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April 22, 2012


Captain Hate

Everything you quoted about their clueless efforts to prove their "impartiality" belongs in the Weekly Standard's "Not a Parody" although I suspect it will be in their Scrapbook.

Melinda Romanoff

"This is news."

Sell it somewhere else, Brisbane.


NYT coverage of their Cannibal-in-Chief:


IMO, any news the Times has published since at least the 1930s has first been ran by the CPUSA to see how the Communists want it reported. After getting their reply from the Communists, The NYTs publishes the story the way the Communists want it to read.


--Arthur Brisbane, the Public Apologit for the NY Times, assures us that the "All The News That Fits The Narrative" orgnization is poised to take a "hard look" at the President:--

Let's see, today is April 22nd, so by my calculations this story should have been run exactly 21 days ago.

--Like a lot of America, it basked a bit in the warm glow of Mr. Obama’s election in 2008.--

And to imagine that the warmth had nothing to do with Barry's ideology just imagine the basking that would have 'ensued' had say Alan West been elected Pres in 2008.



I am so stealing that.


I think the Zimmerman case provides evidence that the media and political powers, on both the right and left, see the public as a mob, almost a powder keg that has to be managed. Not only is the citizenry potentially unmanageable, so also is the US economy. An Obama type is needed to play the angles, use all the levers of the status quo to avoid riots or an economic crash.

Frau Mit-und-bei

So far, Obama has shown the matches he carries in *his* pocket.

Heckova job, Barry.


Good Morning.

I see Clarice has got top billing at Lucianne.com

As it should be.


"... I see Clarice has got top billing at Lucianne.com ..."

gosh, is there enough advertising on that site? Top headline - Obama eats dogmeat as a child.


Just popping on for a minute...
I'm over in Italy. Wonderful Pieces today! Love, love, love the whole dog eating story!!! Is it huge in the MFM? Loved the Olberman photo a few threads back too...I thought it was Joe Wilson...that connoisseur of ze yellow cake. Hah!
We've been in southern Switzerland & Italy visiting my Naomi. She is wonderful. Tons of graffiti over here. For the whole green love affair with Europe's small cars & trains, they don't seem to have mastered the "Don't be a Litter Bug" program yet.
It is a cigarette smokers paradise here too. :) I've only bought a leather bracelet & a little tin cigarette rolling contraption.
Only getting to lurk now & then, but it's good to see everyone!


Yay Janet!!! We miss you!

Jack is Back!

I gave up the NYTimes daily for the same reason as the NH letter writer. But 3 years ago I gave up the Sunday also. Got tired of reading Randy Cohen and Deberoah Solomon make Bush-hating an obligation of every ethical decision or celebrity interview. Even Will Shortz was able to find ways of making W or Cheney the somnelent clue hidden somewhere in the puzzle.

I always wondered why the Military Prep-Academies and Schools would want to advertise to that audience?

Frau Wau-Wau

Hi, Janet. Keep on rolling.

My husband was singing the praises of Clarice early his morning. Ridicule, the gift that keeps on giving. Woof, woof!

Maybe Obama's new campaign slogan will be "A dog in every pot."


For those buying the NY Times for the crossword, you can get it free online at the Seattle Times, six week publication delay. Don't tell anyone else.


Iowahawk on FB, too funny -

David Burge
Sadly, America has just lost to Australia in the world championship for the most hilariously-named focus of a political sex scandal. Anthony Wiener, meet PETER SLIPPER.

via Tim Blair

Thomas Collins

Here's my prediction for the NY Times' "hard hitting" coveerage of POTUS's economic policies:

Despite President Obama's relentlessly focused and brilliant response to the financial crisis, without which Western Civilization and car manufacturing wouldn't have any longer existed, the robust economic recovery, amazing in light of the shape of the economy during the Bush years, has not met the expectations of those who had an unduly optimistic view of what Mr. Obama could accomplish in the face of Tea Party obstructionism and the GOP War on Women.

Comanche Voter

What a load of bunk! Why even a starving dog would turn up his nose at this pile of steaming dog doo! The New York Times is striving to retain his "credibility virginity"---but as every woman knows, once you've lost it, you've lost it.



It's very simple. Their kids are the ones most out of control. I knew a lot of Valley Forge kids back in the day, and most of them ended up there as a result of all sorts of interesting circumstances, few of them related to the military life.

Granny Jan

While the Obama dog story has been fun I'm skeptical of any lasting harm to him. I was talking to my daughter today who is a typical non-political independent, suburban mom. All her friends and husband (whom I always refer to as "what's his name") voted for Obama. She voted for McCain but that was probably due in some measure to me. I asked her about the dog stories and she had only heard of the Romney dog one. Darn.

The good news is I'm sure she'll vote for Romney but I'm not sure about "what's his name".


The NYT is what it is because it's business model is to super-serve its most critical remaining market: educated, affluent, urban or suburban women. It prints what it thinks they want to read (which may be a plausible survival plan.) Add to that selection bias, isolation bias and confirmation bias among those who work there, and you have what you have.

Today's Times is to the old newspaper of record as the lightening bug is to the lightening, or a Pinch is to a Punch.


--While the Obama dog story has been fun I'm skeptical of any lasting harm to him.--

You mean besides the being cooked and eaten part?

Frau Kleine Oma

Awesome site, Granny Jan.
I can tell you are in to get Obama out.

Frau Kleine Oma

Iggy, smell the chowchow before using.


It does very little good to have the great stories & videos just on conservative sites. Ugh...that's just "preaching to the choir". So frustrating.
That video of Obama giving the same speech 2 years in a row was great. It needs to be on TV...and the dog eating story should be on TV now. Clips of "news" guys bringing up Romney's dog with Obama reading about how he ATE dog. Seriously...this is winning material right now.


Republicans are like McClellan...never keeping the heat on & going in for the win.

Frau Kleine Oma

Janet, I bet you are saving on cigarettes in Europe. IIRC you can just stand in a crowd and inhale all the smoke you want to. I almost coughed myself silly entering German customs at the same time a plane full of Turkish workers came in and lit up the instant they left their plane. Imagine standing next to 150 smoking Turks--cigarette smoking, that is.It was hard to see through the tobacco haze.
Come home and clean up your lungs. We need you able to chant.


Don't worry Frau, I can chant. Hah!


He, he, ho, ho,
Barack the dog eater's got to go!
He, he, ho, ho...

Frau Kleine Oma

Looks good as long as it doesn't bring on a coughing fit.


Hi, Janet. Glad you're having a good time. I gave up the Sunday Times a couple of years ago, too, JiB. You can buy books of the double acrossticks and crossword puzzles and I do .Prevents indigestion. Here's who reads that paper religiously--people like B O'B and KK to get their daily affirmation.


One considers the small doses we get here, from Tom, to be like a vaccine against further
muddled thinking.


In Asia dogs are tenderized for the table by severely beating them while still alive. The description indicates that every bone is broken.


Good News for the NYTimes---today Axelrod provided another adjective for the President, "Apoplectic."

Overcome with anger; extremely indignant.
Relating to or denoting apoplexy (stroke): "an apoplectic attack".

Previous NYTimes stories about our Prez being upset about such stuff as The murderous PANAM Bomber being released, etc were limited to:


Hard to beat the drum and motivate the mob for the Messiah with those worn out old Funk & Wagnall tritisms, but APOPLECTIC!---WoW!

Apoplectic's a word that'll lead a President to start asking "Withering Questions" all over again.

"Mister President, how do you feel about The Republican's War on Women?


How do you feel about the rich not paying their fair share?


How do you feel about an unelected Supreme Court considering down ObamaCare as Unconstitutional?


If that ain't "Verbal Ju-Jitsu", then I don't know my Apolgit.

OT, Hi Janet:)


Heh, daddy.

So, imagine a media company that prided themselves on a reputation for hard-nosed, bias-free, nothing-but-the-facts news reporting.

Here's the plan...

Just like California does with judges' sexual proclivities - so as to make sure that gays, S&M aficionados and the transgendered are adequately represented on the bench - require that all news reporters report their political persuasion annually. Do the same for job applicants.

If management finds any statistical difference between the reporting staff and the public at large, rectify this either by hiring or by attrition. In this way, management can be assured of a truly diverse and representative team, and can certify this to their customers.

Then, and only then...

Each week, at the weekly news-staff staff meeting, require each reporter to present a summary of his or her most recent pieces to the team. Make it clear that staff members are encouraged to comment on any observations of political bias in the works of their colleagues.

If an observation is made, and management or the team seems to agree with the observation, gently chastise the reporter while he or she is still standing at the projector screen.

Finally, at every meeting, reiterate the news team's policy on annual performance evaluations, and how these evaluations relate to compensation and promotions.

It wouldn't be difficult to do this.


lol...nobody cares about the New York Post, or the Washington Times or the Wall Street Journal (editorial page)...
It's like they don't exist...rotfl...

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