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April 26, 2012


Jack is Back!

First, without anything to add but Good Morning:)


Good morning to you Jack and JOMers. Getting my teeth worked on this morning! Yeah.


--"Justices across the ideological spectrum appeared inclined on Wednesday to uphold a controversial part of Arizona’s aggressive 2010 immigration law..."

The controversy, as I understood it, was fundamentally based on the contention that the law required racial profiling. Then this happened:

“No part of your argument has to do with racial or ethnic profiling, does it?” [Chief Justice Roberts] asked Mr. Verrilli, who agreed.


Jack is Back!

My prediction: 4-4 which means the lower court decisions remain, correct?


You might have a point, TM, but the president is still the chief executive and Pbama's appointees are systematically offending every single voting bloc in America from farm kids to Catholics to oil producers.


Affirmed in part, reversed in part

Ben Hartley

Um... er... Just who the h--l is Jimmy Fallon?


Pbama's appointees

I like that. Obama:Pbama as owned:pwned.


--Um... er... Just who the h--l is Jimmy Fallon?--

A New York based high priced hooker.


"Team Obama figured in January 2009 that even if the economy took Pelosi over the falls in 2010 (it did!) it would be recovering enough by 2012 to give Obama eight years, just like Bill Clinton."

If they did, they are truly El Stupido. A layman like me could see that wasn't going to happen, short of a massive commitment to pro-growth policies.

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