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February 12, 2012



NK; As usual I agree with you comments.
GMAX: I echo your optimism.
Obama is out of the mainstream that's why he missed the train on this issue and yes squaredance, this is going to hurt him bigtime in November.
Remember the 50 and older crowd has a huge number who have Never used birth control. My sisters and I make 3 in that number.This is a loser issue, the bishops and cardinals won't back down, it will prove to be a game-changer in November. My main goal is to volunteer and try to control the cheating by the dems. Tammany Hall is alive and well with them.


Butt, butt, butt.
Any change?


"They preach "Social Justice""

More social justice has come as a result of the commercial marketplace than any other system of economic governance. That is not well understood because it is not taught--not in economics, history, social studies, or philosophy.

Is that willful or myopic. I don't care which. I simply care that anyone who "preaches social justice" as learned dogma compare real-world experiences, not hopeless change.

Another Bob

@Gmax 12:11: Got it from one of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot people, not (so far as I know) a Ronulan.


Butt ads? Dont Grayson and Brown qualify in spades?

I'll go ahead and preempively denounce myself for the racism sure to be found in that comment, btw.


--Butt ads? Dont Grayson and Brown qualify in spades?--

There is a difference in kind not just degree between this;

and this;

that surely anyone can recognize.


Yeah one is a big @ss and the other is a gaping @sshole. What do I win?

Baby got back.

Fat bottom girls they make the rockin' horse go merrily around.


OMG, what is that outfit on those women? Do they play a sport?




--OMG, what is that outfit on those women? Do they play a sport?-

I believe the original was photoshopped, Jane.


Ahhh, I wonder. Should I be relieved?


--Ahhh, I wonder. Should I be relieved?--

You should be relieved you're not that one on the right with the atomic melvin.

Danube of Thought

That one chick gto a butt like two volletballs.


Here's a link to the original large format version if anyone wants to study the photoshopping a little more thoroughly.


sometimes I think the person who invented tights and jeans must feel like blowing his own head off at the sight of some of the wearers.


Well tights were invented for a certain body type, which some have failed to come to grips
with. Meanwhile in a random act of journalism;



Clarice, this lady down under seems to agree (h/t Tim Blair):



Whereas some would have no problem with that
circumstance, in the LUN

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