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March 02, 2012



I'm not seeing why it matters that much that Fluke is a 30 and an activist. She is a law student at Georgetown. Her testimony is absurd in its own right, whether she's 30 or 23, and whether she's a feminist or some ingenue from Kansas.



They, and by they I mean MSM, are portraying her as a 23 year old student.


--or some ingenue from Kansas--

Uh oh, jimmy raised the stakes with a crack about Barry's momma.


This is also getting more play than the F&F hearings.


Postal workers and guns, now there a fertile mixture


Ignore it. Starting now.

Captain Hate

Since we're talking coffee, lets get down to the nuts and bolts of it. How do you take yours?

It varies; if I get some really good beans I'll drink it black, otherwise half and half and sugar or half and half and a few chocolate lonzenges (or whatever you call the things you buy to melt and make candy). I sometimes buy ground if it's good and on sale otherwise I buy whole beans; all of which I use in a french press.


I'm a woman. I don't hate women. But dear gussie, tone your voice down when you are excited. Nothing wears on me as much as listening to Hannity's show when 2 women are "debating" an issue.

Danube of Thought

Why doesn't Fluke demand free food and clothing? Free transportation?

If she spends $3,000 a year on contraception, why not get an apartment that's $250 per month less expensive?

If the contraception were to be covered by her policy, why would she expect that her premium wouldn't go up by $3,000 per year?


Just to tie the thread together, here is some Bun E. Carlos coffee for sale which I might just have to buy:



I take my coffee in a mug.

Really - that is my only non-negotiable rule. Sure, I prefer a nice bold Guatamala freshly ground and prepared in a French Press, but mostly I want some NOW.

I bought my Dolce Gusta (like a keurig) specifically so I'd have a cup of coffee to tide me over while my coffee maker brewed the first pot.

Melinda Romanoff

You only have imaginary witnesses at imaginary hearings. It was a staged press event.


Hey Porch, maybe Obamaster will make Rick Nielsen toss condoms too!!!!

BUN E. No longer ROCKS with CT. Ricks son is the drummer now.

That sucks.



I believe she testified that birth control expenses for the entire 3 years in law school costs $3000, not just one year.

However, that's still way too high. PP says bc pills cost $15-30/month, so even at $50/month, that's $600/year, $1800 for 3 years.


I thought I heard something about Bun E. no longer drumming, Gus. Bummer.

Tossing condoms, heh. Rick probably voted for Obama, more's the pity.

Captain Hate

Well, I'm a 6th generation Texan and I'm probably kind of proud of it. ::grin::

As well you should be! I certainly would. :)

I never understood this. Then I visited Austin, went to the statehouse and it all made sense.


Sandra Flunky is 30 years old. She is a grown up. She can buy her own birth control.

This is not the governments business.



Here's some US military members, went where they were told to go; Did what they were told to do. Killed because we have indicated to the world that there are no penalties for killing American soldiers anymore. Probably like Ft Hood, work related accidents. Think Obama called their loved ones and apologized?


Annoying Old Guy,

I almost think the Dems pick ridiculous poster children on purpose, so Repubs/righties can't resist challenging them, then the Dems can point out what monstrous horrible people we are.

I don't care, though. It's laughable and should be mocked as such.


Chiming in on the coffee - black (no sugar), full bodied roast or medium, Vanilla flavor added.


isn't the guy supposed to bring a condom, anyway? There are millions of us with the wallet rings to prove it (that and our virginity).


PP says bc pills cost $15-30/month, so even at $50/month, that's $600/year, $1800 for 3 years.

But how much do those coffee flavored condoms cost?


Right on schedule, the Friday night document dump - no more Chevy Volt production, 1300 laid off. But, Sandra Fake Fluke is much more newsworthy.

PP says bc pills cost $15-30/month, so even at $50/month, that's $600/year, $1800 for 3 years.
Those are generics. The BC pills that are still in patent are over $80/month.

"Our" Virginity?? Matt. Keep your virginity to yourself.


Have to be careful here, but my boss is involved with Sleep Train's retail mattress competition - Sleepfit - so I think all West coast shoppers out looking for a new mattress should support Rush and boycott Sleep Train, shop at Sleepfit (fka MattressLand) instead.


I think SLEEP TRAIN is Sandra Flukes PORN STAR name.


CC- NO WAY-- w/o Volt production how can 'Bam buy one in January when he's out of office?


I don't care, though. It's laughable and should be mocked as such.

And really, how often do we get such a golden opportunity?

5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

Those are generics. The BC pills that are still in patent are over $80/month.

Well, then the students can get the generics then. Or they can get an IUD. Or the many other options out there.

Isn't this what we subsidize Planned Parenthood for?


When Alynski wrote rule #5, he was thinking of Moochelles ass and B Husseins ears.


Oh dear Porch!!!

Planned Parenthood is subsidized for some OTHER reason.


I know, Gus. Just pointing out the discrepancy - they claim that subsidies are needed for PP to provide cheap BC, then claim that cheap BC isn't available, so insurance companies should have to pay for it.

Well, then the students can get the generics then.
That's already a pretty standard insurance-company rule -- you have to take a generic if one is available, and it requires lots of hoop jumping to get the name-brand. I take Synthroid, and I have to pay for it myself since I could take a cheap generic. It's a cheap name-brand, so I'd rather just pay for it. (It used to be that the full price of the Synthroid was about 75cents/mo cheaper than the name-brand co-pay. The price went up last year so it's about a $1/month more now.)

But, anyway, if you're taking the $1000/year drugs, even under the new regs the insurance companies don't have to pay.


((contraception" diversion))

it's not about contraception. it's about economics and people taking resp for their own lives


I just heard that Rush has just lost an advertiser and another one is thinking about leaving.

Nah, It's Just a fluke

Means, Motive and Opportunity

-- Anyone operating inside the WH has access to the full range of options that America can bring to bear. Chicago pols and criminals (redundant) know a few things about taking out the opposition. Ask yourself, are untracable, undetectable heart-attack inducing substances available which could be administered orally or externally ?

-- “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” -- Obama
-- “We are Going to have hand to hand combat” -- Obama
-- “I am going to strangle them” -- Biden
-- "Punch back twice as hard" -- Obama
-- "We’re gonna punish our enemies . . .” -- Obama
-- etc etc

Look, I deplore this rhetoric of violence but, haven't we also learned that the administration has said it holds the legal authority to kill U.S. citizens deemed to be a threat to national security ???

Doesn't Obama and his minions define national security as Obama's security?

Hasn't the Administration directly killed at least one American and isn't the Administration responsible for the murder of former Marine and CBP Agent Brian Terry ???

AB @ CPAC - “I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him,” [him, meaning Obama]

Sheriff Joe, in brief: Obama's LFBC is an Electronic Fraud, Obama's Selective Service Registration Card is a Fraud, National Archives' Microfilm at Time of Obama's Entry into USA is Missing, A Gov't Employee Said He was Introduced to Obama as a Foreign Student by Communist Bomber Bill Ayers' Mom

Aren't AB (even posthumously) and Sheriff Joe, not to mention many others a threat to national security?


AB walking home after a chat, alone.


Why would anyone think that he died of natural causes? Becasue we believe the other side will "play fair" according to the law? Are you kidding? Does anyone think that this administration will draw a line over what is will NOT do in order to preserve its power? Is it a sinking ship? Does it not need to silence as many critics as it can? Could not explosive information a'la a video from university days, be of great concern? Why would anyone trust the SOB in the WH?

My default position is that the WH killed AB. It is up to the family and trusted authorities to convince me otherwise.

Why would anyone choose to believe otherwise? What, you 'trust' this WH? Really?

Really ???

Jack is Back!


We use Douwe-Egbert Rood (red) Aroma beans imported from Holland. They are ground fresh for each cup in a SAECO Vienna Plus coffee/espresso maker. Our home in Southampton has the same system but it is a Miele built into the wall of the kitchen.

I take my coffee black and hot. But some times if I don't trust the coffee say at some diner or restaurant I will take it "regular" with half and half and some Splenda. At Starbucks I am a sucker for a tall, skinny latte, flat. Now here in our local Starbucks the think a skinny is something other than low-fat milk and I don't argue with them. I learned the lexicon of baristas when I lived in San Francisco - flat means no foam.

NK, that was me not anything Andy has done. I've done some Andy here before. I don't know, its just a knack I guess from watching him on 60 minutes when I would watch it.

And Rush, I heard the whole thing on the radio and all of this is taken out of context but they won't hurt him and for every sponsor leaving there are more coming. Why not? You reach a radio market of 25 million. But disappointed like hell in Boehner. It is this kind of reaction from the RNC that they get zilch from me in contributions. i give only to the candidate of my choice and the RNC can pack sand as well as all their offshoots like the RNCC and RSCC.

The party of stoopid.


But, anyway, if you're taking the $1000/year drugs, even under the new regs the insurance companies don't have to pay.

Thanks for the info, cathyf. That makes her testimony even more pointless, then.


Did this broad ever think of keeping her knickers up if letting them down every night is causing her to go broke?


I think we should start a "Mail a Condom" drive and address each one to Sandra Fluke, C/O Georgetown "LoveShack" University. Ribbed, for her pleasure!

clarice feldman

Weekly Standard reports the Target near Georgetown Law sells generic birth control pills for $9 a month.

The whole issue is preposterous.


JiB-- thanks for clarifying. Excellent Roonet parody. Did TomM ever say whether he's going to the Estate Sale?


they claim that subsidies are needed for PP to provide cheap BC, then claim that cheap BC isn't available, so insurance companies should have to pay for it.

Yeah! It is just maddening to watch the left....& PP is just one organization that gets our tax dollars. How many hundreds of others are there?
Glancing through that Funding the Left pdf at Discover the Networks (3rd link down), I see -
Pro-Choice resources
DC Abortion Fund
SF AIDS Foundation
AIDS Project LA
LA Gay & Lesbian Center
Gay Mens Health Crisis
ALSO for Gay Youth
NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut Foundation

Do these places hand out condoms?


JiB/Daddy -- coffee? Like the young lady in AIRPLANE!, I take mine black, always, whether it's Trader Joe's Dark Sumatra beans, Esss espresso, or Starbucks Cafe Americano.

clarice feldman


Excellent article by Shoshona Bryen


Great idea, Rocco!!!!!


Right on schedule, the Friday night document dump - no more Chevy Volt production, 1300 laid off.

And barry knew this when he went to the plant this week and vowed to be one.

Has there ever been a more disingenuous lying bag of shit?

clarice feldman

Wow, Jane!


Ewok think it's very brave to go all splunge,
re Limbaugh, just like Lando with Vader, this will work out well.

Ben Franklin

In case anyone wonders....I'm still using the same handle.


I've discovered that the Georgetown Student Health Insurance premiums are $1900/year, and GYN exams are covered with a $10 or $15 co-pay (depending on whether at student health center or at a Provider location). The maximum deductible is $600 for PPO, $200 for Student Health Center.

Imagine how unaffordable those premiums will get when Obama is done making more things "free". Why, it might even exceed $1000/year.


Just thunderstorms for CH and myself in East and West Cleveland.Someone lives in Cincinnati and I know Kentucky and Tenn. were hit.

Jack is Back!


Rob Crawfore lives either in Cincy or just outside it. All of my my Mother's side of the family is in Cincy but I have no idea if they are okay or not since we haven't been in touch for years.

Here in Florida its Chameber of Commerce weather.

Captain Hate

Ann lives in or around Columbus.

Has there ever been a more disingenuous lying bag of shit?

Is this a direct quote of mine pulled from another thread? If not, I obviously couldn't agree more.


Wonder what happened to the Volt-GE deal?


Captain Hate

I think there will be a great opportunity for some enterprising investigative journalist with lots of sources to write the whole rotten story of the Volt. It should make the story of the Edsel look like a stroke of brilliance.

Jack is Back!

If you had an extra $10K would you use it to play poker with Obama? He is telling Isarael and Iran that he doesn't bluff. I've played a few high stakes poker games and I have yet to meet any player who doesn't bluff from time to time.

I think this guy is bluffing all the time and that is why he would lose his shirt in a real game. Unfortunately, this game could end up killing lots of people beacause we have an ass for POTUS who is using terminology he doesn't even understand what it really means.


I've never heard a guy who proclaimed that he didn't bluff who wasn't anything but one large walking and talking bluff.


You are not bluffing when you don't know any better.


Ooops, posted in wrong thread.

Rich Lowrey, from back in July:

The first principle of poker is not to give any indication that you’re bluffing. President Barack Obama violated it at one of the increasingly farcical White House meetings on the debt ceiling. He reportedly left the confab with a warning to Republicans: “Don’t call my bluff.”

This is not a man who will ever be found expressionless, wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, at a table at the World Series of Poker.


Some of you JOM long-timers might remember Jamie Irons. He was at Yale with GWB and claims that the word on the street was "never play poker with George W. Bush."

Apparently Dubya really could bluff, and didn't act like a tool by bragging about it.


Cyprus drops gambling charges against 98-year-old

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) -- Cyprus' attorney general has dropped gambling charges against about 40 elderly women, including a 98-year-old, whose weekly poker-and-bridge party had been raided by police.

The women, mostly in their 70s, had became a local cause celebre after receiving a court summons this week. Interviews with 98-year-old Eftychia Yiasemidou appeared in several media outlets.

An assistant for Attorney General Petros Clerides said Friday the official had been unaware of the case and only found out about it through media reports.

Gambling in Cyprus is punishable by up to six months in jail or a euro750 ($1,000) fine. The ladies were playing at home with small amounts of cash during their weekly afternoon get-together in November 2009 when police raided the house.

I wonder how Obama would fare against these ladies.


We old farts that are retired and on fixed income need coffee and firearms also. Also my old computer is starting to die and it needs replacement but I have to make the payments on my layaway AK-47 clone.
I'm having to use that nasty store brand coffee to keep senility at bay, (Kroger's Breakfast Blend, mild roast, send discount coupon for plug please). Coupons to Starbucks would be nice since I could use their Hot Spot to download free Ebooks to my Kindle when my computer dies. Think big man.


Let's repeal the first and second amendments and be done with it.


Just for laughs, because I fear that is all we have left:

President Barack Obama greets the sign language translator as he arrives on stage to speak at a fundraiser in New York, Thursday, March 1, 2012. Obama will be speaking at 4 fundraisers while in New york City.

At least, she remembered how to shake hands in America.


'winning the future' what does that picture mean, 'Klaatu, Barada, Nikto'


That is sign for:
"I wish her ass were only this big."


I love listening to Rush. My favorite song is Spirit of Radio.


I just heard that on the radio yesterday, PD. "Concert hall!"

ny conference center

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, which will be held in Rio, Brazil, is a long been waited for kind of event.

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