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April 11, 2012


Cecil Turner

I'm surprised the numbers for striking it down are that high. Wonder if SCOTUS reads public opinion polls? (I bet they do.)


Romney supported Obamacare before he opposed it almost fits on a bumper sticker.
It will be interesting, though. I'm guessing Romney will be applying his intensive leadership skills to the task of avoiding discussing health care.


There's always new fun. The Yanks won last night, and Mariano's era is down to seven something from 54.


OT - I don't know which thread to put this on...it is SO good. Israel & the united nations
Pat Condell


I am one of those Democrats. We wanted single payer, aka "Medicare for all."

Of course we expected whatever plan was passed to be sold to the voters, not crammed down their throats.

Obamacare is an abomination. It's not socialism, it's crony capitalism on steroids.

Danube of Thought

The worst piece og legislation to pass in my lifetime, being strenuously booed by the electorate.

The guy who gave me 5-1 odds on my $10 bet that it would be overturned is on this cruise with us. I offered to settle for $30, but he's standing his ground (so to speak).


Obama: I'm not trying to 'redistribute wealth'

President Obama, who famously called for tax increases on the wealthy to "spread the wealth around," denied today that his tax increases on the rich are an attempt to "redistribute wealth."

"So these investments -- in things like education and research and health care -- they haven't been made as some grand scheme to redistribute wealth from one group to another," the president said today at Florida Atlantic University. "This is not some socialist dream," Obama added, as he called for tax increases on millionaires today to pay for those investments.

Tsk tsk. His internal polling must be pretty frightening for him to use that kind of language.

Danube of Thought

Clinton was the first president I remember to use the term "investment" for government spending. It's a revolting usage.


Sort of OT... The Washington Free Beacon's Beastmode series just cracks me up every time. Here's their latest entry: http://freebeacon.com/beastmode-steve-hayes-rips-buffett-rule/


watch what he does, not what he says, ext....


--I am one of those Democrats. We wanted single payer, aka "Medicare for all."--

The problem with that is, Medicare only works to the extent it does, precisely because it's not for all.


The NYT editorial urges Obama to not only raise taxes on the wealthy but also other tax increase.

They compare Romney to Obama, naturally. So Romney paid close to $3 Million in taxes while Obama paid a couple hundred thousand. Three million is a lot of money is all I have to say.


In fact here's an illustration of just how jolly well Medicare, as it sits right now, is working.
I was talking to an older guy in a waiting room the other day whose wife has a history of cancer. She's got something going on in her mouth that he is afraid is cancer and they're on medicare.
In calling around to find an oral surgeon who would take a new patient on medicare he's finding plenty of oral surgeons; but the closest one who wants to get saddled with a new medicare patient is over three hours away in Fresno; and we're within one hour of Sacramento.
We're on private Blue Shield in a rural area. I drive my wife eight miles in 15 minutes to see her oncologist.
Medicare for all? No thanks.


Small item half way down, Newt may be off the Utah ballot because his check bounced. No, really.


Ignatz@10:06 - we're doing anecdotes? I've got one.

My good friend, who is 63, is not liking one part of Paul Ryan's plan AT.All. He hates that it grandfather's him into the current medicare program (no changes to seniors 55 and over) rather than allowing him to opt in to the premium-credit/choose and buy your own medical insurance plan.


Single payor? Why dont you try the paradise that is Cuba? They have exactly what you are looking for ( dont mind the boot on your neck of course).

Captain Hate

Clinton was the first president I remember to use the term "investment" for government spending. It's a revolting usage.

He was, and is, a revolting excuse for a human being.


DoT are you overindulging in the wine? Here you are all doom and gloom over the upsetting of Obamacare and once overseas you bet it will be overturned.
*blowing kisses*


Single payer will satisfy the Dems and the OWS kids.


Ex- thanks for that link to the speech. Agreed, the Plouffe/Axelrod polls of indy voters must be in the toilet for them to resort to that Clintonian 'investment' nonsense. It seems when he reads prepared stuff, 'Bam does the Clintonian stuff, but he is increasingly wandering off-message in the hope the country really is Leftist. Dream on Barry.


Obama admirer to teach ‘Understanding Obama’ class at Harvard Law School. LUN.


Thanks for the link to Pat Condell Janet. Excellent.

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