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February 23, 2012


Captain Hate

None of this would be a problem if Stanley Ann hadn't been punished with a baby.


The fact that we are having this discussion about a human being who advocated leaving other human beings to die on a storage room shelf ought to terrify every American.


pager-- I don't think that's right. In the late term abortions that 'Bam shilled for back in 2003 (to earn PP filthy lucre no doubt), the human isn't "left o die", the child's skull is visible in the birth canal, and then the abortionist stabs the soft skull with scissor piercing the brain and severing the spinal cord. The body of the killed child is then 'removed' through the birth canal and discarded as 'medical waste'. Drs. Mengele and Shockley would have been so proud of 'Bam.

A Casual Observation

And THAT took nearly 50 paragraphs???

We make casual jokes formal.

Rolling through the paragraphs laughing all our clowny asses off.


BTW-- what is the "New York Times"?


I brought this up to seemingly rational people in 2008. Their response was to the effect that it just couldn't be true.


pager-- I don't think that's right.

No, pager is right. There are two different things that our President is for. Late term abortion (which you describe) and letting a baby die on a shelf if it survives any of the abortion procedures (which TM describes). Obama's a fan of both of these things.


...or at least it is "above his pay grade" to know if those things are wrong.

Rick Ballard


They just couldn't trust their own lyin' eyes and ears.


OK Janet that's true -- But IMO the survival bill was the more constitutionally questionable one, and 'Bam could have passed the Late Term ban and said the survival bill violated Roe. That would have been standard liberal politics. The truly monstrous thing he did was prevent the late term bill, collect his payoff from PP to run for US Senate with the money. In my mind the Late Term bill was the unforgivable thing he did and proves he is an amoral nihilist. Just my opinion.


":OBAMA’S CLAIM: There was no need for the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) because there were already laws on the books to protect these infants."

"FACT: The Illinois State Attorney General and the Illinois Department of Public Health investigated and found that Christ Hospital violated no current law when they left born-alive aborted babies to die in closets. It was for this reason that law makers wrote the Born Alive Infant Protection Act."



Good thing Annenberg was on top of this issue, TM. They have no bias.



But I have heard here lately that our country is vastly morally superior to when we had slavery and it's hard to argue with that.
Now people of all colors and creeds are considered the property of others and may be killed at will.
We truly have become a color blind society.


Come on. Even the most generous reading of his quotes shows that Obama thought his white grandmother should have died sooner with less medical care.

This is the guy who wouldn't call home on a business trip. Ever. He's described as the least sentimental man ever to live.


We are exactly the same as older civilizations with child sacrifice. Instead of throwing the children into some pit for a feathered sun god...we kill them in the womb for the god of self.


pagar/Jane-- you don't have to convince me 'Bam is a BS artist. He makes it up as he goes along; his 'explanations' about the Bills have no credibility (even the NY Times acknowledged that). Back in the day the only thing he apparently was good at was picking up the campaign contribution check. He's a nihilist and amoral monster.


Obama was a proponent of letting LIVE babies die on a shelf in the dirty linen room.
LIBERALS either agree or support that twisted sick thought process.
This is who Obama is.

Stalin didn't set out to kill 20 or 30 million, they just wouldn't listen.

Obama is filth.

Joan of Argghh!

Obama thought his white grandmother should have died sooner with less medical care.

Do we know that she didn't?

She certainly died conveniently. . .


But Obama's Grandmother got to keep her doctor, and her death helped reduce the deficit.

Obama is swell.


Folks, Obama is a Communist. Lying is what he does. 52+% of Americans, were either too stupid to know, or too immoral to care.

Obama lies every time he speaks.

Ben Franklin

Contraception=Abortion. There is no equivocation.


The actual headline should be: "Obama continues to be a liar about most things."

Frau Nachbarin

"A democratic government that respects no limits on its power is a ticking time bomb, waiting to destroy the rights it was created to protect."
James Bovard

Frau Nachbarin

And then there's Pitzer helping build the bomb:
"Even within the context of the uncertainty of our economic climate and the polarization of national politics, it is the mission of Pitzer College that continues to reverberate through the commotion. Since its founding in 1963 Pitzer has provided grounding and guidance to students and alumni, and in working through them has ultimately reached into the world and changed it for the better.

Pitzer College produces engaged, socially responsible citizens of the world through an academically rigorous, interdisciplinary liberal arts education emphasizing social justice, intercultural understanding and environmental sensitivity."

Greg Q

"Mr. Obama has said he had opposed the bill because it was poorly drafted and would have threatened the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade that established abortion as a constitutional right."

Really? Barack Obama, "Professor of Constitutional Law", thought that a state law could threaten a US Supreme Court decision? WTF?


He lies! The bill was Roe neutral but Obama's committee took that language out and then Obama said he voted against it because it wasn't Roe neutral.



BF, paraphrased: "Quick, look the other way!"


Here's a thought...

The vast majority of babies born alive who are not viable are miscarriages of wanted children, whose parents are devastated by their loss. Most hospitals have good hospice care for these babies -- the most common scenario is to allow parents, siblings, etc. a room and privacy to have basically unlimited time to hold and say goodbye to their infants.

I wonder if that is going to be forbidden in some future Obamacare regulation?


No, cathyf, because those babies are wanted. "Wantedness" is in prog minds the only thing that determines the baby's humanity, both before and after it exits the mother's womb.


Part of the point is none of us survive. Some of us take longer to die than others. If you can merely let those with no chance of survival die, then that is any of us.


She does come from the Times, no the 'narrative' must be maintained;


Micha Elyi

The New York Times through its editors and its reporter John Broder uses the curious phrase "fetuses born alive" instead of the word "babies".


I informed all fellow teachers about Obama's stance on the born-alive issue back in 2008 at the lunchroom table. They appeared shocked by the news but voted for him anyway.The principal's secretary and I were among the few people not enthralled as we watched the Inaugural on tv in the faculty room. The nuns were over the moon about him.
NK and Janet: I totally agree with your statements. Obama has ice in his veins. He only cares about rock stars and their music and his kids.


Just saw CNN who were disagreeing with Newt's statement that the elite media never asked Obama about the infanticide bills. CNN said that it wasn't true, David Brody of the Christian Broadcast Network asked Obama about it and David Brody appears on CNN as a panelist. CBN is hardly the "elite media".

"Wantedness" is in prog minds the only thing that determines the baby's humanity, both before and after it exits the mother's womb.
When my mom worked in the NICU they once had a 19-week baby who lived for 2 days. The mom was in really bad shape and was in the ICU, and the dad was splitting his time between his wife and his dying child. One of the nurses kept coming by the bassinet and unwrapping the baby, and when the other nurses would wrap him back up and gently caress him this nurse would tell them scornfully, "that's not a baby; that's an abortion!"

People like that nurse, coming soon to a Death Panel near you.


They have gone completely Inigo Montoya, because 'it's inconceivable' that such a question wasn't it, but it wasn't.

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