


Where are those wolves from 'the Grey' when we really need them, daddy.


Okay I am outta here, now we are bringing up Terry Schiavo.

My dear Lord.


Yeah, let's talk about Terry Schiavo now because we are liberal pawns.

They ahve been forbidden JIb, Brian has spoken.


Hey kids, let's put on a show. But this time, just for fun, let's go on a network owned by our enemies and stab each other.

What fun we'll have. Don't worry, in low doses, this might help us. There won't be low doses?



I think he had a face lift.


Dear God let this end at 10:30.


Well that last act in Hamlet turned out okay, no, never mind then,

Jim Miller

daddy - That Sean Penn bit was pretty good, but I think Congressman Paul is still slightly ahead.

Just think: Not only have we propped up Castro, but we first got the Soviets to pay for him, and now are getting the Venezuelans to pay for him. Is that clever policy, or what?

(I have sometimes been encouraged when I read people like Noam Chomsky on US foreign policy. They make our diplomats and planners sound so darn smart you think our enemies should give up without a fight.

And then I come back from Fantasy Land.)


Bless Japan for not showing it.


In other plays, the internecine bloodletting is described thusly:

Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood
Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather
The multitudinous seas incarnadine,
Making the green one red.


Nate Silver has some "bookie" instincts it appears.

Jim Miller-

Tried to send you a photo of a temp inversion on this side of the state -- snow and ice on the ground in the valley and no snow on the mountains but evidently the email address you have on your web site doesn't work.


DoT, try this:


The upshot is the fact that “infidels” were excluded from becoming “natural born subjects” to the Crown. Calvin’s case makes it very clear. So much for just being born on the land.


CNN just had an ad from Richard Quest (he of Central Park dildo and illegal drug arrest infamy) standing in a trenchcoat in a snowstorm saying he's going to give us the straight poop tonight from Davos.

(As if he'd know a straight poop)

Can't miss TV.





Of course a similar denoument happened in the wacky Scifi VR series, Wild Palms,


--Posted by: bgates | January 23, 2012 at 10:12 PM--

How come bgates isn't on the ballot?

Jim Miller

glasater - Thanks for trying. That is the right email address, after you swap in an "@" for the "at".

Could you have mistaken the "1" for an "l"?

(That's a mistake I've made more than once.)

Read aloud, the email address is: Jim cross country one at gmail.com.

PS - They have dug out the car on that Mt. Rainier shot.


At Instapundit - “Kiriakou worked for Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) as a Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigator from March 2009 to April 2011, according to Senate records.”

Wow Frau, that picture is something. Yikes!

Jim Miller

Janet - Thanks for that info on Kiriakou. In my own post, earlier today, I had guessed that Kerry hired him, but I didn't take the time to check that out.

Danube of Thought

"What are the rules if we get to the convention and there is not a clear cut winner of delegates. Anyone know?"

Best question of the night. The short answer is "I don't." But I think that's the circumstance that brings about a "brokered convention." And my understanding of that term is that each state's delegation starts negotiating with those of the other states in trying to strike a bargain. Each state's chip is that it can agree to casts its votes for someone other than the candidate who won its primary or caucus, in return for whatever it can get.

A cut-to-the-chase example: New Hampshire says to South Carolina, "OK, we'll pledge our delegates to Mitch Daniels instead of Romney if you'll agree to do the same."

That used to be a common occurrence, but the parties' rules, and the individual states' parties' rules, have changed a lot over the past forty years so I no longer know how it works.


I did do the @ swap Jim but may have gotten the "1" mixed up.

Even with the temps in the forties here the ice just sits there. It came down so solid for the best part of a day. Lawns are skating rinks.


Jim, one of the books that is with my Grandmother's diaries is titled "The Mountain That Was 'God'" By John H. Williams.

Turns out some one has a similar one on YouTube.

Melinda Romanoff

Jim Miller-

I see you read Taleb's latest.

Just caught up and now it's G'night.

BTW, wait for the Grand Mortgage Fix in The Speech tomorrow night, it's a CRA federalization with a bank forgiveness kicker, MBS holders will get the Chrysler bondholder treatment. The CA AG is promoting the current design, no foreclosures without her permission, but she also gets to pick the new sales recipients. I think this will end well.


"What are the rules if we get to the convention and there is not a clear cut winner of delegates. Anyone know?"

When "Lets have a Brokerd Convention" is brought up, Dems, masquerading as Repubs and Independents, sue, saying we can't change the rules of the nomination process in mid-stream, and since we didn't get a clear cut winner, no Rep candidate is allowed to challenge Barrack. The case goes to a hand picked Judge who rules in favor, and the appeal doesn't hit the Supremes until the Day after Election Day.

Danube of Thought

Some of the most enjoyable non-fiction reading of my youth was the dispatches sent by H.L. Mencken to the Baltimore Sun from the parties' conventions in the twenties. Hilarious stuff, published in a number of different collections of his work. I think those conventions--and earlier ones--gave rise to the term "smoke-filled room."

By God, in those days The Fnork was The Fnork!


Mel, do you have more on the CA AG?


Mencken is wicked. There might even be a salad Fnork.


Oh Melinda. You caught me catching up before niters and you woke me up.

Securities legal eagle thinks we will need an Office Depot worth of still bound postits for SOTU.


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