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April 22, 2012


M. Simon

This is huge. It discredits the whole DD thing:



Who could beat the Yanks when they have the best pitcher in the world?



Who's gloating anyway?



Suzyn Waldman spells her first name in an unusual fashion.

Tom Maguire

Re: 'Suzyn' - thanks, it sounds like "Susan" on the radio...

Thomas Collins

It's not a good sign for a manager when 14 games into your tenure, management feels the need to announce publicly that they are "very satisfied" with you. See LUN.

At least management is not saying that they are 100 percent behind Bobby V. If that happens, we know it's all over for Bobby V.


Bobby V. said "I think we've hit bottom" after the game.

I thought we hit bottom last September.

I don't think there is a bottom anymore. This is like the Marianas Trench of baseball.

The Mariano's Trench?


Suzyn gets made fun of a lot because of her shrill voice, her Boston accent, her crush on Roger Clemens, and her clear obeisance to egotist John Sterling, but I like her. She knows a lot about baseball, and it wasn't easy to become a female sports announcer.

Jack is Back!

Sarkozy is out.

Jack is Back!

Let me amend that he is only incumbent President since the 5th Republic to lose in the first round of voting. Run off is May 6th but it is a foregone conclusion.


The new guy sounds like a bad choice as well, JiB.


How's Ms Sarkozy taking it?


I dont follow French politics but the 1st and 2nd vote totals were pretty close and the 3rd place voters for LePen swamp the 4th place voters for the quasi communists, so I am not sure based on that that I agree its a foregone conclusion Sarkozy does not pull out a narrow victory in the run off. The French have seen upclose via Greece what putting lefties in charge brings.


Yes, the actual numbers are left unclear,



This provices more context, LePens followers are going to vote for Hollande?



France is toast. I expect I have seen it for the last time.


French toast, Jane?


I like to be, a little more optimistic;


Thomas Collins

I wonder whether the Vegas books are offering a play on whether Valentine or Sarkozy lasts longer in his current job.

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