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April 04, 2012


Buford Gooch

Well, profit is a bad thing. Unless, of course, it's for the correct side.


It's the profit overhead that makes these things so expensive for the movie-goer.


Of Course, we hear nothing about the profit Planned Parenthood makes every time an inconvenient child is killed with their help.


"Anti-Abortion Film Is Pro-Profit"

This demands the Breitbartian response: "So?"


...don't reach for the gingko bilboa.

Whoa. Very sneaky way to keep those memory improvement ads from popping up.


The LEFT has always harbored these FREAKISH COMMUNIST notions. Since Obama has come to power, they don't hide it any more.
Mitt Romney gave a speech last night in Milwaukee and he made a GREAT point.
Romney pointed out to the KENYAN KON MAN that THE ECONOMY is the aggregate sum of American business. Without business and PROFIT, there is not money for LIBTARDS to spend.

Melinda Romanoff


Nice turnout yesterday.



I think from janet's link on the previous thread that holder wants affirmative action until minorities get their proportional share of all profits.

And then through public sector jobs they can eliminate the benefits of private ownership.

If I have to read one more bureaucrat living off the taxes generated by the private sector explaining how he or she intends to use their position to see that the existing US economic, political, and social systems are transformed I may start screaming.

Isn't that what you thought you were paying for from some double dipping local or state superintendent? Retired on one salary and collecting on another and detremined to take down a country they do not understand and have harmed through the public payroll and their policies and practices.

Melinda Romanoff


Sometimes those things are self-correcting.

And, yes, I particularly relish this one.


Melinda, I play guitar in a band. We played last night in Waukesha County. All 4 guys voted GOP. I voted for Santorum, so did all of my band mates. We all realized that we are going to get the pleasure of voting Romney in November 12 and November 16. One of the guys doesn't care for Romney. I had an analogy for him.
Imagine you get injured in a car wreck.
There are 2 witnesses. 1) A licensed MD and Psychiatrist (Romney). 2)A lying Commie Sociopathic HACK (Obama). Which one do you want treating your injuries.

Sara (Pal2Pal)
Romney accused "out-of-touch liberals like Barack Obama" of saying they want a strong economy while showing they "don't like" business.

"It's a bit like saying you like an omelette, but you don't like eggs," Romney said. He said Obama's vision would lead to high unemployment, "crushing debt" and "stagnant wages."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/04/03/romney-looks-for-big-night-and-beyond-in-wisconsin/#ixzz1r7AeeXoC

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