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April 27, 2012



I have the same fantasy.


We'll never be rid of the Obamas. Are we rid of the Clintons? Are we rid of the Kennedys? Gores? Carters?

Captain Hate

We're rid of the Gores in that Tipper is now a non-person since she left ManBearPig. I'm sure she's enjoying life away from that ignorant pontificating oaf.


The Kennedys pretty much drank and drugged themselves to obscurity, the few left aren't particularly Camelot material. Carter is 88 years old, so his days are numbered. Gore is a laughingstock. As to the Clintons, who knows what they will do once Hillary is out of State and at home without a job. If Chelsea gets it together and has a baby, something tells me Hillary will be content to put her energies into being a Grandma. I'm sure they will both still want to play the role of elder statesman, but I already think Bill's heart isn't really into it. His "adoption" by Bush 41 with their charity activities seems to have had a positive effect and if they are smart, that is where they'll put their energies. The big question, will they cohabitate after Hillary isn't in Washington or traveling around the world. He is getting kind of old and not nearly wealthy enough to continue his horndog ways. Will Hillary take herself a lover of the female variety or will she return to Bill? Be interesting to see how that all turns out.

Captain Hate

Speaking of a brighter tomorrow: http://www.wthr.com/story/17798210/tax-loophole-costs-billions


To the tune of you can't take it with you.


"Government agencies looking to confiscate other people’s money apparently are not at all unusual in today’s world."


I'm reading that Greece will take estimated unpaid taxes first, then proceed with charges and trial.


LUN for Greece

Captain Hate

Daniel Schnoor (the "n" is silent) would be so hurt to not be on this enemies list: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304723304577368280604524916.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_LEADTop

Btw, Tammy Bruce is scorching the airwaves sitting in for Laura Ingraham today.

Danube of Thought

I am as sick of both of the Obamas as it is possible to be.


They have Don Corzione, as a bundler, were the among the largest recipients from AIG's
Cassani, and Countrywide's Mozilo, chutzpah it's not just a desert topping,


And here I thought the Clintons were corrupt frauds. They're pikers compared to the O team.



we share MO's vision of a walk away


Absurdity, defined;



Perhaps a real exit on Jan.20th 2013 is in her future!


A Democrat Senator has a vision he would like to share:

Dem Senator: Offshore Wind Farms Can Save Floundering Post Office


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