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March 11, 2012


Danube of Thought

By the way, did everyone notice that the presumed lesbian Fluke has a boyfriend? She's currently visiting him on the west coast, and he's the son of a major Dem contributor.


Sounds super, Jim.

DoT: " If we win in November, I will taunt the left with the claim that Sandra Fluke is what turned everything around."
We now have proof positive that DoT us a sadist.Honestly, they could have pulled this off not so long ago-they still misjudge the power of the IT to respond quickly to scotch B.S..


"Is a sadist"*****


This I did not know:

" At Senate.gov, all fifteen of the Senators who have been removed by the Constitutionally enumerated process of expulsion are listed. Please notice that the list doesn’t include Senator Shields who was removed by Congress in 1849.

Senator Shields was removed by the Senate after it was discovered that he was an alien by birth, and that when he was elected in January 1849 – from the State of Illinois, to serve as a US Senator – he had not been a US citizen for the requisite nine years. However, he was not removed pursuant to the Article 1 section 5 expulsion power.

Instead, the Senate held that his election was entirely “void”. Senator Shields even offered his resignation to the Senate, but his resignation was not accepted by the Senate who held that since Shields was never qualified, he was never a Senator even though he had been sworn in and had been serving as a Senator until March 1849 when his election was completely made void and the seat declared vacant.

Since Shields it was discovered – after Shields had occupied the Senate seat – that he didn’t meet the Constitutional qualifications for the office of Senate, the Senate held that he was never an actual Senator and so his removal is not recorded as an expulsion.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it explicitly state that the Senate may remove a Senator by making a determination that his election was void and that he was a usurper. But that’s exactly what happened. If the power to remove a usurper wasn’t Constitutionally allowed, the Senate couldn’t have voided Mr. Shields election and vacated his Senate seat. But they did.

The Congressional Globe account of the Shields removal is preceded by an account of a similar precedent regarding a Mr. Albert Galatin. Mr. Galatin was elected to the US Senate from Pennsylvania in 1793 and it was later found that he had never become naturalized. The Senate again voided his election stating that the election wasn’t just “voidable”, but that since there was no way to cure the qualification defect… the election was completely “void”… it didn’t happen.

It’s important to note that the first quo warranto statue enacted by Congress didn’t take effect until 1878 so in 1793 and 1849 the Senate chose to void the elections of the two usurpers.

So here we have precedent for Congressional authority to remove Senators other than by expulsion. Usurpation of office resulted in elections being voided and the Senate record do not even record usurpers as having been members of the Senate. If Congress can remove a usurper to the Senate without expelling him, this provides evidence that Congress can remove a usurper to the Presidency without impeaching him."

Supporting links at the link.



And in the water is wet, department, what was the first clue for you;


Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Awww Jim, that sounds fabulous.


The Duke and Duke dilemna in a microcosm;


Good for you Jim. Sounds like a rewarding goal for me to put on my list.


If we win in November, I will taunt the left with the claim that Sandra Fluke is what turned everything around.



I must add my applause for rse...she has helped enumerable times in my advocacy of my grandson with autism.

I now am known as the INFORMED crazy grandma, but most importantly, my grandson is no longer being ignored. A start.

Captain Hate

Is Martina leading or following, Captain?

Not sure, matt. I find her very attractive in an athletic woman kind of way. I've always wondered how she'd have done against Serena Williams because she wouldn't have been physically intimidated by her at all.


Clarice, I feel sure he is in the same place as Professor Bell. But I don't see where that gives people who believe the same as him the right to choose America's police chiefs.


Thank goodness Obama has his priorities straight.

Obama to attend NCAA March Madness basketball tournament in Dayton, Ohio (With David Cameron.)


His priority is what it always was, daddy, himself and his ability to gain and retain power. He will stick his and his wife's faces in front of the the low information types from now thru the election at every event where they can pretend to be just ordinary, happy Americans.

Camp David is cozy.

It will be very interesting to watch if and where she vacations this year.


During the evening's festivities, it occurred to me that neither my parents nor my grandparents ever had a birthday with their whole family together at such an advanced age. It was a real blessing.

Congratulations, Jim R. How wonderful for your family!

I believe George W. Bush is the only US President to have served two terms and left office with both his parents living. This is sort of the opposite of your situation, yet a blessing, all the same.


If we win in November, I will taunt the left with the claim that Sandra Fluke is what turned everything around.

Ha. Hell yes.

And if it happens let it be a lesson to the handwringers wrt Rush et. al.

Captain Hate

Sorry daddy, for the unfortunate role the Terps had in Henson being injured; him in the lineup would've probably put the Holes over the Crims. Btw, if the Noles land a football recruit that would probably displace the ACC hoops championship from the top report.

Danube of Thought

"this provides evidence that Congress can remove a usurper to the Presidency without impeaching him." Not really: separation of powers.

Note that in the cases of Gallatin and Shields it was the Senate--not the congress--that acted; it did so pursuant to its power to run its own affairs (such as its power to decide when it is or is not in recess).

In the case of a voidable presidential election, my guess is that the electors would have to do the voiding. But were such a thing ever to occur, a problem would be presented that didn't arise in the Senators' cases: what to do with the legislation signed into law by the president, and all the actions taken pursuant to that legislation. One of many reasons why no such thing will ever occur.

Keep hope alive, TK.


Have to preface this OT pic with the info that it's from a guy named Stephen Bodio who is an amazing writer out of New Mexico and is a falconry nut (had a recent article about him at AmSpec). Wrote a book on the Falconers in Mongolia. Having said that I thought this was quite funny;


No sweat Captain.

I missed all of the Tourney being gone except for the last 2 minutes or so today after waking up.

Like MarkO, excepting the Final Four Tourney, my Season is made or lost on the floor of Cameron Arena and the Dean Dome when mortal enemies come to visit.

Hope Henson gets well by the Sweet 16.

Danube of Thought

Also note, TK, that in the Senators' cases the facts giving rise to their ineligibility became known only after they were seated; there was never any question oftheir having been a knowing ratification of their eligibility. In Obama's case, the electors elected him with full knowledge that his father was not a U.S. citizen.

Danube of Thought

Buckeyes blew it. Sullinger has been a disappointment.

Ask those who make -19 on Raz.  Allegiance is at question here, and for a good reason.

Yeah, sure, DoT, but not with full knowledge that that made him not a natural born citizen. Critical point there. And what, may I ask, do you think of JustiaGate?

Captain Hate

Izzo > Matta and it's not even close as far as bench coaching goes.

Danube of Thought

"not with full knowledge that that made him not a natural born citizen"

They had all the facts and all the law available to them. Nothing has changed.

"Justiagate" had no effect on any of the official Supreme Court reporters. I don't think much about it all.

Danube of Thought

Steven Hayward:

"Meanwhile, I heard a very, very very prominent person predict this morning, in an off-the-record meeting (so I can’t tell you who, but trust me it’s a name everyone knows well), that Obama would dump Biden for Hillary on the ticket."

June of '08, and you don't think much of it at all.

Heh, official Supreme Court reporters compared with the public. 'All the facts, and all the law available to them', except as restricted by JustiaGate.

hit and run

Another moment of reprieve as the chicken grills slowly and mrs hit and run and the kids are over at neighbors. I've got nothing to offer here, but can't not admit my travails on another thread.


Finally caught up to Clarice's excellent essay on CRT.

Concur with all the above exclamations of praise. Beautiful and in-depth Clarice.

OT, Iditarod update:

Gal named Ally Zirkle, 42, is in the lead. Gal's haven't won it since 1990, so there's big interest with 220 miles to go.

Weather has been decent. 2 Volcano's (Cleveland and Iliamna have been rumbling this week, but not close to the Sled Dog route.

We've had 1 case of a dog saved by CPR from a Mushing Mortician, and the cute Wisconsin twins are caravanning along in a Kumbaya mode of comfortably finishing together.


Thanks. Keep your mukluks dry.


Your LUN gave you away, hit.


Would this work?

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. It lives right where you do your work—in the web browser itself.

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Danube of Thought

"except as restricted by JustiaGate"

No one is compelled to use Justia. Far more important, the cases whose texts were affected by the Justia screwup do not determine the legal outcome of the eligibility question. Despite the never-ending assertions of the birthers, no case does--not Minor, and not Wong Kim Ark. The only appellate court ever to rule on the question was the Indiana Supreme Court, and it held that Obama is a natural born citizen. I really recommend reading that court's analysis.


This seems like a great feature too:

Zotero organizes your research into collections that act like iTunes playlists. Research items can be added to any number of named collections and subcollections, which in turn can be organized however you like. With saved searches, you can create smart collections that automatically fill with relevant materials as you add them to your library.


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Obama would dump Biden for Hillary on the ticket.

Just curious - assuming this happens, what do people think? Will it make the difference?


Ignatz, as I sit in Austin surrounded by hipsters during Hipster Convergence Week a/k/a SXSW Film, Music & Interactive Conference 2012, I love your 5:06 and agree fully.

Oh, please.

'screw up'.


About time.

Scientists finally come up with a surefire way to help us cut down on our drinking.

Wonder if it would work for Janet and her cigarettes?

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Oh I think it will make big difference. Hillary should say "no".


If you've never read any Bodio, I highly recommend it Porch.
BTW, them f***ing hipsters too shall pass. :)


For Ann - A bit more on that Kony2012 video.

Jake Tapper - “But the question is to what end. There are things in that video that are not factually accurate. He’s not in Uganda, Joseph Kony. A lot of this, there are not 30,000 child soldiers, there are probably between 150 and 300.”

Danube of Thought

Correction: it was the Indiana Court of Appeals, in the case of Arkenny v. Daniels. The opinion is at the LUN. The discussion of the natural-born issue begins at page 10.

I really recommend it.


How about them Spartans? 15 straight NCAA tourneys a a number 1 seed for a team NO ONE had ranked in the top 25 at the start of the season.

Go Green!


"Obama would dump Biden for Hillary on the ticket."

New Campaign sticker:

"Why vote for just 1 Marxist from Chicago? Now you can vote for 2."


That's quite an article, daddy.

The report's authors, Teri Krebs and Pal-Orjan Johansen, said: "A single dose of LSD has a significant beneficial effect on alcohol misuse."

They suggested that more regular doses might lead to a sustained benefit.

"Given the evidence for a beneficial effect of LSD on alcoholism, it is puzzling why this treatment approach has been largely overlooked," they added.

I knew a kid who took acid one time. After that, he didn't drink. In fact, all he did after taking LSD one time was stand outside a bowling alley, leaning against a wall. He did this every night for about a year before committing suicide.

Drink up.


Some thoughts on the new world order that the leadership is trying to build without the whole "God" thing. LUN

I really can';t believe these people have built their entire philosophy upon Nietzsche, who has been discredited; Marcuse, Sartre, Derrida and a bunch of other worthless lip flappers.


Spread the word and it is most definitely not Catholics only. This is a fight to protect freedom:

A Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom will be held Friday, March 23 at 12:00 p.m., local time, outside of federal buildings, Congressional offices and historical sites across the country. CAN, Catholic News Agency, reports that there will be “thousands of people across the country. It may even reach tens-of-thousands” attending these rallies nationwide. Supporters will spread the message through peaceful protests outside government buildings “from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine and everywhere in between,” says Eric Scheidler, Executive Director for Pro-Life Action League and organizer of the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, and proponent for participation in this nationwide rally states that “we have become certain of two things: religious freedom is under attack, and we will not cease our struggle to protect it. Cardinal Dolan continues that “we did not ask for this fight, but we will not run from it.”
The goal of the rally is to mobilize people who care passionately about the issue of religious freedom. Eric Scheidler says “We need to take this issue outside of the very narrow lines painted by the mainstream media. This is not just a few pundits and a few bishops.” Cardinal Dolan also insists that “this is not just about sterilization, abortifacients, and chemical contraception. It’s about religious freedom, the sacred right of any Church to define its own teaching and ministry.” Father Richard concurs with Cardinal Dolan and further responds to the idea of government interfering with religious freedom that “We Catholics object on moral grounds as well as Constitutional grounds. We do not accept it and we have a right to protest it on both grounds.”

Danube of Thought

"Will it make the difference?"

As the resident pessimist, I believe it would do so by firing up the female voters, including Indys. I hope she would say no.


I think it's more than religious freedom. It's freedom for all of us.


Why Didn't More Women Vote for Hillary?

One of the Democratic campaign's great misperceptions has been that Clinton held an overwhelming advantage among women voters. But that isn't the case. As expected, Clinton captured the over-65 vote, and Obama won over younger women. But women in the middle split almost evenly between the two. And while both Senators boasted historic candidacies, Obama's seemed to resonate more deeply, translating into 70%, 80% and even 90% of the black vote in primary contests. No one expected Clinton to sweep 90% of Democratic women voters, but 60% wouldn't have been an unreasonable accomplishment for the first woman to have a serious chance of winning the presidency. Instead, Clinton won just over a majority of women's votes.
These were Democrats - natural tribal voters. Why should independents be more swayed by Hillary's gender? I don't think large numbers of them were swayed by Palin's.

A look back down down the 'way back machine'



When you are done reading the opinion of the court, please proceed to the dissection of the same.


Danube of Thought

TK, I've read dissections of everything from Brown v. board to Roe v. Wade to Bush v. Gore. They all remain good law.


Good federal law. Ankeny has not elevated itself to supreme law, that I know of.


Still puzzled by the RAS uptick? Rush will explain it to you:

It's very delicate, but I'm going to give it a shot, and it's aimed at those of you who are lacking confidence over the possibility of beating Obama. We just heard from Victor in Atlanta, and despite what is real, Victor is convinced... Well, he's not convinced, but he's very frightened that the enthusiasm to dump Obama is fading on our side. Now, there's been an event that happen last weekend, and it's had legs, and it's gone on throughout this entire week. It was an event which ended up being directed out of the White House when it was all said and done. And it's safe to say that this event has backfired on them.

Everything they hoped to accomplish this week, they've not accomplished. They might have 25 years ago, but they haven't. They, on the left, are now being forced by an army of people on the right to comport themselves to the same standards that they are demanding of others, and that's going to put a real crimp in their style. Remember, when I apologized I said one aspect of what I had done wrong was I descended to their level. And I meant to emphasize that. I descended to their level. That's what was, among other things, wrong about it. But it was a one-time thing for me. They live there. Now they've been called on it.

Kirsten Powers at Fox News, with the couple of columns that she has written on the double standard, she deserves a Medal of Valor. She deserves a huge medal.

... IF that enthusiasm had started to wane, the media and the Democrats have ginned it back up to higher levels than it ever has been since the Tea Party days of 2010. It's back, folks. Trust me. Don't doubt me. I am fully aware. The enthusiasm is there. The energy is there on the part of people on our side, all over this country. There is shellshock on the left. They thought this was the time. This was the gonna be that moment when they finally succeeded. Right now they're sitting out there in stunned confusion trying to figure out why it hasn't happened, why am I still here.

... This event turned out to be... It wasn't a fluke. It was purposeful. All they ended up doing was calling attention to their own constant misogyny.


I'm on record for what it's worth, that the decisions in Minor and Wong Kim, were wrongly decided, not to the same degree as the Justices other decisions in the Civil Rights
cases, and or Plessy, which I further posit
led to the circumstance we find ourselves today. It is a very cramped version of the conception of citizenship, sorry to say.


Yeah, get a court approval before someone flies a plane into a building....


Funny stunned confusion coincides with a featherman free weekend. Coincidence or outlier? You make the call.


If this is all they have, it isn't likely to help.

CBS: President Obama Strikes Back At GOP Critics On Gas Prices

Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday to underscore his administration’s work to develop alternative energy sources and increase fuel efficiency.


“We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices — not when we consume 20 percent of the world’s oil,” Obama said in the address, recorded during a visit Friday to a Virginia jet engine component plant.


Despite Romney’s assertions, economists say there’s not much a president of either party could do about gasoline prices. The current increases at the pump have been driven by fears of a war with oil-rich Iran and by higher demand in the U.S. as well as in China, India and other growing nations.

Economists say. Is there a Critical Race Theory of economics that discounts supply and demand as a ruse to keep white people in power? Surely the alternative energy grants and loans weren't predominantly reparations like CRA. Or were they?


I have no link saying so, but I suspect that Hillary has damaged herself with some voters by her actions since being named SOS.
Those hoping for a brokered Republican convention might keep this linked fiasco in mind.


"Yesterday I attended the Republican organizational convention for my Senate district here in Minnesota, and what I witnessed was an organized take-over of our nomination process by Ron Paul cultists. They came to this convention with the sole intent to take over as many of the delegate seats as they could, and sadly, they succeeded."

I suspect there is some real serious skullduggery being planned.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

At the nation's beginning, the framers saw more clearly than is perhaps possible in our more enlightened and infinitely more complex time the essential need to accept what has become the American contradiction. The framers made a conscious, though unspoken, sacrifice of the rights of some in the belief that this forfeiture was necessary to secure the rights of others in a society embracing, as its fundamental principle, the equality of all. And thus the framers, while speaking through the Constitution in an unequivocal voice, at once promised freedom for whites and condemned blacks to slavery....

The Constitution has survived for two centuries and, despite earnest efforts by committed people, the contradiction remains, shielded and nurtured through the years by myth. This contradiction is the root reason for the inability of black people to gain legitimacy -- that is, why they are unable to be taken seriously when they are serious and why they retain a subordinate status as a group that even impressive proofs of individual competence cannot overcome. Contradiction, shrouded by myth, remains a significant factor in blacks' failure to obtain meaningful relief against historic racial injustice.

Derek Bell's work, edited by Elana Kagan

A warmer world increases biodiversity and sustainability.  And we face another Ice Age.

Glad to see Obama still hammering the green energy gong. Understanding is growing that the only catastrophe in AGW is CO2 mitigation attempts.

Ms. Trish

A follow-up on daddy's 4:41 comment re Obama and Cameron coming to Dayton for the NCAA early games to be played at the University of Dayton (a Catholic institution, although their employee health insurance is mostly in line with the HHS mandate).

According to the local paper, calls from the White House to city and university officials were placed just this last Tuesday to set this up, with security people showing up Wednesday morning.

Seems very spur of the moment.


Not they don't say which economists in that piece, ext, probably the one handed ones,

Meanwhile, Kurtz notices as he did on an earlier occasion that Schmidt's account fails
the Crichton test;

One of the scenes in the film Kurtz thought took some liberties was when Steve Schmidt is confronted at the 2008 Republican National Convention by a mob of reporters asking him about every little controversy surrounding Palin. Kurtz recalled his own experience covering the campaign and said the mob never happened. Strong said it definitely happened, just at different times during the convention, and they just meshed it all together into one big scene to make it look more dramatic.

Kurtz asked the two men about scenes where all the dialogue is between members of the Palin family, and how they could have fairly written those scenes if none of the Palins talked to them. Strong cited interviews he did with members of the campaign, as well as details they gleaned from Palin’s autobiography Going Rogue. Kurtz brought up a Palin spokeswoman’s comments about how the movie is “sick.” Roach said he doesn’t think she actually saw the movie before criticizing it anyway, while Strong said he made sure to corroborate all of the stories about the campaign with several other people before going ahead

Pagar, that was Putsch.

I haven't followed it lately, but there was a time several years ago, primarily from my interaction with one Paulbot, that I wondered if they weren't Deaniacs doing Taqiyah.


It looks like the anabolic steroids have taken their toll on Tiger's 36 year old achilles tendon. There's a sucker born every minute.


"But the best part was filling the 14 seats on the Clark County Republican Party Executive Board. These are the people who set local policy. Each of the candidates was given only 30 seconds to speak.

Are you ready for this?


When the results were announced a Ron Paul cheer went up and if the Romney people were balloons you would have heard the air draining out of every one of them with a big, sad whoosh."


As Butch said to Sundance: "Who are these guys?"



Sorry for the delay -- I wrote my quick note from the Denver airport and now am in Bethesda (quick trip, no time for socializing).

Refbase is not cloud-based. You install the software on a local computer, and that can be the one you use or one that is accessible from your network.

I've found it to be pretty easy to use and maintain, and we use it a lot -- we must have about 5,000 references in it by now (that includes patents and other stuff too).

Now it may not be the right program for you. I've simply found it to be very good for my needs. Those may not be the same as yours.


Well we know that certain one time Goldwaterites like Karl Hess and Gary Wills,
moved to the left, so it's not entirely improbable that the same process would work in reverse, take Walter Jones, please, the NC Congressman, who came up with 'freedom fries'then later switch on the war,

Now what one finds with the likes of Schueur, who wrote that cloying biography of Bin Laden last year, is apparently he wasn't really involved in the nitty gritty of the actual Bin Laden hunt, there was another, to whom I've alluded to in the past,


Big DC rally end of the month:

Later this month, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments about the constitutionality of some aspects of the President's health care bill. That's why Americans for Prosperity will be holding a Hands Off My Health Care Rally on March 27th across the street from the Supreme Court. This rally will be the most important event yet to protect health care freedom. Speakers will include Sen. Pat Toomey, Sen. Jim Demint, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Americans for Prosperity's Tim Phillips, 60 Plus Association's Jim Martin, Concerned Women for America's Penny Nance, Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer, breast cancer survivor Tracy Walsh, and many more!

Join us, and let's remind the Court and all of Washington that the President's health care takeover is an affront to our Constitution and our liberties!


Ben Shapiro on Breitbart has more on CRT.


Q. I'm going to come back to this. But I want to touch on two more areas first. What do you think in general about the influence of people with your means on the political process? You said shame on the politicians for listening to the CEOs. Do you think the ultrawealthy have an inordinate or inappropriate amount of influence on the political process?

A. I think they actually have an insufficient influence. Those who have enjoyed the benefits of our system more than ever now owe a duty to protect the system that has created the greatest nation on this planet. And so I hope that other individuals who have really enjoyed growing up in a country that believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – and economic freedom is part of the pursuit of happiness – (I hope they realize) they have a duty now to step up and protect that. Not for themselves, but for their kids and for their grandchildren and for the person down the street that they don't even know ...

At this moment in time, these values are under attack. This belief that a larger government is what creates prosperity, that a larger government is what creates good (is wrong). We've seen that experiment. The Soviet Union collapsed. China has run away from its state-controlled system over the last 20 years and has pulled more people up from poverty by doing so than we've ever seen in the history of humanity. Why the U.S. is drifting toward a direction that has been the failed of experiment of the last century, I don't understand. I don't understand.


I can just see those pinheads at the wh machinating this one--"O, we get a shot of you at a football game at a Catholic University-gets the bubbas and Catholics thinking you're just one of the guys..Great photo op ""PHEH


The most motivated faction fills the vaccuum,
I can't imagine they didn't figure this out.


A small peak behind the numbers, hint, it aint good for Zero:

The rapid decline in the jobless rate in the past few months has defied expectations; some economists argue that the widely-followed seasonally-adjusted numbers may be too good to be true.

Some suspect the government’s formulas for smoothing out seasonal factors may be inadvertently inflating the numbers. Gallup chief economist Dennis Jacobe figures that, without those seasonal adjustments, the jobless rate has actually been rising for the past three months, hitting 9.1 percent in January.

“We think that the improvement over the last few months dramatically overstates the underlying improvement,” said Goldman Sachs economist Andrew Tilton. “You will not see that rate of improvement going forward.”

It was football, it was.

Heh, March Madness has hit Clarice.


After backing Fisker and Solyndra it would be just like Zero to show up to the football stadium in March! Incompetence on display!!


neo, it would be courteous and more helpful if you told us at least who you are quoting.


Wow,Jane. It's a tangled web they weave.

Daddy, did you get my info on Utah? Caucus night is next Thursday,the 15th.

Cecil Turner

neo, it would be courteous and more helpful if you told us at least who you are quoting.

He linked it: Ken Griffin.


Even the terminally dense at the far far left Nation mag have figured out the boomerang at this point:

We suspect that his audience is increasing now. The irony is that Limbaugh’s advertising is probably worth more than ever. But unless you believe that the American advertising industry has a high bar for standards and taste, then there will [eventually] be more advertisers coming on. We’re talking about nobody advertising on the number-one show in the business. How likely is that?”


Yes, but I first found it through Kos, which is not where you want to end up, the template in that piece is problematic, although the sentiment is correct.

Danube of Thought

"Good federal law." Of course. My point is simply that cases at every level get dissected all the time, to no effect at all. Arkenny is still good Indiana law. There is no appellate law to the contrary, anywhere.

Narciso, Minor decided that a woman in Missouri had no constitutional right to vote. If you think it was wrongly decided, why?


This portion, regarding the EPA wsa a little troubling, for what it suggests;

A. When a company creates a product that directly or indirectly adversely impacts the health of people, that product must be regulated. The process by which it's created must be regulated. No company has the right to injure people. No company


unless you believe that the American advertising industry has a high bar for standards and taste,

If they did MSNBC would have to go all Air America and steal from a Boys and Girls Club or go all NPR and get a handout from the taxpayers, cuz there would be no advertisers!


Thanks, cecil. I don't see the link at his recent post and I scrolled up some way and saw nothing.


"Good law" has a meaning to the legal profession it doesn't necessarily share with laymen.


--Thanks, cecil. I don't see the link at his recent post and I scrolled up some way and saw nothing.--

It was LUNed.


Jane, I'm not sure what you can make of Kagan editing Bell..It's not necessary a sign of agreement with the author's writing too edit it. I think the Ben Shapiro article today at Breitbart on CRT is more significant--a linking o CRT to Obama's words, policies, appointees and his appointees actions--like Holder dropping the black panther case and Sotomayor claiming some special qualification by reason of her sex and ethnicity.


ah, thanks. Sorry, neo.


Well i was speaking to that rather narrow interpretation, that someone who is born here, but their parents are not citizens at
the time, who arrived legitimately are second
class citizens, at best


It's not necessary a sign of agreement with the author's writing too edit it.

True although I think most reputable scholars who had serious disagreements with someone's work would not accept the job.

What this does mainly is lop off their future argument options on one side. They can't say that Bell was just a lone crackpot in the Harvard woods, representative of nobody and nothing, when POTUS taught him and USAG edited him.


Ex parte Lockwood is another good read, narciso.

"In Minor v. Happersett, 21 Wall. 162, this court held that the word 'citizen' is often used to convey the idea of membership in a nation, and, in that sense, women, if born of citizen parents within the jurisdiction of the United States, have always been considered citizens of the United States, as much so before the adoption of the fourteenth amendment of the constitution as since; but that the right of suffrage was not necessarily one of the privileges or immunities of citizenship before the adoption of the fourteenth amendment, and that amendment did not add to these privileges and immunities. Hence, that a provision in a state constitution which confined the right of voting to male citizons of the United States was no violation of the federal constitution."

Minor's holding was about citizenship also, as acknowledged by the supreme court in Lockwood.


Here is the piece you are referencing, Clarice, there were instances when he let
his facade fall, some of which like the radio
interview emerged during the campaign, in the LUN


Is a citizen who is 30 years old a "second class" citizen until he/she turns 35?

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Clarice, I agree with you, but if CRT is as pervasive as I suspect it is, my guess is Kagan is all in.


Oh, that is for certain, Jane, that's why she was picked, as with Sotomayor,


Tiger was jucing all the time. But, today he looked like a bush league shortstop who muffed a play and came up limping.

He's just ordinary as a PGA player. A great talent, wasted.

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