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March 17, 2012



Hi Everyone,

I need some help. I refuse to use Pro-flowers anymore and need an alternative to send someone B-day flowers in Naples, Florida.

JiB or Clarice, Maybe you could help with someone locally?

Anyways, any help is appreciative. Thxs.


Your last two articles were MasterPieces. I am sending copies to the same person the flowers are going to. Might prove ticklish since she voted for Obama and is working with his Education Dept. (Yikes, the flowers gotta be good. :) )


The clunker for me with Quayle was that he thought he had to prove he could lead. Unfortunately, being a leader doesn't mean saying "follow me." It means being able to put into words those things that matter to people so that they WANT to follow.

Obama laughed. Then he joked that maybe the trigger should be his own removal from office. Biden deadpanned: Republicans might just go for that.
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day
Jack is Back!

Plus DQ was the best golfer ever to even have an office in the WH. Played at DePauw. Was scratch and still is around a 3 handicap. Watched him play the Kemper Pro-Am when I was in DC. He could run with the big boys even then.

But IIRC the first salvo against DQ was his military service. He had joined and served honorably in the Indiana Army National Guard while attending Law School at Indiana U. The press, I think, made a big deal out of him avoiding Viet Nam due to his law school deferment or something like that.

Perhaps my resident research maven, narciso can shed light on that. Can't seem to find it with my limited googling expertise.

Jack is Back!


Here is a good alternative and we use them.

Captain Hate

Well stated sbw. I have no doubt Quayle was smart which is why the MFM worked it so hard to "prove" he was dumb. NPR really pushed that meme; a purportedly smart acquaintance or mine bought into their garbage completely. Being shackled with being associated with Poppy Bush didn't help him imo.


JiB: You have a good memory. They did try to make a big deal over his Guard service. Even though he'd been in the Senate, he really was an unknown to the national media at the time of his Veep selection and they'd already set their agenda for him in their minds as a lightweight, rich kid. Everyone was mad. DQ had not paid the proper dues, in their minds. Think of it as an earlier version of being Palinized by both the party elites and the media.

Captain Hate

CBS is really pushing Mooch being on Letterperv tomorrow. The softballs will be flying.

Jack is Back!


I was working K street (actually 15th and K) the last 2 years of Reagan and the 1st term of Bush 41 so I remember a lot of this. In fact, I knew DQ when he chaired the Council on Competitiveness because my Chairman and CEO were members. Not well mind you but enough to say hello.

I think I have told this before but I had the pleasure of doing a number of Bush 41 inauguration events including a lunch over at the Cannon Building in which I sat at the same table for 8 with Joan Rivers and Kevin Costner. Woot, woot! As DoT would say. Couldn't eat I was laughing so hard at Rivers.

Bush 41's campaign used the slogan "We are the Change" and I still have a campaign button to prove it. Nothing new in DC except the first Commie president. And that Post story Neo linked to is pure, unadulterated BS written for them by Axelrod/Plouffe Re-Eclection Fantasies and Blind Allegiance.

Jack is Back!

Talking about DC, How about these gas prices at a station 1 mile down the road from the WH. [If it doesn't come through fully, just hover and click to move it to full measure].

Over $5 gas in DC. Whoa Nellie!


Good post by Daddy. Made me think ... he's restricting it to mass media BS fabricated stories, and I'm sure there's a few more well-known ones he's missed, but I can't think of them right now :^) Nonetheless it's great material for a longer essay or even a website on classic liberal hoaxes. A related subject would be the constant stream of hate crime hoaxes: different in that they are not perpetrated by media operatives, but similar in that they always skew left and always turn out to be BS.

Jack is Back!

Jane, Rocco, Dave(inMA), TC and other Bay Staters:

Scott Brown - Stand up Comic

Good stuff:)


Official Puerto Rico primary results site http://bit.ly/zhyCQt

Results so far: Romney at 307; Santorum 30

Jack is Back!


Put that gun down:) Calm down. Stop biting the fingernails.

Translation: Spartans only up 4 on the lowly Billikens.

Jack is Back!


Does Romney speak Spanish? Considering his Mexican roots.


JiB: No, he and Ann are both fluent in French. However, one of his sons served his mission in South America and is fluent in Spanish.

I posted this the other day, but I think it made a big impact on Puerto Ricans when their president said: Mitt Romney understands that English is the language of business, but Spanish is the language of our prayers with our children at night and in our churches.

Results now: 700 Romney, 66 Santorum. Others are: Roemer 8; Gingrich and Karger 7; Ron Paul 6.

If finals end up at these levels and Romney has over 50% (he is at 86% now), he gets all 20 delegates.


Well duh!

"Those higher prices haven't derailed a steadily improving economy. But if they surpass $4 or $5 a gallon, experts fear Americans could pull back on spending, and job growth could stall, posing a potentially serious threat to the recovery.

And the longer prices remain high, the more they could imperil President Barack Obama's re-election hopes."


Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)


Some of the funniest stuff comes out of that yearly event. I'm waiting to hear the jokes about crash Murray.


Thanks, Ann. I see JiB has answered your question. According to LI, Proflowers is again advertising on Rush, but I have no independent knowledge of that. They did say it was a "suspension" and they do keep sending me emails though I do keep unsubscribing and telling them why.


Big totals still holding:

Romney 1553 (85.10%)
Santorum 158
Gingrich 28
Roemer 21
Karger 20
Paul 18

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Looks like Santorum could have saved a plane trip. Like many of his heavy handed social positions pushing English in PR was a fool's errand. I'm with DOT on this guy.


Georgia has finalized results from its March 6 primary, and Mitt Romney added six delegates, while Newt Gingrich picked up five.


JiB thank God, we did not pull a DOOK! St Louie beat a pretty good Memphis squad, there were lots of Spartans telling me how we got screwed with Memphis at that point in the bracket so I fully expected it to be like the 3 Wisconsin matches this year ( we won all three but they were all close ). Bring on the Cardinals. Meanwhile Creigton up on UNC? WHOA

Jack is Back!


I have this gut feeling one or more of the Number Ones are going down before the final 4. Too much parity. I mean look at Norfolk State and Lehigh, Geez.


This is a done deal, IMHO.

Romney 3295 (86.39%)
Santorum 297 (7.79%)
Gingrich 51 (1.34%)


Thanks for that assessment of Dan Quayle from up close Sara.


Lehigh got lucky. They drew DOOK...


Drudge has called it, the media seems to be ignoring the primary entirely. Totals now at:

Romney 6552 (86.48%)
Santorum 568 (7.50%)


A new 3 Stooges movie. BO, Biden and Harry could fill the roles for a remake.


Barry, Surly, and Joe Gmax?


Gmax, riding high in the rear view mirror. Win much on your $10,000 bet for Lehigh?

OTOH, I admit to writing here that Duke could go out in the first round. Now that much awaited Lehigh/Xavier game.

I want to watch FSU. That's a strong team.


Rain, if you come back, I added a comment for you.

Captain Hate

Lol @ Nantzy-boy and Kellogg being surprised that Hole fans would cheer for Lehigh. Do your homework, tools.


How does Kellogg keep that job? No, really.

Captain Hate

They must want him to yack his fool head off because he never shuts up. I miss Gus Johnson although Verne and Raff are pretty good as are Marv Albert and Steve Kerr.


Win much on your bet on DOOK? LOL

Thomas Collins

I give the kid discussed in the LUNed article an A for organizational ability, initiative and business math skills.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Well I gotta hand it to him, Murray did a lot better than I would ever have imagined:

BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - Lt. Gov. Tim Murray showed up to the St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast in South Boston dressed in NASCAR attire on Sunday morning.

"This morning as acting governor I signed an executive order raising the speed limit to 108mph,"said Lt Gov Tim Murray.

The lieutenant governor's state owned car crashed at 5am going 108 mph back in November.

State police charged him $555 for a speeding ticket and he was also fined for not wearing a seat belt and a marks lane violation. But Murray found humor in the high speed crash.

"Let me be clear, contrary to the rumors Danica Patrick was not in the car with me the morning of my accident. Actually she was the pace car in front of me" added Murray.

Also in attendance were U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, as well as other Massachusetts politicians.

The traditional gathering is an opportunity for politicians to throw a few darts at each other and celebrate Massachusetts' Irish-American heritage.

The yearly event gives lawmakers and political newcomers a chance to test their skills at delivering political jokes and sing traditional Irish songs while eating corned-beef hash and scrambled eggs.


The Billion dollar meme appears to be stillborn:

Obama lags behind Republican front-runner Mitt Romney in finding donors willing to give $2,000 or more — a surprising development for a sitting president, and one that could signal more worrisome financial problems heading into the general election. At this point in the last election cycle, Obama had received such large donations from more than 23,000 supporters, more than double the 11,000 who have given him that much this time. President George W. Bush had more than four times the number of big donations at this point in his reelection.

Danube of Thought

One thing I'll never forget about Quayle is that the terminally loopy Dan Rather insisted on being the only person in America to call him "J. Danforth Quayle," which he did throughout the campaign (It was Rather's way of hinting to us slow learners that Quayle was a cartoon-character version of a spoiled child of privilege.)

And to this day Rather believes he was an objective, unbiased "reporter."

Danube of Thought

"BTW, when someone, anyone, shoots an UNARMED black kid, no 'race card' is involved in pointing out that's wrong."

Actually, if the shooter honestly, though falsely, believes he was in danger of imminent great bodily harm from the victim, shooting him is not wrong.

Regardless of the race of either person.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

GMax, I always wonder if the administration is putting out those money stories so they will be underestimated. After all the press never says anything bad about the guy.

Captain Hate

Jane, Rove has been writing about it in the WSJ. I think it's legit because that's something he would know about.


They have gone after Ryan's SSI check, Susannah Martinez's grandparents immigration
status, Rubio's parents date of arrival in the states, Quayle's team, Kristol, Lord, (yes that Jeffrey Lord) led a rear guard action against Bush Sr.'s capitulation, on all fronts, to no avail. Now Dr. Evil, Miriam D'abo and the rest, really did dial it up to eleven, in their CYA brief, this is why my modest proposal, to dealing with them was half kidding, maybe some variation on the schemes in 'Heathers'


No Jane, you dont run around doing three to five and even fundraisers in a day unless you are desperate. He is a disappointment to the far left, and a miserable failure to less liberal Democrats. Unless he puts a prize in the box of crackerjacks, and sells the prize, they cant even pull in $2 a head. Bloom, rose seperated...


From Cong Allen West:

"We now know who the “alleged” shooter was in Afghanistan, killing 16 people including women and children. Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales has now been transferred to the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth Kansas. His alleged actions are horrible and disturbing, but not reflective of the professionalism, dedication, commitment, sacrifice, and service given by hundreds of thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines in Afghanistan and worldwide.

He will be held accountable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for his actions.

I ask America not to treat this Staff Sergeant any differently from Sergeant Hasan Akbar, who in 2003, threw hand grenades and fired his weapon into the tents of his Commanding Officers, killing several. He was not placed in pre-trial confinement in Fort Leavenworth and was tried at his home Army installation, Fort Campbell.

Then there is Army Major Malik Nadal Hassan, who still awaits trial after more than two years since he allegedly gunned down 43 Army soldiers and civilians killing 13 people. Hassan has not been sent to pre-trial confinement in Fort Leavenworth, and his attack has been officially termed “workplace violence.”

My point is this, let our leadership- not the media- determine the fate of Staff Sergeant Bales. Let us not offer him up as some type of “appeasement” to President Hamid Karzai, who would not be in his own position of power without the sacrifices of the American taxpayer as well as the American warrior. I want to see the military legal system work its own will and not the will of the political gods.

I am watching this case as a member of the House Armed Services Committee and a member of the subcommittee on Military Personnel. I am also a former Army soldier and I know what can happen when the public tries and convicts our men and women in uniform. "


That is wonderful, Clarice. Is there a link? I'll link it on FB if there is one.


Here you go, Janet;



Thank you so much, narciso. I had looked on his house.gov site & didn't see it.


Clarice, I am late to say how inspirational your Pieces is today.

And thanks for the great Allen West quote,too.


Thank you, Caro.

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