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March 08, 2012



Was that who they sent to deliver the message to Netanyahu?


Oh dear. After reading about that LBJ attempt to educate cic, will anyone be willin to rise to this occasion?

Not hil.


I don't think TM got the message on the babe pics.


Hah! I thought that too, Extraneus...hahahaha!


No one edits Memeorandum, 'it's Chinatown, TM'


TM taking up the slack I left?


I view the opposition to feminine callipygian pulchritude unacceptable. The Internet was invented for porn.

Obama is now kicking the bombs down the road. What a leader. What a man. What a fraud.


Ixnay on the allipygian-cay, MarkO.

Ben Franklin

Former Mossad Chief on 60 minute this Sunday says he would rather the US attacked Iran. It's actually good news both sides see this as a 'hot potato' no one wants to touch.


Danube of Thought

I saw that item yesterday and was surprised it received no attention at all. If true, it's worse than disgraceful.


Well this is the 'Wimpie strategy' I will sell you the weapons today, but you can't use them till Tuesday' (2013)


Well Meir 'counted his chickens before they hatched' with the Stuixtnet and the Caesarea
teams, in the end you ultimately have 'to go
to Bolivia (Natanz) just as with Osirak


So what exactly was the advanced weaponry?
A pair of shoulder mounted warheads?

Ben Franklin

I think you mean Stuxnet and Duqu, narciso.


speaking of frauds, his super duper "documentary" narrated by Tom Hanks and directed by Oscar winning documentarian Who the F*ck is He? who won for An Inconvenient Propaganda movie will be out shortly.

I'm going to take a WAG and posit that the funds for this came out of some Hollywood film budgets financed by Dreamworks. A friend of mine is a forensic accountant up there and the stories she has are amazing.

The studios run in a very similar manner to either the city government of Detroit or the CIA black budget.

I can see it on a COP in Afghanistan as the bullets are flying:

Attention. Attention. Friday night's movie will be The Road We've Traveled. Rock'em sock'em kisses you never got. It's Uncle Obie's brave legions charging side by side with Greek hand bags. Showing the world a new way to fight as they use bulldozers like bazookas, bayonnets like bazook - bullets. Starring Barack Hussein Obama. That is all.

and if you can name the movie that's from, you're really good....

Ben Franklin



That's why we want to give it to Israel.

Jack is Back!



On Twitter, Jeff Foxworthy endorses Mitt Romney. Foxworthy: Time for Republicans to unite behind Governor Romney, a great leader who can win the White House and rebuild our economy for all Americans.

San Diego Chargers Quarterback, Philip Rivers, endorses Santorum.


It's a shame, because Guggenheim, of those Guggenheim's had earned some cred back with
'Waiting for Superman' I imagine it's a Hope
and Crosby film, Matt, of course Hanks is the bankroller for the most recent Minitrue production,


M*A*S*H. The first movie in which the F-word was spoken.

Jack is Back!

You know you're a redneck when you get a D in elections and you are named Valdectorian of your class:

{D is usually a score less than 60]

Ben Franklin

Just like Iraq was a distraction, so Iran deflects our energy.

Pakistan continues to simmer while we fiddle with the obsession over the Ayatollahs.


Obama! The making Africa gay friendly President! yay!!! LUN.

I read an article in Foreign Policy last night about how people of faith have been fleeing the Democratic Party and how our younger generations are fleeing faith at the same time.

We really are in a battle between faith and chaos. The Left has sown the seeds of for the past 50 years in this country, and the poison in our universities and media and leadership is palpable.

Whether one is for or against gay marriage it is certainly not part of our national brief to proselytize for gay acceptance in Africa.


Kahuta is the reason we're concerned about Natanz and Isfahan,


--Pakistan continues to simmer while we fiddle with the obsession over the Ayatollahs.--

What would you have us do?
Invade like Barry threatened?


Doesn't he ever get tired of being wrong, in the LUN.



I am interested in tonights Caucus in Utah. Mitt has endorsed Oren Hatch, but according to Insty Hatch may not be looking to fare too well tonight. Will be interesting to see if Mitt's coattails can top an angry Utah Tea Party and middle of the road Utahn's thinking Oren has overstayed his welcome in Washington.

Ben Franklin

"What would you have us do?"

All I know is that energy is not a unlimited resource. Especially, human energy. When you have State and POTUS having to juggle
AIPAC's demands and Bibi's obsessive compulsive behavior, you can't focus on other issues with intensity.

Frau Lustfilm

'I imagine it's a Hope and Crosby film,..."

A road movie?
Barry O'Bama and Joe "Baggy Pants" Biden in "The Road to Ruin"?

Danube of Thought

I think a lot of needless rancor might be avoided if we came to grips with the fact that there really isn't a great deal the US can do, or ever could have done, to make things come out "right" in the Middle East and North Africa. Presidents going back at least to Wilson have tried, probably in each instance in good faith, to fashion policies that would bring about outcomes that were, in fact, not possible.

The League of Nations, the UN, NATO and others have given it a shot, and to what end?

As my Chief Boatswain's Mate used to say, you can't make shit shine.


Daddy: The Utah primary isn't until late June. I think they are the last to hold a primary.

In looking at the primary/caucus schedules, I don't see anything for today. They do have their state convention coming up in a few days. Take a look and see if you can make sense.

Ben Franklin

"As my Chief Boatswain's Mate used to say, you can't make shit shine."

Just ask T.E. Lawrence.

Frau Lustfilm

Obama talked about bombing Pakistan before he assumed the throne. Does he still think along those lines or does it cut into his ESPN time?


Thanks Sara: Here's what I saw at Insty:

"And on Utah, reader Andrew Piereder writes:

Utah holds it’s Republican precinct caucuses tonight. These neighborhood caucuses elect delegates to the state convention in May. No recent polling, but my informal efforts over the past couple of months or so paint a startlingly bleak picture for Hatch.

In spite of extensive mailings, townhalls, interviews, etc… Hatch’s arguments are getting a dead cat bounce. Hatch’s ambitions are a common topic of conversation and I’ve talked to exactly one person who is supportive. While Tea Party types are actively hostile towards Hatch, what is more interesting is that Utahns with no particular grudge against Hatch, simply think he’s overstayed his welcome. Hatch’s main argument has been that if reelected, he’ll be the chair of the finance committee and in a position to ‘help’ Utah with federal dollars. That appears to have backfired as most people I’ve talked to consider that point to be proof that Hatch is a big part of the problem in Washington.

Hatch’s strongest positive is Romney’s endorsement, but Mitt’s approval isn’t tipping the scales in his favor.

The likely outcome in tonight’s precinct caucuses is a large slate of unsympathetic delegates who will be immune to Hatch’s blandishments."

I don't know any more than that and unfortunately have to be of soon.


On reread number 2 I see what you mean. It's electing the Delegates who later will have some sway in voting or not voting for Hatch.

We need an inside baseball guy for Utah like Henry.



That would make sense, he didn't really end with an opponent this time,


Late to the party, did this get covered?

" The bill’s language is so overly broad as to put an end to free speech, political protest and the right to peaceably assembly in all areas where government officials happen to be present,” wrote John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute about H.R. 347.

It was approved by Congress and awaits only Obama’s signature. While garnering significant enthusiasm in Congress, one member, Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., said he couldn’t support it.

“Current law makes it illegal to enter or remain in an area where certain government officials (more particularly, those with Secret Service protection) will be visiting temporarily if and only if the person knows it’s illegal to enter the restricted area but does so anyway,” he said. “The bill expands current law to make it a crime to enter or remain in an area where an official is visiting even if the person does not know it’s illegal to be in that area and has no reason to suspect it’s illegal...

...a post on George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley’s blog page notes that the imprecise language, just as in the NDAA, creates risks and can most definitely be seen as a threat to our First Amendment right to Free Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom to Petition our government. None of that is very comforting in light of the Patriot Act and surveillance of and wire tapping of Americans.”

He continued, “Tonight you no longer need to be a conspiracy theorist to have real questions about whether we are becoming a police state.”"


Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

I wonder if Caro went to the caucuses - I suspect she was busy skiing the black diamonds.

Caro if you read this send me that pix we talked about please.


This TM post is really too funny, in light of yesterday's picture comments. I assume Ignatz is doing a happy dance upthread (haven't caught up yet).

I would say he is entitled AND it is after my work hours, so it is all cool with me since I am on my home computer. lol.

Ben Franklin

“A person eating in a diner while a presidential candidate is trying to score political points with the locals could be arrested if government agents determine that he is acting ‘disorderly.’ Mind you, depending on who’s making the assessment, anything can be considered disorderly, including someone exercising his right to free speech by muttering to himself about a government official. And if that person happens to have a pocketknife or nail clippers in his possession (or any other innocuous item that could be interpreted by the police as ‘dangerous’), he could face up to 10 years in prison,” Whitehead warned.

If Obama signs this crap, it's a problema, TK.


--The League of Nations, the UN, NATO and others have given it a shot, and to what end?--

You could go back thousands of years and not find a country that made much of a lasting dent in those cement heads, save for Rome ridding the world of the Carthaginians and Alexander Hellenizing them a bit.
Try a thought experiment; what would North Africa and the Middle East be like absent the Brits, the Israelis and petroleum?
A good case could be made the whole infertile crescent would look like Afghanistan on a bad day.


Well Mr. Megan McArdle has learned nothing in the last four years,


Ben Franklin

"Try a thought experiment; what would North Africa and the Middle East be like absent the Brits, the Israelis and petroleum?"

We should have told them oil was a waste product we'll remove for free.


Too late, Ben.



Well the Levant was like a landscape out of Barsoom, pre 1917, you can look at pictures when Allenby came through,


Woo Hoo!!!! Go MajaRushie:

The rift between Sleep Train Mattress Centers and Rush Limbaugh apparently became permanent today after Limbaugh reportedly turned aside the Sacramento retailer's attempt at a truce.

Limbaugh rebuffed Sleep Train's request that the controversial radio host resume his duties as a paid spokesman for the company.

Supposedly (per local talk radio), the relationship with the owner of Sleep Train goes back to Rush's early days and a "friendship" had developed all these years. I guess when you stab a friend in the back, he remembers!!!!


I wonder if HR347 will pave the way for funerals to be free of the Westboro Baptist Church.

I really don't wonder.

McClintock may have voted for this. There was a "yea" recorded next to his name for an amendment to the bill. I have not found the vote for the bill yet.


--I assume Ignatz is doing a happy dance upthread (haven't caught up yet).--

A happy dance? Seemed like a fairly vindictive provocation to me. I thought better of TM previously.


Twenty four years (or longer) count for nothing, apparently cc.

Danube of Thought

“Tonight you no longer need to be a conspiracy theorist to have real questions about whether we are becoming a police state.”

I don't think that legislation stands a chance against a constitutional challenge. But if it is upheld, he's right. And how well do we trust the judiciary these days?


--Supposedly (per local talk radio), the relationship with the owner of Sleep Train goes back to Rush's early days and a "friendship" had developed all these years.--

They were buds from Rush's Sacramento days and I was really, really surprised the guy backed out on Rush. Dumb, dumb, dumb and disloyal.


You know there was something that smelled about this, from word one;



Jeff Foxworthy went to Georgia Tech and worked his way up to being (For a while I know) the highest grossing comedian in history. He is a really classy, nice guy and it's good to see somebody like him make it.


The 110th congress required a statement of Constitutional authority on all bills that went thru the House. It seems to never get done.

Except now:

" [Congressional Record Volume 157, Number 7 (Wednesday, January 19, 2011)] [House] [Page H356] From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Printing Office [www.gpo.gov]

By Mr. ROONEY: H.R. 347. Congress has the power to enact this legislation pursuant to the following: Article I, Section 8: To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by the Constitution in the Government of the United States or in any Department or Officer thereof."

Linked from:


More on the House rule:



Oh now, Iggy!!! I tried really, really hard to get us gals in the skin game (male skin, of course), but - alack and alas - I had no luck :(

Dana Perino ‏ @DanaPerino
Wow some of you wanted a photo of the naked cowboy - I would have to muster up some courage to take one of those!


Perhaps that babe in the pic IS the advanced weaponry offered to Israel?


actually, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Petra, Damascus, Karnak,etc were all marvels of the world at one time or another.

In reading the history of Jerusalem I am amazed at the carnage it has seen over the millenia. It should rightfully be called Phoenix for the number of times it has been destroyed and rebuilt from the Babylonians onwards.

The entire city was torn down stone by stone by Titus and renamed Aelia Capitolina in 130 Anno Domini by Hadrian. They abolished the name Judaea and instead called it Palestina.

When the Jews were betrayed by Hadrian, the Bar Kochba rebellion arose and after its suppression, the Jews were scattered to the wind (again).

It was only under Constantine's mother, Helena, who was buying up relics like baseball cards that Jerusalem once again arose into a powerful city once again based upon faith.

Mohammed declared Jerusalem the holiest of cities and site of his own version of Armageddon before he changed his mind and named Mecca and Medina as his one - two.

If we then travel eastwards in the wayback machine, Babylon was inhabited for thousands of years and Baghdad was the greatest city in the world until 1425 or so when Ghengiz Khan literally destroyed it brick by brick. This doesn't include Persepolis or any of the other Persian capitals.

It was the Mongol invasion, Tamerlane's even worse invasion, and then Ottoman decrepitude that dragged what was arguably the center of civilization down.

We Americans tend to think in weeks and months and decades while others think in centuries and millenia.

There can be every expectation that, if some new Saladin arises we may see a very different Ummah. Maybe not today or tomorrow. The conditions would seem to be ripening rapidly. And then the oil goes away or we pay another form of dhimmitude.

And our government has done its best to wee wee it all up. Barack Hussein Obama...mmm.mmm.mmm


What exactly promted this stupid law, more to the point, why did Rooney feel the need to propose it,


Naked cowboy?


OMG! Was is you on your horse, MarkO? (Well, I betcha you were a cute little guy on your pony. Better make sure what pictures grandmother had of you - just sayin')


Irony has a crunchy taste like peanut butter:



112th congress...


Narciso, the Fiskar problem has been solved:



My brother sent me an email link tonight that I thing everyone here will want to listen to (alas, it is 12 minutes long, so you might want to wait until a quiet time - like over morning coffee or something).

It is Ezra Levant talking about the Keystone Pipeline and the ramifications to us in the USA, but also how the Dems and environmentalists here are trying to stop Canada from shipping their natural resources somewhere else. It is infuriating and outrageous.

We have a volatile Southern border already. How soon before we can say the same about our Northern border under Obama?

Cecil Turner

That's why we want to give it to Israel.

[Referring to the GBU-57 penetrator.]

Can't be. They have nothing to deliver it with (a B-52 or B-1 could probably do it in a pinch, but the thing is designed for and really requires a B-2).

Besides, we already sold 'em a bunch of GBU-28s (a 2000 lb variant suitable for F-15E delivery) . . . which they can actually use. This report is awfully vague, and while there might be some kernel of truth, the headline is hard to credit.


I guess the lemming quotient is down a few;



They can take it in on a CH-53E, Cecil.



Hey narc, are you going to go see that John Carter flick?
If so hows about a review?


That's my horse, cc an Gram Kohl took the picture. And some others.


"an" = and

I'm sleepy.


Probably not, Ignatz, they same to have taken
all the good parts of Burrough's work, and second guessed their own fine judgement, lol,


Man, I was counting on you saving me a trip if it was a stinker, narc. :)


Here you go CC. A link to some beefcake; Brutus Beefcake to be precise. Enjoy.


This review is probably more charitable than I expected;



I can't figure out if they liked it of not;


Ralph L

Saw a bit of L O'Donnell's nasty show about "Game CHange". Nicole Wallace now says she didn't vote for McCain because of Palin. If there's justice in this world: "You'll never work in this town again!"

Knowing how the MSM edits, why didn't the McCain campaign have its own camera for Palin's interviews?


You answered your own question, Ralph,Schmidt
didn't one day 'realize that Obama's campaign
was akin to RFK's, (get the gagging sensation out of your mouth,) certainly after Lehman's collapse he gave up the ghost, although ultimately I blame McCain,


Daddy, late getting home from bridge, but here is the situation. The caucus night is in a week,on the 15th. That night, delegates will be chosen to go to the convention in June. Delegates will be chosen to support the majority in their precincts.

In 2010 Bennett lost in the convention so he was not on the ballot in November. Hatch is sending out a boatload of mailings about how fiscally responsible he is. Right! Lots of radio, too. The main opponent is Dan Liljanquist who is accused by Hatch of voting for "double dipping" in the Utah legislature.

FreedomWorks seems to be against Hatch, but is not for anyone in particular. There are also a lot of ads for Newt on the radio paid for by his PAC.

I am the precinct captain but to a really messed up bit of scheduling, the visiting nurses have their big Art&Soup fundraiser in SLC Tues-Thurs next week. I am committed to participate in that so can't go to the caucus. I have given them a piece of my mind.

I will try to keep you posted!

Minnesota invades Utah.

Whoa! Smarter, more savvy, and more knowledgeable than caro?

Cecil Turner

Smart enough to spell Orrin's name correctly?

Ralph Gizzip

So we're going to give Israel fembots? Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket.



Go to hell. You are a complete idiot.


What exactly promted this stupid law, more to the point, why did Rooney feel the need to propose it

Didn't it come out of the Giffords shooting?


For anyone wanting a longer overview of critical race theory and why an endorsement of bell is indeed very troubling--LUN.

Race permeates everything going on in education now so given the enforcement priorities and disgusting statements I have and that endorsement, it is hard to not see Obama as having a comparable mindset to Bell. Race is the filter through which everything is viewed.

I think Kagan, the Latina, and Ginsburg are largely in accord but with gender being the concept that makes all oppressive.

Good morning jane. I think I will stay on your good side.


Just read the late night comments. Daddy,you were asking about Utah. Apparently,Orrin Hatch was using Olympia Snowe as a campaign tactic. He is currently ranking member of Senate Finance,and he warned constituents that if he were to lose re-election,she would gain that position. I'm guessing her decision deprived him of that tactic! Morning all!

Captain Hate

Nicole Wallace now says she didn't vote for McCain because of Palin.

Wait a second; a senior adviser to McStain didn't vote for him in the campaign which she was involved in? I don't think I've ever been aware of a more blatant admission of backstabbing and lack of character. Who in their right mind would ever hire her?

Excessive guilt tripping is a sign of bad parenting, and bad governing.

rse, demagogues always use guilt, and create it when it isn't there naturally. See climate.

Captain Hate

Well Mr. Megan McArdle has learned nothing in the last four years,

For some reason (probably extreme lack of interest in this tripe) I was unaware that Hanks was one of the driving forces behind this waste of time. Mr Smith Goes Full Retard.


Wallace and Schmidt are awful. My goodness!

Captain Hate

Just another example of Dope and Deranged: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/03/mt-san-antonio-college-student-uses-school-internet-to-post-disgusting-anti-breitbart-comments/


I think this post is very true. Yes, Obama is a Marxist but the MSM has blunted America's ability to care.

" Andrew Breitbart got that the problem isn’t Obama. He’s a symptom. The problem is a media establishment that’s created a virtual Newspeak world. "


OT This is a funny commercial - DollarShaveClub.com

Your grandfather had one blade AND polio. Hah!


I don't think I've ever been aware of a more blatant admission of backstabbing and lack of character. Who in their right mind would ever hire her?

You know, we talk about executive experience as a prerequisite for the presidency. One of the most important jobs an executive has is to put the right people into the right jobs. If he or she does that well, managing them is a breeze, and success is a hell of a lot more likely than otherwise.

Look at who McCain put into important positions in his campaign, and just imagine who he'd have had in his administration, chosen as judges, etc.

Total, complete incompetence.


My thoughts exactly, Extraneus.


That was my thought too, Extraneus. That McCain would choose two such disgusting people as Wallace and Schmidt tells us a lot about HIM.

Melinda Romanoff


Who knew the race was about that?


I like John McCain for his personal history, his loyalty for the first 70 years of his life, but as a CEO, man what an incompetent. IF 'Bam is blown out in November, it may have been the least worst 4 years, because Mccain would have ruined for a generation the Conservative-Republican brand. Geez.


Well, this is interesting. Not a particular fan of John Ziegler, but apparently he was on my local talk radio (the Chris Daniel Show) and claiming that Breitbart told him Matt Drudge intentionally kept info about Obama muted or off of his page entirely in 2008.

I usually hear only the first 15 minutes of the show on my drive home from work each evening, so I completely missed hearing this interview.

What do you guys think, does it sound plausible?

Cecil Turner

I like John McCain for his personal history, his loyalty for the first 70 years of his life . . .

Even that's not all it's cracked up to be. Several of his contemporaries have no use for him (e.g., vocally deride him as a marginal POW who cooperated more than necessary and capitalized on his father's position). I'd be reluctant to cast a stone in that direction, but some of the guys who were there are not so reticent.

Captain Hate

NK, there's no doubt in my mind that McRINO would have been a disaster for the party and the country. There'd have been no Tea Party and a demoralized base watching as the old coot did a barely better job than BOzo, but still one that would just deferred his election for four years.

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