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April 24, 2012



Now that I can see my laundry room floor (no kids washing, drying, and leaving to overflow in a basket does not really help), it is time to go online.

Heather MacDonald really nails it in the LUN on what a farce these federal grant programs really are. Unless you live in DC. Sorry Clarice.

And that's apart from the tying regulations that go with those federal dollars that force locals to increase size of govt. I can promise you for example that every dollar the federal DOE touches foists a program that makes it that much harder for the private sector to produce the next dollar.


From rse's 07:14 link:

"Case in point: job-training centers across the country are being starved of their federal cash, alleges the New York Times. Seattle has seven such federally funded centers. Seattle is not Biloxi. Can’t Seattle and Washington State residents fund their own job training (leaving aside the question of whether such training actually works) rather than siphoning off Texans’ tax dollars to do so".

Meanwhile, another Obama Admin program is training overseas (non American) workers who will take jobs from Americans.


"While the president has been urging “insourcing,” the government has been sending money to the Philippines to train foreign workers for jobs in English-speaking call centers."

IMO, sending money to Washington DC so they can waste it is insane.

Captain Hate

AllahPoundsit was probably distracted by doing some last second editing of his gal pal Mega McCannz newest literary classic; or just tweeting her for some of her highly erudite insights into tattoos and being "strictly dickly". He probably should have passed it off to Poppin' but by the time he would've gotten through his "in fairness" spiel he would've been slamming the Tea Party.


Obama was educated, at Punahou, Columbia and Harvard Law, and surprisingly shows practically no evidence of any such knowledge
excerpt for Said's Orientalism and Bell and
Ogletree's CLT.


Silver Spoon nonwithstanding, I found the undisputed part of the quote "Somebody GAVE me an education" to be of particular interest.
Certainly backs up my contention that he's the end result of the Affirmative Action tomfoolery. He "earned" nothing ... somebody GAVE it to him.


I found when Anne Richards made that cloying comment, almost 25 years ago, 'he was born with a silver foot in his mouth' very annoying. This was said of a former CIA director, envoy to China,


"Somebody gave me an education"

That's a very odd thing to say. Is it even possible to give someone an education?

Why hasn't my Amway distributorship made me a wealthy man?

Obama was educated, at Punahou, Columbia and Harvard Law, and surprisingly shows practically no evidence of any such knowledge
excerpt for Said's Orientalism and Bell and
Ogletree's CLT

You are a BOT. This screed and links to Urghur Terrs are the only things you post.
Tom, you should look into this. We will all soon be receiving emails about erectile disfunction.


Allahpundit rewrites headlines for snark value (and is very good at it) but he doesn't add quotation marks unless it's an actual quote, and there is always a link to a story and/or video. Sounds like Doocy or someone who works for him misread/didn't watch.

However, Obama's reference to Romney was crystal clear even without the added words.


Is it even possible to give someone an education?

Talk to Bill Ayers' dad's former mail carrier.

Rob Crawford

I found the undisputed part of the quote "Somebody GAVE me an education" to be of particular interest.

What was the line from "Wizard of Oz"?

"I can't give you a brain, but I can give you a diploma."

Obama was given a diploma, and thinks it means he's educated.


'facts not in evidence,' same as with the Solon of Scranton's identification of the Ever Gators, facepalm with an Old One.

Greetings from Lake Forest

After a couple of Old Fashions at the Country Club my fellow CEOS often discuss
creating Indonesian born Manchurian candidates. We then go home to train our sons in bomb making.

Captain Hate

However, Obama's reference to Romney was crystal clear even without the added words.

Fertile ground for the Volokh hair splitters.


Obama was given a diploma, and thinks it means he's educated.

All diplomas aren't created equal, but all majors are. To the Obamas what determines their level of education is that they graduated from Columbia and Princeton, not that they chose non-rigorous political science and sociology courses of study.


Reul is usually not this off track;


Skippy Van Heusen III

After which they study Law, a noble profession.


"Unlike most* Presidents, I wasn’t born with sole allegiance to The United States."

*not included are Presidents who fell under the "grandfather clause" or burned all their family records to conceal their deficiency.

Danube of Thought

Minus 18 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 4.


'we really dodged a bullet there;



Is it even possible to give someone an education?

There's some line about leading a horse to water...


Unlike other Prophets...


There always seemed to be a certain iniquity between the religions.


Yes, this can't possibly go wrong,



Narc-- I agree 'Bam learned from Said and Bell that the Western White Man is bad and CRT is good. The rest of the time he was smokin' weed. As far as the quote - "Somebody GAVE me an education" I read that diferently. I think 'Bam is playing up affirmative action. And to me that begs the question WHO did that for him?, who gave him scholarships?, what kind of scholarships? Until he releases all education records, I will always believe he got foreign student scholarships from Occidental/Columbia U.


narciso, it mst assuredly not a BOT.

"Gave" an education certainly invokes memories of the claim that some Saudi pulled strings to get him into HLS and paid his way there, doesn't it?


A little Kitchener goes a long way, paging
George Clooney,


My Birth certificate is the MAYFLOWER

I of course descend from BAAL, but John Kerry AND George Bush descend from The Prophet


Yeah this fellow, who isn't a Saudi, but he's sort of any honorary Arabian;



Is it even possible to give someone an education?

Yes it it, and come November the voters are going to give Zero one. I hope this education is beaten into him quite severely, as the polls seem to be pointing toward.

Megaphone Mark



We should note that Barry is educable in the sense that someone trained him to say Transcontinental railroad rather than intercontinental when reading his lines.

Posted by: Skippy Van Heusen III | April 24, 2012 at 09:48 AM

Great handle.


Hey. Obama's just not that smart. And, he's a liar.


Deb-I would, politely, dispute your statement that all majors are equal.

If it is an old-fashioned humanities major, understand why you are seeking out that area and look for CRT in literature and history for example. Most of the "elite" schools teach these areas as entirely or mostly critical of culture instead of making any real attempt to learn it or transmit it.

In math and science, if the university or college has ties to an MSP funded by NSF, the classwork will be heavily influenced by projects and other means to get credentials in the hands of women and minorities likely to avoid traditional gut coursework. It will hit all the intro courses.

I had a chance a few months ago to speak to someone who had just won a Rhodes. I knew she was a cultural anthro major but I was surprised to learn much of her major coursework was experiential-teaching in a high needs school and writing about the experience.

Not just anything with studies attached gets impacted. If AACU gets their way, undergrad will be a 4 year dialogue where you learn to respect all perspectives and reflect on them. Then you get diploma if you have right attitudes, values, and dispositions. No I am not kidding.

Melinda Romanoff

A bit like using Pascal for data management.

Danube of Thought

If you believe The Da Vinci Code, I am a direct descendant of one J. Christ (via the Sinclairs).


That was J. F. Christ, if I recall.

Jane (Better a crate than a plate)


Oh I would have guessed that even if you didn't tell us.

So I'm thinking if Obama gets a 2nd term and enacts his agenda, who would be the person (besides Michelle) he would deem to succeed him.


Deb-I would, politely, dispute your statement that all majors are equal

I added "to the Obamas". Michelle likely thinks her sociology degree, which is sans "with honors" btw, had coursework as difficult as a physics or pre-med major.


Agree wholeheartedly then. I just want parents to be careful. I am sure she took the Mead version of sociology at Princeton to boot. Excellent training to be that M word Duke & Duke find impolite.

How many of the graduates about to shell out between $220 K to $250 for a 4 year private degree in the Ivies and other private NE cousins will have genuinely marketable knowledge and skills in the private sector when they are done?

When I went to a well-known private the commercial banks were hiring at maybe 3 times tuition, fees, expenses. Others got more. My law degree 3 years later gave me a then salary about 5 times what my dad paid for my last year of college.

By contrast a friend's child with a degree from Northwestern took a professional job at have of what her last year's expenses had cost her parents.

Apart from my stories of what is really going on, this is beyond untenable.

Frau Skeptisch

Sorry. Snopes did not present documentation* that Obama paid for his own education and had debts from attending Columbia and Harvard.

*The only proof offered is the assurance by Obama *himself* that he did not receive monetary help from others for education or housing. Where are the stories of Barry and then Barack working in the library or working as the night clerk in a hotel? It's all kinda like the WH investigating itself.

Ossawatamie Brown

What were these connections and how did this lad come know all these people?

Carol Herman

You would have thought Reagan would have put a test in place; where the insiders who decide who gets nominated, took into consideration "electability." Like swaying over voters who might not want to turn back the clock to eliminate abortion from among the choices adults do have, thanks to Roe V. Wade.

In other words? A good number of voters who don't identify with the republican party, per se.

So what did the pubbies do instead? They go for hair.

And, they forget their "war hero" only got 44% of the vote in 2008.

Yes. Lots of screaming white people are hell bent on claiming Obama can't win.

But, what exactly have you got with Mittens? You mean if he loses it's because he's mormon?

Well then McCain lost because he's a war hero.

Do you know how hard it is to knock an incumbent out of office?

If Reagan didn't run against Carter, back in 1980, Jimmy Carter would'a been a two-term president. While Gerald Ford (who also had really good hair), didn't get a term of his own. Though he got a "spot" on Saturday Nite Live, when Chevy Chase fell down a lot.

Rick Ballard

"Do you know how hard it is to knock an incumbent out of office?"

Johnson, Ford, Carter and G.H.W. Bush all nod sagely. (That's four out of the previous eight, if you're keeping score at home.)

You're a dolt, Carol. You're very consistent though - you do have that going for you. Do you spend a great deal of time with Sylvia or are you in a separate facility?


Obama in his "born with a silver spoon" speech had a sentence containing "in the words of the nation's first Republican president..Abraham Lincoln" ... followed by a WH paraphrase of Lincoln's words, misrepresenting what Lincoln actually said.


DebinNC - your link goes to an article from last year (4/13/2011). Did he do it again?


I hear in his speech today that Obama says he and Mo only finished paying off their college loans 8 years ago (2004).

My assumption was that Obama got free rides to all these schools.

I do not know. Does anyone else have info that his College was not paid for by everybody else except him? And if he was so poor, how the hell did he get funds to sit on his ass in Bali for 3 months writing a book?

I do not trust a single word out of his mouth.

Dr. Strangelove

He is my puppet. Mwa ha ha!


daddy-I remember from 2008 campaign that he and mo like to tell that story but there have never been indications of loans. Someone showed that info, maybe tax, did not support that they had student loans outstanding when they said they did.

I have been backtracking through philosophy though doublechecking a point and my brain is too fried to remember more specifically. I distinctly remember someone authoritative explaining why the loan story does not appear to be true.

Ignatius J Donnely

Michelle's brother also attended Princeton.

What was the evil cabal's angle in paying his education?


Thanks rse.

Thanks for your efforts wading through those fetid Lefty mental swamps day after day. I am sincerely grateful that you do that, since that would depress the heck out of me if I had to do it. Thank you so much for doing that for all of us.


Oops, AliceH. My bad.


TK, interesting about Spencer's book. I'd have to read it to see how well researched it is. From my understanding Ismailis were a breakaway Muslim sect from the Shi'a Twelvers. But he is correct that it was a political religion, intertwined with conquest from the outset.

Also, this article, Vedic Arabia, reports that Muhammed's father was a Hindu and that one of their Hindu household gods was Alla (Moon God and Goddess Durga). And Mecca was originally a Shiva shrine. Fits with the travels of Indian prince Vikramaditya who went to that area about 55 BC, right on the edges of the Roman Empire and named it land of the horses, Arabia, from a sanskrit word.


Here is a beautiful poem by Jirrham Bintoi who lived 165 years before Muhammed. It is in praise of India's great King Vikramaditya who had lived 500 years before Bintoi.

"Fortunate are those who were born
during King Vikram's reign, he was
a noble generous, dutiful ruler devoted
to the welfare of his subjects. But at
that time, We Arabs oblivious of divinity
were lost in sensual pleasures. Plotting
& torture were rampant. The darkness of
ignorance had enveloped our country.
Like the lamb struggling for its life
in the cruel jaws of a wolf, we Arabs
were gripped by ignorance. The whole
country was enveloped in a darkness as
intense as on a New moon night. But the
present dawn & pleasant sunshine of
education is the result of the favor of
that noble king Vikram whose benevolence
did not lose sight of us foreigners as we
were. He spread his sacred culture amongst
us and sent scholars from his own land
whose brilliance shone like that of the sun
in our country. These scholars & preceptors
through whose benevolence we were once again
made aware of the presence of god, introduced to his secret knowledge & put on the road to truth, had come to our country to initiate us in that culture & impart education."

That same article actually shows evidence of Vedic culture in Arabia as early as 1850 BC.

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