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March 21, 2012



Bit of a bummer, but worth mentioning.

Today over here we were given an unexpected line check by an FAA Examiner. We did very well on the leg, and arranged it so that he could cab with us to the Hotel, then out on the town for dinner.

During the course of the evening at a Sports Pub the conversation turned to a possible suspension in some FAA Funding. My partner mentioned some of that, and asked for his ideas on possible reasons for it, to which he replied, that as far as he could tell, it had to be the Repub's in Congress acting racist in order to stymie black President Obama.

It was depressing to me to hear such idiocy from a supposedly educated individual. My partner brought up the failure of Congress to even pretend to pass a budget for the last 3 years, but the examiner had his mind made up that it was only the Repub's fault. He stated that in his opinion that in 2008 the Repub's had not being paying attention and were caught off guard and shocked to find a black elected as President, and that as a result, ever since they were trying to defeat this President simply and solely because of racism.

Very depressing and discouraging to me. The evident level of ignorance and vapid thought expressed by this man really was a bummer. Moronic. Imbecilic. Frighteningly shallow.

When he headed to the toilet my partner and I just shook our heads in amazement. Man, that was discouraging. Just thought I'd pass it on.


A thinkpiece on the GOP primary that is bylined "Berkeley"... I'm not usually picky about such things, but really...

As for Mittmentum, rest assured that it will have dissipated after Saturday, when the evangelicals come out for Santorum in Louisiana, and the actual dynamics of the race don't change one bit. Mitt will win, but it will be ugly. How bad it turns out to be for the GOP depends on whether the media's cheerful coverage of Santorum's unending social issue diversions can disrupt a core GOP message about the economy, Obama's failed energy agenda, debt and spending.

Fortunately, the media is back to ignoring Newt. Which, perhaps, keeps form the fun of watching Gingrich smash some cluelessness from a reporter, but also spares us from his bouts of off-message unpleasentness.


A keen grasp of the obvious, sort of;



didn't Romney shut the door on the prospect of Santorum on his tickes when he said that if he wanted a conservative running mate, that would exclude Santorum?


Moronic. Imbecilic. Frighteningly shallow.

Like most liberals, then.


Rimney? LOL

Danube of Thought

Minus 14 at Raz today.

Leads Romney by 4.


Maybe its appropriate during March Madness. Doesn't a rimmed shot have a faint ring to it?


sometimes I am so cynical that I think McCain wanted Obama to win, or wants Romney to lose.


ABO is still the best candidate -- Romney is the best ABO. A VP choice will be very important this year IMO. I'm still a Romney-Rubio or Romney-Jindal fan.

Steel cut, just right.

Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold. pease porridge in the pot, nine days old.


I will not vote for Jindal or Rubio, unless Natural Born gets defined at the federal level to include them.

"Bettina Viviano, Executive Producer of Adam Sandler's 'Jack and Jill' Movie: Bill Clinton Directly Told Me Obama Not Eligible to be President; 2008 and 2012 Election Fraud; Bill Ayers; Gloria Allred; Black Panthers; Acorn -"


She must be a nut like Arpaio.


TK, that is not surprising. The whole BC thing started during the primaries, that first lawyer who pursued it was a Democrat (who supported Hillary, I believe.)


It was Phil Berg, Chubby. A big time Clinton supporter.

Danube of Thought

TK, suppose you knew that your vote would determine the outcome of the election?

Daddy, the guy is an employee of a federal agency. What would you expect?

Old Lurker

Daddy, that baseline 42% will always feel that way.


I am hoping my vote does determine the outcome, DoT.

Danube of Thought

Phil Berg, now famous for having a series of cuckoo lawsuits thrown out of court.

I can't be sure whether the estimable Bettina Viviano is a nut like Arpaio, but here are some other items that are on her mind:

--She heard out of Bill Clinton’s own mouth that they KNEW Obama was not eligible, and,

--Bill Clinton shut up after his long time friend was murdered as he was about to go public.

--She was told by Democrat Operatives, that George Soros met with both Obama and Hillary to see if either would be willing to destroy the US economy.


the kind of folk that write this tripe, OL;


Danube of Thought

"I am hoping my vote does determine the outcome, DoT."

So that, by declining to vote for Rubio, you ensure Obama a second term.

That'll show 'em!


Daddy, could the FAA examiner's myopia, misplaced as it is, be residual feelings from Reagan's actions against the FAA tower union years ago?

As the Brits explain, once a git, always a git.


Jeb Bush endorses Romney. Rubio admits he's from Mars. One of those is true.


Well, daddy, I live in a place where almost everyone is on the federal rolls like the FAA examiner and they are vicious when anyone escapes the bubble.


((Jeb Bush endorses Romney))

perhaps thinking, as politicians are wont to do, that if a weak Republican candidate loses to Obama, all the better for his own aspirations come 2016 ...


Tough call, MarkO. Since Rubio won't admit anything ,other than he is eligible for the senate, I will have to go for option A.

DoT, by declining to vote for Rubio, based off of Rubio not taking a stand on his own eligibility, Rubio is ensuring another term of Obama.


Stopping Mittmentum:

Anyone think any of this will be any thing but $42 million dollars worth of Vote Obama propaganda.


Captain Hate

Jeb Bush might be a nice guy and I might like him, but I've maxed out on Bushes in the White House.


TK, if Rubio were to accept the VP nomination, wouldn't that be taking a stand on his eligibility?


It seems stupid, but there is always a payoff involved;


Danube of Thought

DoT, by declining to vote for Rubio, based off of Rubio not taking a stand on his own eligibility, Rubio is ensuring another term of Obama.

Obviously if he accepts the nomination he does so in the belief that he is eligible.

Did Bill Clinton know something no one else knows? Was he perhaps trying to damage the Obama candidacy without having any special knowledge? If he had special knowledge, why did he not disclose it?

Danube of Thought

A few tidbits from Wiki about Phil Berg, Esq.:

In 2001 he demanded the disbarment of U.S. Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas due to their participation in the case Bush v. Gore. In 2004, Berg filed a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuit on behalf of a World Trade Center maintenance worker against President George W. Bush and others alleging that the Bush and certain government officials conspired to bring about the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. The federal district court dismissed the suit. He challenged President George W. Bush on his right to conduct a war against terror and another against Saddam Hussein without a congressional authorization.

A rare double: both a birther and a truther.

Captain Hate

I can't think of any situation where I'd trust the word of Slick.


Mitt Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom on Wednesday said the general election would practically be a blank slate for Romney.

"It's almost like an Etch A Sketch — you shake it all up and start over again," he told CNN of the general election.



What exactly were you expecting Neo? Isn't Romney himself very much like an Etch-A-Sketch? Why wouldn't his general election campaign follow the model he himself follows?


Neo, for the electorate, history seems to begin at dawn so I guess it is like an Etch-A-Sketch.

Rick Ballard

"Why wouldn't his general election campaign follow the model he himself follows?"


Governor Romney will never deviate from the values embodied in his core anemometer. Relax and celebrate the fact that Mittmentum is growing like Mittmold on cold Mittmush in Blue Hells which he has no chance of carrying in the general. It's a real (yawn) thrill.


Good point on him accepting the nomination. Hmmm.


LOL, Rick. The yawn, I also share.

bio mom


2008 Republican primary turnout: 895,247
2012 Republican primary turnout: 921,765

The "low turnout" meme is because the Dems didn't turn out (no presidential primary) and that depressed the total.
Whether you like Romney or not I think this should be publicized to keep the MSM from using the meme to depress the Republican voters.


Mitt Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom on Wednesday said the general election would practically be a blank slate for Romney.

What does that mean?


Jane, I think he means it will be like hitting a "reset" button, or in other words, it's a whole new ballgame.


It probably will be. Hopefully people will project what they want to see on him, like they did Bambi. But given the media, I doubt it.


When I voted yesterday (Illinois) the first race on the ballot was Romny/Santorum/Paul/Newt -- ok. Then the next two races had 12 convention delegates and 12 alternates, with the instructions "vote for 3". Each of the delegates had a candidate's name in parenthesis that they were supporting. So I voted for Mitt, and then in each of the delegate races I voted for 2 Mitt delegates and 1 Newt delegate.

So how badly did I screw up the electoral process? Isn't the first race just a "beauty contest" and the delegate vote was where the real action is? (Yes, I briefly considered voting for Ron and then all the Romny delegates just because I'm ornry that way...)


Yes, cathy, the delegates are what matter, but you're a rebel that way.


bio mom, thank you for refuting the "low turnout" meme.

So frustrating to see this "fact" being repeated (even by those who should know better, like TM and Instapundit). It's FALSE. Look at the numbers. The Republican 2012 IL turnout was greater than it was in 2008. The low 2012 turnout was for the *Dems*.

Amazing how a falsehood can take hold when it accords with certain people's preconceptions (or wishes). But it suits some people to push the "low turnout" meme, even if it's false. (Of course that's not the case for TK or Instapundit; but they unfortunately just trusted what they read somewhere-- conflating GOP/ Dem turnout numbers-- without looking at the numbers themselves.)

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