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April 10, 2012



Does this have something to do with Zimmerman's justifiable homicide defense?



TM has a great big brain

Justified is his way to get out


Bobby Petrino! Did he ever make keef's worst person deal? Cause if he didn't...


Wow that was cold, and so was the way Quarles
was dispatched.

Strawman Cometh

I prefer Madmen, few (one?) killings, and several .... of large, small and medium .... sized wimens.


Raylan shot Quarles, then Limehouse disarmed him.

W. C. Taqiyya

Yummy ending with slightly preggers hottie with nice boobs. Pay attention fellas.


Ha! I saw the headline as I was starting the episode, and nearly sprained my scrolling finger lest I encounter spoilers.

Tremendous show.


I saw the headline and thought Zimmerman had been exonerated.

Have to confess I've never seen the show, barely heard of it.


How much of that moonshine do you want? We have a Poet Bio-refining corn plant just down the road here in the Hoosier state. I'll bet that our government-subsidized rate per gallon beats the crap out of the damage extracted for a glitzy bottle of Onyx Spirits.

Papa Whskey

Looks like a nice quaff. Bet it can't hold a candle to Caol Ila, though.

Danube of Thought

Love the Elmore Leonard novels featuring Raylan. Never could get into the TV show.


TomM-- Connecticut moonshine? really? talk about propagating stereotypes-- they must have quaffed that stuff at Skull & Bones back in the day during prohibition. Onyx Spirits-- huh; I'll have to ask my daughter, I suspect her hockey/Lax buddies at the Avon Old Farms school indulged. PS: TomM--how many fingers am I holding up.....


I believe most CT moonshine is distilled in Ayrshire.


Matt-- might be true. At a connectict dinner party last year, after a bit more 'tasting' than advisable, my Scottish host looked at my empty tasting glass and said in alcohol induced deep brogue: "would ye care fer a wee dram more"


I got the impression Quarles may still be alive. He is such a good bad guy.

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