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March 08, 2012



Yes, it does. That they haven't been so charged proves what Horowitz has consistently argued--it's designed solely to punish white people.

The worst part of the story is that the teachers seem to have provoked this.


I am glad that Obama is our President and has done such a great job of healing our racial divisions and bringing us all together.

Rob Crawford

"The Teacher Is Like the Candle, Which Lights Others, While Consuming Itself."

Isn't there a quote (Jefferson?) about how the light of knowledge, shared, doesn't darken the sharer's life?

These "people" are doing it wrong.


Huh?? I never heard about this! It must have happened sometime between Jan. 2001 and Jan. 2009. There's no way on Gaia's green earth that it could have occurred in the past three years or so!

Jack is Back!

Like I posted on the other thread, she is a Derrick Bell acolyte.

Yes there is still racism in America but unfortunately the shoe is now on the other foot.

Melinda Romanoff

Hi, Rob!

Jack is Back!

Hey, Rob Crawford - Welcome back!

Bearcats beat G'Town in 2OT.


Derrick Bell video: "Harvard gives white boys tenure"http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/03/08/Obama%20Professor%20Derrick%20Bell%20They%20Give%20White%20Boys%20Tenure


Narciso's link from the previous thread:



"Black people will never gain full equality in this country. Even those Herculean efforts we hail as successful will produce no more than temporary peaks of progress, short-lived victories that slide into irrelevance as racial patterns adapt in ways that maintain white dominance. This is a hard-to-accept fact that all history verifies. We must acknowledge it, not as a sign of submission, but as an act of ultimate defiance."

“That, if I had to put down my whole thirty five years working in this [field] is [my view] reflected… If you read nothing else, I think that reflects my experience.”


No wonder Obama knew the Police acted stupidly when they arrested the black Harvard Professor.

After studying under Derrick Bell, no other conclusion could possibly be drawn, regardless of the facts.

Jack is Back!

They will get full equality when everything is free and when they go to that place in Detroit there is actually real honest to God $3,000 waiting for them, no questions asked. Now that is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


I thought Obama taught constitutional law at Chicago? That was the narrative.

Now it seems to be he's a professional race pimp. I hate Illinois race pimps.

Talk radio out here sez that Der Fuehrer has $1 Billion in his kitty and that an extended primary and uncertain convention might actually help the repubs as it would shorten the amount of time he would have to fix, frame, and f*ck his target.

Of course if it goes all the way to a California primary there isn't going to be as much money around, even for Romney. A CA primary is also now complicated by our wonderful open primary rule foisted upon us as that Austrian ass skipped out the door.

Jack, they say that of some many millions of dollars in clothing allowances in Motor City, two people were actually clothed. I would say that sumbody got their government cheese.

The corruption of this crowd is legendary. Clarice, we need to start a tar & feather fund.

Danube of Thought

"if I had to put down my whole thirty five years working in this [field]"

What, pray tell, might that "field" be?

Danube of Thought

"Now that is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Not quite. Not until every American gets a BarcaLounger at taxpayer expense.

Danube of Thought

I've read and heard that Obama has nowhere near that $1 Billion. In fact, I think the campaign is now denying ever having mentioned that number.

Jack is Back!


Oh, they'll get to a billion. The DoJ pursuit is a shot across the bow to all corporations. Let loose the checkbooks or else.

Jack is Back!

::pursuit of Apple:: grrrrrr


That'd be the white man's field, DoT.

Hoe Derrick Hoe


Verify The Recall (LUN) is trying to raise $4500 to increase speed and capacity of the online searchable database. From an email I just received:

"Literally hundreds of thousands of unique visitors have visited the site since we launched the program yesterday at 5:00 PM. In fact, in the first 30 minutes after we launched the site, iVTR received over 50,000 unique hits."

Their operating budget since December 2011 has been just $5K.

I just donated. If you're interested, the donation page is LUN. (They take major credit cards or paypal)


"if I had to put down my whole thirty five years

Dont trouble yourself Derrick, I will put down your whole thirty five years working for you. Grievance merchants R Us.




I give Greta very high marks for this (from Gretawire - her blog):

Another pig….and a media association has hired the pig, Louis C.K., to be their headliner for the big media dinner? Really? I am not going. I refuse to go. Everyone in the media should join me in this boycott.

The headliner of this year’s Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner is “comedian” Louis C.K. Comedian? I don’t think so. Pig? yes.

She continues on to directly quote the filth he spews (carefully leaving out vowels, of course), before ending her blog by asking others in the media to join her in the boycott.

Go Greta!!!

And, speaking of bravery - MayBee commenting over at Patterico pointed out the bravery it takes for the Breitbart crew to go on shows like CNN with Soledad O'Bias and fight the good fight against the MFM. I couldn't agree with her more.


Here is centralcal's Gretawire link.

Amen cc...Go Greta!!!

Danube of Thought


The Massachusetts recovery advanced at a far slower pace last year than first thought, with the economy creating just a fraction of the number of jobs initially reported, according to revised data released Thursday by the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. Employment grew by just over 9,000 jobs in 2011, compared with initial estimates of nearly 41,000, according to the new data. The US Department of Labor revises state employment data annually based on additional information that becomes available over the course of the year. The data could be further revised next year.

Excellent comments by Rob Crawford at this Instalanched good story just posted by Chaco over at PJ Media.

If the Bell Tape is "Nothing" Why is the Media Pushing Back So Hard?


Interesting I didn't know that Reagan had racked up more votes in '76.



Derrick Bell confirmed as a staunch Calypso Louie Farakhan supporter. Nation of Islam is racist to the core. How many "blue eyed white devil" speech has the cad delivered?


Like they say, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya'




I like the suggestion in the comments for coining a new term: "Fluked."

It's when a company or person (in this case Sleep Train) pulls support from somebody (in this case Limbaugh) then tries to creep back onboard after the repercussions of pulling their support manifest themselves in loss of business and public anger, but now the guy you dumped on won't take you back. You're "Fluked".


You're "Fluked".

Well, technically, they "Fluked" themselves.


Like Skip when the whale swallowed his watch.


Haven't we all dreamed of being in Limbaugh's position--free to refuse to take back the support of someone who so foully betrayed us?


Hate crimes are designed to prejudice juries against defendants. It's a way of getting around the presumed innocent until proven guilty thing.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Charging a hate crime is unnecessary IMO. Criminal assault with intent to maim should be a sufficient charge.


This is not unlike what happened in an incident down here, with a student who was viciously burned, over some ridiculous thing,
they were given about a dozen years each.


((Haven't we all dreamed of being in Limbaugh's position--free to refuse to take back the support of someone who so foully betrayed us?))

most of us have been in the sponsor's position though: a rash and hasty irreverible mistake and/or uninformed bad decision that ends up costing us plenty and that we forever regret.


Brings a whole new meaning to the apothegm, "you snooze, you lose", huh?

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