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January 03, 2012


Jack is Back!


Cross-posting from other thread.

Did you know about this? Pretty Tragic. Your neighborhood.

Rick Ballard

I certainly hope that Mitt gets the result that he has earned and deserves.


I saw the piece on the SAT cheating last night and realized that even those tests require a photo ID. How low on the scale of important things is voting. And, while I'm at it, how easy is it to cheat even with a photo ID?

Of course, everyone who posts here had perfect scores, right?


I do believe I have found a link combining Ron Paul and the recent fruitcake thread! LUN


Totally OT, but in the spirit of 2012, I'm posting this PSA about the Denver airport -- sent to me by A Friend.


From NYT
``At a stop in Marshalltown, Iowa, on Monday, Mr. Gingrich complained that he has been “Romney-boated,” a reference to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads that helped derail Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004.''
Nothing the GOP hates more than its own filthy politics, and libertarianism, of course...



"To portray whatever Wasserman Schultz will say tonight as “analysis” is beyond absurd."


I second that Rick Ballard!


Depends on how you define Libertarians.

According to the bizarre people on MSNBC,
Libertarians want to go back to the old
fashioned conservative principles which
were set forth by Barry Goldwater. LOL

Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews,
Larry O'Donnell and Al Sharpton show us
nightly that Liberalism is, indeed, a
mental illness indigenous to retards.


Me too matt

"Paulsamic Vinegar" Mom: Ron Paul Supporters Spray Vinegar at the Sky to Fight “Chemtrails”…I’m Not Kidding



“Romney-boated,” a reference to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

That's pretty dumb on Newt's part. "Swiftboating" means "to tell the truth about."

Jack is Back!


Go back to your Wii, you are taking the quote out of context. We have already dissected this frog and you are late, as usual, to the party. Have another Dr. Pepper and try to help your Mom by keeping the chips off the shag.


``how easy is it to cheat even with a photo ID?''
It is apparently extremely difficult to organize and execute voter fraud, since there are virtually no known cases of this happening. There are instances of individuals inadvertently skirting the ban on voting by felons or voting before full completion of naturalization paperwork. But even these are extremely few and far between.
It's not that politicians are just too honest to try to cheat, it's that they know full well that voter fraud is unnecessary. If a candidate has extra money and extra organizational resources, he or she can improve his returns much more certainly by increasing negative TV advertising or get-out-the-vote efforts.
The conservative obsession with voter fraud, where virtually none exists, is exhibit A on the extent of their paranoid inclinations.

Benjamin Franklin

Iraq, Assghanistan, Uz beki beki stan......Iran.



" We don't learn from the past; instead, we choose to officially forget embarrassing history so we can move on from our debacles without losing an ounce of glory. We all know how it goes: Sure, mistakes were made, but we need to keep our eye on the ball and move forward. The costs are paid in slow motion and out of sight.

Our leaders are either complicit in the gig or they feel compelled to pander to this weakness for forgetting history as they pump up the boilerplate myth and symbols. We're now, of course, officially entering the silly season in America, so maybe we should not be surprised that the idea of going to war is in the air."


Thanks Jack! I'll take it as a compliment that you invested your time, such as it's worth, in imagining how and where I live. That does raise the question, though, of what's really on your mind. Meanwhile, you want more context, you got it: The full NYT story:

DES MOINES — Weeks of staying cheerily — and ineffectively — positive amid an onslaught of negativity appears to have finally gotten to Newt Gingrich.

Tired, frustrated and irritated, by his own account, Mr. Gingrich on Tuesday morning blasted Mr. Romney, calling him a liar and accusing him of misstating both his own record and the records of his rivals.

Asked directly whether he was calling Mr. Romney a liar, Mr. Gingrich said, “Yes.”

When asked the question again, he continued: “Well, you seemed shocked by it. Yes.”

“He’s not telling the American people the truth. It’s just like his pretense that he’s a conservative,” Mr. Gingrich said on CBS’s “The Early Show.” “I just think he ought to be honest to the American people and try to win as the real Mitt Romney, not try to invent a poll-driven, consultant-guided version that goes around with talking points.”
The volume of Mr Gingrich’s complaining has gotten louder and louder each day.
At a stop in Marshalltown, Iowa, on Monday, Mr. Gingrich complained that he has been “Romney-boated,” a reference to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads that helped derail Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004.
Appearing on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” on Monday, Mr. Gingrich repeated his complaints about Mr. Romney’s refusal to disown the negative ads being run by a “super PAC” supporting his campaign.
“If he would be willing to just be man enough to say, ‘You know, this is my negative campaign and I admit it,’ I’d be a lot happier,” Mr. Gingrich said. “What I find very frustrating, and frankly irritating,” he said, is someone who “wants to run for president of the United States who can’t be honest with the American people.”
Mr. Gingrich and his aides have said that the end of the Iowa caucus will bring a shift in his approach to the campaign. Gone will be the gentle, positive Mr. Gingrich. In its place, they say, will be an aggressive assault on Mr. Romney’s record.
Mr. Romney responded to that possibility in an interview Tuesday morning on Fox’s “Fox and Friends” program.
“Well, I understand Newt must be very angry and I don’t exactly understand why, but look, I wish him well,” Mr. Romney said. “It’s a long road ahead. He’s a good guy. I like he and Callista. We’ve got many months ahead of us, so I’ll leave it at that.”
It could be too late. Polls suggest that Mr. Gingrich has fallen from his once-lofty place atop the Republican field into the second tier of candidates who are struggling for a fourth-place finish so they can make a strong case to stay in the race.
Mr. Gingrich and his aides are clearly strategizing — hoping to make that case however the caucus turns out tonight.
But in the meantime, it’s definitely getting under his skin.
“Here is my simple tag line: Somebody who will lie to you to get to be president will lie to you when they are president,” he said at the appearance in Marshalltown.


Don't know if this was posted already.

EEOC: High school diploma requirement might violate Americans with Disabilities Act

Maria Greco Danaher, a lawyer with the labor and employment law firm Ogletree Deakins, said the EEOC letter means that employers must determine whether job applicants whose learning disabilities kept them from obtaining diplomas can perform the essential job functions, with or without reasonable accommodation. She said the development is “worthy of notice” for employers.
Jim Ryan

We used to call it "stupid."


Watch out for this Iran thing. I even found myself tending to support the Obama administration while reading this, and there's no way they don't know that.

U.S. Dismisses Iranian Warning Against Navy Carrier in Gulf

This is an ace in his hole.

JM Hanes


What's most striking about our drop-ins is how assiduously they avoid actually discussing Obama, and his Democratic ilk. They seem just as bitter and resentful as they did before he got elected and poured historic, unprecedented billions upon billions into liberal pet causes, with enabling tomes of new regulation transcribed from liberal wish lists.

Benjamin Franklin

"Somebody who will lie to you to get to be president will lie to you when they are president,"

I thought Gnoot was smart...


For those of you wondering what bad idea might be next at those institutions with the premier bumper sticker names- LUN.

Had some friends over during the holidays who talked about just how politically radicalized their daughter became at the Ivy least known for it, at least if you are trying to avoid. When I described what the most elite schools were pushing as cultivating a worldview for future filtering instead of the transmission of knowledge and skills, out poured the story and the extent to which they felt scammed. Hard to get most parents to see that in advance though. They seem to learn it about the 3rd year in when it's too late.

JM Hanes


"Meanwhile, you want more context....."

ROTFL! You and Ben Franklin should get a room.

Captain Hate

Napoleon Dynamite is here.

Jack is Back!


They are in the SAME room, don't you know? One has the feather and the other has the want.


It is apparently extremely difficult to organize and execute voter fraud, since there are virtually no known cases of this happening.

BB: You need to do a Google search on Voter Fraud convictions. If you do, you will find that there have been hundreds of convictions. One state, just for 2008 has 113 convictions.


Well, poor widdle Keefy Olbermann is not only not working the Iowa caucus tonight for Current TV, his show won't be on either (something he only just learned after arriving at "the office!"

Sheesh he must have messed with Al Gore's chakra one too many times.



January 3, 2012 – Georgia State Judge Micheal Mahili has refused the motion to dismiss a lawsuit that would require Barack Obama to prove he is eligible to run for the Office of President of the United State.

One has the feather and the other has the want.

And they are scared to death starting tonite.

Captain Hate

Sara don't waste your time; the identity sub-genius came with his cut and paste instructions and isn't capable of doing anything beyond that, including google searches for which you provide the terms. Mr Whipple hires the smart ones.


We know that Obama is notworthy by temperament and inclination, anything else
really is chasing a dead end;


Jack is Back!

Does anyone know if Al Gore is in Florida?

Today it never got above 45 and tonight it is going to set a new low (since 1898) at 22F and could be worse in the citrus grove interior.

We have had the most glorious, sunny, non-wind 4 days prior (a real rarity - the lack of wind) and now it is very cold, bitter in fact. But at least is is cloudless and we will get some good looks this AM at he meteor shower.

Rick Ballard


It may be that the DNC brass is looking carefully at the partisan trend lines and requested that Olberman not be allowed to bring his breath of stale formaldehyde to the proceedings. He's like Colmes in that there is no off switch and the distaste for the #occupoopers is only accentuated by highlighting driveling progs in the media.



On your voter fraud stuff -- do you believe in linking to something, or am I just supposed to know that you're just so smart, I should know that every contrary thing John Fund says is nonsense.


I am not so sure of your analysis, Rick. All you say is very true about Olbermann, but Cenk Uygar is just as whacko and he will be one of the 3 hosts tonight. The other two are (snicker) Al Goracle himself, and Jennifer Granholm.

I betcha Olby pissed Gore off.


Yes, Rick, it will be our first indication as to whether any true political alchemists are involved in the quest for the Goldilocks Optimum.


Meanwhile, you want more context.....

"...well, too bad. But here are more words."



It would be SO wonderful if the lowly "birthers" brought down Obama.


It's still a theoretical exercise, in the 'if a tree falls in the woods'

Captain Hate

Bathtub Boy has referred all inquiries to Joel Hyatt, Howard Metzenbaum's dipshit son in law who thought he would waltz to Howard's former Senate seat using all the oily smarm with which he marketed his McLaw firm of ambulance chasers from the bottom third of barely functioning law schools. Joel ran a campaign that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend would be proud of and promptly got trounced by DeWine iirc. Now he's staph counsel for Chakra Boy's sooper big network. Lollerz.

Benjamin Franklin

Oh my god. The feathers fly for birfers, again. Goose feathers are best but chicken feathers are cheaper.

Eagle feathers are above your pay grade.


Worse than the Lee Fischer campaign, that was epic not in a good way,


Is anyone else listening to McCallum's breakdown on Iowa? Scary stuff. 63% say they support the Tea Party, but only 1 in 3 think beating Obama most important. One third think electability is most important and Romney gets that with 47%. Evangelicals say best is Santorum or Paul - huh?

Old Lurker

Mark, my daughter took the MCATs last summer. Upon showing up they showed photo ID, then were photographed and fingerprinted, then were never allowed out of sight until the tests were done. All electronics of any sort were banned, and they were not to add or remove clothing during the exam.

But showing a photo ID is such a hardship for voters...

Captain Hate

Lee is kind of the default guy when the commiecrats don't have anybody even remotely electable for a spot. I'm not sure he's ever in his happy place when he's outside of Beachwood.


I have no problem with Photo IDs being required, in fact, encourage it, but fingerprinting goes way beyond for me. I would never allow my kids to be fingerprinted like that. Far too Big Brotherish for my taste.


Mitt Skywalker!


JM Hanes

Oh man, this must be LOL night. Did y'all see this?

Former President Jimmy Carter has some advice for Barack Obama as he gears up for the 2012 election: Don't alienate voters with controversial positions.

The Georgia Democrat told The Associated Press on Tuesday that just about everything he did alienated voters, from sealing a treaty to hand over the Panama Canal to establishing diplomatic ties with China.

Carter said: "If your main goal is to get re-elected, avoid a controversial subject as much as you can in the first term."

Sometimes hindsight ain't all it's cracked up to be!


Speaking of Al Gore, I ran across this metaphor fracking gem calling skeptics out for.... tobacco industry tactics:

"The model they innovated in that effort was transported whole cloth into the climate debate."

LOL all over again.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Several months ago a number of us mused about the ineffectiveness of the current primary system of nominating presidential candidates.

In an interesting American Thinker article today, Robert Weissberg makes a persuasive argument for a return to the good old days of "smoke filled rooms".

After being exposed to the interminable Iowa caucus drivel through the entire holiday season, I am very receptive to Weissberg's arguments.

Old Lurker

Me too, Jim.

Captain Hate

I want Iowa turned into green glass.

Captain Hate

Btw, don't tell DoT but Norval has inexplicably kept his job. He must have the same type of 8x10s of AJ Smith as he did of Jack Kent Cooke. The pock-necked one leads a charmed life.

Jack is Back!

Jim Rhoads,

I understand your frustration but is it really the Iowa voters who have created this? No, despite how much Iowa is "white, Rural and evengelical" and someplace resembling the moon to the media, it is the harbinger of a billion dollar industry. What we have here is an industry that the media, campaign consultants, political parties and assorted other malfactors have created.

There is no rolling this back since it will affect someone's pocket book. Even thought the progs in DC and New York cringe at going to Des Moines it is what they have to do and the average Iowan is more than glad to oblige. I would to if it mean't some extra cash in my pocket as a bellman, waiter or taxi driver.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

As I recall, Jimmy didn't lose because he took controversial positions but because he like the current WH occupant took stupid positions on controversial issues.


but only 1 in 3 think beating Obama most important.

I don't know if we heard the same thing, but if so I think you are misrepresenting this statistic. One in 3 will vote on the beating Obama, 2 in 3 will vote on who they want to win. That's pretty normal in a caucus I suspect and I would vote the same way in that situation.

Fox News projects that Bachmann will finish last.


That's the way I remember it, too, Jim.

Benjamin Franklin

"Several months ago a number of us mused about the ineffectiveness of the current primary system of nominating presidential candidates."

Holy Moly, Jim. I don't recall how ecstatic you were about the rise of the Tea Party, but they have shat where you eat, and now you're complaining about the 'ambience'?

Give credit where credit is due.

Jim Miller

Here's a weird fact about the 2008 Iowa Republican caucus, explaining why Ron Paul won one county that year.

(Ron Paul fans will probably like it less than I do.)

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Iowa is not the cause, just a symptom. But I agree with Jack that once a system is industrialized, it is impossible to change without a disaster like the 1968 Dem convention. Weissberg contends that all that is necessary to change the system is for the national committee of each party to cause it to happen. I don't think that is realistic.


Jane: I hope you are right as I was typing and listening, but if Santorum comes out on top, I'll have to believe the vote was ideological and without regard to beating Obama. Santorum is very socially conservative, but not very strong on liberty, IMO. And I do not see him coming close to beating Obama.


Really, the Panama Canal treaty, the normalization with China, not the witchhunt
against the CIA, the slashing of defense, the abandonment of allies, not to mention, the
sheer economic malpractice.


Robert Weissberg makes a persuasive argument for a return to the good old days of "smoke filled rooms".

I don't know, isn't the Iowa caucus more akin to a smoke-filled room than a primary?

I don't know why the parties set up systems that make the campaigns longer and more expensive. Why not just prohibit primaries before May 1 of the election year?

Then I was puzzled by this: "A shortened campaign will also encourage public funding and thus end the ceaseless money-grubbing"

Why would we want to "encourage public funding?"

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

What does the tea party have to do with the primary system? Nothing as far as i'm concerned.

Benjamin Franklin

"Why would we want to "encourage public funding?""

Why indeed. Since the current system works so well................

Benjamin Franklin

" Nothing as far as i'm concerned."

'Nothing' is what you've got in your arrow quiver.

The reason Obama is in the catbird seat is because he gives little attention to his base.

Your 'base' is leading y'all by the nose, and it shows.


--The other two are (snicker) Al Goracle himself, and Jennifer Granholm.

I betcha Olby pissed Gore off.--

More likely Al figures Jenny's going to do a lot more his chakra than Olby ever could.


The money raised ends up in the consultant's pockets, and that of the network, whose impact
is further amplified by the debates.

JM Hanes

I'm afraid I wasn't much persuaded Jim R.

"Abolishing primaries is easy -- the choice is made only by the national parties, not the states themselves. It would be simple to return to a system of few primaries in the spring, two-party conventions during the summer, and a campaign to begin after Labor Day of that year -- not Labor Day of the previous year!"

It's my impression that the parties can threaten and cajole but do not actually control how individual states choose to set things up. Either way, however, I can already hear the howls over where those "few" suggested primaries would take place. I know I'm not interested in handing the choice of candidates back to the usual insider deal-making party pols (call it the "establishment" that everybody holds in such high regard around here); it certainly isn't more democratic. I do think that's where the pushback against the media circus could be most effectively mounted, though.

Other than that, I really don't think there's much that couldn't be fixed by restructuring the debates, running the primaries simultaneously, later in the season, and restricting them to (pre)registered Dems or Republicans. The one plus I see in staggered primaries, is that they give lesser known, less well financed candidates, a semi-fighting chance to develop some name recognition, refine their messages and attract potential donors if they can manage to get some traction.


Occam's razor works best, Ignatz.


The system as it is now is stupid. Here we are with Iowa, NH, and SC in January, but my state, Calif., doesn't get a say until June, almost 6 mo. from now. Ridiculous.

My druthers: No campaigning until Jan 2 of election year. All primaries in June.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Under the old system, convention delegates were selected by each state from party stalwarts within that state. All delegates in the state made up that state's caucus. In the Iowa caucus system, meetings are held throughout the state among whoever decides to show up. Some are politically active in the GOP, others are motivated by issues or candidates, others like the excitement of the moment. Unlike delegates to a political convention, they need not have any allegiance to a political party.

I don't believe in public funding of elections, but in my mind, that didn't diminish the force of his other points.

Benjamin Franklin

No TPer's want to give a vigorous defense of their failed influence?

No Saraslaves rallying to rescue their political perogatives?

No Birfers (Threadkiller) looking to up the ante?



The REAL battle of Iowa: GOP wives go head-to-head in style race
From frosty Callista Gingrich to polished Mary Kaye Huntsman, the gloves are most definitely off. So who is ready to take on Michelle?

Where is Ann when we need her?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

I guess we're stuck with endless presidential campaigning, but I don't like it.



Benjamin Franklin


No reflection on you, Sara.


But showing a photo ID is such a hardship for voters...

Only for Democrat voters, apparently, since it's Democrats that oppose voter ID. I take that as implicit acknowledgment by Democrats either that they know Democrat voters are stupid, or that they don't trust honest elections.

Regarding bb's assertion that there are no know cases of voter fraud, I've had a poll worker offer to let me vote as someone else. This wasn't a case of deliberate wrongdoing, it was a case of not checking her address list carefully (and I corrected her). Voter ID would, if nothing else, prevent this kind of mistake and for that reason alone I support it.


Which makes one think, what is the point, of this exercise. How many debates before the first primary, on the adversraries terms, how few true opportunities to challenge the administration's atrocious policies, from economics to foreign policy.


'Foreget it, PD, it's Madison.'


I take that as implicit acknowledgment by Democrats either that they know Democrat voters are stupid, or that they don't trust honest elections.

It's pure racism. Democrats think minorities are too stupid to get an ID.

JM Hanes


"A shortened campaign will also encourage public funding," gave me pause too, but because I'd say it would do almost the opposite. It would give a real edge to the guy who starts out with the most money in his campaign chest for professional organizers and a media blitzkrieg. I think there's a Goldilocks not-too-short and not-too-long sweet spot in there somewhere. I wish I thought public funding could effectively widen the field of players, but I do think its important that both of the nominees who eventually emerge have a certain minimum wherewithal which allows them to be heard.


You can track the race in real time here:



A George, george, there's a reason why RS McCain wanted to drop you over Jalalabad;

Although they have become prone to apocalyptic forebodings about the fragility of the nation’s institutions and traditions under the current President, conservatives should stride confidently into 2012. This is not because they are certain, or even likely, to defeat Barack Obama this year. Rather, it is because, if they emancipate themselves from their unconservative fixation on the presidency, they will see events unfolding in their favour. And when Congress is controlled by one party, as it might be a year from now, it can stymie an overreaching executive.


catbird seat? Is that a feathered nest?

Wanna bet on Zero having to get a real job, Chief Kickingpoo? My wallet and I say he better find some boxes and rolls of tape...


Why not draw each season to see he order in which the primaries are held?

I mean let's be honest who cares what Iowa and New Hampshire voters think? Do any of them even show up here?

JM Hanes

Thanks for the real time link, OldTimer. Talk about neck and neck and neck!

Jim Miller

FWIW -- not very much -- Romney did quite well in western Iowa in 2008, and most of those counties have yet to report. (Huckabee carried the central counties, and Romney also was strong along the Mississippi.)

Benjamin Franklin

"My wallet and I say he better find some boxes and rolls of tape..."

A fool and his money, are soon parted.....


Clarice: You better not let Mark Steyn hear you say that about NH. :)

JM Hanes

Interesting to know, Jim M. I was just looking at the Iowa results map, wishing I had a clue about what it portended.


Right. Jimmy Carter lost because the guy who ran against him and beat him assiduously avoided taking controversial positions...

What a delusional doofus.

Jim Miller

By way of a commenter at the AoS, here's a Google map of the results, with the number of precincts in each county.


and it takes one to know one, Octopus worshipper.

Benjamin Franklin

"wishing I had a clue about what it portended."


Benjamin Franklin

Where is DoT?

He's got the blog he has. Let him revel in teh satisfaction, or not.

Jim Miller

JM Hanes - In my semi-informed opinion, the map looks mildly hopeful for Romney.

(The Des Moines precincts have already reported, giving Ron Paul a win -- but I don't see any other obvious counties where he can make big gains. He'll probably do well in Jefferson again, but there aren't many voters there.)

Let me repeat, mildly.


Jane--I disagree that racism has anything to do with the Dems position on voter ID. Even the most virulent racist knows that even stupid people (of all colors and creeds) know how to get an ID. It is all about fraud, despite Bunkerbuster's assurance that there's no such thing.


JMH: Compare and contrast 2008 against tonight's results.


He really is, boatbuilder, the depths of his ignorance and/or arrogance, can't be plumbed.

Melinda Romanoff

The Iowa business climate has changed significantly over the last 10 or so years. This has changed the urban environment there dramatically and, perhaps, irreversibly. Almost all credit card business has been moved from management in New York and staff in South Dakota to the new home of both in Iowa. They came to grab the legal cap of 29.96% interest charged, over South Dakota's 29.93%.

But they, of course, mean well for you or I.

Watch out for the new "Allowable Charge Timing" on their new cards, under the glory of Dodd/Frank.


I might be biased.

Benjamin Franklin

It's looking like Sanctum Santorum is your TP choice.

Huzzah !!!

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