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April 05, 2012


clarice feldman

Disgusting. And to think I once questioned Horowitz when he said the Hate Crimes laws would only be used against whites.

Rob Crawford

I get the feeling "[man]" is a euphemism for something... perhaps a racial slur?


[man] = [motherfucker]

In the words of George Zimmerman, "Fucking punks."


wel it's less vivid than the Captain Cecchino comparison, but it does make a point


Rick Ballard

A little more on Mr. Watts.

“All I meant by saying ‘remember Trayvon’ is to remember what happened to him, don’t duplicate it here,” he said.

The Blade added that the assault took place "only a few hours after a peaceful rally" showing support for the Martin family.

Mr. Watts told the Blade he never allowed weapons in his home while his children were growing up, but the incident has changed his attitude.

Now, he plans to buy a gun and get a permit to carry it.

I believe the families of the black youths who will be killed as a result of trying to lynch whites should bill the Grand Kleagle of the Black Klan in DC for the funerals.


Wait. We need to understand the youths' (young punks) motive before we can determine what crime has occurred? We need to find out what was said to determine if a crime was committed?

Seems an assault was committed. I'd say the injuries were dispositive--or are the six youths claiming self defense? (Remember Trayvon allusion...)


wel it's less vivid than the Captain Cecchino comparison...

No, not cryptic but tricky until one works out this allusion is to Captain Schettino of the Cruise ship Costa Concordia, and further that the left spells his name "Scatino" for the most part in their outrageous outrage on Reince Priebus having (I gather) said "The President is our Scatino"...

Phew. See, there is a real art of compression in Narc's comments, and unpacking it is like unfolding an origami penguin.


You should be commended for this attempt, Alice. Unfortunately, it means watching every episode of Futurama.


You can't really blame the kids for taking the pork rinds, though. Those things f*cking rock!


lol brad


Oh come now... that 78 year-old guy looks nothing like Obama's son.


lol brad


More walking back by MSNBC.

MSNBC Video - April 6, 2012

Since August, he called the police seven times. Five times, reporting his suspicions about young men in the area, but he never mentioned the mens' race without being asked.

Posted by: cboldt | April 05, 2012 at 07:07 PM

glad to see you on the job bro


CBS Headline - "Martin shooter's family goes on the offense"

Gee, you think maybe what Zimmerman is doing, again, is DEFENDING himself? The media is shameless in promoting its biased point of view.


--Phew. See, there is a real art of compression in Narc's comments, and unpacking it is like unfolding an origami penguin.--

I may be falling in love.
AliceH; doing the heavy lifting so we don't have to.

Captain Hate

Reince was being too kind by comparing the Indonesian to the dago coward; although it's nice to see somebody in the RNC show some backbone (the Duke and Duke finishing school should rectify that in short order).

Captain Hate

Moo U must be so proud: http://minx.cc/?post=328187


Kramerica nods, OTOT, I linked the oevre of my dear paisan Ms, Alvarez, which the Times chooses to showcase with that fiskworthy story
that every Afghan or Iraq vet is a potential


Ex: Thank you. I have realized I'll fall short on a lot of pop culture references, but I love a puzzle and that makes up for a lot. Used to work the Guardian cryptic crosswords all the time - it was odd how many times I knew the right answer, but spent days trying to decipher the clue so I could see WHY it was right.

Ig: Um? okay - but no pics ;-)


Agreed Alice. It'll be our little secret.



Great link to "Olbermann's Broadcasting Empire".

Am trying to come up with who I want to do the dramatic reading of his complaint---am partial to some old fop like Peter O'Toole but I might be satisfied with David Hasselhoff, as long as he was on the kitchen floor drunk out of his mind and shrieking.

Jimmy the Saint

Dallas Watts to be charged with several felonies: 1 count of cracka-ass crackadom; 1 count existing while being white; and 1 count of Rep'rations, Bitchez!

Blade online editor

The Blade, 4/7/12: "Police say the robbery and assault of a 78-year-old Toledo man by six juveniles were not racially motivated and his account of what happened might have been exaggerated. On Thursday, Toledo police Capt. Wes Bombrys said investigators determined the crime involving Dallas Watts was not racially motivated. On Friday, police Sgt. Phil Toney agreed, adding, "After the investigation, it was revealed that the story told by Mr. Watts was somewhat exaggerated, although he was assaulted and robbed. His story as to how everything happened appears to be a little bit exaggerated. " … It's causing issues here that shouldn't be here," Sergeant Toney said. "Let the police and courts do what they need to do and handle it. The people who robbed and assaulted Watts have been charged." http://www.toledoblade.com/Police-Fire/2012/04/07/Toledo-police-Man-s-account-of-assault-may-be-exaggerated.html

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