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March 19, 2012



It's also easy to offer something when you know the other side won't take it.


Yes, we really won a round here;



Perhaps it is time to stop electing lawyers. It is now the time to elect from the class of people that make real things. Lawyers make and participate in fights, not one thing more, otherwise they are unemployed.


"About 11 million people who would have had an offer of employment-based coverage under prior law will not have an offer under the ACA. ... Those workers and their families are more likely to be eligible for Medicaid, CHIP, or subsidies through the health insurance exchanges.


Another 3 million people who would have had employment-based insurance under prior law and will still have an offer of such coverage under the ACA will instead choose to obtain coverage from another source.


About 9 million people who would not have been covered by an employment-based plan under prior law will have that coverage under the ACA."

Is 9+3 more, or less than 11? You people are f'ing pathological.


Both Romney-Care and Obama-Care destroy the fundamental principles of the relationship between government and the citizen who delegated powers to it so we all can enjoy the blessings of liberty. Now government seals and completes its role as owner of not only everything we each have, but of all our future income and that of our heirs.

This is because by socializing a basic human activity, it forces us to depend upon on government for it, no matter how poorly government may perform the function or how much it will cost. To do so, it must intrude in every area of that function, and attempt to set prices, which it most certainly cannot do for long. It must also lay whatever claims it must to whatever assets and resources it must in order to redistribute them via its Leviathan-Care (tm) system. It makes me and all my future children and you and all your future children indentured servants.

This would be no less true than if government had socialized food production and distribution. In fact, there are rumblings that is next on the list of the Utopians.

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