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February 20, 2012



cathy f--looks like mail fraud and theft at minimum.


rom the Huff Po:

"Unfortunately for Texas, that argument may no longer hold sway at the high court. Justice Samuel Alito, a reliable conservative vote, has since replaced O'Connor, a notable swing vote. In 2007, Alito joined with Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas to strike down affirmative action programs in public high schools in an opinion that concluded, "The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race."

Justice Anthony Kennedy voted with the majority but refused to join that one sentence in 2007, and will likely spoil the conservative bloc's effort to end affirmative action once and for all this time. That does not mean, however, that Kennedy will uphold Texas' race-based policy. Rather, he may use his crucial fifth vote to keep affirmative action constitutional in theory, but almost impossible to pursue in practice -- a position he staked out in his dissent from O'Connor's 2003 opinion."

The facts of the Texas case are interesting. They do what many state universities with small minority populations did to admit more blacks.They admit the top ten percent of each HS class. As there is a huge disparity in the accomplishment of these classes it is AA without the name, and spares the Admissions officers from too much work .


Again I'm trying to direct your attention to Jonah Goldberg's editorial column in todays LA TIMES:

"You could take Newt Gingrich's verbal dexterity, encyclopedic grasp of politics and techno-optimism. Add in Rick Santorum's authenticity and religious conviction. Combine that with the essence of Ron Paul's principled passion for liberty and limited government. Stir vigorously and then pour into the handsome, squeaky-clean vessel of Mitt Romney (while keeping his business acumen and analytical skill). And voila, you'd have the perfect candidate.

Of course, you could just as easily have a Frankenstein's monster with Gingrich's verbal pomposity, Santorum's resentful and dour sanctimony, Paul's conspiratorial nuttiness and the full suite of Romney's Stepford Republican qualities. It calls to mind Homer Simpson's scheme to forcibly mate his pets in a burlap sack so as to create 'a miracle hybrid, with the loyalty of a cat and the cleanliness of a dog.' "

Read the whole thing:

Captain Hate

Does anybody wonder why it's hard to find good people to run for President for a party of nested quislings that will gleefully provide material, true or otherwise, to be used to subsequently ridicule them? The Repuke party needs to clean house ASAP.


He's claiming that he got the fake first

-from an "L Ramirez", right?


bgates, internet detective.



It's not just that it is less work. It provides no encouragement to make those rural schools better if their grads get automatic admission regardless of test scores or real readiness.

I touch on higher ed a bit but I tracked down the story because it was an essential component of one part of the shenanigans. AA drives the watering down through out. Disproportionality becomes the excuse to take everyone's rigor out and we are left with expensive paper credentials.

Thomas Collins

Look at it this way, Sue. Wouldn't you rather, going into this season, be a fan of a team coming off a terrific season and a hard fought seven game World Series loss than a team that (i) suffered a collapse exceeding all other collapses, (ii) made a big deal about getting compensation for its departed GM and ended up with the other Chris Carpenter, (iii) trashed, on his way out, the individual who managed the team to two World Series victories and a comeback from 3-0 against the Bronxies, and (iv) has one of its owners apparently more concerned with soccer than baseball?


Well of course that's true, rse..and of urban schools as well if not more. WhatI meant was the Admissions officers were forced to pretend about what subjective factors caused them to take a poor student over a smart one over and again and this also saved them from having to consider applicants individually.



Absolutely. Plus, Yu has arrived. ::grin::


Telephone companies in Kentucky are pressing the state to allow for the discontinuation of basic landline service in “less profitable” areas of the state. The change will impact hundreds of thousands of elderly and poor residents in mountainous and rural communities.

Sign of the times ?


I believe the federal govt has a program to provide the poor with cell phone and cell phone service-so, yes, it probably is a sign of the times.


Texas will lose. Texas probably has mixed feelings, the policy of 10% automatic admits, has them turning away a lot of very qualified applicants due to all the automatics. They have very little discretionary slots (partly due to their unacknowledged but very real legacy admit program as well). Its enough to make a diversity officer tear his hair out, I tell ya...


Yu Darvish and Neftali Feliz, and Derrick Holland and ...

I can hardly wait, especially if we can keep Hamilton out of the pub...


Silly Kentucky. AT&T et al should do what they did when they eliminated service for my beloved (antique) rotary dial.

As I recall, first they got approval to add a line item for touch-tone service to the bills - at first for just those requesting it, then for everyone unless you called specifically to complain.

Eventually, more people had touch tone than rotary, and in swooped the politicians demanding AT&T stop the charge. Utility commissions stood up to the big meanies, and voila! - no more touch tone add on fee.

Politicians, consumer advocates, influential constituents... hand shakes all around. Old and poor rural residents - eh. They were told they could just buy a new touch tone phone with all the money they would now be saving by not having to pay a line item charge -- it would be one line!


Utility commissions stood up to the big meanies, and voila! - no more touch tone add on fee.

Hah, sounds like Obamalogic: Make the insurers cover contraception, but they can't (explicitly) charge for it. Abracadabra, it's free!


My understanding is that the Texas AA case doesn't challenge the high school 10% set-aside provisions, but instead it challenges the race-conscious criteria for allocating the remaining 20% of the admission slots.


I think Texas will be relieved to lose this case, Gmax, for all the reasons you cite. It is ridiculous how many top applicants they are forced to turn away. The faculty will never complain publicly, but I think they all mutter privately, even if they feel guilty about it.


Eddie Haskell on the case;



Technically you may be right MJW, but it may well be that the entire system wi be under review


I tried to impart some understanding on that Telegraph link, but the stupidium is too strong,


Texas already has asked the legislature grant legislation changing the 10% to give them more discretion. The Republicans did not see fit to give them that one. Kinda funny if you think about it. Hoisted and petard.


That is funny, Gmax. They made their bed.

Jack is Back!


I thought these rural areas were serviced by telephone coops just like electric coops. The National Rural Telephone Cooperative:)


Now we know where the North American Liberation Front comes from;


Leo Patel

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Here is the bottom line: After all is said and done, the [only] great thing about the Obama Administration is that, in their incompetence and gross negligence, those chronic screw-ups have greatly exacerbated several already bad situations, many of which were created by extremely irresponsible Democrats in Congress. That said, [any] Republican candidates should be the "most electable" candidates for president and for Congress in 2012. Any.

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