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February 13, 2012


Thomas Collins

Note that the fundamentalists on this issue are the secular progs, not the Roman Catholic priests or Baptist ministers or any other cleric. The secular progs are adamant in forcing the use of other people's money to pay for contraception. Amazingly, they are even more in the true believer mode on this issue than in other cases in which they want to use other people's money to pay for their projects. The religious institutions simply want to run their hospitals and other health programs and offer their health plans free of governmental interference.

Captain Hate

So Kristof doesn't understand Christian Science but uses them as his example? I hesitate to ask if he could be any dumber.


Really the Guttmacher Institute is the authority,


of course!

Margaret Sanger is their guide and eugenics is their religion.

The old religions must be suppressed.All hail Progressivism!


Well he's got Frum made at him, so he's got that going for him;


Rob Crawford

Scratch a "progressive" and a eugenicist bleeds. That's what their devotion to abortion is all about. Ginsburg admitted it, Schacowsky's (sp? -- Communist rep from Chicago) husband admitted it.

Danube of Thought

What if organizations affiliated with Jehovah’s Witnesses insisted on health insurance that did not cover blood transfusions? What if ultraconservative Muslim or Jewish organizations objected to health care except at sex-segregated clinics?

What if, indeed? They could simply bargain with insurance companies to provide them precisely such a policy, couldn't they? Of course they could--unless Leviathan forbade it.

Frau Argwohn

Speaking of minorities, recent estimates show 24-25% of Americans are Catholic. 1.5-2% of Americans are homosexual.

You mean Jan Schakowsky another leftist of the Chicago Thugocracy now running our country?


Let's not debate conraception.
We'll lose. We know that. Let's debate oppression.

Danube of Thought

I’m glad that Obama sought a compromise.

He did? With whom did he negotiate that compromise?

Webster: "settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions" Who arbitrated? Who consented?


they do so 'waterboard' the truth:


Scratch a "progressive" and a eugenicist bleeds.

Exactly right.
This was in 2006
Roe v Wade Lawyer: Use Abortion “to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor”

"The legal watchdog group Judicial Watch has released four-page letter written in January 1993 by Ron Weddington to then president-elect Bill Clinton asking him to use abortion as a tool for “eliminating” the “barely educated, unhealthy, and poor.”"

Link to the original letter at the link.

Frau Argwohn

MarkO, there you go again with that "Citizen or Subject?" stuff.

imho Rush is really listening to the "I'll never vote for Romney crowd today.


I really go for that coffee idea. If Hit's around he and Dot Could press for free beer and vodka. Good handbags make me happy and a happy person is a healthier one. Also free pets for the kids to reduce pediatric problems.


There's a crowd of idiots who claim they won't vote for any candidate but their darling. I hope they all hold their breath and maybe expire.

This is good only for Obama.

Danube of Thought

I can't see why they can't make somebody pay for medical insurance for my dog. He's a friendly, always happy Golden Retriever, and when he has a problem I get really depressed. Treating him would surely be less costly than treating my depression.

(Every time I take Fredo to the vet I come away convinced that veterinary medicine is the biggest legal racket in the United States.)


MarkO, I'd vote for Fredo over another four years of ValJar and MO's idiot puppet.

Frau Argwohn

Janet, my husband noted yesterday that the long-term effects of contraception and abortion will result in a reduction of the population to a level that will further destroy the ability of the country to function. In comparing Obama's dictatorial methods to those of Hitler, critics do not know, perhaps, that even Onkel Adolf knew a declining population cannot sustain a country. Hitler promoted births, legitimate and illegitimate, awarding medals and "free" vacations for mothers. The German monster challenged the churches' authority and promoted population growth for the Nazi regime--by the *deserving*,of course.

Thomas Collins

If a free HD wide flatscreen TV with a free subscription to NFL Network is not necessary to men's mental health, what is necessary to any gender's mental health?


Frau, Steyn and others have been saying that for some time. It's true that the entire social welfare state depends on growing populations of workers and a sharp reduction in population has caused Europeans to admit millions of people they ordinarily would not--emptying out the state of their own to fill them with Turks and North Africans and Eastern Europeans (the latte, of course, usually returns home when financially able).

But if we did not have welfare state programs, I wonder if technology wouldn't make it possible to survive quite well without growing populations. Japan seems to be managing better than one might have thought.


Can Obama force Kroger or Ralph's to give away FREE BROCCOLI too!! I mean that would be good for us.

Contraception is NOT THE GOVERNMENTS business.



If your husband chose to provide no benefits, he'd avoid this trap. Again -- nopt what the Obama people were budgeting for -- but the logical reaction to "NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED" legislation.


Sandy Daze linked this comment at LI on the previous thread. So good!


That is a great comment. I saw it at LI this morning and copied it for safekeeping, then sent it to a friend.


I copied it too, Porchlight. Hah!


Great link Janet. Thanks.

My daughters will be reading that comment for homework tonight.


"[Kristof writes] But in general I’m more sympathetic to judicial intervention to protect minorities than to protect principles (such as separation of church and state, privacy, or even freedom of the press)."

Using that line of thinking, back in 1938 Kristof shouldn't have had any problem with Hitler dismembering Czechoslovakia to "protect the Sudeten German minority."

Jack is Back!

Isn't the theory of abortions that they are primarily among minorities, the poor and progressive women? That what it does is reduce the population of future progrs or targeted progrs. Isn't this the practice of diminishing returns?


"[Kristof writes] But in general I’m more sympathetic to judicial intervention to protect minorities than to protect principles (such as separation of church and state, privacy, or even freedom of the press)."

You can always find a minority that can be deemed in need of protection. So much for the Bill of Rights, then.

Jason in SD

When a collectivist says "minority," what he really means is "protected class." The smallest minority is the individual and individuality is anathema to the collective.

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