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March 16, 2012



News from Wisconsin JOMers heard last week thanks to our Wisconsin friends.




"Prompt release of health care audiotapes

The Supreme Court will allow the release to the public of the audiotape recordings of the health care arguments on the same day as those hearings are held, it announced Friday, citing “the extraordinary public interest in these cases.” As usual, the written transcripts will also be available on a same-day basis. However, while the statement did not mention it, there will be no live coverage of the hearings —either audio or visual —under the Court’s long-standing ban on live transmissions"

Ben Franklin

Really, TK. You should check out the info on Barry. All this stuff could mesh, no?


I don't think the (Republican) vs. Obama polls are meaningful until the nomination is sewn up and people (and the nominee) start focusing on him vs. Obama. It's a bit shocking that Obama gets more than 40% in any poll against anyone including the local dogcatcher, but I'm still betting on him falling down to the 45% range against ABO.

Rick Ballard


I believe it's a product differentiation problem. MittBrand is nether less filling nor does it taste any better than ObamaBrand. After all, they were both produced in the same factory using the same poisoned water.

Governor Romney is running a very well disciplined campaign and should have a decent plurality of candidates by the convention. It will be up to the delegates to assess the probability of his success. TM's post highlights the fact that the main cesspool of the MFM is chomping at the bit to begin pumping Bain 1%er "news".

If Governor Romney continues to improve the appearance of his facade, he will garner additional support beyond the squish/skeered contingent. The only thing preventing him from doing so is his manifest lack of political skill in connecting beyond the bubble.

He's still ABO and BOzo is still landing solid punches on himself.


That's what I think, but I wanted a "second opinion".


Thanks for all the input y'all. All I am sure of at this point is that she is not going back to WV next fall and is transferring to an in state school. She will be playing golf at one of her choices and it has a 3/2 program with GaTech for ME. There just wasn't anything at UC that appealed as far as a major. Plus it's rained so much there the past 5 months that she has practiced and played more golf on break this week than she had at school since Christmas.

Jack, you've got mail. I will expand more later too as I'm at a HS golf tourney today. K's high school is hosting and we are spectating and squeezing in 9 after the kids all get on course then we will be done in time to watch the finish. Go school!


A good argument for a brokered convention that depletes the left's war chest and keeps the conservative how-to-fix-it platform fresh in the minds of voters right before the election (But can they all stay on message?)



Obama stayed at the home of Mohammed Hasan Chandoo in Karachi Pakistan for three weeks. Chandoo is the guy Obama's sitting next to on the couch. The Chandoo family were/are very wealthy people. Although it can't be proven, doesn't it make sense that they'd have helped finance his trip?

Although I did read that at Occidental, Obama met a professor of politics who was a CIA expert on the Soviet Union and friend of Brzezinski.

I think Soomro was a politician Obama met in Pahhhkistan.



Ben Franklin

Oh, yeah. Now he brings it up, after the horse bolts from the barn. Why didn't he mention it in his autobiographies.
Wouldn't that have helped him establish his FP creds?


Rasmussen has Santorum beating Obama by 4 in FL, OH, NC and VA.

Sandy Daze

Repost from Winsome, Lonesome:


Isn't Yuengling imported from Pennsylvania to the rest of world? That and Rolling Rock. What about the late great Olympia?
Very pleased to be in the same company with MarkO & Pat N. Congrats to both!


Am on a road trip to Dunedin, Fla with Laura and our daughters Breezy (older) and Windy (younger). They are both 50% Irish owing to their mom--me, am a mutt, with Ukranian, German, English and who knows what else blood. But, mainly, I am 100% American, unlike the bastard Voldemort, who, BTW, sucks. And speaking of Breezy, just in for Hillsdale Spring break, today's her 21st b-day, so how nice is that? She's just finished a long stroke behind the wheel, and now better half is taking it in.


Anyone JoMers near Dunedin? Perhaps an RV is in the offing?


BTW - Old Timer, A good The BEST argument for a brokered convention is . . . Sarah Palin.

Frau Irisch

narcisco really kissed the Blarney stone @ 9:26. (not complaining!)


Mitt, Santorum, or Lawn Gnome winning the nomination and the election matters less than than the persistent drumbeat underneath it all.

Tea party ideas work.
Tea party ideas work.
Tea party ideas work.

People are getting attention and getting elected on tea party ideas.


Happy birthday to Breezy Daze! 21, wow, that's a big milestone for you too, Sandy.

Love that she's at Hillsdale too.


Ben, none of this does it for me anymore. Seriously.

There are 2 things on the natural born subject that DoT and I agree on.

1.) Natural born has never been defined, wrt a question of Presidential eligibility.
2.) It never will be.

I will continue to post and read items that I find interesting. CIA/Obama stories don't qualify.

Also, I will respect your request to stop the "Bens" taunting.


Should have specified at the SCOTUS level.

Danube of Thought

Clarice, I can't recall ever seeing volatility at Raz of the kind we've had in recent weeks, and I don't know how to account for it. Bear in mind that Romney led in the head-to-head for several days running before today.

The thing that gives me the most comfort are the deep-backgroiund sort of polls, the ones that ask about "deserves re-election" and "definitly will/won't vote for Obama." He fares quite miserably in these. Perhaps when all the annoying intra-party squabbling is over with the electorate will decide that it can stomach Mitt, which is about all we can hope for but which should be enough.

Ben Franklin

" CIA/Obama stories don't qualify."

It stimulates the imagination, but I find it hard to believe
CIA has the prescience to plan their breakfast, much less strategic omniscience.

"I will respect your request to stop the "Bens" taunting."

Thanks, but it seemed playful, so, less-than insulting.

Jane (Bad says Obama sucks)


If you are here, Paul Gigot is going to talk about the Stevens debacle on his show on Fox.

Jane (Bad says Obama sucks)


If you are CIA, I'm Pippa Middleton.

Captain Hate

Isn't Yuengling imported from Pennsylvania to the rest of world? That and Rolling Rock. What about the late great Olympia?

Yuengling is originally from Pottsville, Pa but they also have a Tampa brewery. Olympia was brewed in Tumwater, Washington.


I hope that's it DoT.
I think Obama said the trip to Pakistan was connected with a visit to his Mom who was working in SE Asia for Ford. If true, Ford might have had some benefit to cover visiting children for Americans stationed abroad.


Jane (Bad says Obama sucks)

Happy Birthday Breezy! I suspect you have a lot in common with your sister which means you are spectacular beyond belief!

Now are you having a cocktail tonite or not? Let Windy drive.


--but I find it hard to believe
CIA has the prescience to plan their breakfast, much less strategic omniscience--

LOL. Now there's something I agree with.


Special for Sandy; Jazz Shaw on the USA's real petroleum reserves, contra Barry's claims to the contrary.


I can't explain Ras volatility either but I think DoT is right about things settling down once we have a nominee.

Rick Ballard

I'd rate the President's ability to provide continuing opportunity to the Democrat Party to close ranks as the greatest comfort. He has thoroughly repulsed 11 million voters who identified themselves as Democrats at the time of his election to the point where they refuse to do so any longer. The exodus may slow or stop altogether but there isn't enough time left for the massive reversal necessary for his reelection.


Tina Korbe also has a useful energy column asking why Barry stops at calling for petroleum subsidies to end while promoting even larger subsidies for "alternative" energy.

Is there a single business tax subsidy which does not exist as the product of some do gooder or crony thinking their mighty brain knows better than the hundreds of millions of minds of the market?


For example, I find this interesting:

"Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: We're Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service"


News worthy: "girl looks a professor Bell with adoring eyes."
Not news worthy: "can not hold any elected office unless enrolled in Selective Service properly"

The gauge for determining news worthiness?

"The reaction and protection the MFM provides for Obama."


Sandy Daze

Thanks, Iggy.

Earlier had read the ref'd IBD article.

Remember growing up, when we were told that oil came from decomposed dinosaurs ? Heh-heh.

I'll repeat myself at risk of being boring (and I've not yet reported to the re-education camp. . .)




...looks at...


Elsewhere people are scratching their heads wondering why Rosie tanked on Oprah's tanking network. IIRC Rosie lost her audience when she came out of the closet and Oprah hers when she endorsed Obama--in both cases they revealed to their fans what they had so long kept hidden and never regained their full support.


Friday night news dumps I find interesting also:

"Executive Order: National Defense Resources Preparedness"


Was one of his campaign promises to create a civilian army?

Mission almost accomplished.


The CIA requires background checks and a loyalty oath to defend and protect the Constitution. That pretty much excludes Dana Ward on both counts...

Ben Franklin

ANTISEC publishes extensive timeline on FBI supervised activity of SABU, the purveyor of Stratfor emails.



--Remember growing up, when we were told that oil came from decomposed dinosaurs ? Heh-heh.--

I remember being very worried reading in National Wildlife magazine about 1970 that we would run out of oil in thirty years.
Maybe they meant dog years.


--"They could be easily manufacutred out of thin light cardboard."--

--lol. They'd be so life-like.--

What's it say that the Occupy crowd's Guy Fawkes' are made out of plastic; they all listened to the bourgeois dude in The Graduate?


Sadly, I remember a friend's dad, when I was a youngster, pouring used oil in a hole in his backyard. I asked what he was doing and my friend said:
"Making dinosaurs."

Frau Irisch

TK - the EO giving executive power to take over the country should not distress us if we live in a country of laws, right?

I wonder what will happen when *everyone* is nationalized? That includes the Congress and Judiciary. Will there be waivers for the czars and czarinas?

Anyone without a tinfoil hat had a chance to look at the well-crafted EO?


Posted by: Frau Irisch

Heh. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Frau.



Richard Black, Climate Correspondent for the BBC, uses his column today to tell us about a pending Planetary Emergency that must immediately be dealt with.

A UK Scientist has determined that melting Arctic Ice will cause a release of Methane gas that will destroy pretty much all life on Earth:(

The Scientist had previously encouraged the use of ships stationed in the Arctic, equipped with Hi-tech garden hoses, able to spray water up into the clouds, thus stopping incoming sunlight from melting the ice...but "I don't think there's time to do ships for the Arctic now," he said." Bummer.

Instead we will immediately have to erect these Garden hoses on top of 100 towers, which need to be built immediately on some islands in the Bering Strait. (Help us Obi wan Kinobi...you're our only hope.)

The scientist sez "He has not so far embarked on a full costing of the land-based towers, but suggests £200,000 as a ballpark figure."

Richard Black and the scientist are not sanguine about the possibility of saving Earth, because "some in the scientific community had been reluctant to discuss the possibility."

"There is quite a lot of suppression and non-discussion of issues that are difficult..."

And as usual, when warning us about suppression and non-discussion of Planetary Emergencies that will destroy all life on Earth, Richard Black in today's column does not allow comments.

Climate 'tech fixes' urged for Arctic methane.

Bonus question: In the picture of Richard Black at his Beeb column, do you guys think he holds his nose higher than Obama does, or has our President got the edge on looking down at us?

Danube of Thought

"can not hold any elected office unless enrolled in Selective Service properly"

Consider the possibility that news organiztions, including Breitbart, have concluded that he was in fact enrolled. "Obama was enrolled in selective service" is not exactly the making of an eye-popping headline.


"Maybe they meant dog years."
Maybe they meant Rove's going to be indicted in years"


The Scientist had previously encouraged the use of ships stationed in the Arctic, equipped with Hi-tech garden hoses, able to spray water up into the clouds, thus stopping incoming sunlight from melting the ice

And some Ron Paul supporters spray vinegar in the sky to clean up those contrails.



"Mission Almost accomplished"


"Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks.."

including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital “pocket litter.”.

No need to worry, Google and the Obama regime will have you covered.

Frau Irisch

Faith and begorrah'
Paddy's pig!
Carmel Quinn!
Pratties for all!
AliceH, you've restored my faith in St.Louis today.


This just keeps coming up in poll after poll. Today its National Journal in a poll that is +8 D, ( you have got to be kidding!).

The survey suggests the overall verdict is split—Obama’s support is strengthening but hardly yet secure, and the country remains divided closely enough on his performance and agenda to virtually ensure a competitive general election against the Republican nominee. Indeed, just 44 percent of registered voters surveyed said they intend to vote for the president’s reelection, while 49 percent said they will likely or definitely vote for someone else. A series of economic measures also shows that Obama is continuing to receive equivocal ratings, especially from whites.


The Diablos Azul got beat yesterday? I was traveling yesterday and missed it. Tell me was there some priceless shots of Coach K near the end?

Frau Irisch

Here's the WH (PBUH) with the New Order on our shackles, er national security duties.
Citizen or Subject, indeed!



A UK Scientist has determined that melting Arctic Ice will cause a release of Methane gas that will destroy pretty much all life on Earth:(

No wonder we don't believe in science.

Extra credit: Hmmm, Obummer beats him by a nose.


Dateline A Small County in MO.

I attended my first caucus today.

24 participants. 2 had prior caucus experience (which isn't surprising, given until this year, MO has been a Primary state since 1996). One of those two was really old - definitely hard of hearing, and maybe not quite entirely paying attention the whole time.

I'm still working my way through the experience - it was pretty disorganized, which I find stressful (on top of NOT being a people person). There were maybe 2 people my age (~50), just one younger than me - and that's after I apply the "hard scrabble living" adjustment to my estimate.

The process and procedures were... in end, good enough, since we duly elected (3) delegates and (3) alternates for the next step. All are "uncommitted".

There were 7 people who were nominated/accepted nominations - (4) were adamantly for Ron Paul, so there was no getting around that entirely. End result: Delegate 1: Leans Gingrich but okay w/ Romney; Delegate 2: Leans Romney but okay with ABO; Delegate 3: Ron Paul and not-gonna-budge. Alternates were Romney/paul/paul - so I'm hoping no more than 1 is needed!

These 3 will vote for next round delegates from both the District and the State conventions, from which delegates who actually go to Tampa will be elected.

I hung around a bit afterwards to see if I could find out what else our party does/plans etc. but it was too hectic, so I'll just hope someone contacts me! (Small town, everyone but me born/raised there, thus NO ONE was introduced because "you know me" was actually true for all but 1.)


During a break, I talked to a guy that was hanging around the courthouse (where our caucus was held). He said he is a videographer, doing work for a Professor Dent of NYU Journalism school. He's sent around different places to record something something about locals in less-populated areas. He asked if he could ask me questions - I declined, but after the caucus was over and I headed home, I saw some people were giving interviews and he had the camera rolling.

I suspect this will not end well. Here's a link to Professor Dent: http://journalism.nyu.edu/faculty/david-dent/


"Spray vinegar" and:


Why would anyone????????????

Manuel Transmission

Olympia beer was the Coors of the Great Northwest back when everything was regional. Rainier was The generic volume brand unless you were in Montana where it was Great Falls Select. Can't believe how much of that stuff I gagged down for lack of any other choice. (It was very hoppsish, which a young palate generally doesn't appreciate.)


Barack Obama,s Presidential Facts Tweets LUN

Some really funny stuff here. Ridicule is a potent weapon.


Lose ends:

It wasn't really clear what the majority opinion preferred candidate was. From some of the questions, my impression was Santorum would have won a plurality, but who knows.

After it was over but before I gave up finding out if there were any meetings or anything (the way I put it "So, is that it? Now we don't see or talk to each other for another 4 years?"), I did chat a bit with the least animated Ron Pauler and the GOP chairman (who was wearing bib overallns! Love it). Both of them have cabins 'in the country' (heh) they have ready to go - food, ammo, water - all set. I don't say they were sure the worst would happen, but as one said "I was a scout - Be Prepared".

The Ron Pauler talked about a Walter Williams article he got in an email - 10 reasons Obama is guaranteed to win a second term. Got interrupted before I could pursue that, but I did google it when I got home. Now I'm sorry I didn't get his email addy, because it turns out the article was a fraud. The retraction/apology is linked from George Mason University, so that seems solid.

OH! We started the caucus with a prayer, then every one stood for Pledge of Allegiance. As I was recited it, I tried to remember the last time I said it - and I just can't recall. It's been YEARS.

Captain Hate

Tell me was there some priceless shots of Coach K near the end?

One thing I'll say for K is that he's always gracious in defeat. I think he knew he didn't have the horses for a deep run and when Kelly was out I don't think last night was a big surprise to him.


Thanks for those glimpses of Americana Alice and for conquering your social anxiety to report for duty. :)


He looks like he's all business, daddy.


Ignatz@5:33 "...Americana Alice.."

I like it!


AliceH, Thanks for your reports today, really enjoyed them.
We say the Pledge of Allegiance at every monthly VFW meeting. I guess I've been saying it for over 70 years now and it still gives me a thrill.


Thanks for sharing, AliceH. How interesting and glad you made it - hope you are too.


--Ignatz@5:33 "...Americana Alice.."

I like it!--

Was supposed to be a comma in there somewhere.
My lack of punctuation skills proves a plus again.


Stephanie-- fyi my son dropprd AF ROTC in 2010 bc the flight school slots were very slim. One kid s opinion anyway.


PS. A very happy st patrick s day to all.


I can't figure out what is going on with the polls. Last week in the Bloomberg National Poll for Independents, Romney was up 49% to 41% over Obama.

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