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March 14, 2012



I didn't even know this was a question/problem, but don't tell Threadkiller:

Rick Santorum Still Refusing to Provide Copies of Naturalization Papers Proving His Father was a U.S. Citizen When Rick was Born


The Canonization of Sister Patricia.


Frogs... New York...

Seen it!



Daddy, they said they weren't going to give ANY to their husbands/boyfriends. They didn't say that they weren't going be LIBERAL LADIES who MUNCH.




Since I try to avoid porn, I could care less about this too, however, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want Santorum deciding what is obscene or not and when it is pay-per-view, it seems a pretty private matter.

Santorum says in a statement posted to his website, “The Obama Administration has turned a blind eye to those who wish to preserve our culture from the scourge of pornography and has refused to enforce obscenity laws.”

If elected, he promises to “vigorously” enforce laws that “prohibit distribution of hardcore (obscene) pornography on the Internet, on cable/satellite TV, on hotel/motel TV, in retail shops and through the mail or by common carrier.”

Although the idea of Santorum vanquishing Internet pornography may seem far-fetched, a serious effort to combat online smut might actually be successful, UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh told The Daily Caller.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/14/vigorous-santorum-crackdown-may-catch-internet-porn-viewers-with-pants-down/#ixzz1p9p1JA1V


Those lefty wymmins have been having vagina monologues for years now. Have they opened a dialogue to find out if their vajay jays are on board with this plan?


Sara, The Obama admin thinks this type of WEB BLOG is PORN.
You had better believe that "THE ADMINISTRATION" BIG SIS et al, are quite aware of this SITE.

I am not kidding.



I just find it comical that because women can't control themselves sexually that we have to pay for their free contraceptives, but since we won't pay for their free contraceptives they will now control themselves sexually. Ha!

The logic of the Left.


Sara, I don't remember Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama providing birth certificates for either of his MIX and MATCH Daddies.


The old adage comes true, daddy.

"Put out or shut out"

Or something like that.


Daddy, they are able to CHOOOOOOSE whether to rut or whether NOT to RUT.
PRO-CHOICE so to speak. And if you think about it, their CHOOOOOSING NOT to have sex with their MALE PARTNER is denying that male partner his RIGHT to unfetttttered sex.



TK and Daddy. Imagine we had the POWER to say. Give me a FREE Big screen TV or I'm not going to have sex with my Wife/Girlfriend for a week!!!

It's hysterical.


Even more hysterical--give us free contraceptives or we won't sleep with anyone (and therefore won't need them).
Brilliant strategy.


Clarice BINGO. And even better.

Oh the HUMANITY, think of all the UNWANTED CHILDREN that Rush Limbaugh has created!!!


Sara, I don't remember Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama providing birth certificates for either of his MIX and MATCH Daddies.

Why would he? Was there some question as to where they were born?


More on those evil, greedy, uncaring 1 Percenters:

Former Charlie Rose intern sues for pay

"A former college intern for PBS interviewer Charlie Rose...sued the hightone chatterbox on Wednesday, claiming she worked like a dog, but got stiffed on the pay."

"State law prohibits unpaid interns unless they are being trained and not performing in place of paid employees...She says that Rose had at least 10 interns doing his bidding at the Lexington Avenue studio while she worked on the show, which is why her lawyers are seeking class action status."

"Rose and his production company did not immediately respond to a request for comment."


Oh My:


I'll bet Romney is really pleased right now.

Will Trump get asked about this?


Sara, NO, there was no question. Soetoro and Obama were both NOT BORN in the U.S.

Why is Santorums Fathers CITIZEN STATUS relevant if OPIES 2 DADDIES.....known NON-CITIZEN status/stati were not??


Why is Santorums Fathers CITIZEN STATUS relevant if OPIES 2 DADDIES.....known NON-CITIZEN status/stati were not??

Ask TK, he is the expert. I just post the links. And if you read what I wrote, I said I wasn't aware it was a problem or a question.


Got some time,Gus?


Fill me in TK.



I saw earlier you had mentioned the Wyoming Eagle kill from Rush's Show.

Early today I linked a story in Nature which said that a finding had occurred which determined that the California Conservation Group which eradicated the rats in Alaska and killed 46 Bald Eagles, had violated EPA regs and grossly over poisoned the rats.

Flaws in Alaskan island rat-eradication project laid bare

"The key finding is that Island Conservation, the group based in Santa Cruz, California, that led the operation, applied poison in excess of that recommended by an advisory panel and probably above the legal limit approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)."

Reading the story it shows they were very excessive in their application of poison above the EPA's recommendation.

Just thought I'd post that again with the comment that that investigation sure didn't get any press, and as far as I can tell, any consequences.

According to the Washington Post, the Obama White House invited 362 people to its state dinner for the United Kingdom. One familiar face will be gracing the red carpet: Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast.

A self-proclaimed expert on a woman's womb.


This is the most exhaustive research on the subject,Gus:


Going to bed. I will answer questions in the AM.



"San Diego is the next Wisconsin."
I recommend the HJTA.ORG website to all Californians. (But also interested in resources others may suggest).
Here are their comments on the San Diego issue (LUN)


Hard to tell from this LA Times story but I think Governor Moonbeam, under pressure from a Teachers Union, decided today to raise California Taxes even more than expected.

What a clever, original idea.

The States 30 Billion in debt, and IIRC he's losing @50 businesses from the State a week, so he's decided to tax the productive even more. Brilliant.




Crossing fingers that I've got this right:


You glow in our midst!


Jane is usually right!
Happy Birthday, Porchlight!
Jim,MtView,Ca thanks for that 01:52 link.

hit and run

saying that it was the Malaysian Flag that Obama's face had been affixed to

It's the flag of Malaiseia


This is good -


Happy Birthday, Porchlight!!!! You're a blessing to this JOM group.


Happy Birthday, Porch!


HB Porchlight! Blago signs in to Club Fed today ... a nice B-Day present for you.

Jack is Back!

Happy Birthday to you, Porchlight. And thanks for the intro to young Master Porch for Evernote. Good find.

Obama fills out his March Madness brackets.

President Barack Obama makes his picks for the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Obama's Final Four picks are nearly all schools in swing states.


HB Porch!


Hey!! what's up with my avatar color? orange?


And how many pics has he been right on before, and how many did he just jinx, chocolate rations up to 5 grams, Happy birthday, Porch.


Good article today by George Weigel in NRO on the parallels between the Bishops reaction in Poland under the communists and the Bishops reaction today under the communists Democrats:


And they are most definitely not backing down, told ya!


Henry/Gus & any other Badger Staters- your local boy made good Paul Ryan releases his budget plan next week. Hapless Harry Reid has already started the Legacy Media Meme -- Evil repubs Changing August 2011 deal. BULLSPIT-- the deal was MAX spending, the Hose can budget below that. Of Course Hapless Harry has already told America NO BUDGET for you, because for the 4th year running, the Senate will NOT pass a budget. Amazing. Ryan will do a huge favor for the ABO forces by contrasting conservative sanity with 'Bam's national bankruptcy. Thank you Wisconsin.

BenF-- BTW 'Bam would kill-- yes literally kill --for national 6.9% unemployment that applies in Wisc. Wisconsin is wonderfully positioned-- no tax increases coming, local tax relief in the form of government worker union reform, Illinois destroying itself with tax increases and corruption, and through 2014 a weak Dollar helping with canada trade. The Badger state is doing well -- 'Bam can kiss those electoral votes goodbye.


BenF-- speaking of State economic performance; the Golden State-- Ugh. The tax base is evaporating-- no surprise to any clear headed person (like many at JOM) who has warned about Calif anti-business over regulation and highest taxes in the nation. Per the California Treasurer-- enjoy:



NK, Avatar colors change with your email address. Number of characters & capitalization or not change the color.


Thanks, Janet. Always wondered what set the avatars.


H.B., Porchlight!! Many, many more happy and healthy ones.


We now have recall dates set. May 8 primary and June 5 for the recall. There will be primaries for Walker and Sen Wanggaard, the others are expected to set up place holder challengers to force primaries in all the recall races so the Dem Gov recall primary doesn't cause a turnout imbalance for various Senators.

Jim Ryan

Happy Birthday, Porchlight!


Malaria making a comeback in Greece. Noticed a few days ago there was an article on American Idol raising money for Malaria No More.

Perhaps some environmentalists could be asked about the DDT ban & how that worked out for millions in Africa & around the world.
Here is a 2004 article by Walter E. Williams - Wrongful Ban on DDT Costs Lives.


Happy Birthday Porchlight. May you have a wonderful day and year ahead.


Henry-- thanks for the update. What do the tea leaves tell you?


Thanks, everyone! I appreciate it. This place is terrific.


Over & over again the left just destroys good things & creates crisis, & then screams about how bad life has gotten.
Families, schools, energy production, wonderful products,... :(


A little bird tells me that the Dems killing an iron mine last week PO'd the private sector unions and that might doom the Dems across the board. Plus the Madison, Racine, and Kenosha teachers unions sent a letter to the Milwaukee Teachers Union telling them not to reopen their contract and save teacher jobs "because it would give Walker a win". The (out of state) public union man behind the screen is now fully exposed.


Iowahawk on FB - "Liberal women going on a sex strike is like White Castle closing down. Hardest hit: desperate drunks without standards." Sex Strike.

Jack is Back!


Missing in the March 6 article at American Thinker by Frank Burke was the number of construction jobs. To build a taconite pellet plant that sized you are talking 1,000 to 1,500 building trade jobs at peak. Add the Building Trades to the pee'd off private sector unions. This is the dichotomy of union activism in Wisconsin - how does Trumka reconcile this opposition to the Building Trades? He doesn't and can't.

Expect that there is going to be some contributions to the Walker side of things from the Building Trades.


Phew - Hit got it right! So you are an ides of March baby Porch. That's pretty cool!


Happy Birthday Porch!


--Why are both of you trying to make me into some kind of bigot?--

I wasn't, Sara. I simply said you mischaracterized what Santorum said and that what he said was compatible with orthodox Catholic doctrine.
I suspect you mischaracterized it because you didn't exactly understand or consider what he was saying not because you were intentionally mischaracterizing it.
However you might receive the benefit of the doubt more by not prefacing your opinion about what he said by calling him little Ricky.


Happy birthday, Porchlight!


A little late but; Catamount is a ski area in the Catskills and the name a famous XC ski trail in Vermont.

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