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March 29, 2012



"House Chamber, Washington, D.C

March 28, 2012

I thank the gentleman (Mr. Ryan) for yielding and I thank him for his vision and courage. It has truly been an honor to serve on this committee under his leadership.

Mr. Chairman, a year ago, the House passed a budget that would have put our nation back on the path to fiscal solvency and ultimately paid off the entire national debt. It would have saved Medicare and Medicaid from collapse and put them back on a solid and secure foundation. According to Standard and Poor’s, it would have preserved the triple-A credit rating of the United States Government.

That plan was killed in the Senate, which has not passed a budget in three years. The Senate Majority Leader complained that it threatened the Cowboy Poetry Festival in Elko, Nevada. An allied group ran a smear campaign, depicting Congressman Ryan as a monster willing to throw his own grandmother off a cliff.

Sadly, that’s what passes for reasoned discourse on the Left.

The result is that today, our country is another year older and more than a trillion dollars deeper in debt. We have lost our Triple-A credit rating. We have watched our nation’s debt exceed our entire economy, putting us in the same league as the worst-run European governments.

Mr. Chairman, this is not a perfect budget. No budget ever is. But it will save our country from the calamity now destroying Greece. That should be reason for a resounding and (dare I hope) bi-partisan vote.

A year ago, a panel of experts from Left to Right warned us that we were then, at best, five years from a sovereign debt crisis. I wonder, how many more years we’ve got? I wonder how many more chances will we have to set things right before events overtake us and we enter the inexorable downward spiral of bankrupt nations?

Let’s not find out the answer to that question. Let us redeem our nation’s finances and restore our nation’s freedom while there is still time. That is our generation’s responsibility and our generation’s destiny."



Is that story true, fdcol63? Wow...I hope it isn't.


Janet, they cited specific examples in multiple states.

I think it's an obvious effort to indoctrinate and scare.


Head cold knocking me out early. I hope something gets solved tonight.



TK, get well. I'm headed that way, too.


At had a blog on it--in a school reported on parents weren't even told their kids would be taken away on this "drill".


Ted Stevens Update:

Just clicked on the hometown ADN website and see this story:

Mistakes in Stevens case called isolated.

The DOJ doesn't think a Bill being pushed by Lisa Murkowski is necessary to prevent future run amuck Ted Stevens style prosecutions, but as I read it, Special prosecutor Henry Schuelke agrees with Lisa that there is a need for a new Bill:

"(Schuelke) suggested to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the Justice Department's response has been impressive but falls short."

"If the department believes there should be no pretrial materiality standard, because that is what they are telling their prosecutors, then what is the principled reason for opposing legislation that does just that," Schuelke told the judiciary committee.

Here's some of the lines I found worth posting:

---"The Stevens case was deeply flawed. But it does not represent the work of federal prosecutors around the country who work for justice every day," the Justice Department said...it does not suggest a systemic problem..."

---"Schuelke told the Senate Judiciary Committee he believes prosecutors withheld evidence in the case just because they wanted to win."


If Schuelke thinks a lot of prosecutors don't just want to win, he misreads human nature.
DOJ and each of its litigating branches, should have an independent lawyer available to review evidence pre--trial and advise on discovery. It is not sensible to leave those decisions ad hoc to the lawyers trying the cases.


Ranger@835. IF the:DA had that information the night of the shooting, they were right to not charge GZ. But the question now is what happens at the grand jury. 25 years ago NY state's chief judge said a DA can indict a ham sandwich-- the standard of probable cause is that low. I m not optimistic GZ can avoid indictment.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

In another Macsmind post, he claims an inside source at the Sanford Police Dept. and that Martin had neither Skittles or an ice tea on him, which may explain why there was no video from 7-11. He also says that Trayvon weighed in at 180 lb.


WEll it's interesting about Schuelke's record, does he really think we are this stupid;



Ig-- repeating myself i don t think GZ can avoid indictment. But that only adds to the insanity, because proving no reasonable doubt at trial will be almost impossible. What does the State do, use every trick to try to get a conviction or mail it in an let the jury acquit. Plus the indictment only gives the race hustlers a stage for their sick show. This is a disaster all way round.


I think Mac really does have connections with law enforcement in Southern Fla.


Almost escaped, but something on Gretta caught my attention.

Evidence, evidence, evidence. Bring out the evidence! Cops screwed up. Prosecutors screwed up. Everybody screwed up so badly we need review from a higher authority! We need to find out how this happened so it never happens again!!!

Unless you are Brian Terry. Then it is ok to withhold everything.

I await a congressman to wear BP issue gear on the house floor.



I'm somewhat amused that Gawker would complain about hacked emails, as they were
the beneficiaries of Kernell's hack of Sarah's,


Good point, narciso.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Check out these hoodies Vanderleun found by the NRA. They have their own concealed carry pocket.


"Given what we know which is no doubt very incomplete his indictment at this point would be almost purely political."

Scooter libby, ted stevens? There weren't even mobs after them.


Skittles is a street term for MDMA or Ecstacy.


Frau Shikse

(I'll never get this thread read)

Kerry (Conehead-South France) has had his memory seared, seared once too often. Even Tay-ray-sa's gin-soaked raisins cannot help.

TK, watch out mentioning "dual citizenship." You've been warned.


What was it Delmore Schwartz said;



About what I suspected earlier;


Frau Shikse

I believe we are witnessing the emergence of a dual justice system: "judicial debt" which is a companion to "educational debt."

George Zimmerman has now been called a "white Hispanic" by Cal Thomas and others of the media. Does that mean I should call Obama a "white black"? If not, why not? Does it matter which parent is which? Will the various style books offer an update to cover this change in usage?

Who is qualified to strip Jorge Zimmerman of his Hispanic-dom? Will Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters then excommunicate him from the Democrat party as well? Perhaps it can be done by the Sanchez sisters and make it a package deal taking his Hispanic-dom and Democrat party membership in one grand expulsion.


Dan Rather Asks Rachel Maddow: Do You Know Any Woman, of Any Race, Creed, or Religion, Who Doesn't Use Some Form of Birth Control?


Jane (Bad says Obama sucks)

Lol Ex!


JiB, if you think the Fascists are now in control of our schools, read this and have your suspicions verified:


The brainwashing here is scary and disgusting.


Ext., Do you suppose Biden is ghost writing Rather's stuff now?



Gore drops Olbermann

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