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February 26, 2012


Frau Leherin a.D.

"If so, the economy and Obama will be toast."

A billion-plus can buy a lot of lies and love.



Well, I see Santorum has his economic plan in the WSJ today. My skim of it says it is fairly standard stuff. My guess is that, on these issues, he works with a GOP Congress to go towards reduing spending.

In other words -- he's acceptable. Will he make it the focus of his campaign? We'll see.

As for focusing on it with Santorum -- and playing the "Dem" game. Well, it is this insistance on this stuff that will have me not voting for him in the primary. So, it's a talking point. Also, since that has been a focus of Santorum's for years now, I don't see how the focus stays off that material should he be the candidate. Do you? Really?


You get distracted easily, by the 'look squirrel' maybe this voting thing isn't for you,


Also, since that has been a focus of Santorum's for years now, I don't see how the focus stays off that material should he be the candidate. Do you? Really?

No, I don't. It's going to be in focus.

But it's still what the Dems want you to be worrying about right now. Any subject other than Obama's major problems is the squirrel they're spotlighting.


Will he make it the focus of his campaign?

His responses in the last week have indicated that it is, and will be, his focus, despite the media's best efforts. As you say, we'll see, but he has actually answered your question in the affirmative.


Frau, thanks again. As long as the level of fraud is published it will help. A legitimate signature total of less much less than 1 million will also help (it may slow down union $). As a bonus for later, if the GAB comes up with a very different number it is helpful evidence for reform of that "nonpartisan" disaster area.


"Ayers is really just a surfer on other's radical visions."

I still think you can not talk about William Ayers-educator-with out discussing the one who had the radical vision to create him.

Recopied from the 5 Oct 2011 JOM.

"Why do you think Maxine Green converted William Ayers from trying to blow up NCO clubs to destroying the American school system? Much more effective, I doubt if you can find many teachers that have not been browbeaten by their high schools, colleges, unions and school administrators to the point they dare not utter a conservative word. Pure communist party infiltration thru out the system.
William Ayers in charge of the (see link inside the LUN)

"As I have shown elsewhere in City Journal, Ayers’s politics have hardly changed since his Weatherman days. He still boasts about working full-time to bring down American capitalism and imperialism."


Maxine Green and her converts, such as William Ayers have completely converted the American school system to Communism."

I guess a lifetime of listening to semi-socialist pronouncements during the Homily has rattled my faith.
Yeah, I'm with you, MadJack. Here is a snippet from Cardinal George's column:
Since 1915, the Catholic bishops of the United States have taught that basic health care should be accessible to all in a just society... As well, the present health care reform act doesn’t cover entire sections of the U.S. population. It is not universal.

The provision of health care should not demand “giving up” religious liberty.

Yes, in fact, the provision of universal health care for free does demand giving up religious liberty as well as virtually every other liberty. Sort of like how owning everything in common requires great apostles to make the rule "those who do not work do not eat"...


I don't understand how the Church gets from accessibility and subsidiarity to universal health care as guaranteed by the Federal Government. The willing ignorance of the Church hierarchy on economic and political liberties never ceases to amaze.



I had not seen that but you are right. Maxine is quite significant. Something I was tracking a while back was supposed to have gone dormant. That was the official line anyway. At the precise time of the supposed dormancy, Maxine was writing about him. And getting published.

Lies. Lies.

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