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March 25, 2012


Rob Crawford

The problem with your theory is the other families reporting harassment.





Maybe the alleged victim does not look like the KC police chief's, Darryl Forte', alleged son. (If he had one.)


That's an incredible story Reliapundit.

Cecil Turner
Well - maybe a thirteeen year old was playing with gas, lit himself up and lied to the cops and his parents. In that scenario, letting it slide may be best for everyone.
Hate to pile on the burned kid, but that was my first impression as well, and it's getting stronger. Borderline unbelievable that such an incident can happen with no witnesses and nobody able to find the two perpetrators that supposedly go to the same school. Gas can on the scene adds to that interpretation, as does the subsequent inactivity.

Interesting follow up, TM. That would be quite something--we've all see the trumped up race crimes and sexist violence reports which were spread by nuts who did this to themselves.

Does that negate reliapundit and others' accounts of the racist hate speech in the Kansas schools?

Cecil Turner

Does that negate reliapundit and others' accounts of the racist hate speech in the Kansas schools?

The account at reliapundit appears to be based on a statement by the boy's mother. So yes, it's of a piece.

Frau Obama Czuks

From the AT article"

"Moreover, after conducting an investigation that included extensive interviews with parents and students, I've learned that Coon's son is not alone. Other white students also report a pattern of racial harassment at the high school at the hands of their peers -- and, shockingly, their teachers. "

Captain Hate

I guess it's good that we're vetting this more thoroughly than the MFM nits did the Saint Trayvon load of garbage. Still the contrast in the coverage couldn't be more obvious and somebody, maybe that guy who is always doing the well-produced videos, has to forcefully make that point.

Ralph L

Black Teens Allegedly Light White Teen on Fire
This is demonstrably true. If you let him burn long enough, your original light white teen is now a black teen.


The KKK had a special place in their ranks for Hispanics.

Cecil Turner

From the AT article . . .

Hadn't seen that one. It's still pretty thin (a separate kid and a set of twins claiming harassment in follow-up interviews). But at least it is [somewhat] independent of the initial report.


Had= has

Danube of Thought

a special place in their ranks for Hispanics

Particularly those named Zimmerman.


Took a while to get to your pieces, Clarice.



Think of it in these term, that is the construct in which Obama answered questions during 2008: "How does this help my children." That makes all of it easier.



Do me a favor please and don't start blogging about Kansas history until my TarHeel's meet KU in about 6 hours in the NCAA Elite 8 contest.

With my UNC point guard on the bench with a broken hand I may need to hear plenty more lying from Kansas City before the day is out.


What gets pushed in kc schools like other urban districts comes out of the Council of Great City Schools. Remember they had no problem making hall of atlanta their pres after the cheating was clear.

CGCS is behind the new national standards that do not function anywhere like the pr that led to their widespread adoption.

Shine a light on kc's practices or atlanta's or chicago's and up turns the CGCS agenda quickly.

Derrick bell would have approved.

Captain Hate

daddy's stumbling around theology this morning in hopes that there will be divine intervention in giving Harrison Barnes a heart.


Clarice and rse you have mail...


What's the big uproar here? As per the national main stream media, whites are incapable of any other stance but racism (except for the sacred liberal of course), and blacks are incapable of racism, hate, or even mild dislike of other races. Why even bother to investigate. I'm sure this is as true a story of "white" racism as Tawana Brawley and the Duke cases. After all, it's not like the media has ever been wrong before or anything like that. Just lynch Zimmerman and dance in the streets.


Duke lacrosse dupes" might be more clear if expressed as "Duke faculty dupes" if you want to correctly identify the dupes, who are still there, rather than those smeared by the dupes.



Responding to a comment on a previous post---

I would suggest your sharp niece start listening to the Dennis Miller Show. To unindoctrinate a young indoctrinated lefty I think Miller's mental rapidity and brilliance are probably as good as it gets. He has excellent guests from all sides of the spectrum, but his unapologetic statements of common sense are winning. His verbal brilliance last week had Krauthammer in stitches, so I have to think that that is who i would recommend for a young college gal.

My personal preference as a spokesman for Conservatism remains Dennis Prager, but he doesn't quite have the bells and whistles of Miller, just the unerring good sense of what made this country great and why and how the Left is destroying it. Remember, Adam Corolla and Breitbart give big kudo's to Prager for truning them to the Right, so no mystery, other than does the niece have the time to listen between NPR and TaxPayer funded Ed Schultz on AFN (the Armed Forces Network), as their campaign to remove Rush for saying "slut" continues apace.

Rick Ballard

I lean towards the 'combustion experiment gone awry' explanation. The age is just right for unintended consequences due to lack of knowledge regarding the explosive potential of gasoline. If the kid had thrown in a few more perpetrators and a black Cadillac, I'd be certain.


The template is not as simple as first presented, from a year ago;



I love the descriptive,"gormless,"Clarice. Perfect.The whole thing,I mean.

OhOh,another Instalanch.

Tom Maguire
Does that negate reliapundit and others' accounts of the racist hate speech in the Kansas schools?

My extended hypothesis is that the family believes (presumably with evidence) that their son's situation in the school is not good (they had reportedly been complaining for months) so they backed his story without really pushing him for alternative explanations.

One story says the assailants held him in a headlock and doused him, then set him on fire. Without setting themselves on fire, too? Pretty bold - the head-locker had to get doused on the arm. OK, maybe he backs away and lets his partner handle the lighter.

Well, I'm not going to prove anything from here.

Duke lacrosse dupes" might be more clear if expressed as "Duke faculty dupes"...

Good point.


I agree, daddy. Dennis Miller is a great starting point for conservative radio. Very funny.

Danube of Thought

It is becoming apparent, Bales did not act alone

No it isn't.


That's a likely explanation, TM.


DoT, I guess you skipped the classes on the law of conspiracies . The absence of evidence is no barrier .


Agree with Daddy and Janet about Dennis Miller. He has been on fire recently, particularly over the treatment of the Sgt. who killed the 16 Afgans, and the ginned up angst over voter IDs.


The second thing, DoT, is you can always take Justin Raimondo's word for things, even though they sound like they are utterly crackpot contrivances.

Captain Obvious

Worth noting, isn't Henry Louis Gates of The Beer Summit(tm) fame the editor of TheRoot.com?

I'm certain a distinguished academic like Mr. Gates will want to correct any erroneous information in his delightfully race-based periodical with any number of his always entertaining "your mama" rejoinders.


such a murderous strategy mandates the commission of war crimes.

And what, exactly, is the supposed "war crime" that is mandated with this particular tactic?


Consider the perspective of this 'impartial observer', it would be better if they stamped
the dateline at Aapbara (ISI headquarters)



Not many known details on this one either but it seems kind of unlikely two guys are going to douse a dude with gasoline and set him on fire and then stand there and watch him put it out with his shirt so he only ends up with first degree burns.


Saying, they are bunk, does not mean you are de-bunking

Well, that would mean that somewhere between 50% and 90% of your posts on any given day add nothing to the discussion Dana. Have you finally achieved redemptive self-awareness?


Raimundo hold the skill set of vicious and stupid, peddling 9/11 denialism within ours of the event,


Oh look ... Androol's evil twin is back. What a surprise. Guess we haven't been showing professor Ward the respect the ledgend in his own mind expects.


From TM's KSHB link:

"Now, he has burns on his face, and his eyebrows and eyelashes are growing back. Coon says the boy doesn’t leave home without his sunglasses on, out of embarrassment."

Sounds like quite a "dousing"...not.


This was the book I mentioned earlier, that really takes a scalpel to what passes for journalism and policy, an early example Friedman's initial botching of the Sabra
and Chatila story, which set the template for the future.


Cecil Turner

Can't debunk a fever dream. (Can't find any evidence for it, either, but that's a feature, for some.)


The ROE's are much tighter than that. The mission of the night raids is performed typically by special forces, who are under orders to arrest miscreants.

However, since Afghanistan is Mad Max land, most people answering doors in the middle of the night tend to be

a- not well inclined towards ISAF generally.

b - armed regardless because it is, after all, Afghanistan.

c - maybe even guilty.

so the possibility of these raids going sideways is high to begin with. But there are rules and our people get shot too. There is a general and pretty uniform disgust with the ROE's.

If a tollybon is actually shooting at you, it is okay to shoot back. But if he puts his gun down, then it is not okay to shoot at him. If they are planting a bomb and you cannot clearly see that it says "bomb" on the side of the device, it is not okay to shoot at them. Stuff like that.

The frustration and anger are unbelievable as a result. Watching your people die and knowing the guy who did it is looking right at you smiling doesn't help.


Re the kid set on fire:

It's nice to know that when Nero set crucified Christians on fire in order to better illuminate his dinner parties, he had to fiddle with the ignition concoction in order to get the best light per inflamed innocent.

Thank goodness this modern age is unconcerned with such details as Nero had to deal with.


One more on the MSM attack on self defense, this time WI's new castle doctrine law. Buried in the story is an interesting fact-- the deceased was out on bail for 4 criminal charges. It took a week for that minor detail to be exposed.

Whether in KC, FL, or here in WI the media protects the narrative and hides the facts.



who came up with the ROE? and more importantly why? seeking the world's approval or what?

Danube of Thought

Having successfully dodged the draft, Dana is ever eager to publish any libelous canard leveled against American troops, regardless of the source, and characterize it as "evidence."

What his false and malicious innuendos require, of course, is that at this very moment a necessarily large group of American officers and soldiers, including some very senior ones, are engaged in an ongoing criminal conspiracy. Does it trouble him at all to make such an accusation? Of course not. He's a coward who hates those who serve.

Sue of the Wisdom

I'll tell you my favorite part of the story

After the soldier with the walkie-talkie killed her husband, she said he lingered in the doorway of her home.

“While he stood there, I secretly looked through the curtains and saw at least 20 Americans, with heavy weapons, searching all the rooms in our compound, as well as my bathroom,” she said.

The woman has brass balls. She just watched the soldier kill her husband and instead of cowering in fear she is peeking through curtains, while he stands there.


"If they are planting a bomb and you cannot clearly see that it says "bomb" on the side of the device, it is not okay to shoot at them. Stuff like that."

Balogna. For instance;

A Afghan with a walkie-talkie can be shot. He might be informing the Taliban of troop location. see link.

Dana, you do realize that one does not preclude the other. There is little reason for an Afghan civilian to have a walkie-talkie, other than to contact local Taliban operatives.

Danube of Thought

I await the evidence that Bales did not act alone.


Is it guilt or is it jealousy that there are far better men out there protecting his ass while he teaches carp at a tenth rate college to 10th rate rich kids?

Danube of Thought

Dana, you are one mentally troubled dude. I take great pride in making that evident to readers of JOM--but God knows, you make it easy.

Captain Hate

Why are people interacting with the troll? He's been on a weekend long bender starting with ugly ethnic slurs against narc and has yet to make any sense.

Cecil Turner

Can't read either, apparently.

Or, maybe, I'm just not quite as credulous as some. (BTW, the 13 year-old is a lot more credible than "Rasool.")


I hope they get to the bottom of this incident.

One thing that sounds fishy is the use of gasoline only resulting in only *first* degree burns. That leads me to wonder if something like BBQ lighter fluid or rubbing alcohol was used.


Well Dana, first you said this:

It is becoming apparent, Bales did not act alone. My Lai Redux?

Let us remember that at My Lai it was an enite platoon that carried out the attack, thus implying "multiple shooters" if it was a "My Lai Redu".

Now you say:

I never said 'evidence' of multiple shooters

So, what exactly are you saying?


Even having read about some of 'the facts on the ground', I can't get my head around such an act, that has to a good thing, I think,

Cecil Turner

Yes CT. The witnesses are MOOOOOOOOSLIM.

More to the point, they're on the other side. And you (and folks like Justin Raimondo) parrot their propaganda with disappointing regularity.

Captain Hate

The troll has completely lost it. It's looking like a bad evening for the wife and small pets.

Danube of Thought

"I never said 'evidence' of multiple shooters"

Right. So it is "becoming apparent that Bales did not act alone," although either (a) there is no evidence that he didn't act alone, or (b) others acted with him, but did not shoot.

A contemptible, mentally unstable, failed academic, in the rwilight of a mediocre career.


More self parody from cleo. Is this open hostility the act? or was the redemtive comity the act?

Danube of Thought

"Now answer the f***ing questions..."

Anybody seen a question?

(My guess at this point is bipolar disorder.)


((A contemptible, mentally unstable, failed academic, in the rwilight of a mediocre career.))

who is aided and abetted by a contemptible news outlet operated by self-righteous, hypocritical, one-sided and dishonest journalists, in the twilight days of what was once a good and great newspaper.


My guess, too, DoT. Let's drop valium on the thread and see if it helps.

Danube of Thought

"What proof can you provide, that I am affiliated with any college or learned institution"

I can't prove that you are affiliated with any "learned institution," because you aren't.

My proof that you are at Pitzer College is in e-mails I have intercepted which you have sent from an address containing your full name, from Pitzer College's website, and from a phone call I placed to Pitzer College in which they confirmed that you are on their faculty.

Get help, fella. You need it.


--"ugly ethnic slurs"--

--Cereal LIAR. Show me your work, Gomer.--

I'm not sure how else one could take this comment to narciso, a Cuban American, Ben;

Even if you knew what it was about, you'd be wrong, Batista/Rubio

Posted by: Ben Franklin | March 22, 2012 at 07:25 PM

Danube of Thought

I should add to my proof several previous admissions by Cleo and Ben.

It pleases me a great deal that he is ashamed of his affiliation with that jerkwater outfit. He should be.

Tom Maguire

This thread may become a bit cryptic because I have a fortunate intersection of free time and impatience with BenF.


One thing that sounds fishy is the use of gasoline only resulting in only *first* degree burns.

IIRC First degree burns are the worst burns you can get.


Third degree burns are the worst.

Captain Hate

I think that's third degree burns, Jane.


TM, you have us talking to ourselves..

Crackahs on the left of us, niggahs to the right, here we are.

No, Jane. Sun poisoning, a sunburn, is a 1st degree burn. 2nd degree blisters and 3rd degree is full thickness and most serious.


Well we can all concur that Dana, is possibly
the most ill informed to walk into a room, a passel of degrees, and teaching stints everywhere including Japan, have not made an impression,

It would be nice to think, that there is some
great overarching paradigm to explain some of
the tragic events in the world, but life doesn't really work that way.

Captain Hate

Thanks for the cleanup, TM.

And I had something else to do today.

Cryptic he says. ::grin::

It'll all come out in the wash.

If you sit in the first two rows you might get Mt. Baldy.


Now for some well-deserved sherbet:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=3171397958395

Jim Ryan

I love the narcisolator.

Danube of Thought

I hope TM is telling us that he's going to ban Ben Franklin, even as he previously banned Cleo. They are one and the same person: Dana Gilbert Ward.


If you see an Afghan with a cell phone who looks to be calling in your coordinates, you must first contact your superior, then he contacts his superior, then it gets radio'ed into Company, and then maybe up to Battalion, and then some officer has to make a decision at which time the first enemy rounds are falling.

The level of BS has gotten to the point where many units simply go through the motions. Attending a shura means you keep your safety off and finger on the trigger guard. That's how much we trust most Pashtuns. That is how bad it is in the East and South.

hit and run

I wish Ben well. I always have.

Captain Hate

Iggy, thanks for c&p of what the troll posted but you didn't have to expend the effort; I'm pretty sure everybody remembered what that lunatic did.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

TM, thank you; imho you're making excellent use of your time and impatience.
Did you hear that someone suggested the blog's name could easily be 'JustTenHours'? In case you haven't checked, there's standing room only in your virtual basement.


"a passel of degrees, and teaching stints everywhere including Japan, have not made an impression"

Sometimes meds can alleviate the symptoms but often the lifelong delusions remain.

Postmodernists seem to have some grasp that we all have our own coordinates in crazy-space, which drift over time. By dismissing the relevance or even the existance of an objective reality (which no sentient organic intelligence can experience directly) postmodernism became a twisted calculus to empower dark and primitive human traits; the prosecution of Galileo, the library of Alexandria, the noble savage, and romantic jihad. It is the underground root connection between the radical left and extremist Islam.


Hahahaha...Clarice, great sherbet! And well deserved, of course...


I wish Ben, Dana, and Cleo help.

And I, too, love the Narcisolator.

Jim Ryan

OT bleg: Anyone have a recommendation for hard cider? (Besides JK's Scrumpy.) I just tried Woodchuck's new high-end cider and it was okay but nothing to write home about.

I quit gluten last week and therefore beer. Luckily the Good Lord has blessed me with a keen fondness for cider. I need an arsenal of ciders. The Hornby's and Woodchucks are a bit of a yawn. JK's is stupendous but hard to find.


--Iggy, thanks for c&p of what the troll posted but you didn't have to expend the effort; I'm pretty sure everybody remembered what that lunatic did.--

Everybody but me, CH.
Wanted to make sure what it was.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Now you see it and now you don't! That was a quick cleanup on aisle three.

I thought I was losing the little I have left.

Cool shades, Mon; I do not like your hat.

This one's for you, dear 21st Century hipster, toiling in the grove to escape the forest for the trees, reading page after page after page of unaldulterated kinderscheissed chunder, worse, to seem like you've paid attention to them with scrawled marginal critiques, dodging nagging questions of how adventurous hippies could turn into such portraits of grey drearianess. This bud's for you.


Clearly I didn't recall correctly. I remember it as being backwards, just backwards in the other direction. Thanks guys.


I think postmodernism and psychosis go together like a horse and carriage.


Are the Kanas City PD, that naive or that cynical,


jason d

This story appears to be legit. Local police seem uninterested in the black on white crime. Local media reported story, but this type story in Kansas City may not be popular.

American Thinker article on the attack -


Kansas City media story -


Ralph L

A small third degree burn isn't as painful long-term as the other two because the nerve endings are destroyed. The surrounding tissue may hurt like hell, however, and there's the danger of infection.


"I think postmodernism and psychosis go together like a horse and carriage."

Me too. Loved the Lord Monckton quote in your pieces this AM ...

Lord Monckton's reply was moving. Gently, and sadly, he said, "We shall lose the West unless we can restore the use of reason to pre-eminence in our institutions of what was once learning. It was the age of reason that built the West and made it prosperous and free. The age of reason gave you your great Constitution of liberty. It is the power of reason, the second of the three great powers of the soul in Christian theology, that marks our species out from the rest of the visible creation, and makes us closest to the image and likeness of our Creator. I cannot stand by and let the forces of darkness drive us unprotesting into a new Dark Age."

Jack is Back!

Mr. Woods is "en fuego" at Arnies today. Yeserday he got away with a lot of shots (which Frederick and I had the priviledge of witnessing on the front nine) but today I have to say is the best I have seen him play since Elin-gate of 2009.

But the biggest thrill for Frederick was using his small, quick frame to work his way through the crowd of college age drunks at the 18th green walkover to get Phil Mickleson's autograph. He had to crawl out between legs in order to escape.

Woods should end up finally winning something beside his own little invitational. And this is 2 weeks before the Masters which is the course Arnie has emulated to set up Bay Hill this week. Las Vegas is paying attention.


Tiger alert. Riveting action and shot matching with Tiger and Gman. Gonna be a wild afternoon.

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