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April 28, 2012


Caspar Weinburger

Yes, I'm doing extremest best, thanks.

archie goodwin

Steyn has his own take on the matter, content
warning a head of time;


archie goodwin

And while we're otherwise distracted;


Melinda Romanoff


You know that one stung Satchelmouth.

archie goodwin

Yes I'd like to report one busybody Minister of Transport;



I see that DOT last night after my curfew was considering posting as Zeus from now on.

I am pretty sure I know who would play angry Hera then.

Also do we have any JOM posters living in Colorado? Regulars can probably guess why I am asking. It has been a good week for tracking bad ideas from birthing places to soon to be piloting sites.

And Reno by any chance?

Good morning all.

archie goodwin

Charlie's from there, rse,


Okay - I missed a whole lot of JOM threads for most of this month. Is "archie goodwin" actually Narciso under a new name or someone else? So confused.

archie goodwin

Yes, cc, since Danube decided to become Zeus,
MarkO Mickey Haller, and Rick, his sidekick

archie goodwin

Just some helpful advice;



Thanks Archie. Loved the Steyn link - Cuisines from my Stepfather, indeed!

Zeus? Mickey Haller and Cisco? Egad, I hope no one else changes their "name."


I had to Google Haller and Cisco! Zeus, I was already familiar with. lol.

archie goodwin

Those quarrelsome Vikings they have to be watched constantly;


archie goodwin

It's a shame that Surber is hanging up his pamphlet making machine;

Danube of Thought

I really am Zeus, but on reflection I'll stick mwith the alias I've been using.


Obama killed OBL!


Just over a week before the recall primaries the ad wars are dialed up to 11. Note big pro-Walker ad buys to go with big Dem vs Dem ad buys. Tens of millions more to spend in May. Total union fail is looking like a real possibility as we near June 5.


Our favorite strip mall professor chimes in:

"This is nuclear war," said University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee political scientist Mordecai Lee, who served in the state Assembly as a Democrat. "This is not croquet. This is as savage as politics get. This is a battle to the death where they're willing to do anything."

It will be ugly.


For Peggy Noonan, another nickel drops:

A Bush League President
Republicans are aggravated by Obama. They should cheer up. So is everyone else.

But—and forgive me, because what I’m about to say is rude—has anyone noticed how boring he is? Plonking platitude after plonking platitude.

Excerpt from Instapundit, links to WSJ, login required.

Also, that subheadline IRRITATES me.

Jack is Back!

Take away line from Archie's 8:14 link to Steyn:

"For economically beleaguered Americans, the more pertinent question is: “Can Barack Obama Make Cool Affordable”? It’s not just that Obama ate the dog, but that he’s screwing the pooch."

Big Stick, indeed:)


--But—and forgive me, because what I’m about to say is rude—has anyone noticed how boring he is? Plonking platitude after plonking platitude.--

Nothing get's past that Peggy. What a quick study.



Sharpton stirring up riots in LA when GZ walks.

archie goodwin

More like cricket, if one is a Douglas Adams fan, honestly there aren't enough tentacles on Ctluthu, with say a proposal to let the Iranians keep enriching uranium as long as
they allow us to keep inspecting.

archie goodwin

How about we are giving a visa to the official
mentioned in this piece, who happens to be the wife of the expelled DGI cell from 2003


archie goodwin

But that's OK, because Mrs. Greenspan vouches for her;


archie goodwin

OTOH, she doesn't take Bill Richardson seriously:



Clarice-it has been the official taxpayer funded policy since at least 2005 to use urban school systems to actively push racial and class social consciousness as part of the school curriculum.

I am sure sharpton has been told that and plans to capitalize on it.

DOT-if you are zeus, lots of offspring.

I loved the myths as a child and taught them to my kids as well. Red was telling me most of the UMC kids in her IB lit class cannot appreciate the allusions to the myths in poetry and lit. You would think she understood swahili from the looks of astonishment as she explains the stories behind the references. That whole rich world completely untouched except insofar as thor being one of the avengers.



"Total union fail"

I have always thought that one of the good things about being an American was the opportunity to get rewarded for working harder. Now I find out that it is against Government rules to get rewarded for working harder. How did this great nation come to:
"The National Labor Relations Board has repeatedly ruled that individual bonuses constitute illegal “direct dealing”


Forced union membership equals slavery, IMO.

archie goodwin

And this wasn't terribly inspiring;


archie goodwin

Back in 1988, rse, Jackson did that 'hey hey, ho ho, Western culture's got to go,' chant at Stanford, now a quarter century later.


Re Mickey Haller, The Lincoln Lawyer is a "watch instantly" option at Netflix. The movie's very good, and the book is even better. Another Connelly book/movie "Blood Work" is "instant" too, starring Clint Eastwood as a retired ex-FBI profiler. Decent movie which bears little resemblance to the excellent book.

Captain Hate

Just some helpful advice

It is helpful advice but so far Mitt has been playing an effective rope-a-dope strategy to let the JEF go out and make a complete ass out of himself and just give some mildly chiding responses as if he's the sole adult in the room. It's almost like Reagan's "There you go again" admonishments and it could actually work because I don't see Preznit Pantload straying from the insane attack mode one iota.


Obama is much, much better on defense. On offense, he's a continuing treasure trove of pettiness, lies, bitterness, & blame-shifting.

Captain Hate

“Step aside, you squares!” Richardson had always smirked. “I’m friends with the bad**ses!—with the hoods! They really, really, like me down there in Cuba. They think I’m cool! And let me into their little gang!”

My initial reaction to Richardson was I wanted to like him because he seemed, of all the Clinton apparatchiks, to be so *earnest* on the Sunday gab shows. But he's ultimately such a witless tool.

Does racial expert bwanabuster consider him a white Hispanic?

Captain Hate

And this wasn't terribly inspiring

Is there something in the water or intensity of the sunlight that ultimately does to a lot of people in the state what it did to Cheeto Crist?

archie goodwin

He's almost as wasp as Louis Winthorpe;


archie goodwin

No, not nearly enough;



archie, I beg you to return to your old name. I lack your memory powers and all this name changing is making me crazy.


Sorry, about that.

Captain Hate

narc changes his nic often @ AoS.


Thanks, narciso.



the bathysphere doesn't even have windows;



From the Communist BSer @10:57.

"you know, the Cuban model has been based always, the model we have been trying to build for more than 50 years has been based on the most advanced ideas of humanity, of social justice."


Just a very few of the hundreds of thousands murdered, jailed or dead at sea by the horror of the Communist Castro regime.

The reality is that the true number of those executed for political causes over these last 36 years of Cuba's history is not known, because the statistics on the executions are a complete secret, and in greater or smaller scale, the executions have not stopped at all.

Remind you of any other regime that likes to keep things like "Fast and Furious" secret?

Not to be outdone by the Castro regime the Obama regime EPA has decided on crucifixion
for their dissidents.


My concern in that Times piece, which surfaced in my fishwrap, was accepting the premise of the poll, and not rebutting it.


CH-LUN is the former Cleveland Heights super and then Ohio state. Given what I now about Ohio activities and who she hired during her tenure I have no doubt Ms DeLisle will be a loyal spreader of federal mischief for bo and arne.

Thought you might appreciate the story though and have an anecdote or 2. Sort of the way anyone from metro ATL feels about Bev Hall.


I think you've had quite enough;



And this will harsh you mellow;



This is from the interview that made Stahl so verklempt;


Captain Hate

rse, I don't know anything about her because I chose to just turn a blind unsympathetic eye to the cesspool known as Cleveland Height-University Heights public schools once my daughter graduated; but if she was involved with that trainwreck, then she did nothing positive as the schools continued their long decline under her. The school system used to be somewhat highly regarded but now is a substandard embarrassment that is always skating with an "academic watch" rating. If she was appointed to her state job by Twitch Strickland and asked to leave by Kasich that means she was worthless because Strickland was a total fraud and tool of the unions.

Donald Douglas

Thanks for the linkage!

'The New Politics of Hostage Taking? Actually, Republicans Are Not the Problem'.


A similar situation, enbiggened, as it were;



So how is Wannabe Warren faring in the media in Boston after the latest fiasco. Maybe she can get Ward Churchill to campaign for her? I love that she is going to lose to Scotty. Its must make them crazy in the DSC?


Well not really, maybe when you were counsel for Texaco;



They do keep birth records right;


Captain Hate

Classy as ever: http://weaselzippers.us/2012/04/28/ignorant-bill-maher-romney-only-gives-to-his-cult-the-mormons-thats-not-charity-theyre-not-poor-people/


What else can be expected from the 'auteur' of 'Pizza Man'

Danube of Thought

I give the highest possible recommendation to the Michael Connelly novels, which are best if read in the order they were written. The protagonist in most is an L.A. cop named Harry Bosch; in some it's Harry's half-brother, Mickey Haller. Harry usually has a cameo in the Haller books.

Marvelous page-turners.


We've traveled with so many Connelly audio books playing that I feel like narrator Dick Hill is one of the family. Ditto DoT's suggestion to listen to them in order. We usually have to go with what's "in" at our library and it can get confusing.


"Warren, who said she was told through family lore that her maternal parents were from the Cherokee and Delaware tribes"

In Narc's link, lots of pixels explaining trouble with obtaining tribal records. Did anyone try to find NON-tribal records, like, say, a census record of her maternal grandparents being registered in Pennsylvania or anything? Maybe they are just looking for evidence in the wrong place.


For Peggy Noonan, another nickel drops:

A Bush League President
Republicans are aggravated by Obama. They should cheer up. So is everyone else.

Dear Peggy,

Told you so.

Your most humble and obedient servant &c &c

Those who were paying attention


She was born in Oklahoma City, not on a reservation, I mean who is she trying to fool,


I'm about one quarter to one third Cherokee and would have no trouble proving it with family copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, some going back all the way to the early 1800s. Interestingly, some of my ancestors were among the early settlers with Daniel Boone's group, who married into the local Indian tribes and the marriage and birth certificates always states "Cherokee woman" as the wife and/or mother, but never her name.

Frau Indianerprinzessin

Most family lore always sez grgrgrgrgranny Sophronia was a red-headed (or short dark, descriptions may vary) Cherokee princess which always thrills the chirren. Don't destroy the dream!


The Oklahoma Cherokee contingent were the ones who voted overwhelmingly a couple of years ago to kick the black "Freedman" members out of the tribe.


"She was born in Oklahoma City, not on a reservation, I mean who is she trying to fool,"

The same people McCain fooled with his "US territory-ish" birth location?


I've just returned from the republican caucus for the 1st congressional district. The purpose of the caucus was to elect 3 delegates to the republican convention and 3 alternates. The district has been redistricted so the caucus moved from Sturbridge to Westfield which is 6 exits west on the MA Pike.

In Romney's home state, the Ron Paul delegates took the slate. The Ron Paul delegates passed out a flier that called themselves "The Ronald Reagan party". All of the Paul delegates announced they are social conservatives which is not what you would expect from a MA libertarian. I sat with a great guy who was voting for that slate, and I asked him how he felt about Paul's foreign policy. He said it concerned him. His issue is big government. He also said he would vote for Romney in November.

At one point we were laughing because you could tell the Ron Paul people a mile away. They all looked like progressive democrats.We figured a lot of them were there to legalize drugs.

I went there with a couple of big whigs in the party, one of whom was on the ballot and lost. It was widely felt that this was an embarrassing result that could be directly attributed to Romney who didn't bother to get people out to vote.

I learned a whole lot about the state wide republican party. It was fascinating.

Oh and if you aren't bored yet, in MA both the tea party and the republican party are going thru a weird time. The Boston area tea parties are going thru a battle about social conservatism. There is an attempt to take over the tea party with a social conservative agenda. (In Central MA where I am, there are a lot of social conservative tea partiers, but we agree that as tea partiers those issues will be framed as fiscal issues.)

At the same time, the republican party is feeling no such pressure on pro-life issues, instead the Paulites are pushing a small government and its weird foreign policy agenda.

Frankly I have no clue what is going on.


We've seen this happen as well, in Nevada, as well as Minnesota, nature abhors a vaccuum,
and the most motivated faction fills it, and those happen to be Lor Nuap supporters.


My Critical Race Theory of Elizabeth Warren:

Something I didn't notice last night, but do now due to an Althouse post, is that Elizabeth Warren probably became a Native American due to Professor Derrick Bell and his Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Ann has a post up on Derrick Bell which BTW, has comments from our bgates and MayBee clobbering the snot out of Ann.

Anyhow, I had forgotten who Bell was last night when I was doing those Harvard Crimson stories on "Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren, who is of Native American descent, become the first woman with a minority background to be tenured."

Ann's post reminded me who Professor Bell was, and I realized that in the first Harvard Crimson story I linked, (1993) where Elizabeth Warren is not yet a Native American and is offered Tenure for the first time, the students who are angry are angry because they are disciples of Derrick Bell:

"Former Weld Professor of Law Derrick A. Bell took a leave from the Law School to protest the lack of women of color on the faculty. He was dismissed for failing to return after two years of leave."

"Despite the fact that a female was offered tenure, some students said they did not think the move went far enough, and said they wanted more ideological diversity as well.

"The fact that the tenure offers tend to be right of center, and only white women is disturbing," said second year student Julie A. Su. "Their definition of diversity tends to be very limited."

"There are still no tenured women of color on the Law School faculty. Five of the 60 tenured faculty at the Law School are women."

"The law school realizes statistically it is still in deep trouble concerning women," Koh said.

"In order to show a real commitment to diversity they need to do more than pass a resolution and bring in white women," Su said. "They need women of color and ideological diversity."

Warren turned that Tenure offer down.

It is when she is offered and accepts Tenure 2 year's later, that Law School Spokesperson Mike Chmura, is now proudly able to say "Although the conventional wisdom among students and faculty is that the Law School faculty includes no minority women, Chmura said Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren is Native American.

Chmura touted Elizabeth Warren as Native American, because it contradicted the Harvard Survey that proved there was a lack of minority diversity at Harvard Law School. Professor Bell's protest was alive and well among the Harvard Law School student population, so Elizabeth Warren suddenly became Sacajawannabee Warren, and the Derrick Bell Diversity Anger Protest was defused.

Then all HLS had to do was to keep touting Pocohontus Warren as their go to "Native American woman" with "a minority background", until they got Lani Guinier on board, after which Squaw Warren's blood brother status was so passe' that she became a nondescript white cracker all over again.

That's my theory of why Elizabeth Warren's Race was so Critical---to beat down the protests engendered by Derrick Bells Critical Race Theory.

BTW, Derrick Bell, Lani Guinier, Elizabeth Warren, Barrack Obama.
Interesting how for the last 2 Democratic Presidencies this country has been shackled by the nuttiness and incompetence that arose from the idiocy spouted by credentialed morons of Harvard Law School. And Romney went to HLS too. Geez:(

Danube of Thought

My great-grandfather, Walter Powhatan Montague from tideawater Virginia, claimed to be directly descended from Pocahantas. We are still awaiting proof.

His children never referred to him as anything other than "Uncle Pow."

Danube of Thought

I bet Romney could find Warren's lineage in a heartbeat.

Might be a gold mine there.


I bet Romney could find Warren's lineage in a heartbeat.

heh. That's funny right there. Don't get into a genealogy fight with a mormon.


daddy, didn't you mean to call her Pocobogus?


Andy, while the Ewok slumbers, has an interesting twist on the subject



Nice one Jean D:)

BTW, There were only 11 Jean's born in Wales in 2010, so you're pretty much down in scraping the bottom of the bucket territory with Sue, Janet. and Clarice. Pretty good company if you ask me!


Wow, daddy, glorious company, indeed!


Apparently some crank investigator in our family dug around and discovered Sacagawea in our family tree via her hubby the Canuck.
Does that make me a macaroon? In any event where are my freebies?


Anybody have a link to a comment by the real Benjamin Franklin wherein he said something like sending Indian's to Harvard was awful because they learned pompousness and laziness, whereas the intelligent thing to do was instead to send Yankee kids to live with the Indians so that they could learn real world common sense vales and practices.

I have to take out the dogs early today and will see if I can dig it up later.


Maybe it's this, daddy;


Danube of Thought

"In any event where are my freebies?"

Don't knock 'em till you've applied and been rejected. Hell, maybe you and I can open a casino.


heh. Jim Geraghty tweets:

"I, for one, salute Harvard Law School for having the courage to hire Professor Dances-With-Occupiers."

h/t LegalInsurrection via Instapundit


--Hell, maybe you and I can open a casino.--

Mrs. Iggy has some Cherokee in her [I think it's where she got those nice cheek bones] so we're already more than halfway there, DoT.
All we need is a big garish building of very questionable taste and some second rate, washed up acts from the 70's like Air Supply and the Guess Who.


Get Dana Ward in as your partner, during the feather passing giggle fest he was yammering on about being a member of not one but two different tribes.


washed up acts from the 70's like Air Supply and the Guess Who

An Australian band and a Canadian band. What - an AMERICAN washed up band from the 70's isn't good enough for you?


Neither can Churchill or Warren? What is it with professors and imaginary connections to Indian tribes anyway?


--An Australian band and a Canadian band. What - an AMERICAN washed up band from the 70's isn't good enough for you?--

I blame Bush...and NAFTA.


--play 'Indian Maiden' for Susan. It's a winner--

Is it better than Squaws Along the Yukon [Are Good Enough For Me] by Hank Thompson?


I'm on the wrong side of this Indian thing. My great-grandfather was an US Indian agent in the late 1800's.


--Don't know that one, Ig. Are you yanking on my leash?--

No yanking. A jaunty little number.


daddy, the most popular name in England has to be Mohammed.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/family/9231326/Revealed-how-popular-is-your-name.html


I just have to repost this from the previous thread...who in the world CARES if someone has Indian blood? Warren didn't even know those ancestors! -

"Dems are just a pack of losers....really, they are so pathetic. Claiming to have some Indian blood? So what?! Even if it is true....so what? Can she make a papoose or carve something out of bone?....for goodness sake, the Karankawa Indians in Texas were cannibals. Is that her tribe? It is all ridiculous."


The good Lieutenant reminds me that there is a legendary Indian tribe well known to platoon leaders. The fugawi tribe. Lost and disoriented many have cried out " Where the Fugawi?

Jack is Back!


The reason Dems are so enamored with Indian lineage is it represents they are members of the "oppressed" class and it is therefore their moral imperative to protect those who are oppressed.


Yeah those family legends get bigger with the telling. My Uncle regaled me for years with the story of Capt Max my GGGGF, a true Tenn vol. My Uncle said he fought with Jackson at New Orleans. When I did the research, he fought the war from a fort in Alabama building wagons ( some of which no doubt made their war down to supply the troops at New Orleans). My uncle was reluctant to leave the legend go.

I did find a deed signed by Governor Sam Houston, before he became President of the Republic of Texas...

Jack is Back!


Fugawi is also a renowned Ski Club in DC. I was a member back in the day. They would choose a destination, give you the price. You show up at National not knowing the destination and take your charter there. When you arrive, the first thing you ask is "Where the Fugawi?"


Warren is desperately clinging to some new angle{Indian blood} to jumpstart her failing campaign. I agree with Janet. These loser tactics and Obama's re-election strategy are so transparent and so ineffective that the person hoping to get elected or re-elected is bound to suffer defeat. If Maher wants to go down the cult road Repubs can happily replay some of Wright's sermons that Obama seems to live by.


Janet, Don't you see? That drop or so of Indian blood (even if imaginary)gives one an entirely different outlook and diversity based on ethnicity is important but diversity of thought is not. Sheesh, Do I have to teach you EVERYTHING?

JiB, Actually I think Warren made up that cockamamie ancestor story to get the professorship at HLS and the lie is catching up with her now that she's running for office.


I can document my great great great great great great grandmother was Cherokee Indian. She married a white man so I kind of figured being Indian wasn't all that important to her.


I also think there is a belief that primitives without a written language relying on oral traditions and the sense of community to survive is more authentic than being Irish or German with a culture based on print.

Never forget how many of these tenured loons aspire to take us back to a tribal, intuitive, collectivist. pre-industrial existence.

The phrase "without the sense God gave a brick" comes to mind a lot when you read these parasites determined to bring down the society that funds their paychecks.



That's kind of neat.


Well, if we're going to talk about the Fugawi, then I just have to put in a word for the Foxhat:


for the fairness

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