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March 03, 2012


Ralph L

I lost my collection of Wimsey short stories--much better than her novels, which were over-complicated and often long winded. Who was your favorite, Porch?


--What am I missing?--

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend a solitary afternoon.


And,Rocco,thanks. It was a labor of love.

clarice feldman

Caro, Sturbridge looks so sweet a place.


Getting back to Rush, the liver Fluke and the prostitution angle, can someone explain to me the difference of a man in, say, Nevada where it's legal, demanding his health insurance pay for prostitutes at state regulated brothels and Ms. Fluke's demand that she be provided free birth control?

clarice feldman

Just reading about new discoveries about dark matter. It appears with age the mass is getting increasingly lumpy. Tell me about it.

Danube of Thought

I think I was first served Tito's at the Vile Banshee's service back in PA last summer, but I think I first heard of it from someone here. I like it, but I'm just in the habit of Stoli and Grey Goose.

Daddy, I take my BP every morning, and have been on meds for 25-30 tears. If those numbers you're quoting are for real, I think you need to see the doc in the a.m.

'Heels were most impressive tonight. Wildcats remain my wire-to-wire pick to click.


OT but with this Wodehouse talk, I'm giving in to my compulsion to recommend Jerome K Jerome's "Three Men in a Boat". Also free on Amazon for Kindle. I laugh out loud every time I read it.


How do they measure that though, if it weas really dense, light would take longer to traverse distance;



Still playing catch-up

Hi Laura. Please do link to your Wodehouse bio.

Hi Not Sara, glad to have you around.

Thanks so much Marlene for the Maineline!

"It seems you have accepted AliceH"---Thank you for helping me get over my stage fright!"


That last reminds me of a great funny little aside I think in War and Peace. It's where a younger guy who is starting to hang out at the Moscow Old Boy's Club walks in and sees the crusty old Butler, and in the process of taking off his overcoat and top-hat and setting aside his walking stick he asks somewhat snarkily, something like "Any of the Old fart's around?"

To which the Butler replies, "You're the first."

Not a lot of Wodehouse style yucks from Leo Tolstoy, but that one he told brilliantly and I loved it. Welcome aboard.


Ralph L, firstborn is named Harriet after Harriet Vane. She's 8 now. I must admit I find Strong Poison, Gaudy Night and Busman's Honeymoon to be absolutely perfect - but the short stories are great, too. When I was last in London I sought out Mecklenburgh Square (near our usual hotel in Bloomsbury) to pay my regards.

clarice feldman

I don't understand stellar dark matter, narciso. But I do have some notions of it in group interactions--there's craziness (dark matter) in each of us and in group settings it sometimes rises to an intolerable pitch and has to be contained and removed.


Speaking of Laurie, he actually wrote a novel,
'the Gun Dealer' which is kind of a picaresque
tale, of a former British soldier who gets into all sorts of trouble, I usually read it, with the voice he used in Blackadder in my head,


Yes, that's as good an explanation as anything else, of course, the solution could
be just as strange, as that posited in Futurama,



The wolverine would love Old Sturbridge Village.


Thanks, daddy.


clarice-one of the fascinating aspects, and haunting, of what I have been working on is reading about the cultivation of the herd instinct.

Create the darkness and then leverage. With OPM.

That's a scary vision.


there can be no liberty, rse, when the world
is consistently 'nasty, brutish, and short,'
then, only Thrasymichus's 'rule by the strong'
determines all,


Jane, one of my old high school classmates works at Old Sturbridge. He was sort of a rocker/band guy in h.s. - you would never expect it.

Incidentally it looks like I'll be in CT in October for my h.s. reunion. Some Boston friends really want me to come up and visit. Maybe a JOM meetup is in order!


Oh for sure Porch. And I am right between Ct and Boston. You have to stay here. That way we get the Boston crowd, and Boatbuilder and other CTers too.

Captain Hate

Wildcats remain my wire-to-wire pick to click.

If the NCAA swells had to present the championship trophy to Calipari, knowing full well they'd have to vacate it in a few years, they would look like somebody had just unloaded the most odorous fart in the history of mankind.


Might just happen, Jane. One of my h.s. gal pals/partners in crime is the SIL of the friend who works at Old Sturbridge, so she'd probably enjoy visiting the area. She's a super lib living in CA, though, so we'll need to get rid of her for the meetup. ;)


Whats the matter with Kansas?

Nothing, if you're looking at their cheerleaders on the sidelines in tonights drubbing of Texas. Hubba hubba.


Am currently back in the 130's/80's which is my normal territory. Seems to get lower every time I watch tonight's replay on ESPN.

Ben Franklin

" I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices."

Hmmm. I wonder what principled broadcaster had his financial ass handed to him?


Oh please. Is anyone more clueless than you Ben? No wonder you are a moonbat.

Captain Hate

I have my issues with Rush but lowballing his net worth and future earning power isn't one of them.


A Voting Fraud update Narciso will enjoy:

Hackers Elect Futurama’s Bender to the Washington DC School Board


LOL, daddy, I don't think they would notice an appreciable difference, however,


I read JOM every day. It gives me great joy and comfort that there are people out there I not only identify with, but also learn from. If I was ever stranded on a desert island, I would pick each one of you to share the shade from my palm tree (well probably not Dana (BF)!


The interesting thing, it's stupid to give the game away like that,


Mind you supporting someone who threatened to burn down a studio, if he didn't get his way, that's business savvy at it's best.

A Casual Observation

Daddy, I have been on meds for 25-30 years.

By: Danube of Thought | March 03, 2012 at 10:35 PM

I rest my case. I have nothing to add to that.


You know his Darwin bio was very informative, but he's been a jerk for a long time since then;



Cindy, What a lovely thing to say. If we lose this election we will indeed be on that island, so it's a good thing you delurked.


Hi CindyK,

What a nice birthday present having so many new folks popping up on Jane's Birthday thread.

"LOL, daddy, I don't think they would notice an appreciable difference, however,"

Narciso, a lot of truth in that quip.

Now what famous DC Mayor does Leela's description of Bender sound like? "He's an "alcoholic, whore-mongering, chain-smoking gambler".

Here's a hint: "Bitch set me up!"

BTW, did Marion Barry ever apologize for using such language to describe a Washington woman? I can't recall but he probably did, else he wouldn't have been re-elected as Mayor after his Prison Term, and later, after being busted for crack cocaine, getting elected to the DC City Council.

Thank goodness he didn't call her a "slut."


Hi Jane,

Burning the midnight Birthday Oil I see.

Just took the 3 dogs out. It is blizzarding like crazy up here tonight.

Dogs were yapping like crazy at the big snow removal dozer-trucks running thru the neighborhood, so I had to have them on leashes.

I have to do 1 more walk in a couple hours before bedtime. Thank it's time for that beer.


How about that.

Just clicked on a Weather update 3 minutes after posting the above and now we only need 9 more inches of snow to break the city's all time snowfall record.


Holy Cow Daddy, how do you do it?

No midnite oil here. This is my ~ you drink 3 martinis you wake up in the middle of the night ~ penance .


There is no doubt in my little mind that Dorothy Sayer's Nine Taylors is one of her better books.

Hi, Porch :-) Although the others you mention are pretty great also. And I do have the Wimsey short stories book in my library....

And when I feel down in the dumps, Wodehouse always cheers me up.


Hi glasater,

I find that when I'm mentally tired but need to stay awake, that Jeeves and Bertie are the perfect read to suddenly perk me up and get me laughing.


The Maine family that pays Bail together, goes to Jail together:)



Was able to find DLG and Wodehouse.

DLG I see stands for The Dictionary of Literary Biography.

I'm sure you're the person I ought to be asking questions of about Ms Austen, but I thought I'd mention that when I read the young Charles Darwin's letters written home to his family while on his famous voyage, 1831-1836, he would sometimes describe the character of a person to his sisters by comparing then to some character from Jane Austen novels. I always thought that wonderful, but I suppose that was probably a common occurrence back in those days.

Gad. You must go crazy seeing the punctuation at this joint! G'nite.

clarice feldman

It's worse than that, narciso. Carbonite continues to support Ed Schultz after he called Laura Ingraham a slut. Legal insurrection links to Carbonite's facebook page in case you care to tell Carbonite what you think of their double standard.


Wow, almost missed the Jane thread. Happy birthday again Jane, so it's not belated.
Welcome to everyone new who has came along.


Happy Birthday, Jane!!!


There is no doubt in my little mind that Dorothy Sayer's Nine Taylors is one of her better books.

So true glasater! Shouldn't have left that one out. It gets better every time I read it.


Carbonite continues to support Ed Schultz after he called Laura Ingraham a slut.

Not a defense of Carbonite, just an explanation: I suspect they respond to pressure, and the left, having nothing better to do with their time, went on a big PR campaign with the advertisers, while the right's response to Schultz was, "Ed who?"


Plus Nine Tailors shows off Sayers college education in religion and education of the middle ages.


rse: "the cultivation of the herd instinct. ... Create the darkness and then leverage."

rse, that is succinct and important.

Army of Davids

Happy birthday Jane

and many more.


Seems I missed the party:(

Happy Birthday Jane!


Happy Birthday Jane! We love you!

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