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April 17, 2012


Rob Crawford

I wish India would express its concern over The Wan's interference in the Maldives.

(Anyone else get the impression Bammers has never looked at a map?)


'Forget it he's rolling,' lol. btw, it's my mother's birthday today.

Captain Hate

the Brits refer to them as the Falklands

As do the people who, you know, actually live on them.


Happy Birthday Narciso's Mom!

So, Obama screws up nearly every time he ad libs off the teleprompter. Oh, wait ... he even screws up with the teleprompter!

But, he is the most intelligent man to ever be President according to his media lackeys.


You gotta love the first line that says BO made and "uncharacteristic error more akin to those of his predecessor...". Yep -take a crack at Bush and ignore that Obama tried to add a few states to the US...


thanks, I said last night, ToTus, went into sleep mode, pretending to ignore this, when
it reboots,

He'only off by 2,000 miles, lol.

Granny Jan

He might have used the wrong word but I'm sure he used the "right" Spanish accent. It's comical listening to his pandering pronounciations of Spanish or muslim names/countries. European countries not so much. It would make a great SNL skit. Too bad that will never happen.

For my own amusement I should make a video of his selective pronounciations. He was in high gear in Colooombia.

Melinda Romanoff

Ah, "Bush's. Fault".

Having that disease must hurt something powerful.


On a more serious note, this is not a good thing;


Jalili being the Dean Wormer of this sad affair


1. I am never in favor of pudgy old white lesbians publicly cavorting in Latin dance bacchanals-- sorry it's just wrong on so many levels;

2."the Maldives"-- 'Bam is just so frickin' ignorant and has no interest in learning. MelR's right, that UK Telegraph reporter is just another left wing slag journo for referencing Bush. Pathetic. BTW Narc-- the Maldives are TWO Continents and 8100+ Miles away from the Falklands (Wash DC to Sidney is about 9300 Miles). 'bam's a joke-- here's a distance link: http://www.distancefromto.net/distance-from/Falkland+Islands+Islas+Malvinas/to/Maldives


No problem, because according to the "Little O" link, Barry's error was "uncharacteristic":

Barack Obama made an uncharacteristic error, more akin to those of his predecessor George W Bush, by referring to the Falkland Islands as the Maldives.

I don't recall W ever making gaffes like getting country names wrong (especially not while insulting an ally).


note to self: Refresh before posting.


His biggest gaffe was attempting to call them by a name the residents of those islands and the owners of them do not use.

Of course one shudders to think how he'd mangle "FALK-land".


Talk about drunk and stupid...

Alec Baldwin being interviewed on CNBC this minute demanding more money for the Arts in order to create jobs.

Don't know what is stupider, Baldwin, or CNBC's decision to interview Baldwin as some sort of expert on Government Funding for the Arts.


Gilbert is really getting it in the comment section, he's just a poor drone for Sector 7


Sorry, it was on Bloomberg TV, not on CNBC.


daddy, yes, is the answer,


From the last of TM's links: "President Obama might make the British better appreciate friends like the French."



Journalism is not merely dead, it's gone zombie;



Jimmyk took the words out of my mouth.
O's not too smart and the media is stupid to blame Bush for O's failings. Bush did his homework and would never have made such a mistake. O makes them consistently.


So 'our friend' Apuzzo and Howley, who got the NYPD surveilance story wrong, 'winning the future' I'm supposed I'm glad there were
no reports of cannibalism in the department.


Well Narciso,

Baldwin just told us that he is confident that the Arts will continue to be funded because Obama will win the election, and also that he (Baldwin) may run for Congress in 2014, in order to ensure that our Taxes go to pay for good stuff and not for George Bush's Wars.



Now after the news break and a breaking story, the girl who interviewed Alec Baldwin is replaying portions of the Interview she just had with Baldwin, and that is now the "News" story she that she is discussing on Bloomberg TV.

Honestly, it's akin to a Saturday Night Live skit.


Here's some of Apuzzo's finding, did the fact that there have been nearly a dozen plots in the NY area, enter into it.



Once again we learn.

Obama's just not that smart. And, he's a liar.

Other than that, he're rather poorly educated.


Of course, the same people, will come to us, after the next attack, and ask why we 'didn't connect the dots'



Clarice/MarkO-- spot on. Clarice is absolutely right, Bush prepared thoroughly for speeches, and while he mangled tenses and pronunciation, he always knew what he was talking about. This was a 'Bam "SPEECH", so no doubt it was given with the TOTUS-- so we are left to believe Bam is either illiterate or Dyslexic, b/c he can't even read.


'Winning the Future', and a promotion for Lightoller, the X.O, of the Titanic;

CNSNews.com) – A bankruptcy court ordered $368,500 in bonuses for 20 top managers and employees of Solyndra, the solar panel firm that received $535 million from taxpayers two years before filing for bankruptcy and laying off 11,000 employees. The bonuses kicked in on March 31.


Apparently it is the right way to go through life;



Was it on his teleprompter like that? Or did he go off teleprompter? If it was on the teleprompter, I think someone on his staff doesn't like him. This happens more than it should to be simple errors.


Really, nearly three years to the day, and the rest of the story will harsh your mellow;

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) — A military judge on Tuesday said he would consider postponing until October the trial of the Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly Fort Hood shooting rampage.
Maj. Nidal Hasan’s attorneys asked that the trial be delayed from June until October, saying they needed more time to review the large volumes of evidence in the case. The judge, Col. Gregory Gross, previously delayed the court-martial from March until June. It’s unclear when he will decide on the defense’s second request for a postponement.


Obama's just not that smart. And, he's a liar.

Not only that, but he's a nasty piece of work. He can't not know that he's insulting the Brits, and by extension, everyone on the side of civilization and order.


Well Frank Marshall Davis, for one told him,
that Churchill was an evil colonialist
(Malakand, Khartroum, and the like)



Nice link at 09:30. So as I understand it, even tho' Pay Freeze's had been ordered by the President, Bonuses were considered separate from those Pay Freezes. Federal employees were therefore still "entitled" to those Bonuses, and that was why the GSA head Ms Johnson, had no problem giving "Entitled Bonuses" to employees whose pay had been frozen.

She should be horsewhipped.


Apparently the same goes for Solyndra,


Loved your poem , daddy.


I'm glad Matt Apuzzo got a pulitzer. He did the most honest reporting of the Libby trial and he worked with the court to allow live blogging there. He's a good reporter and a decent guy.


Thanks Clarice:)

Glad to be back in JOMland.


I suppose, but for this story, it just mucks up the works,

Jane (where is Jon Corzine?)

I think you should have gotten a Pulitzer Clarice.


TomM-- BTW-- you can call Hillary "Fat" Drunk and Stupid, all true. Impolite, but all true.

Jack is Back!


Did you get to the beaches while in Bayeaux?

Also, I have been to the Falklands, last year during our MacMania cruise. There is not one scintilla of documentation, treaty, evidence, proclamation or formal claim that the Falklands have ever been part of Argentina. In fact, they were ignored by Argentina for years because of their isolation and desolation. It was only Gaultierri who needed to prop up his miserable rule that decided they were the Argentines and then found out it was too high a price to pay. No one living on the Falklands would ever vote to be part of Argentina and the Argies know that. They are Brits, through and through.


They must think we are like Dean Wormer says;


Jack is Back!


Bob Beckel Gets the Surprise of his Life after using the F Word on Hannity Live

Cecil Turner

Brilliant! I like the way he insults our best ally . . . ineptly (and thus stokes a simmering dispute that could easily boil over into armed conflict, again). Must be that "smart diplomacy" we've heard so much about.

What's next, calling Israel "Trans-Georgia"?


I see where you're going with this, Cecil, recall he thought both Georgia and Russia
were at fault, that's why he needed Biden,



I did.

Yesterday was a beautiful and sobering morning trekking Omaha Beach and the American Military Cemetery. Then we hustled down to Mont Saint Michel and climbed to the Abbey up top, before speeding back to Paris in the rent-a-car.

Both places easily deserved a day or more independently, but we were time limited and did the best we could. A great visit and I definitely want to go back to both locations to do them justice. Very moving, to stand on the beach there below the Cemetery, and to see what our brave parents and grandparents were up against.


--What's next, calling Israel "Trans-Georgia"?--

To be fair, wouldn't he more likely say "Inter-Georgia"?


What's next, calling Israel "Trans-Georgia"?

LOL Cecil. (And you too Iggy:) Ha.

Jack is Back!


Don't forget to put Pointe de Hoc and Ste.-Mere-Eglise on your return itinerary. Very moving to walk among the craters at the Pointe and through the pill boxes. The Ranger Museum is also worthwhile. At Ste-Mere-Eglise you can sit outside at a cafe on the square and see a fully-dressed effigy of Paratrooper John Steele hanging from the church clock. Red Buttons played him in the movie The Longest Day.

My dad was a USAAF Signal Corps officer who landed D-Day +2 and commanded the unit that built the airfield at St. Laurent-sur-Mer overlooking Omaha Beach. It is now a meadow of sunflowers but back in the war it saved over 35,000 lives by being used to ferry critically injured back to England for proper hospital care. That wasn't its original intention (emergency landing) but that's how they ended up using it.

If you ever get tired of being around a bunch of unpatriotic atheists who want every home to take down their flag and crosses then go to Normandy. Every house has either an American or Canadian flag flying.


It is beyond my why would Maldives be on Obama's mind.


Strawman Cometh

SNL 1.1
Narrator: In an unprecedented move to ease world tensions, the country of Israel and the state of Georgia have agreed to change places. The entire state of Georgia -- residents, businesses, all forms of commerce -- will relocate in the Middle East on January 1st, 1977. No buildings will be moved. It will be an even property exchange. [Music out.]

Israeli: This is indeed an auspicious occasion of the twentieth century and I hope that New Orleans will be easier to deal with than Cairo. [applause]

Georgian: I know - I know that my entire state is looking forward to heat without humidity. [applause]


Very moving Jack,

Had a wonderful welcome from all the Normandy French folks we met along the way, just as you indicate, and I do intend to get to the other sites some time when I have more time. Off to work just this instant. Bye.


Another one of Obama's "could have been my son" we don't hear much about.

Jack is Back!

No Pulitizer for Editorial Writing this year. IOW's Obama was safe as a new born innocent.


actually Jack, the Falklands were a penal colony for Argentina for @ 1 year. In that time the prisoners rioted and killed all of the jailers.In the book of all that is left, they were a liberation movement rising up against the Argentine oppressor, if you will.

The Brits showed up and that was it. They were a sheep station and only became desirable as a coaling station. This then became largely moot when the Panama Canal was opened, but was useful for the fleet in WW I.


THat is in itself, an editorial decision,


I wonder what other Whorehouses the famed SS Agents have visited over the years....maybe it is time for some investigative reporting???


welcome back, daddy. Glad you had the chance to get there.

Querida and I traveled some of the Italian battlefields a couple of years ago. Most of the landing sites were built up with hotels and beach houses. The American cemetery at Anzio-Nettuno where an uncle was buried was walled in by apartment buildings.

Monte Cassino was very moving, though and in one of the villages we had an amazing experience with a guy who goes out on the weekends with his metal detector.

He has been mapping the battlefield for the past 10 years. He even found some American and German remains and helped repatriate them.

There are some places where they remember, but too few.

Strawman Cometh

No doubt the MFM is looking into SS travel arrangements for the 2001-2008 period.

Bud Norton

Did he preface his remarks about the Maldives by saying, "I don't know what the term is in Argentinian . . . "?

Captain Hate

AllahP maintains perspective.

Yes if by "perspective" you mean massive eeyorisms from a gutless puke.

Here's somebody with her finger on the pulse regarding the embarrassment: http://tammybruce.com/2012/04/caption-this-secretary-of-state-hillary-clintons-evening-at-cafe-havana.html


Beinaryt never got the lecture from DEan Wormer:



Hamid you are really ticking me off about now;



The more serious point in this;


Frau Geburtstag

Best wishes to your mother on her birthday, narciso, from out west.

Captain Hate

I agree Frau, but from the east midwest, or something.

In other news, Uh-oh: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2012/04/17/chelsea-clintons-nbc-grooming-project-isnt-going-well/


Thanks, Captain, frau, I think Chelsea gets
the short end of the deal,


Now Bob BEckel otoh, 'winning the future'?



I was just about to type that I thought this was going to be a thread about Bob Beckel.

Papa Whskey

Tries to shit on the Brits (whom he hates because of what happened to his granddaddy in Kenya); ends up shitting on his own foot.

Stay classy, Bee-Ho.

M. Simon

The most interesting thing about the summit was that the "sex scandal" overshadowed the calls for Drug Legalization.

Let us see. Kahn. The Secret Service. Am I seeing an MO here?

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