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February 14, 2012


Melinda Romanoff


You never stayed up for the late movies, I take it. I still have a fondness for the serials.

ASide from a record collection I'm trying to burn to disc, I'm also burning my father's VHS collection, 30's through the 60's.

It includes Victory At Sea, for those whom are interested.

Melinda Romanoff

G'night all.


I just thought that youngsters like the JOMers I've met, would be too young to recall Greer Garson movies

I'm 37 and I can't watch "Random Harvest" without my mouth falling open at several points. TCM just about makes up for the rest of Ted Turner's life.

Rick Ballard

Has anyone else noticed that Gallup has changed their front page layout to remove the 'information at a glance' menu? You can still dig out the information but the jump in unemployment doesn't hit you in the eye when buried. They were at 8.7% when the 8.3% BLS number was published. They edged up to 9.1% two days ago before settling back to 8.9% - briefly.


Am I the first person to say "Maureen O'Hara" on this thread?

Frau Kino

For the men in the crowd, if you have never seen Liselotte (Lilo) Pulver, Swiss actress, in Billy Wilder's "One, Two, Three" you have missed her in her sexiest role. Throughout her career, she played a wide variety of characters and was noted for her natural beauty and joyful spirit.
Wilder's film with James Cagney, Arlene Francis and Horst Buchholz is not to be missed.

(Another) Barbara

You never stayed up for the late movies, I take it. I still have a fondness for the serials.


Living in a bubble here, obviously. I never watch television. Just get more pleasure from reading and had no idea those old films were still available. Thanks.


I do not know which is worse, the fact that this clown has a degree from Princeton or the fact that she was paid $300k a year for "advising a hospital". She degrades and corrupts everything she touches.

And we wonder why we have the economic, political and moral problems that we have. It is the mark of a very sick society. That hospital "salary" amounts to little graft and thievery.

This is just the exact same sort of corrupt, incompetent nomenklatura that the Soviets had, only it is broader and palmier. It is easily the more surreal. It is most likely the more evil.

The Obamas are a manifestation of deep moral and social pathologies. There is no reality to them. It is as though they are not human beings. Like wraiths, like hallucinations, they are. They should not even be allowed to run a hardware store, let alone the nation, yet here we are. They are exemplars of their "class" and their generation: utterly incompetent fakes consumed with arrogance, narcissism and nihilism. This class rules us now, and is likely to rules us for at least another generation. Sometimes it seems that it will take an act of God to dislodge or survive them.

These are the people who will decide our health care issues? Do not tell me that they will deny services to their enemies.

This seems to escape some. Those who so loudly shriek to in the defense of the abortion of unborn innocents, who would villainize and defame those who hold what is hardly a controversial religious belief, are the same people who would control our health care system.

These people belong in jail or an mental ward. Truly, the world is being run by the insane.

Princeton should be ashamed of itself, but it is now far beyond shame.

The nation should be ashamed of itself. How degraded and decadent we are to even such people the time of day, let alone give them the keys to the WH.


Bush sometimes used "supplemental", that is how they come by that feeble bit of sophistry.

Of course, Bush did not exclude the "wars" from the Budget, and they were not "his wars". Congress voted on them, including every dollar, for Pete's sake.

Just more lying cant. Why ever would you even for a second imagine that such people are capable of anything but lies and utter contempt for the truth?

You might as well set your eyes on fire.


I think this is what you were going for Frau;


Frau Fotoalbum

I cannot argue with your 11:27, especially the third paragraph, squaredance.

Frau Kino

Thanks, narciso. Close but not the actual film clip. I hope you'll watch it.Jeez, I'm really having trouble tonight.

**This** is the sabre dance scene from "One, Two, Three" with Liselotte Pulver .

Frau Kino

Arghhhh! I'm jinxed, it seems. Here it is and thanks, narciso.

LUN Sabre dance from "One, Two, Three"


Time for me to pack it in with my track record tonight.

Princeton should be ashamed of itself...

Yes, and so should Notre Dame for giving Obama an honorary degree. Based on his performance, it would appear that most all of his degrees were awarded on that basis.



I loved the movie, "One, Two, Three." I believe it was Horst Buchholz first role. He was soooo good looking!

Frau Kino

Barbara, yes! His nickname was Hotte. A real looker!

Nite, all.


Bucholz was weird looking to me.

The late night UHF movies were the best. Total classics; John Wayne, Marx Brothers, Cary Grant, it was the hostiry of American cinema with a little sprinkling of European films on occasion.

And then there were the commercials! My favorite was Rondo H. Slade, the Masked Announcer. He was a Philadelphia standout and vanished into the ether just the way he came.

He and John Facenda shaped my world view. The yin and yang of Philly TV.Facenda was the voice of NFL films until the late 70's and it was like listening to the voice of God.

Favorite local TV icons for $200, Alex!


and history too!


36 C...The Divine Proportion. Woof!


TCM just about makes up for the rest of Ted Turner's life.

So agree, bgates. I pretty much only watch classic movies now.

And I totally forgot Myrna Loy!


And Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell. Claudette Colbert. Barbara Stanwyck!

I haven't seen Random Harvest yet, but I loved Greer in Mrs. Miniver.

I'll quit now. :)

Danube of Thought

Horst Buchholz was one of the Magnificent Seven, and I never heard the guy's name after that.

Maria Schell...

Danube of Thought

"Favorite local TV icons for $200, Alex!"

Cal Worthington.

A Casual Observation

For the suggestion box:

Get squaredance to write a daily or weekly column here.

Danube of Thought

Minus 11 ae Raz today.


Yes Grace Kelly is absolutely fabulous!
I have never been a Julia Roberts fan
Charlise Theron is truly beautiful or has a fabulous make-up person.

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