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March 13, 2012


Sandy Daze

Speaking of gasoline prices, just back from the local (closest station to me) Shell. Typically at the low end of price scale here.
On 11 January the price was USD $3.11 per gal
Today, 13 March the price is USD $3.74 per gal
or an increase of 63 cents over the last 62 days, or roughly a penny increase per day.

I wonder what the top end of increases will be? At this rate of increase, gasoline will cost $3.92 by the end of March, $4.22 by the end of April, $4.52 per gallon by Memorial Day, and $4.88 by Independence Day.

YGBSM. Really?

One would think that Clarice would be all sold out of pitchforks well before then, no?

(Clarice, ramp up production !)

What am I missing?


Cecil Turner

Fear is a mind-killer

The quote goes "Fear is the mind-killer" (one of my favorite novels, though he did little else worth reading). And utterly ridiculous in this application. Like there's some deep truth lurking in Dem propaganda, or that there aren't better movies I haven't seen.

The one thing I actually did learn in this mess, though, was that the McCain aides were in fact as backstabbing a bunch as the worst reports claimed. A bit shocking they'd admit it, but there you have it.


Well, CT, what would you expect with McCain's aides?

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)


I hear Sarah feels sorry for you.


I saw parts of the movie and Obama is not portrayed as well as I'm sure he would like to be. Actually he appears to be a one note fop who is in love with the sound of his own voice.Seeing actual 2008 footage of him was a bit sickening. Especially now that we truly know how fake and phony he is.he really looks like a dictator or an imperialist in the film.

Ben Franklin

"The quote goes "Fear is the mind-killer" (one of my favorite novels, though he did little else worth reading)."

A remarkable achievement. Melville's was Moby Dick. but he does have Billy Budd. Even if Herbert only wrote one series worth note, it is worth note.


Wikipedia entry for "Critical Race Theory" on lockdown.

A Wikipedia article devoted to Critical Race Theory, a controversial legal theory crafted to respond to the alleged role of “white supremacy” in American law, was placed on a temporary editing lockdown over the weekend after bloggers determined that CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien had relied on Wikipedia’s introductory definition of the theory — verbatim — during on an-air debate. A second lock was placed on the article Monday to protect it from politically biased editors who adjusted it following O’Brien’s gaffe.

I don't expect much from the folks who fought with pop guns, while the enemy carved up W with machine gun fire, but I was under the silly notion that McCain was a man of honor,
'Faith of our Fathers' and all that, that was a silly notion.

Frau Steingehirn

If you know the author of "Mein Kampf" you do not *need* to read it unless it is required reading in class. Most of the students in Obama's race and the Constitution classes did not know Patrick Bell but were required to read selected portions of his work.

I have not seen any movie about Palin. Would I take my time to see the anti-Palin movie? Not even if paid! Here is the opinion of someone I respect, Byron York:
Several critics, most of them conservatives, have complained that "Game Change," the HBO movie made from the best-selling 2008 presidential campaign book, portrays Sarah Palin as profoundly stupid. Indeed it does.

Those critics have also complained that the picture portrays John McCain and his top advisers as deeply craven. It does that, too.

In "Game Change," there's lots of bias to go around - not a surprise in a picture made by the same Hollywood writer-and-director team that produced "Recount," the pro-Gore HBO version of the 2000 election.

But perhaps the strongest bias in "Game Change" is not about any particular politician. At its core, the movie's message is that the Republican base is filled with hatred, racism, and xenophobia. In "Game Change," the McCain-Palin decision to attack Obama for his ties to the former 1960s radical Bill Ayers - even as the GOP ticket stayed away from Obama's relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright - brings out the ugliness in the hearts of Republican voters.


Most of the haters have no idea what Palin accomplished in Alaska. I think what frustrates me more is the people on the right who don't know and won't trouble to learn about what she did there.

Other than that, what can you do? She's gorgeous, she believes in God and isn't afraid to talk about it, she has a regional accent and a less than credentialed education, and she has the nerve to have a hot husband and 5 beautiful kids, one of whom any "sensible" person would have aborted. And she has unapologetically conservative beliefs.

Any 1 or 2 of these is enough to make liberals, especially liberal women, seriously annoyed. 3-4 makes them spitting mad. What Palin's got sends them totally around the bend.


CBO: New 10-year projected cost of ObamaCare is … $1.76 trillion

Ben Franklin

Sorry, Frau Angst;

It's about how the GOP was carjacked by the TP, and continues to pilot the car around town like Crazy Taxi.


Oh, I forgot a few. She kicked ass as CEO of Alaska; faced down Big Oil and won; cut the budget; whistleblew on members of her own party some of whom are still in orange jumpsuits; can fish, hunt, cook, run; is a proponent and a practitioner of honest, transparent government; foils her critics routinely to their own sputtering embarrassment; has a natural ability to connect and inspire, even among those who are ideologically opposed to her, and continues to draw tens of thousands to her events despite all the beatdowns.

Really, if you're a liberal, what's not to hate?


I'm sure you can bank on that projection coming in on target.


Yes, Frau, that part that Pollak previewed is really unforgivable, it is their 'target' moment, their own presumptive 'blood libel'
which appeared out of whole cloths, the other
parts are sort of grand guignol parody, like
a 'Spitting Image' sketch gone on to long,


CBO: New 10-year projected cost of ObamaCare is … $1.76 trillion

I wonder what would have happened if the Republicans had proposed an escape clause to Obamacare--that the law was null and void if the cost savings proved to be illusory. Of course the Dems would have rejected it, but that would have revealed how phony the claims were, that they weren't willing to back them up with any kind of commitment.

Frau Steingehirn

Carp time on the Feather Farm -
Tea Party = dangerous dissent
OWS = inspirational chaos


POLITICO reports:

The polls go up and the polls go down but all of them illuminate the same static reality: Barack Obama probably can’t win if the 2012 election is strictly a referendum on Barack Obama.


Have we been scolded down to posting pictures of the underwear without the model? Prior restraint.

Ben Franklin

" Barack Obama probably can’t win if the 2012 election is strictly a referendum on Barack Obama."

Aye. Thars the rub. 'Strictly' becomes the weasel word.


So someone who thinks the TP "carjacked" the GOP and is still driving around "like Crazy Taxi" tells me I should be open minded and watch a movie that doesn't appeal to me on any level.

I'll give that advice all the consideration it is due.


It is often stated that Repubs will typically pick the guy who came in second last time to be their standard bearer in a Presidential campaign.
For example, Mitt was a prime contender against McCain in '08. I think he came in second? Or was it Huckabee?
Hypothetical: if Mitt should win the nomination, but lose the general, who would be the logical frontrunner/heir-apparent in 2016? Rick? Newt?
Obviously if Mitt wins the general, then his VP is the favorite.

Ben Franklin

"the TP "carjacked" the GOP and is still driving around "like Crazy Taxi" "

Well, it sure seems like an accurate description. But watching the movie might reinforce the notion. Can't have that.


She predated the Tea Party, although arguably
she incorporates many of it's principles, and
has tried as much to avoid the fringe issues,
Beck said something interesting today, remarking on Michelle's comments 'about Obama will not let you be uninvolved, and he will get you out of your confort zone,' well that's what the Tea Party has done, and they
were ridiculed for it, and worse, as Jane and Janet, can testify.

Captain Hate

It pains me greatly to say this, but there are quite a few who claim to be on OUR side who seem equally frightened of her.

She performs a useful litmus test; useful to me at least.


Hey, BF--the Tea Party didn't exist until 2009. The election, if I'm not mistaken, was in 2008. What the hell is this movie about?


What's interesting is that none of her detractors are able to point to anything she has ever said that warrants the claim that she's stupid. OTOH, Obama has frequently said utterly moronic things these same people studiously ignore.


Was it SARAH who said we have 57 states?
Was it Sarah who talked about Corpse men?
Was it SARAH who said Eau Claire was one of our biggest states?
Was it SARAH who confused liability with collision insurance?


It's about their Maleofactum Factorum, when Hope and Change, was briefly 'wee wee'd up, then the soma kicked it, their projection is vain, shallow, power hungry, stupid and possibly insane, I know the cave casts a lot of shadows,


I heard a rumor that Sarah speaks Austrian... :-)


Only on the Cinco de Quarto, AliceH (and he said this shortly after admonishing Americans for not teaching our children second languages.)


she can see Oreeeeeeeeon from her house


It appears there some iniquities between Sarah and Obama.


An interesting detail about the Daily Basilisk most recent issue, is about leading women in the world, the only one who get a three page write up, is Sarah, as a cautionary
tale, from Frum, outdoing Brooks for raw ignorance.

Frau Steingehirn

Shhhhhh! Boatbuilder. You are interfering with the talking point. No facts, please.

Was it SARAH who said intercontinental railroad?
Was it SARAH who said my Muslim faith?
Was it SARAH who said sit down and shut up?


She visited Westminster Abbey and signed the wrong year in the Guest Book.


Oh wait, my bad! That was President Obama!


Was it Sarah who said don't get between Michelle and a tortilla?


Don't forget when she said 'the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor' and 'Hirohito was at
the surrender ceremony on teh Missouri'
(sarcasm off, 'am I the only not on crazy pills')


And...where is Hit when we need him? Let's not even get into his Biblical quotes! (Janet, that is your cue!)


On a more serious note,

Frau Steingehirn

tamale...fries...burger...mud pie...gumbo...Whoopi (sic) pies...


Well they wanted us to come to their rescue, we can't have that;

Jim Ryan

Palin said 10,000 died in a tornado in Kansas (it was only 12 dead), and she said that she bowls like a Special Olympics athlete. No, wait, that was Obama.


Wonderful posts on why the left hates Palin so much. Really good. I agree with the good vs. evil thing.

One thing is that many people finally see the truth when good vs. evil is on display out in the open. I know the out-of-control ugliness of the left is pushing my husband into the conservative camp. Breitbart "woke up" watching the Clarence Thomas hearings...I think Dennis Miller "woke up" with the treatment of Stockdale.


He was certainly moving in that direction, although 9/11 probably crystalized it, it's frightening how truly ignorant he is, and yet
it goes without notice, Hans Christian Andersen didn't mean the tale as a guide book, but a caution/


Frau - I have to say that "intercontinental railroad" is my favorite.


I was referring to Obama, not Miller, I've been a fan of his, even when he was on the left.


A poster on Hot Air reminded me, of this detail;


I loved it when he told us about Kids with Asthma needing a BREATHALYZER!!!

He is sooooooooooooooper dooooooooooooooooper smart.


One Bible mistake was Obama saying inequity instead of iniquity. Isaiah 53:5

The whole brother's keeper thing was just totally wrong.

There was one at a 9-11 memorial too...he mispronounced some word that if he was understanding what he read, he would have known....maybe said bow (like bow down)instead of bow (like bow & arrow)?


maybe said bow (like bow down)instead of bow (like bow & arrow)?

Good memory, Janet.

Frau Steingehirn

SARAH didn't say she did not want her daughters punished with a baby for a mistake.

It still offends me to think of the mistreatment of Admiral Stockdale whose *crime* was asking "Who am I and why am I here?" He became a student of philosophy - especially Epictetus and Stoicism- at Stanford and that study sustained him and others during torture by the Viet Cong.


Frau - I have to say that "intercontinental railroad" is my favorite.

Completely forgot about that one. There must be a definitive list out there of the most idiotic gaffes, complete with links.

Oreeeeon is right up there for me. That was very early in his administration IIRC. Maybe even pre-inauguration. It is really, really hard for liberals to defend. How does a Columbia and Harvard grad not know how to pronounce that?

Frau Steingehirn

SARAH did not say the Constitution is a flawed document.


Well they do have a way of jeering at those who have shown valor and endurance, don't they, Frau, whether it's Stockdale, or Dole,
(for all our qualms with some of his stances)
or McCain, the only philosophers they consider
are glib sophist twits, like the resident nazgul.


Rev Wright, Obama's pastor for 20 yrs is going to lead a march to Jerusalem , sponsored by Iran to undermine Israel.

(I love it when all the anti-Obama shit comes together at once.If we could only establish that BIll Ayers was paid off or writing Obama's autobiographies with the money from Solyndra


Where's the NCAA Basketball Thread.

On the dog walk BYU got 20 plus points behind to IONA, so I turned it off and listened to the Dog Race.

Now back home I see BYU has come back an trails by only 1 point with 8 minutes to go. Wow. What the heck happened/


You can bet she wouldn't curtsy to a Saudi King. And, she wouldn't claim she could part the waters or whatever silly thing the one said during his inaugural speech.

They hate Palin because she enjoys life. They don't. They're full of grievances. She works for good. She doesn't give a rip what they think about her. They require everyone to think about them and their wants.

She's beauty; they're ugly. :) Juvenile? Maybe, but they're puerile.


Steve Hayes on Brett's FOX panel says that Newt's strategy now is to deny the nomination to Mitt Romney. I think that is a fair and accurate reading of Newt thru' the end of the Primaries.


You know I was on record that he made my skin crawl;


Daddy, Steve Hayes went to my High School!!!
Yay Steve Hayes!!!


OK, but she did say we could solve the imported oil problem if only we inflated our tires, you gotta give them that one...oh, wait.


That was very early in his administration IIRC. Maybe even pre-inauguration.

Back when he held only the Office of President-Elect?

Vero Possumus!


Stealing stuff from Jay Nordlinger, which seems on topic for this thread:

In my [latest NR Article], I review various happenings since January 2009 — more specifically, various “-gates.” There was Bust-gate, in which Obama returned the bust of Churchill to Her Majesty’s Government. There was DVD-gate, in which Obama gave Gordon Brown a terribly cheap and unsuitable gift. (The discs didn’t even play on British DVD players.) There was iPod-gate, in which Obama gave Queen Elizabeth a device helpfully loaded with his own speeches. There was Kitchen-gate, in which Obama denied Brown a bilateral meeting in New York, granting a “walk and talk” through a U.N. kitchen instead. There was Toast-gate, in which Obama had some serious coordination problems with an orchestra, as he was toasting the queen.

That stuff still makes me cringe.

Annoying Old Guy

Right on cue, we have another counter-example for Rick Santorum. Now that's sophisticated reporting.

fingertip pulse oximeter

Howe did I forget Condi

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