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February 20, 2012


addy,err  daddy


Today did the Occupation Tour.

When we passed by the Place Vendame(?) the guide gave us a little lecture on Hemingway hustling into Paris in a Military Jeep on 25 August 1994, with a few armed partisans in uniform, and that he hustled as fast as possible to be the first in the city.

Probably apocryphal, but the story told was that as they come roaring past the Champ's and the Arch De Triumph, Hemingway's destination was The Ritz Hotyel, one of his old famous Prewar haunts.

Guide said that he jumped out of the car at The Hotel, the head guy stuck his headout, and Hemingway shouted he was here to liberate The Ritz, then he and his buddies ran inside to the small bar and ordered Martini's.

That had me chuckling and thinking of you.

I have since googled the episode, and it is usually reported that instead he ordered Pre-war champaign that had been hidden from the Nazi's, tho' my guide was adamant that it was Martini's.

Wanted to go have one right then and there but had to continue with the Tour, so we wandered on past Herman Goering's favorite hangout, Maxim's, and then way on down to see other stuff. Regardless, another very fund day.

Have one on me and Earnest s'il vous plait. Off to work. Bye.


Is there some Nincompoop Placement Service that the present Republican nominees are all using to select their staffs?

addy,err  daddy

1944...I obviously have ADD and chrono-displacement Deficit Disorder.


New WH Insider


Just a faulty flux capacitor, nothing to worry about, lol.

addy,err  daddy

Damn Delorian's!!!

Rick Ballard

JPM just hiked its WTI estimate to $120 by election day. That implies $5 gas. Why in the world would Israel, with a dangerous enemy in the White House, make any move prior to the Obagoose coming out of the oven in cinders on November 6th? Why should they take any heat for the bumbling fool's screw up with his fetid Arab Spring farce? Why shouldn't they watch carefully and quietly as Assad butchers his #tweeters in Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood prepares to do the same in Cairo?

Letting BOzo be BOzo seems to me to be their best long term bet. They can bomb Tehran on November 7th at a much lower price than doing so before the antisemite in the White House loses.

Jack is Back!


Don't forget Cafe Lipp for Oysters and a bottle of Sancerre.

A little touristry now and renamed Brasseire Lipp but still part of Hemingway history. Its on St. Germain in the 6th. Ask for Quentin and tell him Jack sent you.


I don't know Rick, Tamir like his predecessor, Meir seem to be deliberately obfuscating the status of the Iranian nuclear program, much like Armitage and co, did to W,

Jack is Back!


Because the MFM is already helping the Regime by blaming $5 gas on the Joooooooos. And that idiot putz is in the house smoking and blowing and laughing like hell.

BTW, he' s not smart enough for any of this or that. Who the hell is the real power here? Any guesses?


Soros, Buffett, Immelt & Sachs of course, Jack.


For those whose nausea hasn't completely subsided a refresher course'


Mad Jack

Bozo can have his MFM boot lickers blame anyone he wants but if gas is $5 on election day Zero gets Mondaled by ABO.


It's clear Mika's a chip off the old blockhead, isn't she?


Speaking of gas - had to fill up today as my car was running on fumes and prayer. Decided to go to the most convenient station on my way to work, instead of my favorite station a few blocks further. My favorite station has gas at $3.86/gal (I noticed when I ran office errands) and the convenient one I chose - $4.10/gal. It will probably hit $5/gal well before election day in Californication.


--My favorite station has gas at $3.86/gal (I noticed when I ran office errands) and the convenient one I chose - $4.10/gal.--

And Fresno is one of the cheapest areas for gas in CA.


Had to work today, so I am slowly catching up on threads. Clarice asked:

Is there some Nincompoop Placement Service that the present Republican nominees are all using to select their staffs?

Heh. Nincompoops aside, don't forget the backstabbers among the Fnork set. Has any campaign hired Nicole Wallace or Steve Schmidt?


No, MSNBC has hired 'Dr. Evil' , Wallace really comes off as evil as her doppelganger
on L&O, SVU,


Yup, Iggy. And I use the low octane stuff - plain ol' regular - it is higher, of course, as you go up the octane scale.

Rick Ballard

C'mon - Israel provides motorcycle escorts for Iranian physicists on their way to work. They don't depend upon intelligence estimates made by any of the Western sieves for anything. If they decide to move, we'll hear about it when they're on the way home.

I have very sincere doubts that they will provide any aid and comfort in any manner to the antisemitic racist in the White House prior to his defeat.

OYOH - Iranian physicists might want to move into their offices.


You know, narciso, when some of our JOM compatriots here wave the old poms poms for their candidate and call the opposing candidates "slimy" (like a garden slug?), my first vision is of Steve Schmidt. Now that there is slimy like Tagini! Nicole reminds me of Bellatrix.

Meanwhile, I am keeping my Garden Gnome safe in the garage until nature (or chemicals) kill all the vermin awaiting Spring warm up.

Danube of Thought

Thanks for that, daddy. I've heard the story as Martinis (maybe I rejected all other tellings).

I seem to recall it was Harry's Bar--was that the name of the bar in the Ritz? Maybe he did both....

Captain Hate

It's clear Mika's a chip off the old blockhead, isn't she?

The two of them may bring back polack jokes in a PC world.

Don't forget Cafe Lipp for Oysters and a bottle of Sancerre.

That sounds great. daddy have you been to the cathedral in St Denis where all the royalty was buried and the revolutionaries trashed the joint?


I think that's a different one,


Sandy Daze

IN our area (Southeastern Virginia), gasoline has gone up 40 cents per gallon over the last 41 days.

Matt @ 1706: And why would the Saudis, as Drudge seems to be indicating, turn the tap on oil exports when Iran is going off line?

Why wouldn't they? KSA has no love for the IRI; increasing Shi'te regional influence bothers the Sunni greatly. Not much love between the Persians--who know/KNOW--they are the smartest in the area if not the world, and their Arab neighbors. A Saudi boot to the economic neck of the IRI is understandable in that context, imo.


BTW - If anyone is starting a pool, I'd bet any Israeli strike will come after the elections, unless IRI begins it.

Captain Hate

What would we do without Law and Order SVU telling us all the problems in NYC are caused by skinheads?


This is the right one,


One of the Denevian Slime Devil's Assange's unintended good deeds, was to show how (what
ever the Arabic word for Verklempt )that the
Sauds were about the Iranian bomb, through 2009.


Harry;s bar in Venice is home of the bellini.. a lovely summer drink.


I have not caught up yet. Is this comment real? (Many links within this link)


" It appears that all the rats are being cleaned out of the banks. One wonders if it is to escape angry citizens or because they are being ferried off to some underground bunker? Add to this list Germany’s President. .. Netanyahu’s Bureau chief – Natan Eschel ….. Las Vegas State Senator Elizabeth Halseth … and more."

And another link:


Rick Ballard

The Russians and the Saudis are both turning the taps down due to Libya coming back on line now that cartel discipline has been restored. If Iran requires the application of stern cartel disciplinary measures, then Russia, the Saudis and now Iraq are prepared to maintain an orderly oligopoly.


Just a trip down memory lane;



What would we do without Law and Order SVU telling us all the problems in NYC are caused by skinheads?

TV is a wasteland. The few things we watch from Netflix inevitably get ruined...New Tricks episode has the good guys not reporting illegals to show how good they are. Even on Justified the evil hillbilly family had a McCain/Palin sign in their store. No reason to even have it there.
It is tiresome.


Harry Pickering and Giuseppe Cipriani created something quite special with Harry's Bar. I hear about it now and again from my son-in-law whose last name is also Cipriani. But, alas, not sure there is any relationship to Giuseppe. oh well.


I once stayed at the Cipriani hotel in Venice which is an incredible place. The bar is not there though..it's in Venice proper and the hotel is on a nearby island. Because of a mistake reading the architectural plans the swimming pool is enormous. It's on Guidecca Island.

Captain Hate

Even on Justified the evil hillbilly family had a McCain/Palin sign in their store. No reason to even have it there.
It is tiresome.

And they wonder why their lame garbage keeps bombing. Insult around half of your potential market; sounds like a winner to me.

Speaking of ignorant turds, Brian Williams was shocked, SHOCKED to report that some extremely large % of the film academy were white males. The irony of Wonder Bread Brian reporting on this seemed to escape him and the other Vanilla Ices of 30 Rock.


Harry's Bar. Florence. Yes.


"Brian Williams, don't know who that is, better check the cables' lol. What exactly
is the Rock Center media strategy,


CC is in my head again. I was just going through pictures and quess what I was looking at?

North to Alaska

I swear Soros is paying them. This picture was taken on 9/11/08; shortly after the VP announcement. Don't they both look like they are up to something evil?

Danube of Thought


"Harry's New York Bar, 5 rue Daunou, was a popular hangout for American expats, including Hemingway. Ernest would often spar at a nearby gym with Harry holding Hemingway's towel.

"It was particularly popular for those fleeing prohibition America. Harrys inventions included: The White Lady, 1919, The Bloody Mary, 1921, and the Harry's Pick Me Up, in 1923."


It's a toss up between evil and stupid, he already looks like Dr. Evil, which isn't a coincidence, since the producer behind Austin
Powers is running this thing;


Strawman Cometh

Lovely indeed, Clarice. My oldest son had Bellinis served at his wedding.

Strawman Cometh





So, it has a much peachy taste, I guess;



Bad connection, Narciso.

You might like this cozy article about Couric and Wallace:

Best Friends


Have you guys seen the new Happy Meal?


I just love this.


So, yet another instance of 'fake but accurate'


Strawman Cometh

For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud of Mooshelle


The 'Unhappy Meal' I saw that on Surber,


Where's kim -- the wsj has an editorial on Fakegate tomorrow.


Relevant to this thread, one of the things that Santorum was very clear on, back in 2006,
was the need to confront Iran,


And this was a very sobering vision;



Has everyone read tomorrow's Goldberg editorial column, "Mr. Right Evades the GOP" for the LA TIMES yet?



From the second ink:

"Usually two or three resignations from heads of troubled companies, is not much to balk out, but recently, 6-7 heads of very important financial institutions have resigned. High level resignation is normally reserved for a few situations: those who have made a big mistake, expect a big mistake to be made, or formally, don’t want to deal with a mistake that was made long ago and soon must be faced.

Here are the recent resignations in chronological order:

February 6, 2012: Dhanlaxmi Bank CEO Amitabh Chaturvedi quits

February 10, 2012: Tamilnad Mercantile Bank MD resigns

February 13, 2012: Kuwait central bank chief resigns amid political tensions

February 14, 2012: Nicaragua’s Central Bank President Antenor Rosales quit admist row

February 15, 2012: Slovenia’s Two Biggest Banks’ CEOs Step Down

February 15, 2012: World Bank President Zoellick Resigns

February 16, 2012: CFO of ANZ Bank Resigns Amid Turmoil

February 16, 2012: Royal Bank of Scotland’s Stephen Williams quits the role

February 17, 2012: Credit Suisse’s Private Bank Chief Asian Economist Tan Resigns

That’s 9 resignations in then eleven days, we have not included the other resignations from the likes of the head of the central bank in Switzerland a month ago, and the talk of the head of Goldman Sachs leaving. Why are the heads of very large financial instutitions resigning? Corporate governance experts would say that people resign to make room for new policies, and way of doing things, but this is a peculiar situation of contagion amongst those with key exposure.

The first to see the flame, usually leave the building, maybe this is not the case, nonetheless, such events with obvious patterns should be taken note of. "

Captain Hate

So, yet another instance of 'fake but accurate'

I'm not saying the troll in the comments was grasping at straws, but he linked to a Cahrlse Jhonnso post to illustrate his point.

Cecil Turner

Hate to be a naysayer, but I think the Times has it mostly right on this one. The operation would be incredibly difficult, and success unlikely. The big problem is range, and the lack of a good place to refuel. Secondary problem is not enough refuelers.

The Times covered those well, USA Today was out to lunch. In particular this is moronic:

Israel's air force has limited refueling capacity, and if it launched any of its four KC-130 tankers, it would have to commit fighter planes to protect them, putting a further strain on resources, said Scott Johnson . . .
(He probably got edited whilst pointing out the eight KC-707s probably wouldn't be enough; but the KC-130s add little, and escort isn't a major consideration.)

Refueling over somebody else's airspace is a bad idea. At best, you lose surprise. At worst . . . well, that doesn't bear thinking about. This op would've been easy for the US from Iraqi bases. Now . . . not so much.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Obama/Holder murder trial in Mexico

Hope ya'll have a lot of popcorn.


and for continuous snark on the absurdity of the Gleick being the "ethics" guy for climate fraudsters

just keep on scrolling, 3 pages worth so far.


Univ of Texas has a Texas poll out this morning with Rick Santorum in a crushing lead. Romney in third place but at least he is beating Paul.

Now if the Democrats will get out of the way, perhaps we will be allowed to have a primary here?

Mental-illness claims, in particular, are surging.

During the recent economic boom, only 33 percent of applicants were claiming mental illness, but that figure has jumped to 43 percent, says Rutledge, citing preliminary results from his latest research.

His research also shows a growing number of men, particularly older, former white-collar workers, instead of the typical blue-collar ones, are applying.

The big concern about the swelling ranks is that once people get on disability, they’re unlikely to give it up and go back to work.


"Lawyer for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, dirtbag: 'I challenge you to distinguish a naked prostitute from any other naked woman.'"


LUN is "Remaking Federalism to Remake the American Economy" that I read of on an ed site that is supposedly conservative. They thought the regional planning ideas made sense. This dovetails with so much of what is simply taken for granted now.

Reading it made my chest feel tight but this is the reality we must fight. This is a decentralized mercantilism.

And on Harry's Bar-went there in Venice with kids in tow. Son had been dragging us around looking for places in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie. Asks to go to bathroom there (almost 10) and then sends pal a postcard musing on whether Harrison Ford had used the same facilities. It was a bit more graphic than that. Boy brains in famous places.


Holy Carp! Franklin Graham just told the PMSNBC group that he doesn't think Obama is a Christian. You should of seen the dour expressions. They were visibly P*ssed.

Got to run to the doctors. Someone find the tape.


The Bishops must be making a mark. Dems unite to attack Milwaukee Diocese, want a new investigation into the abuse reports. Where were they when this stuff originally came out? Then Gov Doyle was deflecting criticism of his voting bloc.


Franklin Graham is correct.

Rick Ballard

"They thought the regional planning ideas made sense. This dovetails with so much of what is simply taken for granted now."

They received nose rings in the same agora, fashioned by the same sophists. We have good records on oligarchic rot dating from some 2400 years ago. Plato's musings on perfecting the Spartan system arose after watching them dismantle the Athenian oligarchy. He lacked the foresight to note that the Spartan gerousia was in the process of laying waste to itself in preparation for the Spartan defeat at Leuctra. It only took around sixty years to complete two oligarchicides.

There's nothing new going on at the moment.


I will post this video again:


Obama, in the video, screws up a basic concept of the Christian faith. The time is ripe to make such a video go viral, if I only knew how.

Thomas Collins

The focus of attention on Israel's response is understandable. There has been less analysis of Saudi Arabia's response, although there has been some discussion of it here and there. I don't see how the Sauds allow the Iranians to have nukes while the Sauds don't. So my question for anyone with knowledge of the matter is this: how do the Sauds get nukes and a credible missile delivery system? Could they get such items from the Paks? What about India? What about the Paks? Do India and the Paks go on a nuke capability enhancement and missile defense development spree? For that matter, what about the Gulf States? Do they all rely on the mighty Obama and strong statements at the UN by Susan Rice to keep Iran in line? Is Dempsey's statement that Iran is a rational actor Obama's way of telling the Middle East to cool it if sanctions fail and the twelfth Imam gets his nuke toys?

Captain Hate

This was posted @ AoS in the comment section so I can't vouch for the accuracy but it seems like something this blowhard would say:

Romney will win Michigan and Arizona, and go on to a strong Super Tuesday showing and the nomination. MSM plus a few anti-Romneys among the conservative media can try and drive a message of impending doom, but it just isn't there, and Romney overtaking Santorum in Michigan will be, like the victory in Florida, the latest and the last of the Romney of the MSM-generated "tests" of the likely GOP nominee.

The Kos Kids and the UAW will try and bleed Romney by voting for Santorum in Michigan's "open" primary, but the GOP base knows much more than the MSM gives it credit for and knows the Chicago gang and its allies are trying to bleed their strongest general election nominee. Many will vote for Rick Santorum on principle, but the idea that Romney is fatally wounded by a loss in Michigan is just as absurd as some from-the-sidelines "new" candidate emerging.

Hugh Hewitt February 20, 2012


Well, it looks like Greece is now just one step above Kosovo with "monotored independence."

Eurozone ministers back 130bn-euro bailout for Greece

Here are the points that essentially constrain Greek sovereignty:

Greece's economic management will be subjected to permanent monitoring by eurozone experts on the ground

Greece will amend its constitution to give priority to debt repayments over the funding of government services

Greece will set up a special account, managed separately from its main budget, that must always contain enough money to service its debts for the coming three months

So, Greece as a state will now formally exist to service its creditors first, and serve it citizens second.

Captain Hate

Or Jerry Sandusky: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/02/20/douglas-brinkley-bill-clinton-folk-figure-america-babe-ruth-or-buffal

Danube of Thought

Minus 15 at Eaz today.

Thomas Collins

Ranger, the rescues of Greece remind me of the alcoholic who claims evidence that he has his drinking problem under control is that he has quit numerous times. The European Union and Greece have solved the Greek debt crisis several times in the last couple of years, so what's the problem?



Look, somebody has to be a full-throated supporter of Romney. Obviously, this is a representation of what Romney's strategists want to happen. And, it is a bit tough to believe the GOP will ultimately nominate the guy who lost his senate seat by such a wide margin.

Based on the candidates presented to the primary electorate, there is a good case for Romney other than "he does not suck as bad as Obama". He knows something of budgets, large organizations, and dealing with outfits in bad need of a turnaround. I think the argments of the tea party regarding the sustainability of our current deficits resonate with him.

What he does not have (and Santorum does not have) is the libertarian instinct that smaller rather than more government is the right direction, and that the economy needs less government assistance, not better government assistance.


This is a bit of a backgrounder on the Saudi program;


Danube of Thought


Neo, were there any photos illustrating the point?


OMG - Ann was right. Mediaite has the clips of Reverend Graham and his MessNBC inquisitors. They are adamant that Obama is a Christian and deeply offended and hostile to any suggestion that he "only goes to church when the cameras are on him!"

Thomas Collins

Thanks for that link on the Sauds and nukes, narciso.

Captain Hate

When you have Mike "JFK Jr was an outstanding pilot" Barnicle insisting that El JEFe is a Christian, that pretty much opens the possibilities to everything including Scientology.


He prays at home in the sanctity of his golf gear.


Obama is as much a Christian as he is a Constitutional scholar.

Dave (in MA)

Why is the Obama regime burning Korans?


Thanks for the link, centralcal. I tell ya, ol' Franklin Graham is 1000 times more sensible about the ME & Islam in general than the yahoos sitting at that table. I bet those people at the table don't even understand what Christianity is.


--"Lawyer for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, dirtbag: 'I challenge you to distinguish a naked prostitute from any other naked woman.'"--

Doesn't that assume an almost complete case of amnesia between the negotiation phase and the performance on contract phase of the transaction?


Graham is certainly more knowledgeable about such matters



Ranger/TC-- you're both right. The question is though-- who's the alchoholic? Greece is now like the humans in "The Matrix". it exists as a 'state' only to serve as a conduit to pay interest to German/French banks and taxpayers. The alchoholic? -- I would say that is the ENTIRE "European Experiment" which is as addicted to debt as the Wilpon owners of the Mets and Countrywide Finance. It cannot exist as an ongoing eneterprise without callamitous debt, but that calamitous debt will destroy it in the end. BTW-- the same is true for California, Illinois, "Road" Island and Obamanomics and the US economy.

Annoying Old Guy
I bet those people at the table don't even understand what Christianity is.

Of course they understand! Its something to bitterly cling to for stupid people, and protective coloring for proglodytes.

- Obama Ex Oficio


Why the hell does anyone have to have someone validate their Christianity? Why is MSM so insistent that everyone recognize Obama's Christianity?

I watched Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday. I can tell you that Rev. Marvin Winans preached from the same Bible I know. He did more in one sermon to erase the image of the Right Rev. Wright from my mind than anything Obama could ever hope for.

I personally don't care whether Obama is a Christian or not. He certainly doesn't appear to want to be a standard bearer of Christianity so why do his cheerleaders want him to be?

Annoying Old Guy
Doesn't that assume an almost complete case of amnesia between the negotiation phase and the performance on contract phase of the transaction?

And who, exactly, is better at dropping data into the memhole than proglodytes like DSK? Their entire politics is based on doing precisely that sort of amnesia. I mean, President Obama doesn't break promises, he's just forgotten them.


Janet, I get the sense sometimes that there are an awful lot of people who think

1) Christianity is a cult that for 2000 years has been oppressing women and homosexuals, abusing children, subverting science, and justifying imperialism, and

2) it's an outrage for anyone to suggest our dear President isn't a member.


ROFL bgates..


The video ends with the "non-partisan" reporter warning Graham..."We hope you respect people of all faiths.".

Or what? What are they gonna do? Treating all people respectfully is one thing, but respecting all belief systems is absurd.

Captain Hate

He certainly doesn't appear to want to be a standard bearer of Christianity so why do his cheerleaders want him to be?

It's still part of the narrative by which the Indonesian "is just like us" only different.

Rick Ballard


I believe we're being lead back to an examination of his twenty years at Hate Whitey United. It's a can of worms that BOzo opened early with his attack on the First Amendment. The appropriate segue will be an examination of his adherence to the tenets espoused in the Gospel of Karl.

I don't see why we all shouldn't help BOzo compound his error.


Wonderful, bgates! Oh my goodness...what a great point.


The village is missing it's troll under the bridge;



Obama says he is a Christian. Obama says marriage is between one man and one woman, too, but these folks all know he doesn't really believe that.

Jack is Back!

Lets add it all up:

Born to 2 marxist or marxist leaning progressives.
Some years in Indonesia a predominent Muslim country.
The Frank Marshall Davis influence over the years.
Hanging out with leftist- marxists professors who he is attracted to at Oxy and Columbia + E. Said.
His friend Khalid.
20 years of exposure to Black Liberation Theology.
Bowing to King Saud.
Infrequent attendance to Sunday service.
Making stuff up that is not in the bible but fits his narrative.

Most Unitarians are more conservative Christians than that.

Captain Hate

Btw, is anybody surprised by the MFM accentuating the rise in gas prices? It's being banged as hard as the most recent unemployment report and, even though it's an obvious story, I'm skeptical about anything reflecting poorly on El JEFe being highlighted.


Why does anyone still go on MSNBC?

Danube of Thought

Obama says marriage is between one man and one woman, too

Obama says if you like your current plan you can keep it.

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