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March 24, 2012


Rob Crawford

Only people who depended on the press were ignorant of Zimmerman's injuries and reports he was attacked. Multiple witnesses coming forward is the only new information.


Zimmerman exited his vehicle and chose to confront Martin against 911 operator's directive. He started the fight. Martin may have ended up on top, but only because he was activated in self-defense. What in the world is wrong with you people?


He started the fight.

Do you have any actual evidence of that?

Rick Ballard

"Only people who depended on the press Democrat propaganda organs were ignorant of Zimmerman's injuries and reports he was attacked."


This one ranks right up there with the activistslut Fluke in terms of misfire. I'm sure glad ACME Political Strategery has a no return/no refund policy. Maybe Axelplouffe will stick with it right through to defeat in November.


Yes, Ranger, my common sense. He exited his vehicle and approached Martin. I don't think Zimmerman was saying Howdy my friend.


"my common sense ..."



Boris, your literary skills are expansive and cut to the quick. Now go home and get your shinebox.


So the gun may have save Zimmerman's life?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

CBS News: Former Vice President Dick Cheney recovering after heart transplant surgery


Yes, Ranger, my common sense.

In other words, no. What you have is a suposition, but no actual evidence.

Who started the fight is an open question of fact at this time.

It is just as possible that Martin decided he could take the pudgy guy standing in front of him and let his frustraitions get the better of him. Young men have an unfortunate propensity of making very band risk assessments (have you ever wondered why single men under the age of 25 pay such high auto insurance premiums?).


It does not matter what the truth may be; it is the lies that matter--race has been the key success of the Left's ascendancy since ww2. They have used it to justify, cover and rationalize their thievery, power grabbing, destruction and treason. They have used to to demagogue; they have used it to agitate and animate their voters. They have turn this country against itself and demoralized and debased our private and public cultures.

Nothing has been more bitter than the use of race against this country these last 50 years. It has destroyed the educational system, the courts and practically every public institution in this nation. It has severely damaged the family, the community and the workplace.

It is not true that we are now "beyond all that" and can laugh this stuff off--the nation was never as bad as the Left claimed. Beyond that there the only thing non-blacks need to "feel guilty" about is are that we have allowed them to hoodwink us for so long, that we have let them paralyze us with this hustle and that we have bent over backwards for this "community" far more than we have for any other.

Now they attempt the same rhetoric with "feminism", "environmentalism", "energy" and "gay rights".

The goal is always the same: Naked power lust and the psychopathic and nihilistic project of the destruction of our society, culture and civilization. They hare not childish, they are not misguided: they are evil and they pursue this with a cynicism matched only by their alacrity.

All of these issues were analysis by the Politburo in the 1930's and professional political teams were dispatched. Finally we are reaping the whirlwind now of our decades long failure to stand up to these traitors. Our nation hangs in the balance. Enough is enough. We need to denounce this. We need to remove these cynical, Marxist race-baiters from all power.

We had better wake up and do it soon. It is not merely an issue of nettlesome PC hysteria. Watch them turn this into an election issue. When the weather turns, watch the OWS mobs cause a real riots. Think not? It happened before.

We are headed smack-dab into great evil and great tragedy this election cycle. The saddest thing is that Americans seem to not understand what is happening or do not seem to care.

How bitter that we destroy ourselves this way.

Danube of Thought

You hear that, people? Squaredance wants you to wake up!

Jim Ryan

Another update to the ol' narcisolator...


Oh thank heavens!


--Yes, Ranger, my common sense.--

Suggest you contact the Sanford Police and DOJ and tell them to send any witnesses they may have found home as unnecessary.
Might consider changing your screen name from podesta to Karnak though.

Danube of Thought

It is child's play at this point to separate those who are attempting to ascertain the actual facts from those who have a pre-conceived notion of what happened and are skeptical only of reports that conflict with that notion.

It is a great deal of fun to watch the latter's reaction as the narrative collapses. Calypso Louie and the New Black Panthers are plainly ready to begin the lynching.


Podesta. He has every right to confront anyyone he wants if he thinks the he or his community are in danger. Moreover, if he is an able bodied man, he has the obligation to do so. He certainly is not under the command of some idiot on the other side of a 911 line. How patently silly, how unmanly you are to say such a thing. It is called the right to self protection. It is called manhood.

You are so mired in leftist cant that you cannot see this blindingly obvious truth.

If some one is physically assaulting with the intent to do grave harm then one has the moral right, indeed the duty, to defend oneself, one's family and one's community.

Moreover, the issue of self protection is completely different than the issue of race, and, to the point, that other person's race does not entitle him to special consideration or free him from wrong doing.

What are you suggesting, the he put up with it? that he cower inside his house?

What is wrong with you?

If you have a family, I pity them for you obviously will be of no use to them in a pinch. Take directions for 911, indeed. What stupidity.

You have lost your way.


What idiom is that squaredance writes in?
It's not actually 18th century or even 19th century English.
It is somewhat similar to movie trailers from the 1940's or so.

Wonder if he talks like that;
"My dearest wife, could you please raise yourself above mere strategems, treasons and domestic intrigues and pass me the butter?"


"It is a great deal of fun to watch the latter's reaction as the narrative collapses."



Finally we are reaping the whirlwind now of our decades long failure to stand up to these traitors.

I really agree. That Star Parker speech at the rally yesterday touched on this. We are late to the battle...maybe too late.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Here is the statement from Cheney's office regarding the transplant.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former vice president Dick Cheney is recovering after having a heart transplant.

That's according to his office. It released a statement Saturday disclosing the surgery, and saying that Cheney has been on the transplant list for more than 20 months.

Aide Kara Ahern says the former vice president is recovering in the Intensive Care Unit of Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Va., after undergoing the surgery. She says the former vice president does not know the heart donor's identity.

My prayers go out to our former Vice President and to the loved ones of the donor.


Squaredance. I would hope that you would protect your right to walk down the street without being hassled. And if you cowered and said, Yes, Mr. I don't know you but I'll answer your questions, I would say you are unmanly to defer to Mr. I wish I was a cop.

hit and run

I never said all.


Dot: Not you personally for that would be asking the impossible like asking a horse to understand algebra. In your case, I would be settle for you just acting your age, or even if you just tried to grow up a tiny bit.

You know that everything I said above was true, you just cannot not get over your pique long enough to admit it. Clearly, "truth" is the very last thing you seek. Too Funny.

This is beyond your usual smug, slef-importnat obtuseness, this is downright adolescent foot-stopping. This is because you chuck full of narcissism yourself.

What an embarrassment you are. Take a peek outside you little demimonde. (But that is just the problem, eh?)

"Truth"? You flee before it--have all your days, no doubt.


Podesta, I hope I run into you.


"right to walk down the street without being hassled"

No such thing.

Jim Ryan

Oh, for pete's sake.

hit and run

It's a clever position you've staked out, but I'm not sue of the wisdom.

I'm sure of it's truth.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Fox is reporting that there has been a call for 5000 men to go out and try to catch Zimmerman.

I find this to be a terrifying development.


People seem angry today.
Time for a cute chick;

A fine ass;

And a nice rack;


Squaredance. I'm sure you and Zimmerman would get along just swell. You could talk about who you would battery if you ever ran into them.

Frau Roggenbrot

That's good news, Sara. Thanks for the alert.

Danube of Thought

"Flee before it."

You're right, Iggy. 'Twould be sublime were he slain.


--You could talk about who you would battery if you ever ran into them.--

If Zimmerman shoot someone else will he be rechargeable?


shoot, I meant *shoots*

hit and run

but I'm not sue of the wisdom.

See? There goes JOM again,not vociferously calling out typos.

JOM has gone soft.

Cecil Turner

The witness statements suggest Martin was responsible for the battery . . . at which point Zimmerman shot him. And for all the protests to the contrary, I've yet to see anything which convincingly contradicts the chief's (possibly hypothetical):

“If someone asks you, ‘Hey do you live here?’ is it OK for you to jump on them and beat the crap out of somebody?” Lee said. “It’s not.”

Jim Ryan

A panda bear eats, shoots and leaves. No, wait...

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Canadian campaign boob bus:

Cecil Turner

JOM has gone soft.

I was gonna call you on misspelling "its" . . . but as it's the same problem Ben usually has, I figured he wouldn't appreciate it.


I think Zimmerman can make a credible claim it was Martin who pursued him. As soon as he gets out of the vehicle, he says "he ran" and then his speech pattern gets quiet and detached like he's looking for him and doesn't know where he went. I think his attorneys will argue that he never saw Martin again, until he got hit in the back of the head.

hit and run

I was gonna call you on misspelling "its" . . . but

I've maid my fare share of mistakes today,that's for sue.


I (heart) Dick Cheney


We are late to the battle...maybe too late.

I worry about that every day of the week.

Rick Ballard


There is another line on the Sanford PD website that is very understated and telling..

are aware of the background information regarding both individuals involved in this

We haven't hit the end of narrative destruction quite yet and the Sanford PD isn't quite as dumb as has been reported.


" right to walk down the street without being hassled."

I knew one existed! Podesta, can we avail ourselves of that right when confronted by the Westboro Baptist Church?

Cecil Turner

We haven't hit the end of narrative destruction quite yet . . .

It amazes me the narrative even got started. If this is the best case the race hustlers have . . .

BTW, Actual stats on interracial stranger murder (for 2005, last year published): of 502 reported cases, Blacks were perpetrators in 79% of the cases, victims in 19%. Whites were perpetrators in 20% of the cases, victims in 76%. ("Other" didn't fare very well, perp in 1.6%, victim in 4%.)

Doesn't match the narrative very well, does it?


Now sq's latest tirade has left me inspired to do something.

Anybody got any ideas of what I might do? or Jane? or Janet? Or Clarice?

Do we seem to be sitting in our lounge chairs saying "Oh well."?


Rick, what's the untold narrative? Martin got suspended from school. He was murdered. The Sanford Police Department is either dumb or incompetant.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

A rising star. She is great.


If John Corzine had an R behind his name, I think the chances of the NYTimes and the MSM demanding prosecution of him would be about 100 percent, with chances of prosecution actually occurring standing at about 75 percent, and chances of conviction at 95 percent.

Since he's got a D behind his name I think chances of the Times/MSM calling for his prosecution will be about 2 percent, that chances of an actual prosecution stand at about 18 percent, and that conviction would be in the 35 percent ballpark.

Danube of Thought

Orlando Sentinel:

"Sanford — Members of the New Black Panther Party are offering a $10,000 reward for the "capture" of George Zimmerman, leader Mikhail Muhammad announced during a protest in Sanford today. When asked whether he was inciting violence, Muhammad replied defiantly saying: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." The bounty announcement came moments after members of the group called for the mobilization of 5,000 black men to capture George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin last month."

I hate to be the one to break the news to you, Podesta, but whether Martin was murdered is currently unknown. What is known is that he was shot to death.

Jim Ryan

If you ask me, he had it coming to him and got what he deserved. Now hopefully he can live another twenty years in good health with the new ticker.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Sonny Jackson is so good, I have to post the link again to her speech at the Repeal Rally. Every tea party needs a Sonny.


((Take directions for 911, indeed. What stupidity))

squaredance, I thought he was talking directly to the police

Rick Ballard

"what's the untold narrative?"

Trayvon Martin was despondent over President Obama's utter failure wrt the economy. He saw the proof of that failure every day within his community, which was suffering from unemployment at a rate unknown prior to President Obama's election. After three years of watching his community's economic situation relentlessly deteriorate, he gave up on school and began wandering the streets aimlessly, frustrated and increasingly angry over the President's (did you know he looked as if he might be the President's son?) failure. His anger bubbled to the surfaced when a young Hispanic man, obviously employed, asked him what he was doing. He lost control and lashed out physically, not realizing that the man he viciously attacked was armed and prepared to defend himself.

He was just another sacrifice on the altar of President Obama's ego.


Mr. I wish I was a cop

There's been a lot of contempt for a man who may not have made the cut at the police academy from the Party of the Little Guy, especially considering his mother's ancestry could have won him admission if he'd cared to use it (a favor from one Wise Latina to another).

I wonder if it would help to think of protecting one's community as akin to organizing it.


Anybody got any ideas of what I might do?

There is so much and it is so easy. The most important part is showing up. Join your tea party, go to a rally, get on the republican committee, run for school board. Let someone put a sign on your lawn, give some money.

April 15 is our 3rd (I think) tax day rally. I tell people if they can't bring themselves to show up, drive by and beep your horn. It is so important to get off the couch.

(And let me tell you, I would be very happy to never get off the couch. But I love my country too much, and I figured that out from the tea party.) It is so damn important.

Sue of the Wisdom

but I'm not sue of the wisdom.

But I am.


FOURTH tax day tea party rally.


yea, Rick, that's what happened. I know you are trying to be funny but it's just a sad exercise. Attack Obama, and if Trayvon is a tool in that attack, carry on.


Cecil--those "Actual Stats" do match the narrative in at least one respect--the term "hispanic" seems to have gone missing...


Welcome Sue of the Wisdom.
Begone cleo of the stoopid.


If Stedman has a brain in his head, he'll haul in the Black Panthers and arrest them for the threat. If he doesn't and they cause Zimmerman some harm, do you suppose no one will remember that it was he who dropped the voter intimidation case against them which the Dept had already won?_____________________

"right to walk down the street without being hassled" that's in the Bill of Rights just after the right to get someone else to pay for your birth control pills.

Rick Ballard

I haven't called anyone a murderer without a shred of evidence, podesta. You can take your faux outrage and shove it up your ass until it pops out your ears.

Obama put himself into this local matter and his halfwitted comments are meant to inflame. He is as responsible for any further violence as his black Panther buddies and you are.



Actually Podesta, you are Obamas tool. I wonder how long it will take you to realize it.

hit and run

As hit and Run says; you made your bed. Now, sleep in it.

I never said, "Now, sleep in it".

If only you would live up to the admonition of this guy who said:
don't put words in my mouth.

That guy would not like what you have done.

hit and run

I don't think Hit would approve of your spelling skills.

Clearly intended misspellings are approved,as are previously misintended misspellings that are now accepted as JOM-speak,such as "carp".

I approve.

You're thinking skills fall into question yet again.


Jane--I would suggest that a much more productive and fulfilling way to spend your time would be to obsessively follow a blog published by someone you are politically opposed to, frequented by commenters you cannot abide, and endlessly and repetitively post nonsensical, obscenity-laden comments and/or lengthy off-topic cut-and paste jobs, while enduring regular humiliating refutation of the few coherent points you put forth. When your offensive postings go so far past the borders of common decency and sense that the ever-tolerant host bans you, change your handle and play nicey-nice. It is hard to imagine how fulfilling such behavior can be.

Rick Ballard

Geez, BB, one would have to be a complete idiot to do something like that.


Bring it on.



We'll get Caro to do the signs.

You can do it. I swear!


That's because the Tea Baggers have undercut the R's credibility, with your abject approval. (See squaredance)

Well then you would be solely responsible for the absolute absence of any credibility for the Ds. Abject or not. Truth must sting enough to keep you standing for days on end.


Jane--You are my hero. No signs, though--my wife and I reached a truce on that issue many years ago.


Santorum already projected the winner in La.


The govt better offer Zimmerman and his family protection.



2 close NCAA basketball games just concluded for admission to the Final Four and not a single comment on it in this Saturday JOM post. Peculiar.

Do we know which brackets Treyvon and Zimmerman had?


You are not my hero.

You are my heroine.


We are too busy laughing at Dana, daddy.

Sue of the Wisdom

Conversation between my youngest daughter and my 4 year old grandson.

While playing on his aunt's iPhone:
grandson: What does this button do?
his aunt: Don't hit that, it costs money.
grandson: How do I get money?
his aunt: You get a job.
grandson: I'm not ready to get a job. Can I just use your money?

Rob Crawford

A fine ass;

My grandfather had an award-winning ass.

Seriously -- during the Depression he went to Iowa to find work and ended up trying to teach the farmers out there to raise tobacco while making money hiring out a jackass for stud services.


--grandson: I'm not ready to get a job. Can I just use your money?--

Uh oh, Sue. sounds like she's raising a Democrat. :)

Rob Crawford

The Sanford Police Department is either dumb or incompetant.

Because the press told you so. Because they didn't arrest someone the local DA has said can't be charged based on the evidence.

Because you want to convict a man for, what?, defending himself without enough witnesses to go against the fairy tale you prefer?

Sue of the Wisdom


I know!


--My grandfather had an award-winning ass.--

I'm tempted to say...

"Rob, have you got any pictures of your grandfathers award winning ass?
Wanna see some?"

...but it would be way creepy.
And besides I haven't got any.


"You guys have done a good job of inflaming the issue"

Perfect example of self parody! Your sock mocker couldn't have done a better hit job!

Well Done Cleo ... really really well done.

Seems to me instead of just taking the beating we fought back with facts.

Rob Crawford

Ignatz -- actually, there is such a picture. That's how I learned that history. Dad was going through some old pictures and said, "There's my dad with his prize-winning jack."


Oh the irony, if Dick Cheney had received Trayvon Martins' heart.

Frau Byzantium

daddy, the original Hero was a woman who took up with Leander. He swam the Hellespont nightly to "visit" her and things didn't work out for the couple.

Frau Byzantium

Perhaps, we need to see and hear about Jorge Zimmerman to see the full American tragedy here. Holder fails to act in the name *all* people. How much of a coward is he in failing to perform his duty? How about the tension between hispanics and blacks to the point that they are segregated in many prisons and jails.
CRT - the theory that keeps on killing the soul of the country.


Daddy, you sexist pig! Heh.

Frau--you are my hero.

Frau Byzantium

Thank you, boatbuilder, but I failed at the virgin priestess for Aphrodite gig.


Well, so did Hero, apparently.


This is a post by B on Volkoh Conspiracy

"I have spent the last few hours mapping out the times and events that happened that day using Google Maps. Looking at the record and the times that things were alleged to have happened, there is no way that the media portrayal of this incident is correct.

I suggest you do as I did and mark off where and when each event took place and then think about the timing of the calls. All of this info is widely available.

Here are some interesting facts:
- Trayvon ran away from Zimmerman and was lost to Zimmerman's view for 5 whole minutes. Trayvon's father's condo was only 100 yards away, why didn't he go and stay there?
- Trayvon's girlfriend talked to him for 4 minutes AFTER Zimmerman had already lost sight of Trayvon.
- How did the heavyset Zimmerman ever catch up to the athletic Trayvon? Especially since Trayvon had a 5 minute head start (Zimmerman lost Trayvon for 5 minutes)
- What does Trayvon's stepbrother say about that night? He was at the condo and the two kids were supposed to watch the All Star game together. Did he hear the gun shot?
- If Trayvon ran from Zimmerman for 5 minutes, how did he not cover the 100 yards to his house, and how did he end up only about 30 yards from where he ran past Zimmerman in the first place?

I personally think Trayvon ran away and then came back. I cannot otherwise explain the fact that he did not run straight home, 100 yards away"


Jane (Bad says Obama sucks)

Geez you guys. I want you standing beside me. This hero shit is an excuse.

I mean it.


Really TM, the Huff Po, as an authoritative rebuttal,

Frau Obama

(I didn't apply, boatbuilder. My mother didn't want me to deal with fires or lanterns. heh)

Jane, you are my inspiration!
I stand beside you, all 156 cm tall of me. I'll soon start my yard signs even knowing someone may steal them like last time. I'll schlep around town to walk precincts as I have before. I'll stand on the street corners and smile as the uninformed flip me off. It's the least I can do.

One thing for sure, Tea Party people do *not* need a feather to speak.I would love to attend one gigantic rumble on the Mall before November. We were denied our full access last time as you remember.

Frau Obama Czuks

Make that Frau Obama Czuks!

Buford Gooch

Today's Ben Franklin isn't up to par. A poorly thinking grad student, perhaps? Our regular Ben seems more sophisticated. Not necessarily any brighter, but a bit more clever.


Sue, Keep an eye on that kid.

Ralph L

making money hiring out a jackass for stud services
What is it about women and alpha males?

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