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March 16, 2012



--Your post,,was no more on topic,,than a pic of some young thing,,grabbing a bush.--

I'm pretty certain it is not actually possible for "some young thing" to be off topic.

hit and run

It wouldn't be prudent to doubt your judgment in the matter,Ignatz.

Captain Hate

Marquette always gets my sentimental support in honor of Al.

Al was one of a kind; plus his final game was a win against Saint Deanie that forever haunted the large schnozzed nicotine slave. He had a great understanding of the game (and was the first to announce that Michael Jordan would be something special when that was far from obvious) but knew how to walk away from it. His only flaw was how much he worshiped his ham and egger brother Dick's ability; although sibling affection should get a partial pass even if I have almost none of it.


I was out-n-about today & MSNBC was on in a waiting room...all they talked about was George Clooney & the Republican "war on women". They have short "Lean Forward" promos pushing Dem. talking points. The "war on women" meme seems so divorced from reality...phony & contrived....even the people that came on didn't seem to believe it. Very odd feeling to the whole thing.

...and tonight I went to a 50 yr. celebration for my church. It was WONDERFUL! I tell ya, the DC area better watch out....the Holy Spirit is workin' big time in the metro area!


Al was one of those very few guys who seemed like a great guy as a coach and upon doing commentary actually surpassed the impression he made on the court.


Ignatz, you are a good person.
Al McGuire was a fine fine man.


Ok. I figured out it was McGuire, although I don't know who Deanie is,


--No way, DrJ. Like Playboy, JOM is read for the articles.--

Hey CH,
If you're still around, I'm assuming you're making extra sure you get this months Playboy for the Megan McCaion interview, right?


DoT, thank you, I no longer have the lowest reported score, though not by a lot.

I think my failing was TV and military.


Dean Smith, North Carolina coach who drives CH to distraction, narc.


Here is video of the KONY2012 guy going berserk. Sad really.


--Ignatz, you are a good person.--

Thanks Gus, but it would have meant more if you'd said it like this;
Ignatz, you are a GOOD PERSON! :)


Ignatz, you are most definitely a good person!!


I am starting to pick up Gus' habit of occasional caps, even in emails to friends. I LOVE IT.

Don't ever change, Gus.


Thank you very much Porchlight. I truly appreciate your kindness, and your ability to recognize my style, and my intentions and decency. You have flattered me.
Captain Hate is my hero. He has always been my back.


What a mess...


Bill in AZ sez it's time for Obama/Holder murder trial in Mexico

Just got back from getting a guy out of the bottom of a canyon with a busted knee - with help from some ropes and a couple of helicopters. Helicopter finally located another guy 30 miles away whose locator beacon alerted at the bottom of another canyon, off trail and 8-10 wicked hiking hours from any trail head. Helicopter could find no place to insert a team that could get anywhere near him at night, with over 1500 ft almost vertical walls down to where he is located. Will have to try in the morning. No missions for 2 months, then 3 in one afternoon. 3rd one was taken care of quickly by the mounted team.

Anyway - Mel meetup. Fascinating person stuffed full of history, both Chicago and world. My wife and I could have talked the rest of the afternoon. Mel had to drive, then my calls came in, otherwise we would have launched into some beers and we could have solved a lot of the worlds problems.

Off to get some sleep, maybe a long day tomorrow.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Sorry Mark O, but here is one happy Lehigh grad. I've been partying.

March 16 will go down in history as Lehigh's greatest sports day ever. In addition to the Duke win in Greensboro (where Duke had never lost a NCAA tournament game), 2 of 3 Lehigh semifinalists in the Div 1 wrestling tournament made the finals and the team is tied with Illinois for sixth place in the country and only 2.5 points from fifth place Ohio State.


Al McGuire should be slit open and fed to the dogs.


Sorry MarkO.


Happy Birthday.

Danube of Thought

Sorry, MarkO, for screwing up your birthday greeating, which I offered way prematurely though I should have known better. So I hereby wish you a happy birthday again.

Any day when two no, 2 seeds lose to no. 15's, and Notre Dame loses to boot, has to be a banner hoops day.


Uggh.. my brackets look like swiss cheese and my brain is fried.

So today is the hubby's birthday and waaaay too many free drinks at the club tonight. Whoever invented 'lemon drops' should be shot on sight. Just because he is now a SS beneficiary is no reason to get the old folks drunk.

I'm just glad the return trip to WV is Sunday.

Daddy, the daughter is stoked to do to the college/flight school thing. Do you think she has a chance if she finishes school (mechanical engineering) and then does flight school in Daytona? Is that the best way to go?


Guinness -- It Really is Good for You!

But don't forget the Irish Soda Bread.



In general the folks I work with came to where they are 1 of 2 ways.

First is the Military, where the Military trains you in Flight School (Active Service or Air Guard) and then after your active Duty stint is done you go commercial aviation and do what I do. Of the former military guys I work with about 2/3rd's were Academy or ROTC grads, and the rest were guys like me, who after college, applied via testing and physicals at Military Recruiting offices for selection to Military Aviation programs. After selection we would go to Boot Camp for 16 week, where they would teach you basic military stuff, after which we went to Flight training. I would recommend your daughter just give a call to a Recruiter (Navy, Marines and AirForce) just to find out what is available in today's world. I am sure it is much different than the situation when I first applied back in 1978.

The Second path, the all Civilian route, is for folks to get their flight time in an Aviation college at something like Embry Riddle or San Jose State etc. (Beware---it's gonna' be expensive). The step of first going to a university to get a degree in something like Mechanical Engineering and then going to a civilian flight school is an extra step which, if her ultimate goal is simply to fly commercially, is unnecessary, but not too unusual. One of my favorite co-workers was a Geology major and a practicing Geologist before she caught the fever and paid for flight school.

So not to discourage her from getting her ME if that is what she wants, or if she is already in school doing that, but from the experience of the folks I fly with the Civilian Aviation School is plenty sufficient to teach all that is required to get a good start in commercial aviation. The ME degree is nice to have but certainly not a requirement for something like Embry Riddell, tho' it would probably look good on a resume in future for a commercial aviation company.

If she is already graduating with an ME Degree she might see about finding out what it takes to get accepted to something like the Air Guard unit in Savannah, GA or Charleston SC, I forget which. I have a few friends who still fly in those units and I would be happy to contact them and find out what is available to do something like that. They fly heavies in their Guard units; C-141's or C-5's, large Airforce Tranport Planes, and as those are multi-engine jets, they are perfect airplanes for transitioning to Commercial Aviation, after accumulating the necessary hours and Pilot In Command time.

Hope that helps.

CT, If you are up, do you have any suggestions?


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

In previous years I have discussed Saint Patrick, who banished the snakes, and Saint Bridget who could make cows pee beer and who could hang her cloak on a sunbeam.

This year, interested in getting away from that semi-mythological stuff, I figured I would go for hard, honest facts about Ireland, and what better way to start than by reading The History and Topography of Ireland as written by Gerald of Wales in 1188.

Gerald, an English subject, was a tutor of Henry the Second, the King who encouraged the murder of his good buddy, Archbishop Thomas Becket. Naturally Gerald followed orders gladly, and went to Ireland and wrote a book for King Henry about the place.

Gerald tells us that the first person to live in Ireland was Cesara, the Granddaughter of Noah. She had her own boat and took Grandaddy's advice to heart and beat the Flood. 300 years later there arrived more Noah kin and the clan prospered. Next, some Scythians showed up, then some Spaniards, and the begating began for a thousand years until Gerald arrived.

Ireland is lovely says Gerald. There is an island in a lake so pure that the corpses on it don't rot! Women not allowed though:( Bummer.

There are also lovely larks, and beautiful bunny rabbits, and werewolves. Gerald is uncertain where the werewolves come from, but he is more certain of where the Half-man/Half-ox critters roaming the countryside came from----From Irish men having sex with Oxen.

Gerald also tells us about the Half man/Half cow critters---again, Irish blokes having a roll in the hay with a heifer.

Half man/Half goats? Ditto.

Half man/Half Lion? By now you should be able to guess.

Thank goodness Ireland didn't have elephants!

What surprises the reader though, is that Gerald never sees a Half man/Half horse. He waxes elegantly on Human/Equine coitus, as apparently it is an especially important ritual required to become King. I thought initially, unlike Georgetown University, they had horse contraceptives, but then I see that Gerald tells us that after the...horseplay...that the horse is cooked in a stew and the new King feeds it to his raucous subjects to seal the deal. Viva La Roi!

Gerald says good stuff about Saint Patrick, especially noting his success in banishing the snakes from ireland. This observation is actually to King Henry's benefit, because Gerald then says that because the Isle of Man has snakes on it it belongs to England. QED.

Now off on a "Saints banishing pests" riff, Gerald continues and tells us about Saint Nannan, who banished the Fleas, but only from an infested town he hung out at into the meadows over in the suburbs. And then there is Saint Yver, who was so mad when the rats ate his books that he permanently banished them from Leinster.

But even with those great accomplishments, Gerald is not a big fan of the irish Clergy. Chapter 83 is headlined:

"That the Saints of this country seem to be of a vindictive cast of mind."

Gerald takes special umbrage at the clergy who after a day of prayer and fasting, will strike a balance by drinking the whole night through. Shamefull!

(Excuse me a moment as I go refill my mug.)


But if you thought Gerald thought little of the Irish Clergy, just see what he thought of the Irish themselves. They are invincibly lazy, too lazy to do any trade or mechanical art, and too lazy even for agriculture. They are also treacherous. He has a whole chapter on "Their vices and treacheries", and this doesn't even include biblical relations with the barnyard. We (my ancestors) besides being thieves and liars and robbers, dress like barbarians. We wander around in black woolen rugs and carry battle axes to knock the stuffing out of each other. We are murderous and cunning, yet too lazy to build forts, so instead we hang out in swamps like Shrek.

Our only saving grace, says Gerald, is that we are all fabulous musicians, the best in the world, and then he states that every song begins and ends in B-Flat.

Well I almost bought the whole thing until that last. B-Flat?

Gerald of Wales, you are a Liar.

Ever heard a U-2 Tune? Or the Corr's? Bah. What a bunch of Blarney.


Bravo, daddy!


What a bunch of Blarney.



Happy St Pats!!!

Speaking of Barney, Tapscott, describes a number of big astroturf ops and how the media allows these Potemkin village ops to get away with it.


I drank like an Irish man, now I b flat on me back.


WSJ decries the absence of real sanctions on the DoJ's Stevens prosecution team.http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304459804577283371409080312.html?fb_ref=wsj_share_FB&fb_source=other_multiline


*bLarney* (coffee, coffee, I need coffee)


AGAIN. Why are the Republicans so friggin stupid??

Hello, when Obama gave his spiel about Christopher Columbus, it was a perfect opportunity to point out that Columbus already used Obamas FUTURE technology of WIND POWER, and also point out that if the Republicans had offered Columbus DIESEL ENGINES for his boats, he would have made the journey in just three days.

In addition, why didn't Boehner IMMEDIATELY come out in support of Texas and state that the Congress WILL find the state program that Obama is cutting for poor women. IT WAS A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO POINT OUT OBAMA AND SEBELIOUS ARE MORE ABOUT ABORTION AND SUPPORT FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD THEN THEY ARE WORRIED ABOUT FUNDING WOMENS HEALTH.

Boeahner should have immediatly called for a vote of the sense of the house amendment to restore funding and let the Democrats have to vote against poor women.

It just pisses me off when out side is this stupid.


St. Louis, you make me proud!
There was an “Occupy Midwest” or some such thing yesterday in St. Louis. Reports of protestor counts ranged from 100 to 200. Linking to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article (LUN). The comments are inspiring (for a change)! Here are some of my favorites:
• I liken the relationship between the Left and their Political Overlords to the relationship between a cat and a laser pointer.
• Let's see. There around about 3 million people living in this area and the Occupy Dudes show up with 200 supporters. What percent is that again? The less than 1% don't represent the 99% of decent folks in this town. Marxists, socialists and anarchists. Begone!!
• Enough is enough. These petulent children have made their non-point. Time to start clubbing them like baby seals.
• The Soviets called people like this "useful idiots". Occupy is an astroturfed puppet show specifically created to deflect attention away from the Obama Administration's abysmal failures. They are about as revolutionary as my pet cat. If the press didn't fawn over them with free publicity, no one would even know they existed.
• I was having trouble getting my head around what the Occupy kids were all about. But now that they have shown me how violent and irrational they can be... Oh, I'm totally on board now.
• I was on the fence, but now that I finally understand they are concerned about there not being enough fresh air ventilation in police cars, that's all I need to know. Where do I send a check? IMHO there is just not enough hobo camping and too many car windows in this country today.

Cecil Turner

CT, If you are up, do you have any suggestions?

You covered it pretty well (and I only really know the military side, anyway). It might actually save money to get the degree first and flight school after; I don't know. I don't have a very high opinion of Embry Riddle academics (despite having a master's from there), so the bottom line is probably the cost, and I have no idea which is more (though they're all expensive, like you said). The networking opportunities at the aviation colleges might make them more attractive . . . I really don't know.

If one takes the military route, Uncle Sugar takes pretty good care of you . . . except you sometimes get shot at, and it's risky even when bullets aren't flying (some worse than others . . . some much worse . . . carriers and tacair are not for the faint of heart). When you finish, depending when you get out, you'll be somewhat behind your civilian counterparts, and may need to take a job with commuters for a while, but the ancillary benefits mostly make up for it.

If you decide to go the civilian route, the main thing to understand is that it won't pay for itself for a long time. Up front costs are steep, building flight hours takes a long time (and a lot of money), and entry-level wages are low. There are various websites that describe the process (written by people who probably know a lot more about it than I do). But the main thing to appreciate is that a first officer in a commuter only makes about $20K a year for some very long hours (and that's after a fairly large initial investment in time and money). Until one gets hired in the major airlines, it's not very lucrative. And there's no guarantee of getting hired on with a major. If you stay and upgrade in the commuters, you'd almost certainly do better in a generic engineering field (pay wise). Don't want to be a naysayer, but the civilian route is likely to be a lot of hard work on Ramen noodle wages for several years.


Also? Via GatewayPundit, the protestors were greeted with "Breitbart is here" signs pasted all over downtown.


That Tapscott link is great.
On the "At Least He's No Longer Bashing Bush" thread, Extraneus posted...

"That video JiB posted at 9:41 of Pelosi blaming Bush for $3 gas shows how obvious the Dem alliance with the MSM is. Just watch her stilted reading of the stupid points of her statement and try to imagine if a camera would even be there to record a Republican spouting the same b.s., never mind if a media outlet would publicize it. She knows it'll be covered by the Dem lapdogs, surely summoned there for the purpose, so she goes through the motions of giving them something to chew on, and then it's back to the cauldron."

It is all such an orchestrated fraud.
The "Tea Party are racist" show followed the same storyline. Opening night of the production was March 20, 2010. Dems put on a show, the MFM wait for their cue, hundreds of leftist organizations cry out & show up on TV & in newspapers for interviews.

The Joe Wilson/Plame fraud was another...


Frau, Gov Moonbeam is too sane for the WI Dems.


AliceH - thanks for posting the comments! They're wonderful!!

Jack is Back!


ROTC if they have it and its not to late. CT is right about going civvie and the expense to accummulate flight hours especially multi-engine IFR. Best to have Uncle Sam cover that and then deal with civvie possibilities later. Also she can do post-grad in service if she wants and the service needs and agrees.

Also, what was the name of that restaurant near Sylva, NC you told me about? We are going up to that cabin April 5 to 12 for Easter break.


Janet: And to think that is from the land of Congressman Lacy Clay (D-01), who even in the Republican-dominated 2010 elections managed to win nearly 76% of the vote. (He won win 87% in 2008).

Cecil Turner

Hello, when Obama gave his spiel about Christopher Columbus, it was a perfect opportunity to point out that Columbus already used Obamas FUTURE technology of WIND POWER, and also point out that if the Republicans had offered Columbus DIESEL ENGINES for his boats, he would have made the journey in just three days.

I think the better approach would be to point out that only morons thought the Earth was flat in Columbus's day. And in fact the argument was not over the shape of the earth; which had been settled since ancient Greece.

Rather obviously, even to liberal arts majors:

The main argument in Columus's day was over the size of the earth, with Columbus maintaining the wrong answer even though it had been measured fairly accurately by Eratosthenes in the third century BC.

Personally, I'd like to ask the President why silly misperceptions of historical events persist and are trumpeted from the bully pulpit; and whether his "Race to the Top" initiative is designed to enhance excellence in education . . . or to perpetuate convenient myths that he can use in fallacious strained parallel attacks on political foes. Okay, I admit that might be too comlicated an argument for our intellectual betters in the MSM.

Captain Hate

Congratulations to Jim Rhoads on Lehigh's first tourney win; talk about doing it in spectacular fashion.

I hate Notre Dame with the heat of a gazillion supernovas but I think they got screwed by the refs making a capricious call at a crucial moment in what had been an excellently played game and, to that point, a well called one. Somebody has to collar those zebras and let them know that they are supposed to be faceless and never to be the story of the game.

Captain Hate

If you're still around, I'm assuming you're making extra sure you get this months Playboy for the Megan McCaion interview, right?

If anybody's lacking evidence that Hef is a senile fool, that should provide conclusive proof. Ace included excerpts from the interview which proves in its witlessness that she's McStain's not so little girl.


Well Cecil it depends, is he merely a fool like King Denethor, (Carter) or is he a knave
something worse, one tends to think the latter, knowing his record, I'v sussed out that the cap n trade scam is a path to new
feudalism, for the peasantry, the alchemy of global warming is a scam, to impoverish the rest of us, Dodd Frank, tears at the sinews of community banks, demeaning and distortingthe record of a public spirited citizen, is yet another indicator, This is what Romney doesn't get, Obama is not interested in a debate,he just wants to prevail, to roughshod.



If you are around, there is a reply for you on the previous thread along with this link to the degrowth conference of 2008.

stephanie-the people who get those civilian credentials get crushing debt unless a relative pays. Hubby flew as a hobby and actually did night trips for an FBO after working all day because he liked flying the dc3. Later they were 1st in with supplies after jamaica was hit so bad. He has his multiengine and instrument instructor licenses. We have lots of airline pilot friends who got those expensive multiengine hours because he brought them along while he flew skydivers. We were with some of them last weekend and they say he is amazing in explaining how it all works if you want your daughter to talk with him. When the brasilias starting flipping over we got a lot of phone calls from former students. He had gone through a pitts aerobatic phase and said the simulators needed to be changed to remind pilots the plane doesn't care if it's upside down and the pilot needs to not either.

When red was a week past due I really considered going up in the pitts. It used to take off at what looked like more than 45 degree angle.


Well she looked cute in that pic, I'll admit
then 'she removed all doubt' by opening her mouth, the thing about true beauty is it's
effortless and natural, in the LUN.


I should add, this is true of all the ladies of JOM,


So hhs says student health plans have to cover contraceptives without copays as well.

LUN. Who do they think will then be paying? It won't be the students or the insurance companies. That leaves taxpayers, parents, and those who buy their own coverage footing that bill. Really awful if you are all 3.


If the point is to eliminate any private insurance, like Obama admitted in 2007, then it makes perfect sense, as is the subversion of university systems that uphold any kind of values,

Jack is Back!


The way its going we will all be subsidizing all the freebies that the left require to sustain their repugnant life styles and we will do in supplicant fashion under the almighty force of the police state and cult of personality we are becoming.

Forget Europe, we are headed toward being more like North Korea.


With both Voter ID and redistricting cases headed to the WI SC, the WI Judicial Commission files ethics charges against Judge Prosser. From the comments the special prosecutor signed a recall petition. No charges against Judge Bradley, the agressor in the "choking" incident. The left is also after Judge Gableman.


They are utterly shameless, it's also not surprising at all, sadly re Katherine Harris,

Danube of Thought

Minus 10 at Raz today.

Leads Romney by 6.


Hmmm. Seems like it's time to file ethics charges against the Judicial Commission for sanctioning trumped up ethics charges.


sbw, per this article trumped up charges are all they do. They have now gone after 3 of the 4 conservatives on the SC. Gabelman's second round (coming soon) is because he hired a law firm to defend himself the first time.


Morning all and happy St. Patrick's Day.

Minus 10? WTH.

Surely this has already been linked, but just in case - WSJ weighs in on the Stevens case report:

WSJ: Department of Injustice


Thy have institutionalized that French proverb about 'vicious animals' henry,


Not terribly surprising in this context;



"repugnant life styles"

Here's some of the leftist trash one has to put up with just to attend a Democrat ripoff.



For St. Patrick's Day -


So Bin Laden apparently didn't agree that the Solon of Scranton was so swift,

Danube of Thought

ESPN received 6.45 million brackets. After the first round not one is unblemished.


Jim Rhoads, you deserve the day. At least the Duke loss didn't come as a surprise to anyone who had followed the team.

One last thank you to all who sent me good wishes. Excepting Duke, I had a wonderful day.

Captain Hate

Nooner never fails to fail. I thought maybe she'd put away the "arthritis cure" when writing her "America's Real War on Women" when she effectively summarizes the hypocrisy of the left trashing de wimmenz while getting the vapors at Rush's comments. And she names Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy Thompson, Sandra Fluke and Kirsten Powers. But she just can't bring herself to mention she-who-can't-be-named who has been the primary target of four years of smears.

Bottom's up, Nooner; with your weekly screed done, this is your kind of day.


Steyn on he who is just not that smart.



How about that letter from the American Bankers Association, re; Sutton Dillinger,
they really do deserve our scorn.


Can someone tell why Sabato is given the time of day, after what he did to Allen in 2006,

A group of Senate Republicans has introduced legislation that would end traditional Medicare and sign seniors up for the same private healthcare plans received by members of Congress.

The "Congressional Health Care for Seniors Act" would allow seniors to choose from the array of plans currently offered to the four million federal employees and their dependents in the Federal Employee Health Benefit program, starting in 2014. It would also gradually increase the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 to 70 over a 20-year period.

The bill was introduced Thursday by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). South Carolina Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint are co-sponsors, along with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah).


Neighbor girl just came by & delivered Girl Scout cookies...so my little dog Jess went with her to finish the deliveries. Too cute. Like a living Norman Rockwell painting.


Here's an aussie response to that steyn piece:

"Well, education isn’t what it used to be. For the first time I found amongst all of the 150 students who do my course not one of whom had ever heard the name John Stuart Mill before. I offer – it’s only a joke – an automatic A to anyone who can tell me a single fact about JSM but no one has ever even heard the name on their road to tertiary education."

Here's the really bad part on Mills. Yesterday I was tracking down some of the implications of the scheming and I am back a few decades where the good stuff is. This essay advocating very intrusive changes that seem to be what BO meant by transform were quoting mills for insights into how to subvert the individual and any sense of liberty. I had noticed the same thing with von mises in the 1950s. Our best minds point out the essence of what makes us special and the schemers figure out a way to try and subvert in a stealth manner.

Captain Hate

Surely this has already been linked, but just in case - WSJ weighs in on the Stevens case report

I read that in the dead tree earlier and I don't think they go far enough in castigating those jackhole prosecutors. We know the chinless wonder won't do a damn thing (nor will he be transparent about it) but hopefully a new administration will clean house and start reining in some of these hotdogs, including some on our side that have abused the office.

Further on the WSJ goes full duke and duke on the tactics used against poor Dick Lugar such as enforcing the residency requirement for voting. Maybe that was petty but it ignores that Lugar still has the full benefits that incumbency brings and I'm sure his buddy Cornyn will be doing all he can to thwart any conservative interlopers.

Jack is Back!

Bravo, Mark Steyn at MarkO's 10:42 link.

It was bad enough that Obama has gone on the attack against living private citizens (i.e. Koch Brothers, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, The Cambridge Cop, etc.) but now he is maligning the dead who can't defend themselves.

He really is a jerk and ass of the highest order.

Note he gave this talk at a Community College not at lets say an Energy Forum or Conference where he would have been laughed off stage. It seems all of his talks and speeches are to people living in the very thick bubble of segregated intelligence spoon-fed to them by the MFM and Hollywood. Nothing else except maybe rse's coming book can explain it.


Have you read the Caldwell bio of Hayek, (and Von Mises) which lays out their revolt against the dirigisme of Wagner and Schmoller


Friday night dump

Sandra Fluke should be happy, though. The administration made a final decision about whether it will require colleges to provide students with insurance that covers contraception, as well. Take one wild guess as to what their decision was.

Captain Hate

Note he gave this talk at a Community College

He's been using them as a forum for a couple years now, probably because they're so closely latched to the donkeycrat tit in Cuyhoga and Prince George counties, to name two stops; and they'll weight the audience accordingly.

Danube of Thought

I'm just flabbergasted. The president of the United States now has the authority to instruct every school in the country as to the details of its health insurance plan.

And a nation of sheep just yawns. They just sleepwalk that little baby step from "that is something I would like in my plane" to "the central government in Washington should mandate that it be in every plan."

I'm gonna go nuts.

Jane (Bad says Obama sucks)

Aww Janet, I can picture Jess. What a cutie!

Ben Franklin


All the disparate info could have some critical mass.


"In previous episodes -- start here -- we discussed the outlandish theory that young Barack Obama's 1981 trip to Pakistan (then an international hotspot) had something to do with the CIA.

A ludicrous notion? Perhaps. But it has the virtue of explaining why Obama completely neglected to mention his only overseas trip in his two autobiographies, even though establishing his foreign policy credentials could only have helped him. My theory also explains why an unidentified official at the American embassy arranged for the then-unknown Obama to stay with Muhammadmian Soomro, who was arguably the most powerful mover-and-shaker in Pakistan. (That unnamed official stinks of Agency.) It also explains how the allegedly impoverished Obama managed to pay for the trip."

Manuel Transmission

Stephenie, an additional data point: the Russian step-daughter of one of my college roommates was ruined for life when I arranged for her to take a helicopter ride with one of my buds a couple summers ago. She immediately rolled that into a plan to get a full ride scholarship through the Army. That all got set up until at the last minute, she decided that the payback wasn't worth it. (I think part of that is the Army can decide after the fact to nix the flight program.)

Anyway, she switched to an ME program at Embry Riddle (Prescott campus where she lives) and I'm not sure whether flying is still the main focus. Her step-dad and step-brother were/are airline pilots.

My take: do the ME, because it is a solid basis for an uncertain future where health/economics can steer things in unknown directions.


Powerline on the death of environmentalism

The death rattle of environmentalism will be deafening. It has too much political momentum and fanatical devotion to go quietly. The environmental establishment is a billion-dollar a year business, and there are plenty of stupid guilty rich people, idiot Hollywood celebrities, and direct-mail dupes to keep the agitation machine going for many years to come. The architecture of environmental law and regulation, and the administrative momentum of the EPA, assures that this zombie movement will continue to do great damage to the economy for a long time to come. But make no mistake—it is a bunch of brain-dead zombies that we face in the environmental movement today.

As for cause of death on the official death certificate, mark it down as “suicide, brought on by hubris.”

Manuel Transmission

A couple of observations regarding the SCOAMF in action. First, did any of you guys notice that video of him at the Bell/HLC protest where he was pumping his hand into his pocket like he was practicing his quick draw? Second, in all the recent clips from these campaign stops, he has a manic demeanor that has to be coke induced. That guy is high on sumpin' and I don't think it's all crowd adulation.


their tachnique is to make up a slogan and then they all go around parroting that slogan in one way or another day and day out. It is the Geobbels' way: "culture of corruption" and "war on women". It may be bald lies but it's repeated often and is effective.

imo the right needs counteracting slogans but I don't think we have any, do we?

Ben Franklin

"the right needs counteracting slogans but I don't think we have any, do we?"



What happens when Milwaukee teachers find out that extending their union contract ahead of collective bargaining reforms means they will lose their jobs?. They can cut their pay 2.6% and "give Walker a victory" or lose their jobs and give Walker a victory. Teachers are smart.


--imo the right needs counteracting slogans but I don't think we have any, do we?--

The Stupid Party; ninety nine and forty four one hundredths pure?


a picture on a bumper sticker that has gone viral is not the same thing as a political slogan repeated day in and day out by reporters, politicians, posters on messages boards, bloggers, etc. etc. etc.


Could be, MT. In almost every snapshot he's scarfing down food but just keeps getting thinner and thinner..


Give me freedom or give me Obama.


mt-I thought his eyes looked really odd yesterday. Darting around and the mouth. His I have power and you can't stop me demeanor.

clarice-against all reason came yesterday. Interesting to have so many different scholars takes now of what they were seeing all over the world. It was not written to be popularly accessible but that's OK at this point. Hard not to hear the Wise Latina remark in the background.

Jack is Back!


ESPN has put that in perspective with this little visual.

"Citizen or Subject - Your Choice - 2012"

Rick Ballard

"imo the right needs counteracting slogans but I don't think we have any, do we?"


They're hanging on every gas station in the country. The MFM can bang the drums and amp the bass to 12 every single day but the Muddle is moving away from BOzo at the same snail pace that it has maintained since he led the Dems beyond the precipice. They may pick up the pace if the market reprices to reality or they might slow down a bit if the gas prices begin to reflect supply/demand reality but putting the Muddle in reverse requires a level of political skill which BOzo does not possess.


IMO, they gave a scandal and even through it affected almost everyone in America, only a few came forward and did what needed to be done.


Millions could have stepped forward and said there is fraud going on in my mortgage , but only a few did.

"Lynn Szymoniak, a lawyer, was facing foreclosure in 2008 when she received what she believed were fake documents from her bank. She began an investigation and eventually filed a false claim suit against the country’s four largest mortgage servicers.

Szymoniak’s suit is still sealed, but she told CBS’ “60 Minutes” last year about a mystery woman, “Linda Green,” who appeared to be the vice president of 20 different banks and whose signature varied on the thousands of mortgage documents she had supposedly signed."

Thousands signed by Linda Green and no one even seems to care.

"Her suit was settled for $95 million, and she will receive $18 million."

IMO, these are the people who should be going to the White House and being recognized by the President. Instead we have foul mouth rappers being treated as some kind of VIPs.


Rick, I am concerned about the Rasmussen polls showing Obama beating Romney---Do you think this is an anomaly relating to the failure to have a clear Rep candidate just yet?


I got two great ideas for the Republicans,

Number 1: Add a line to the tax form. If you purchase for yourself or provide birth control to anyone else check here, this reduces your taxes by 1,000 dollars.

Call it the Fluke Loophole. I am sure we will doscover millions have been providing birth control and now the government can pay them back directly.

Number 2: Add a 500 dollar per family fuel tax credit due to us having to pay for Obamas failed alternative fuels program.

Call it the Failed alternative energy rebate and say Republican believe it should stay in place until gas is under 2.50 per gallon, or alternative energy replaces 30 percent of the current consumption.

Jane (Bad says Obama sucks)

If the CIA associated with someone as stupid as Barack Obama we are so screwed. I'm pretty sure they aren't into critical race theory. Have you taught a course in that Ben?

DOT, If the media says anything the FCC will come after it, if a school complains it will lose funding, and if all else fails he always has the drones.


Rick, I was going to ask you about DoT's cite of RAs this morning, but I see Clarice already has.

I've noticed that alliteration is used effectively is some slogans

war, women
culture, corruption

so as slogans go, "Subject or Citizen" is pretty good, though maybe a bit too deep for the muddle


Pops' idea of the Breitbart masks was genius imo. They could be easily manufacutred out of thin light cardboard.

Ben Franklin

I've never taught a course, Jane. But I am CIA, so I have that going for me.

Ben Franklin

"They could be easily manufacutred out of thin light cardboard."

lol. They'd be so life-like.


At the moment there's only one IT app I'm interested in--one that blows up anyone who sends me spam or posts it on my FB account.

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