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February 03, 2012



RIP Ben Gazzara. He was simply fantastic in one of my favorite films, Anatomy Of A Murder.



Great nephew.


Congratulations, Sue!


Okay I have a question. Harry Reid refuses to pass a budget again this year. Couldn't the House just refuse to spend any money until we have a budget?

On my show yesterday I interviewed my state rep (without Dick) who was in office when Romneycare was passed. I wish I could post the interview somewhere because it was the best explanation of how it went down I've heard to date. (I just watched it on TV) As I said yesterday, Romney should explain it the way my rep did.


If you want to see an angry, determined, disgusted with Obama Mitt Romney, try to watch the foreign policy segment of the ongoing candidate interviews by Hannity. Gingrich is also doing well, but much more low key. Santorum hasn't come up yet.

Captain Hate

Btw when I saw this POS on the local NBC morning show arguing about banning SGK from the festering trash-heap of a city, I didn't recognize him at first. Look what human donk garbage PP gets to do its bidding http://www.woio.com/Global/story.asp?S=4827683


Thanks porch. They live in Texarkana so I haven't got to see him in person yet.


Have read that Boehner's style especially to the the TP freshmen has been one of inclusion and education on how the House process works.

Boehner would come speak at some of the TP gatherings on the Mall that I went to. I've always thought of him as one of the good guys.


Get in the car, Sue!

I personally don't understand why my parents don't just move here to be nearer li'l Porchlight Jr. and his sisters. It's as if they have their own lives or something. ;)



So not giving to PP gets an organization threatened to be banned from the city? What about all the other organizations who don't give to PP?

Bunch of Nazis.



I missed the news. Who had a baby?

Captain Hate

Porch, what was hilarious, as in completely disgusting, is that he kept repeating "This isn't about politics; it's about providing health care to people of an impoverished city". The local host, to his credit, kept talking about how breast cancer people were inspired by the walk; to no avail.

Although since they caved they're obviously back in good grace.


Sue: Newt just said, speaking of delegates and the Texas Primary, that he will "clean up" in Texas.


Couldn't the House just refuse to spend any money until we have a budget?

Right now, no. The House already passed a continuing resolution to fund the government at previously approved budget levels (with amendments that adjust spending) through the end of the fiscal year (that was the big "government shutdown" fight of last year).

When the current contiuing resolution to fund the government runs out, the House could refuse to pass a new continuing resolution, which would halt all "non-essential" government spending until a formal budget was passed.


--I missed the news. Who had a baby?--

I could be wrong but I think Sue did.
Who knew she was so young? ::grin::

Captain Hate

Congrats to Sue for something of which I'm not aware.

I wish the Catholic church would come down hard on that mobbed up witch.
I dunno -- the pope was about as firm with her as he could be without causing an international incident. And word from Catholics in San Francisco is that she does not, in fact, present herself for communion after the little private talk she had with the bishop. This is about as tough as it gets since we swore off burning at the stake a few centuries back.


Isn't there a recording of your interview of your State Rep?

I sure would like to hear how Romneycare happened in MA.

Frau Steingehirn

Hear, hear, glasater. Jane knows all. Will she tell all?


I think, and don't hold me to this, but that was centralcal's daughter.


Now the Army is interfering with the Catholic chaplains' right to read the letter to the troops.



I'll get a disk next week. If someone can tell me how to extract the audio, I'll put it on You Too. apparently the state was about to lose some federal funding and some hospitals were about to shut down because of the freeloading that was going on after the Cobra FIX so they had to take some measures. A few other states were in the same bind. (Blue I'm sure). the Cobra fix made it mandatory to treat anyone who went to the ER, and too many people in MA were freeloading, so this was an attempt to beat that. I guess we can blame Reagan.


SGK and Planned parenthood. Not only stopping breast cancer, but stopping the development of future breasts.

Think of all those women who won't have to suffer cancer since they died in the womb!

It's practically a cure.


Yes it was part of the 1986 reconciliation bill, hard to find who were the sponsors


"""Couldn't the House just refuse to spend any money until we have a budget"""

Have the Republicans not learned anything by now??

How many times do we have to watch them do this feeble crap. YOU CANNOT WIN BY DOING NOTHING, EVER. THE MEDIA AND PUBLIC WILL NEVER BE ON YOUR SIDE TO DO NOTHING.

You have to have bills ready to go, supported by a majority in the House. Thats why Boehner needs the tea party folks to support him, you will never win public opinion by doing nothing.

Just like with Clinton, the Republicans would pass and pass and pass bills until he finally had to cave.



Perhaps SGK should play this at their board meeting...


Juan Williams supports Obamas forced birth control on religious institutions policy.

But noone asked Juan if he also would support say, black churches being forced to pass out KKK literature in the name of free speech?

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