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February 03, 2012



The funny thing, is Dougherty, is supposed to be a conservative, I say supposedly since he
was with Taki's shop.


Here's a tip: DO NOT read the comments on the BI link. Well, unless you're heavily medicated or inebriated.


--Gallup also reports that the notion of a handgun ban has become a punchline, except, perhaps at Business Insider.--

Business Insider itself is the punchline.
The setup is what happens when a disgraced Wall Street analyst tries to do "journalism".

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce is slattering SGK


Except for a 3 term CongressOne, there hasn't been a a real good political shooting or assassination in the US since John Hickley went after Ronald Reagan (who has since died of natural causes some 7+ years ago).
Face it, that guy who crashed the plane at the White House (not 9/11) .. well .. fell short. Various other attempts were pathetic.

No wonder the Brady "crazies" are crazy.


I will never drink another cup of coffee.
I will never bow to political pressure telling me to drink another cup of coffee.

What's that? 26 Dem Senators just put political pressure on me by publicly hollering at me for refusing to drink another cup of coffee?

I'll have a lotte.'

Captain Hate

Dear God, the look that launched a thousand cases of ED http://minx.cc/?post=326409


we now know the strength of the Left Wing media machine.


It's good to know what works. Now, if we can emply it. A strange country we've become.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

It is now more obvious than ever to me that Planned Parenthood and its supporters are evil eugenicists who will stop at nothing to stamp out views they oppose.

But who will lead the fight against them?


--Dear God, the look that launched a thousand cases of ED--

Between his Hot Springs mama and Chairman Hillary it was almost inevitable Billy Jeff was going to go way wrong, wasn't it?


This reminds me of the time right-wing extremists tried to interfere with ACORN's Constitutionally protected God-given right to receive federal grants to commit voter fraud.

Captain Hate

Between his Hot Springs mama and Chairman Hillary it was almost inevitable Billy Jeff was going to go way wrong, wasn't it?

Kind of like El JEFe, we know next to nothing about Slick's biological daddy other than he was a lowlife; although probably not a polygamist. I know he had one alky step-daddy who liked to smack Virginia the Pure around; and Clenis the Brave's first mega-whopper was how the future draft dodger and rapist stood up for his Momma's honor.


It just hit me. The reason Bill has stayed with Hillary all these years is that he likes to be spanked. Maybe a light hand spanking as a beginning and then . . .

Frau Steingehirn

As I posted on the last thread, I'm thinking Clara Pelf. If Hillary! had any real authority, she'd be pelfing us all. While we're in Hillary! country, what happened to Huma's baby?

Captain Hate

Good question Frau. Maybe grand master media maven Chuck Wasserman Schoooooooomer has ordered a complete blackout of anything having to do with his former protege and texting whiz.

Tina in Laguna Beach

My family has supported SGK for years. Two days ago we all agreed to create a monthly increase static donation that would have extended 16 business quarters. The first payment of the increased donation went out yesterday and I have a good mind to direct the trustee to cancel the check but there will be no more as we’re done being jerked around like this. We give based upon need and compassion coupled with our principles not political ideology. I’m done being a mark in this toxic economic-political atmosphere so going forward our philanthropy will be well vetted on a continuous basis before one more dime is given. Let me tell you SGK and all you Politicos something, this dreadful DISEASE HAS NO POLITCAL PROCLIVITY!!! Does the political machine always attach contamination and ignorance to something that is pure and good? Of course it does because it’s all about you, is it not? Sorry SGK, you have been slimed and you allowed it. Let me also add that with SGK having turned a 180 in 24 hours has deferred timely payments to other organizations as well. We won’t be fooled again….

Captain Hate

Good move Tina. Don't get me started on United Way.....

Frau Steingehirn

Just checked --- Jordan Zain/Zane Weiner born (and circumcised?) 23 Dec 2011. I thought I recognized Huma kneeling next to Hillary! in a photo recently. Huma's assistance includes grooming and from what I can tell she is punishing Bubba's bride with the totalitarian look.

The Komen surrender is troubling, plus the close coordination of PP's agenda and the Girl Scouts mission.

Captain Hate

Frau, somebody at AoS said that Muffer's new look began with Chelsea, of all people, advising her to grow her hair out. Imagine taking grooming tips from the ugly duckling. The sad thing is I think if she got some decent advice, that Hillary! could look, if not beautiful, at least pleasant and reasonably attractive. Hard to believe that Huma is behind this.

Thomas Collins

I think Hillary is sporting a Veep candidate look. Stern but unrumpled.

Frau Steingehirn

It seems the political pressure was more threatening to SGK than the loss of supporters.

Frau Steingehirn

CH - who were the matchmakers for Huma's unfortunate marriage? If I had been talked into that marriage, I'd be seeking some kind of revenge.


Here's a tip: DO read the comments on CH's link. Well, unless you're easily offended or a prudish prig.


What has gotten lost in all this furor is the fact that SGK sells its charity as a "search for a cure," or words to that effect; in any case the key words are "The Cure." Mammograms and breast examinations are certainly worthwhile expenditures, but they have nothing whatsoever to do with "the cure."

Regardless of what you think about PP, the real issue is why SGK has the audacity to solicit funds from people under false/fradulent pretenses. What else are they supporting with your money donated to support research for "The Cure"? The Society for the Preservation of Groundhog Day?

It's also revealing how liberals think that misrepresentation of stated objectives is not only the normal, but the desired behavior. After all only they are capable and worthy enough to decide how to spend the money of the of the rubes.


Or you mysteriously harbor affection for Hillary!


from Captain's 1:27 link -

"It looks like the special dress uniform a ChiCom factory manager wears when he accepts the Hero of the Exalted Wrench award from Ho Chi Minh."

and the first comment - "Rockin' the Chairman Mao look."


I think she is getting ready to tell the world she is a lesbian.

Frau Steingehirn

Big Journalism called it "The Curse of the Clintons"

The saga started when the Clintons, neither of whom had much discernment when it came to choosing a mate for themselves, “encouraged the match between the Muslim beauty who grew up in Saudi Arabia and the Jewish Democrat from New York City.” Hopeless romantic Bill claims that for Weiner it was “love at first sight,” a match made in paradise because the couple represented what Weiner wanted “the future of the world to be.”

Thomas Collins

I don't have enough moolah for my contributions to matter on any significant scale. If I did, I think I would fund a trust to finance school vouchers. The trustees would be those with the mindset on providing opportunity of those such as Tom Sowell and Victor Hanson and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The trust instrument would direct the trustees to consider not only the circumstances of the applicant, but also the academic or vocational rigor of the institution to which the applicant proposes to attend. If the Buffets and Gateses did this, they would be opening up educational opportunities for those now mired in public schools which serve the bureaucracy and the unions, not the students.


and this one - "First Drudge posts a picture of Mr. Reno juxtaposed with the word "hotdogs" and now this?"


Captain Hate

Frau I'm thinking "honor killing".

Btw Tammy Bruce is just whaling on Mega McCannz whose interest in "Game Change" is positive since there's an attractive actress playing her. Apparently Roseanne Barr was otherwise occupied. And that's all Ms McRINO seems to care about, other than to drop the pearl of wisdom that "Republicans don't watch HBO". Is she not her father's child?


--Let me tell you SGK and all you Politicos something, this dreadful DISEASE HAS NO POLITCAL PROCLIVITY!!!--

Amen, Tina.

Captain Hate

Hopeless romantic Bill

Hopeless romantic Jerry Sandusky


So they have dropped all pretense of reality in this project, as if there was any to begin with, what slug did they pick to portray Nicole Wallace I wonder.

Frau Steingehirn

I'm sure that Tina did not restrict her thoughts and decision to JOM.

This reminds me of Tom Hanks voicing his disgust at B.J.'s abuse of power and the Oval Office. Within 24 hours, Hanks changed his opinion and donated big $$$ to Clinton.


I think she is getting ready to tell the world she is a lesbian.

"My truth is that I'm a Lesbian-American."

(it's a little arcane but not for the astute JOMers)


'Irony it's what's for dinner'

In response to reports of dissension within the McCain-Palin camp in late October 2008, Wallace gave the same statement to both Politico and CNN: "If people want to throw me under the bus, my personal belief is that the most honorable thing to do is to lie there."[9][10]


Speaking of Nicolle, I was very sorry to see photos of The 'Stache a/k/a John Bolton at a "book party" for Nicolle upon the release of her POS novel "It's Classified" (which features a mentally ill character supposedly inspired by Sarah Palin).


"The event was hosted by Dana Bash and John King, Annie and Mark McKinnon, Ken Mehlman, Ann and Geoff Morrell, Geoff Tracy and Norah O'Donnell and Angela and Steve Schmidt.

Guests were able to buy Wallace's book at the party as well as dine on appetizers from Tracy's restaurants Chef Geoff's and Lias."

The Fnork is alive and well and Fnorking away at DC cocktail parties, it seems.

Captain Hate

Well at least Nicole is honest enough to finally call something she prepares fiction. Wow the Stache must be hard up to find something to do.


Isn't what Nicole peddles, the same sort of garbage, that kept 'The Stache' from a permanent appointment at the UN, by the likes
of Fred Vreeland, and your favorite, Captain, 'Crying George' Voinivich.

Frau Steingehirn

Via Insty --- Ten Things to do if you are an "anybody but Mitt" Republican .... (Just exchange Mitt with any of the remaining candidates if necessary.)

Closing words: stay home and prove yourself marginal and unreliable.


Whenever I see Hillary now, and think about the braindead who actually voted for Obama in 2008, I think this Obama "1984" ad was errily prescient:



eerily ... geez, I misspelled it on the other thread, too. LOL

Frau Steingehirn

From the LUN:

4. Go Shooting. It’s great stress relief. It focuses the mind. And it shows Romney – and Obama – that you can’t whiz on the Second Amendment. It’s a threefer.


Good grief Janet. Although I don't condone what slick did, pictures like that leave me wondering.

He tells her to get on the bed, spread. So she puts on a bedspread.


Closing words: stay home and prove yourself marginal and unreliable.

Well, I think one can be a reliable ABO voter and still be ABR in the primary.

But, just musing: if a candidate can reliably be counted upon to turn off a significant percentage of GOP voters because they don't think he is conservative enough, why isn't that factored into calculating his electability?

Why isn't "he's too liberal - the base won't turn out for him" just as serious a consideration in determining his electability as "he's too conservative - independents won't turn out for him" would be for another candidate?

Seems like the self-professed realists should accept this distaste among the base rather than try to wish it away, or pre-emptively blame voters who are attempting to make their concerns known via their primary votes.

Dave (in MA)

Janet @ 2:28 Yike

Looks like a dictatress.


Hillary is in dire need of a Lifestyle Lift.


"their cure"

O/T, but it's Friday Afternoon and like the Holder hearings yesterday the MSM may skip right over it.


"The lawsuit further asserts that the MERS System has effectively eliminated homeowners' and the public's ability to track property transfers through the traditional public records system."


Dictators... Reminds me of a joke

So Mike Tyson was in a spelling bee...

Host: Mr Tyson, can you spell 'bit'.

Tyson: Uhm. Err. B---I---T. Bit!

Host: Very good! The next word to spell is 'dictate' Tyson: D---i---c---t---a----t---e...Dictate!

Host: very good Mr Tyson. Now for the grand jackpot, can you use both these words in a sentence?

Tyson: Errr...I uhm...ok! I got it. Heres my sentence. "Hey Bit! Hows my dictate?"


Net the nausea slowly settle in the pit of the stomach;



Some more context;


Frau Steingehirn

Too much depressing news? Need a laugh?
Obama warns Congress: "Don't muck up economic recovery."


narciso, thx for the wb on the previous thread!


While I was out drinking with my JOM buddies and not paying attention to You Too, Rick began a new series that is quite brilliant. It's called Sixteen to Support. Check it out.


Romney Blasts Obama’s HHS Reg as Attack on Catholics and Religious Liberty

Washington Examiner OP-ED: I stand with the Catholic Bishops and all religious organizations in their strenuous objection to this liberty- and conscience-stifling regulation. I am committed to overturning Obamacare root and branch. If I am elected President, on day one of my administration I will issue an executive order directing my Secretary of Health and Human Services to issue a waiver from its requirements to all 50 states. And on day one I will eliminate the Obama administration rule that compels religious institutions to violate the tenets of their own faith. Such rules don’t belong in the America that I believe in. . . .

[M]ore than two centuries after the drafting of the Bill of Rights, religious liberty is facing the most serious assault in generations. And the assault is coming from liberalism itself. In the process of implementing Obamacare, the Obama administration is pressing forward with a rule that tramples on religious freedom, taking particular aim at Roman Catholics. The Obama administration is forcing religious institutions to choose between violating their conscience or dropping health care coverage for their employees, effectively destroying their ability to carry on their work. . . .

[T]oday, when it comes to the agenda of the left-wing of the Democratic Party—those who brought us abortion on demand and who fight against the teaching of abstinence education in our children’s schools—their devotion to religious freedom goes out the window. They would force Catholics and others who have beliefs rooted in their faith to sacrifice the teachings of their faith to the mandate of federal bureaucrats.

Orrin Hatch takes to Senate floor regarding Obama trying to justify taxing the rich by Scripture

What's wrong with these "cult-alligned" "unprincipled" Mormons, don't they know what unbelievers they are?


A former congressional ally and foe clears the record of Newt's departure as Speaker:

Newt Did Not Resign in Disgrace

I notice that Obama's overall approval at Rasmussen is ticking downward to its mid-40'e level again, and I bet it is due to less mudslinging on our side now that the Florida primary is over.


Time, not money is what will reduce fatalities from breast cancer. It would be nice to think that buying pink ribboned stuff at Bloomies or marching around will do the trick. It won't. Cancer researchers are not short of money. They simply are not able to speed the laborious search.

As for PP, they are sitting on a billion dollars of assets.

in 2004-5 its president earned $900K.

I am damned sick of overpaid administrators at "non profits" and 501(c)(3)'s building up giant fiefdoms on non taxed assets and income.

Silly fight by silly people all of whom are taking their contributors to the cleaners as they enhance their own considerable power.


I am damned sick of overpaid administrators at "non profits"

Me too. And at colleges, and government bodies and every single place where they produce absolutely nothing but more paperwork.

Captain Hate

Kudos to Romney and Hatch for taking the fight to the real enemy.


Your National Review link at 3:38 is really good, narciso.




Are you a drug user?

Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA

Seen any walnuts in your medicine cabinet lately? According to the Food and Drug Administration, that is precisely where you should find them. Because Diamond Foods made truthful claims about the health benefits of consuming walnuts that the FDA didn’t approve, it sent the company a letter declaring, “Your walnut products are drugs” — and “new drugs” at that — and, therefore, “they may not legally be marketed … in the United States without an approved new drug application.” The agency even threatened Diamond with “seizure” if it failed to comply.

Soon the Feds will mandate that you have to be 18 to buy a can of Smokehouse almonds. LOL


Taranto :
Of course, it also doesn't mean they're not going to get anything. The Daily Caller reports that Komen's donations doubled in the two days after the Planned Parenthood assault began, presumably because lots of people wanted to support its apolitical work against breast cancer but did not want to give money to a group that was subsidizing a group that both performs and advocates for abortion.

If that describes you, you might consider following the advice of our friend Susan Carusi: Give to a local breast cancer support group, "which provides counseling and assistance to women diagnosed with breast cancer. At least this way you know exactly what the money is being spent on."

While our sympathies are with Komen in this whole kerfuffle, we must say that the group has displayed an appalling naiveté in its approach to the matter. It's reminiscent of the last big controversy the group was involved in, which we wrote about in 2009. In that instance, Komen hosted a conference in Alexandria, Egypt, for "international advocates." Komen was sandbagged when Israeli doctors who'd been invited to the event received disinvitations from the Egyptian health minister. The Egyptians backpedaled, but by then it was too late for the Israelis to attend.

In breaking ties with Planned Parenthood, Komen made the same mistake: It failed to understand it was dealing with intolerant fanatics. Planned Parenthood's attitude toward abortion opponents is not unlike that of Egyptian officials in the old regime toward Israelis.

Captain Hate

Soooooo Diamond Foods hasn't anted to the jugeared fellow's re-election fund?



with respect to your comment on vouchers above, when it comes to ed spending, there's nothing disinterested about the direction of the Gates grants. If it doesn't directly or indirectly boost MS, then BH sees it as a business oppo to buy into.

The comment I made earlier in the week on this Admin expressly going to an industrial policy listed Gates as an example of philanthropy creating wealth. It also mentioned that that Foundation now has more aggregate wealth that the 200 top VC firms combined.

It has become a very dangerous entity and talks about turning America into a lab for democracy. I don't think the experiments will be good for the patient.


"where they produce absolutely nothing but more paperwork."


My guess is it will take 10 clerks to get all the approval permits to have one vet build any thing physical. Of course, they will all have to be government employees and union members so the Democrats get more campaign funds.

Now for some good news.



I am looking at PP's website and I can't find where they discuss their breast cancer awareness, self-exams, referrals, etc.


When SGK announced that they were cutting PP off, they said that they were going to give the money instead to groups that give mammograms to poor women.

So now, if I understand the rules of arithmetic correctly, they are taking money away from mammograms for poor women to donate to America's largest abortion provider.

...not to mention that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer...

Racing away from the cure indeed!


I found it, nevermind. It's right below their link for sexual orientation.


This is what their website says about mammograms:

Ask your health care provider, health department, or staff at your local Planned Parenthood health center about where you can get a mammogram in your area.

So shouldn't SGK be sending the money to the actual entity providing the mammogram?

Rick Sichervelt

I've supported SGK in the past to the tune of thousands of dollars in personal contributions. No more. First, I had no idea they were ever contributing to Planned Parenthood. Second, I find their spineless caving to those baby-killing thugs after just one day to be reprehensible. The Susan G Komen charity is dead to me. They can stick their pink ribbons where the sun don't shine.


Oh, I see...

Where Can I Get More Information About Mammograms?

American Cancer Society: Mammograms and Other Breast Imaging Procedures

SGK should be sending the money to the American Cancer Society if I am to take PP's website seriously.



Send your money to the American Cancer Society. That is where PP sends you to find out more about mammograms.


First, I had no idea they were ever contributing to Planned Parenthood.

I imagine there are many, many others like you that also had "no idea." But, now they do - oh yes siree, now they do.


I have never been to PP's website. I bet lots of people haven't. Until now.

Thomas Collins

If anyone is interested in a truly critical appraisal of the Gingrich Speakership free of the invectives without analysis approach that I have found all too commonly made with respect to Speaker Gingrich, the link in centralcal's 4:37 PM post is worthwhile. It appears that Gingrich is an inspiring "ideas man" with below average management skills. I happen to think managerial ability is one of the least important skills in a POTUS, although the ability to attract good managers is a key to being a successful POTUS. In any event, that link is a breath of fresh air for me in my perusal of critiques of the Newt.

By the way, the link also calmly eviscerates the Dems' charges of Gingrich's using a 501(c)(3) organization for political purposes.


Sue, congrats on the new family member (grandson? nephew?).


Yes, TC - a very fair and informative piece, which makes Romney's use of the Brokaw NBC news clip all the more shameful. Now, some throw that word "shameful" around rather freely - but in this instance, no other word fits.


My Cousin got so much help during her breast cancer ordeal from the Breast Cancer Society. They were there for her from Day One. She only had one day between diagnosis and emergency surgery, but they were already on the spot when she woke up in recovery. They had counselors to help her thru the first days of emotional meltdown, to providing much needed information, all kinds of freebies/give-aways/samples for post surgical items and continued support thruout that first year after radical mastectomy of chemo, reconstruction surgery, and even financial help until she could get back to work full time.

Captain Hate

It appears that Gingrich is an inspiring "ideas man" with below average management skills.

I think that's an accurate assessment of him.


OT - A Netflix recommendation. We've watched a few episodes of Portlandia and it can be pretty funny. Makes fun of the whole hippie, hipster, vegan, earth child, reggae, rocker, grunge world of Portland, Oregon. Sometimes it is too true (like the Onion). The uber bike rider & the animal lovers are pretty funny.


I think that is fair, it is rare that one has idea men in the leadership, Barton the ad man, maybe, but has the Boehner leadership been that successful.


PHOENIX (AP) - The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on Arizona's immigration enforcement law on April 25, in the last such hearing of the high court's current term.

Rick Ballard

"but has the Boehner leadership been that successful?"

Define the metric of success which applies to a Speaker with the majority of the Senate and Executive in the hands of the opposition party.

Nancy Pelosi was extraordinarily successful as Speaker. No Speaker in history has ever come close to doing as much damage to his party as she managed to do to the Democrats in her four year tenure. To be sure, she could never have achieved her success without a great deal of help from the incompetent buffoon in the Oval Office as well as the Majority Undertaker in the Senate but no one can deny that she bore much of the responsibility for the double decimation of the Democrat Party.

Speaker Boehner can't touch her in that respect. Partisan identification with the GOP has actually increased slightly during his brief tenure - he has no chance whatsoever of equaling the achievement of Speaker Pelosi.

Set your metric and I'll be happy to discuss the matter.


Georgia Judge rules that Obama can be on the Georgia ballot.

why yes, you can

I hope that Komen gets its wings clipped over this, because the pink sh^t everywhere is ANNOYING, not to mention, politically correct. Anything to give money to an organization which only benefits women. And it's ALWAYS being rubbed in our faces - pink this, pink that, pink on NFL players for goodness sake.

Now maybe people's money will go to other organizations like the American Cancer Society, which benefit everyone.

If you gave money to Komen yesterday, dispute the charge on your credit card, or stop payment on your check.

Another thing to do: You know all the annoying pink appliances you find in many stores? Get a sticky label (Post It note) and write on it: "Komen Kills Babies", then stick that to the appliance. Be careful to not damage anything though.

It's something I've been doing for a while now.

Sara, thank for the tip on the Breast Cancer Society. I shall pass that along to my friends - we were talking about this at lunch today and a couple of them who donated to Komen, but had no idea about the PP ties were asking about an alternative organization to support.


Via Althouse:

Sandra Day O'Connor, yes that one, made a joke about Gingrich and Romney:

"One is a practicing polygamist, and he's not even the Mormon."


--So now, if I understand the rules of arithmetic correctly, they are taking money away from mammograms for poor women to donate to America's largest abortion provider.--

I'm still trying to figure out why it requires more than about $1.79 nationally to fund mammogram referrals.
How much can it cost to hand somebody a phone number or point out the window to the hospital down the street?


Actor Ben Gazzara Dies at 81

Captain Hate

it is rare that one has idea men in the leadership, Barton the ad man, maybe,

The last one we had, kind of, was Slick; and despite what the MFM would have you believe he was a semi-disaster with his completely disorganized life, which is what you have with a predator trying to pass as "normal". Reagan was a visionary in his belief in our country as a force for good and, contra to dumbasses like Clark Clifford, was extremely organized in figuring out exactly how to make things happen. Newt's lack of organization would eventually work against him, I fear; although I could be wrong.


Well I was speaking in the legislative sense,
they are more procedural than anything else, Joe Martin, in the first big GOP sweep, for one,


I think Speaker Boehner has done pretty well despite the undermining by BOzo has done.

Have read that Boehner's style especially to the the TP freshmen has been one of inclusion and education on how the House process works.

Captain Hate

Yeah I've read the same thing on Boehner; on how he's given the TPers more responsibility than Duke and Duke are comfortable with. I know a lot of the morons @ AoS get frustrated with him but I don't think they take into consideration that if he did what they think they want, it would all get shot down by the Senate.


'Am I the only here, not on crazy pills'


Captain Hate

Ah, I see now what you meant, narc. Btw I've just started to read Klingsor; I think this will be fun.

Captain Hate

I wish the Catholic church would come down hard on that mobbed up witch.


I really think some of the dislike of congress is a holdover from when Pelosi was Speaker.
How many people know who the Speaker of the House is.

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