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April 29, 2012



Thanks, TM,

I think his animus for his secretary of state--another typical white woman--came across clearly in his joke about her drunk texting from Cartegena.If I were he, I'd abstain from eating or drinking at any Dept of State functions


His "self mockery" seems, not surprisingly, an insult to hockey moms [including the chief lipstick-on-a-pig one] rather more than himself.

Soylent Red

It will be interesting to see how the balance of comedians respond to Kimmel last night.

It will probably be to ostracize him. However, these are all a bunch of permanent seventh graders trying to impress each other on how cool and relevant and edgy they are. It is possible that bagging on Barry will become a mark of comedian street cred.

Oh, who am I kidding...they'll all keep smooching Buraq's buttocks.

On a similar, but tangential note - good Pieces today, clarice. It clearly demonstrated, as did Buraq's attempts at humor last night, that this Administration is it's own worst enemy when it comes to managing public image. The more we mock and ridicule, the more these self-important assholes will show their true colors, and that isn't attractive to the Muddle.

Did I say colors are unattractive? Racist.


Thanks, Soylent. It's not hard to satirize this bunch. The stuff writes itself.


exactly ignatz, that was definitely a backhanded attack on Palin

I despise this event. IMO there should be a "chinese wall" between the press and government, both in actuality and perception.

from the WHCA website: ((The WHCA dinner is traditionally attended by the President and First Lady as well as many other senior government officials and members of the press corps. Proceeds from the dinner go toward scholarships and awards aimed at supporting aspiring journalists and recognizing excellence in the profession.))



Until they started shlepping Hollywood names to the event, this was a fairly dignified and engaging event. It's now crap.

Strawman Cometh

There aren't enough lefties in the press corpse


The Chinese Wall used to be well understood. There was a certain decorum and protocol for the dinner. Just like everything else these days it has been cheapened, commoditized, and dumbed down. It is more, when Dems hold the post, the WHSA, or White House Sycophants Association dinner.


I thought the most interesting thing of the whole event was that the audience didn't seem to get Kimmel's joke referring to Fast and Furious.

Frau Steingehirn

"For everyday events, use Acme. For D.C. events, use Pikes 'R Us," writes Dr. Edith Steingehirn.


Jane, how could they given that it received less press coverage by far than Kim's wedding.


Dear Ms. Feldman;

As corporate counsel for the Firesign Tar & Feather Corporation, we would like to tender a friendly offer to merge. We believe there are great synergies and economies of scale possible with added locations throughout both the Washington area but anywhere there is untruth, injustice, and the un-American way.

There are also emerging markets to consider such as Sacramento, Springfield, Boston and the misnamed city of Providence.

By incorporation energy efficient green technology to keep the tar hot and using organically raised chicken feathers, we can also create a sustainable business model and reduce carbon tax offsets.

We have taken the liberty of contacting the Department of Energy for loan guarantees and have been assured that upon receipt of the usual donation, the funds will be released. We need only announce the creation of thousands of green jobs before our golden parachutes can be opened.

Should this offer be of interest, please contact us and we can go through the farce of due diligence for administration cronies.


P.J. Moneybags

cc: Jon Corzine

Frau Steingehirn

Jane, many in attendance might think Fast and Furious is a new treatment for ED.


P.J. Have your girl call my girl and set up a lunch. It'a an interesting prospect.


VERY funny, Frau. Matt, you ought to post that at AT under the article. It's fabulous.


((Jane, many in attendance might think Fast and Furious is a new treatment for ED.))

Hahahaha...too funny, Frau! Oh my goodness!


We both think of our wives as our better halves,

All of those higher mathematics course lead me straight to an obvious conclusion. Zero divided by 2, is still nuttin'.


I watched the whole gag worthy thing on Cspan (from onset red carpet to the end). Some highlights:

Only media people entering on red carpet (eyeroll) who ran to the entertainment reporters and camera lights for inteviews (as though they themselves were Kim K or Lindsay L) were CNN people. Examples: Piers Morgan with his guest Goldie Hawn (he kept butting in to her interviews) and Dana Bash with no celebrity guest in tow. Lowest rated of all cable news channels, but they see themselves as celebrities?

Most camera appearances via Cspan: Al Sharpton! Seriously. Wonder if the cameraman was a relative.

Celebrity adjustments on red carpet before racing over to do their interviews under the lights: Goldie Hawn - fluffed hair. Adjusted straps and wrap. fluffed hair some more, adjusted some more. One celebrity actually adjusted her spanx - upper and lower, even hiking her dress a bit to do so.

Presidential grimaces: Quite a few during Kimmels Obama portions. BO did not like the "terms" reference at all.


He's never been mocked like that in his entire life. I'm hoping it's a trend.


Well the last person to poke a hole in that stuffed shirt, was the subject of last night's

Soylent Red


I'm still pulling for a public meltdown on national TV or a heckler making him cry.


He's very thin skinned, more public criticism and he will do something to hurt himself.


The Obamas kept enough distance between themselves that the camera could focus on his fake grin without seeing the death rays she was no doubt sending out, especially over the "carrots and sticks" for dinner puffball, which if they were Reps would have been "carats and big stick".


Her Excellency Michelle laughing (?) at Jimmy Kimmel's jokes about The Once:

What is her face really saying?

Jack is Back!


I'm still pulling for a public meltdown on national TV or a heckler making him cry.

Posted by: Soylent Red | April 29, 2012 at 12:31 PM

He's very thin skinned, more public criticism and he will do something to hurt himself.

Posted by: Clarice | April 29, 2012 at 12:35 PM

I am taking June for both predictions to come true:

1. Scotus on ObamaCare
2. Scotus on Arizona Immigration
3. Judge Lester lets GZ off scott free
4. Holder held in contempt
5. Gas prices get to $5 just in time for vacations

And in the bright sunshine of his fallibility MO takes a trip to St. Tropez and Antibes with a dozen of her friends.

Soylent Red

What is her face really saying?

1. That you don't get to be FLOTUS based on your looks.

2. University of Chicago Medical Center's benefits package did not include dental.

3. She is unhappy with the way Han Solo is flying the Millenium Falcon.


Naw she is retelling one of those racist Korean jokes that Marion Berry told her earlier in the day...

Rick Ballard

"What is her face really saying?"

The girls will be so excited about visiting Bora Bora before we summer in St. Tropez.


I guess I'm one of the few who thinks while she is hardly flawless that Michelle is not a bad looking gal at all, although, as Soylent points out, a few sessions with an equine orthodontist would have done her a world of good at one time.
And if I had to interpret that pic I'd say it looks like a genuine laugh [a horse laugh even?]

I find her repellant only in the deep animus she seems to hold toward just about everything that makes America great.

Frau Steingehirn

I side with Iggy on this one. It's her attitude of privilege.

Soylent Red

I find her repellant only in the deep animus she seems to hold toward just about everything that makes America great.

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes right through to the bone.

Frau Steingehirn

She's the first FLOTUS to have asked publicly about receiving a salary for a position that should be a real privilege. In the meantime, others are encouraged to shun salaries and "give back to the community."


O/T but if you liked Breitbart!



People Magazine still shoe horned into their most beautiful people issue, what does that tell you?


Sacajawannabee update:

David Bernstein, a contributor over at Volokh, has done some digging thru the Faculty Directories at the University if Pennsylvania (the school Elizabeth Warren taught at before getting hired at Harvard) and in 3 of those Directories Warren is listed as "A Minority".

Key graph: "So, we know one thing with almost 100% certainty: Elizabeth Warren identified herself as a minority law professor. We know something else with 90%+ certainty: (at least some) folks at Harvard were almost certainly aware that she identified as a minority law professor, though they may not have known which ethnic group she claimed to be belong to, and it may not have played any role in her hiring."

Berstein continues:

"But it gets even more interesting: once Warren joined the Harvard faculty, she dropped off the list of minority law faculty. Now that’s passing strange. When the AALS directory form came around before Warren arrived at Harvard, she was proud enough of her Native American ancestry to ask that she be listed among the minority law professors. (Or, in the unlikely even that she just allowed law school administrators to fill out the forms for her without reviewing them, they were aware that she claimed such ancestry, and she didn’t object when she was listed.) Once she arrived at Harvard, however, she no longer chose to be listed as a minority law prof."

I think it's time to Sioux.


--redundant protoplasm--

That sound like another lefty euphemism for a baby but I'm guessing it's actually a reference to fat.


Apparently primary wins are almost beside the point;



LOL, daddy,


Re: Pocosqauantus,

A commenter at Volokh brought this topic to mind.

You guys remember when it was a big stink among the DEM's that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (from the sub-contenent of India) had checked the box for "White" on her Voter Registration Form?

"Dick Harpootlian, the Democratic Party chairman, said whether Haley listed her race as white or not doesn't matter to him. The point is, he said, that the governor has a pattern of twisting the truth.
"Haley has been appearing on television interviews where she calls herself a minority -- when it suits her," Harpootlian said. "When she registers to vote, she says she is white. She has developed a pattern of saying whatever is beneficial to her at the moment."

Honest Injun for thee, but not for me.


Maybe this'll work for Liz:

"I voted for my Indian heritage before I voted against it."

Hat tip to some commenter Elliot1234 at Volokh


Hhhmm - I thought that even though her whole face is involved in laughter, that her eyes look angry.

I agree that overall, Michelle is (can be) attractive. But usually only in still photos where she is not animated (either speaking, or gesturing).


I'm going to a Scott Brown function on Friday. I wonder if he will mention it.

Re: Holder being held in contempt. I can't wrap my mind around how this will play out. Anyone have any guess?


I thought Michelle always looked pretty good during the 08 campaign. Nicely dressed, classy and elegant.

Then came the inauguration, and she was walking down Pennsylvania Avenue wearing a couch!

Her fashion sense went downhill from there.


For a change, here's an interesting Indian story about real Indians!

Language ties Siberians and Alaska Natives, 3,000 miles apart

It seems an anthro and linguistics Prof from Western Washington U in Bellingham has come across remnants of an old tribe somewhere in Siberia whose language is unrelated to any of the standard Siberian folks around them, but is definitely related to languages spoken by Athapascan Natives here in the New World.

Cool, but not hugely surprising. My treasured old copy of "The Penguin Historical Atlas of The Pacific" tells me on page 8:

"In North America, note the appearance of the Athapascans, who arrived from Asia about 6000 BC and made a meager living hunting caribou and moose through the subarctic regions of Canada. Linguists, who refer to them as Na-Dene [pronounced "Nah-denay"], have not as yet managed to work out their position in the language tree, but presumably they will turn out to be an aberrant branch of the Eurasiatic stem."

I think the Western Washington Professor has just made headway on that last bit.

What I especially enjoyed from the linked story is this bit, explaining a possible reason for why the Ket (remnant Athapascan) speaking Siberian Tribe he discovered, did not get overcome by the much larger population of Reindeer Herding Peoples around them, and thus were able to hold on to their language:

"In a side note to the story, mosquitoes may have had a role in preserving the Ket language, Vajda said. About 3,000 years ago, Siberians began domesticating reindeer. The creatures that pulled sleds and also provided food and clothing were so useful that most people of the taiga became what Vajda calls “reindeer pastoralists.”

The Ket people were the only remaining hunter-gatherers in Siberia, in part because the swampy land that surrounded their villages was teeming with mosquitoes. The Ket call July “sujdoqqip,” or “mosquito flying month,” a time they sometimes shoved off with houseboats into the Yenisei River -- similar in size to the widest parts of the Yukon -- to escape the mosquitoes. The bugs were numerous enough to harass reindeer to the point that keeping them was impractical. Instead, the Ket maintained their yearly cycles of hunting and fishing, keeping their culture intact along with their language.

“Mosquitoes "are one of the things that helped Ket survive,” Vajda said."

For lower 48 JOMer's, our new world natives never domesticated Reindeer. Our Arctic/subArtic natives remained caribou hunting nomadic tribes, at least until Congress stepped in in 1893 (but that's a different story for another time.)


Jane, I have no idea..Here's what the LA Times says:
"If adopted by the GOP-led House, the contempt resolution would be sent to the U.S. attorney's office in Washington or perhaps an independent counsel in an attempt to force the Justice Department to provide tens of thousands of internal documents to the committee."



Won't he just destroy everything? And hasn't he already? And will the president try to make a deal that Holder will go if they stop the inquiry? Clearly everyone has to have already geared up for this. It's just not obvious to me how this will play out.

Danube of Thought

Lots of fun today, Clarice. I'm sure it was fun to write, too.


"Re: Holder being held in contempt. I can't wrap my mind around how this will play out. Anyone have any guess?"


Knowing absolutely nothing about the Law and the political mechanisms in DC politics, I think that regardless if Holder is held in contempt, nothing will happen to him whatsoever. Obama will keep him in place regardless, the Press will play it as a racist witchhunt by the Repub's, and Obama will use it as a means of demonstrating the powerlessness of Congress to actually accomplish anything beyond unimportant posturing and irrelevant votes that carry no weight. Holder will get as much face time as he wants on Stephanopolous and the other morning shows to answer all the softball questions his staff scripts for the sycophantic hosts, and then he'll take a vacation at Charlie Rangal's vacation digs in the Caribbean. I think any of us could draft Stephy's Sunday Morning Interview questions right now.

Thats my uneducated guess.


Darned thing wrote itself,DoT. Congress no longer has statutotry authority to appoint a SP. As I recall from Libby the AG has to do it. But I don't see why they couldn't pass a law authorizing them to appoint outside counsel to represent Congressional interest in Ct.


Comedian Susan Vass on Warren:
(ht Powerline)

“Funny, she doesn’t look Siouxish.”


Gotta run but Lucianne reports Kim Kardashian asked her dinner partner roger Ailes what he does.


Jack is Back!

Everytime I hear the name Kardashian, I lose all the great respect I once had for the feats of Bruce Jenner. He was such a great athlete that he learned to play golf in one day and then went out and broke 100. The guy was one of the greatest all-around athletes ever produced by this country. Now he is saddled with those dimwitted zero's called the Kardashians.



The wife and I got married in the CourtHouse Room in Memphis were they shot the movie scene of Hannibal Lecter in that cage.. The room was being renovated so it was a mess.

The Judge marrying us was a guy the wife had contacted thru the phonebook, so we paid our $150 and got the BloodTest, and in we walked one Saturday or Sunday to get married. He had a Secretary to be the witness, so just the 4 of us in this Hannibal Lecter room.

Anyhow, since we had never met, we started chitchatting, and he said he used to be one of Elvis's bodyguards. This was fun so we started talking about the King in the glory days of Melvis, errr Memphis..

Then he said that his sister used to date Elvis a bit, but eventually wound up and married Bruce Jenner, but now they were divorced.
This rung a bell, and I said that I felt really bad about that, because I recall how Bruce Jenner's wife had worked really hard to support him while he was doing all that training for the Olympics, and that after he won and had fame and money, he dumped his wife and ran off with some blonde floozy, so I feel bad about your sister that he dumped.

Instantly the words were out of my mouth, and I and the wife and the Judge and the Witness realized who the blonde floozy was. Ha!

Very awkward couple seconds there, so he said, "Well, lets get this thing over with, and in about 2 minutes worth of "I do's", me and momma was out of there laughing our behinds off, with her giving me the very first of our married "I can't frickin' believe you said that."

I had no idea Jenner was now hanging with the Kardashians.


Did he put any moves on LiLo last night?


Everytime I hear the name Kardashian, I lose all the great respect I once had for the feats of Bruce Jenner.

Same here. I never follow any of those reality shows. It was possibly 2 years ago, running through the channels, I had seen a couple minutes of that show (not knowing what it was called) and seeing someone who resembled Bruce Jenner, post plastic surgery. More months would pass before enough other pop culture facts were involuntarily assembled in my head and I realized that WAS Jenner, and he had something do with those Kardasian folks (still didn't quite know who they are, but I know enough to know I don't care).

Ah, Bruce. I watched the Olympics that year. Decathlon - world's greatest athlete. Amazing. You were on my Wheaties box, for cryin out loud! So sad.



You may be right about Holder, and if you are my sense that we are toast will be truly confirmed.


daddy, what a heck of a story!



Bill Toomey moved in next to my folks when I was in college. He was one of my heroes when I was a kid and it was somewhat stupefying to have him as a neighbor. He was track coach at UCI. If both my parents and they had moved into that neighborhood a couple of years earlier I probably would have run for him.

Jenner, meh! Too Hollywood from the outset. He had that whole Charlie's Angels blow dried look going on.

Met him later on through my Olympic involvement. More meh...Fame got to him early and he got sucked up into the BS.

I agree with Jib on a June crisis. I don't know if anyone is connecting the dots, but Europe ain't looking so good, either.

The Dutch government has fallen. Sarkozy is toast. Spain is at Depression level unemployment. Romania's government fell because of austerity on Thursday.

The entire structure of the Sarkozy/Merkel plan has gone up in smoke with no credible alternatives.

In the meantime, Obama announced that we will sell F-16's to Taiwan; we have a dissident hiding under the Ambassador's bed, and mixed in with the Bo Xilai case the government there is under its own assault now. And Hillary is heading there next.

After her partying down Cancun-style I am sure this is going to be a very interesting visit, and not in a good way.

I blogged on the Euromess if anyone is interested. And daddy, thanks for keeping it interesting. I am feeling more and more like joining those hunter gatherers. Will have to dust off my buckskins or borrow DoT's.

Jes sayin'.

Elizabeth Warren's mother looks like her father posed for the Buffalo Nickel.


Speaking of fake Indians a friend sent me this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGeN0QkZmmY


Is everyone seeing the new sign-in for comments, or is it just me?

Jack is Back!


That is still one of the top 5 classic bits from a TV show.

The only problem with it is - Ed Ames looks like Alan Colmes brother:)

Frau Medienzirkus

Well, now I know for sure she's *not* a natural blond.

Jack is Back!


I see it and I am on Safari. Looks like a new Typus feature. I just hope some of our trolls sign on using Facebook so we can pollute their wall:)

Frau Medienzirkus

Matt, as Berry's Sec.of Schlub, Hillary! has earned every bucket of suds she can get her hands on.
Party hardy, old gal.


Pofarmer, This sounds bad!





She's taking 'Bltarski's advice to heart.


How odd it this new sign in. Well I hope it helps. Just don't make me remember any passwords.

I only see Jenner on ads for the show occasionally, but boy he looks like he had some horrid plastic surgery.


I saw the new signin info. But my 05:12 posted when I used the same info I always use to post on JOM.




No need to sign in to comment (yet). The caption says "Comment below OR sign in with ...."




I'm guessing she's as Indian as these:



As Dr. Evil would say; 'right'



Try Bill Haywood, it makes more sense.


Must be schizie cause he's got TWO facebook pp.https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506929955


This has never happened before;


Captain Hate

Lucianne reports Kim Kardashian asked her dinner partner roger Ailes what he does.

I can provide an honest answer.


I think the White House correspondents dinner raises funds for journalist charities & programs. I wonder if they raised funds for the groups that invited Dan Savage to give his sermon?

"Savage was supposed to be delivering a speech about anti-bullying at the National High School Journalism Conference sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association."


I don't know but this business of turning the WHCAD into another Oscar show is not doing the press or the movie stars any good.




Btw is ABC doing a strange cross promotion with Current, last week Keith, today Jennifer


I think this description is a little harsh, but it's par for the course;


Do they even know their argument;




If you talk to Scott Brown, I wouldn't ask about the Pocohontus Warren Business.

Instead I'd ask him if he is still driving his old pick-up truck to campaign.

Jane: Senator Brown, Great basketball shot the other night. That was amazing. By the way, what kind of truck do you drive?

Brown: A GMC Canyon.

Jane: So not a Jeep Cherokee?

Brown: No, not a Jeep Cherokee?

Jane: So you're telling me you're not a Cherokee guy. Is that correct? You're not a Cherokee?

Brown: Correct Jane. I'm not a Cherokee?

Jane: Have you ever considered becoming a Cherokee guy? Sometimes becoming a Cherokee can have a lot of fringe benefits?

Brown: No Jane, I've never considered becoming a Cherokee guy. I'm happy with my Canyon.

Jane: Dodge Dakota?

Brown: Nope.

Jane: Sierra?

Brown: Nope

Jane: Are you now or have you even been a Pontiac?

Brown: No Jane. (Laughing) I have never been a Pontiac, but they did have great lines.

Jane: No. Absolutely great lines. 3/16th's of the time Ward Churchill drives a Pontiac BTW, do you know what kind of vehicle your opponent, Elizabeth Warren drives?


Jane, It would also work if you did the routine about Military helicopters, since Helicopter wise we have or have had the Apache, Kiowa, Comanche,Sioux, Shawnee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Lakota.

Jane: Senator Brown, I know your opponent Elizabeth Warren, is not a big fan of the US Military. Let me ask you, since you are our Senator, and also an Officer in the Reserves, have you ever ridden in a US Military Helicopter?

Brown. Why yes i have Jane.

Jane: Was it an Apache?

Brown: Yes, I've ridden in an Apache.

Jane: Do you think we need more Apache's?

Brown: Wouldn't hurt?

Jane: How about Comanche's?




What kind of board at Harvard determined Elizabeth Warren's Native American Status?

A SacajaOuija Board.


I liked Clarice's idea of Tea Party patriots going to Warren events wearing feather headdresses! They could challenge her to traditional Cherokee games -
"But they did have dolls, toys, and games to play. In one popular game, Cherokee kids tried to throw a dart through a moving hoop. Anejodi, a stickball game related to the Iroquois game of lacrosse, was a popular sport among Cherokee teenagers and adult men."

Melinda Romanoff



On a completely unrelated note, I planted my red-skinned potatoes today. Also white-skinned potatoes, but the garden rows are segregated.


I planted four (4) 3 gal. Golden Arbor Vitae's and 50 Lincoln N.M. Doug Fir 3-2 transplants.

And I nearly put a nine iron into my wheel barrow from 110yds.

Segregated? Race relations on the other thread:)

Annoying Old Guy

She Who Is Perfect In All Ways has tried potatoes but never had much luck (central Illinois). Her asparagus, after 6 years of work, is finally coming in nicely.


Just one minute -- how many hockey moms has Mr. Obama eaten?

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