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April 21, 2012




In Beijing it gets lots worse than "ass meat."

Danube of Thought

Jesus, daddy--saw the headline and had to click out.

Frau Landwirtin

That makes spotted dick downright innocent, not to mention almost vegetarian.


From daddy's link;

"Here, try it," says Zhaoran, a business student, as she places a beige-colored ox urethra onto her friend's plate. He's in the middle of wolfing down a piece of chewy dog penis.

Didn't Barry say the dog meat he ate was chewy?
I guess when he says he ate dog he really meant it.


Alright, it's time to restore balance, not to mention goggles;

Sandy Daze

Daddy - Thanks for the J Quest link. Gave me the opportunity to learn about Hoyt Curtin, and his incredible oeuvre, including one of my favorites of all time, The Jetsons Theme. I did not realize that some many of the great Hanna-Barbara themes from the 60s were all his.



Checking in from Pittsburgh. Planning meetings for a very important high school reunion coming up in September.

I was tied up all day Saturday and am reading the same news out of Utah that you all are. I am very happy to see this primary for Hatch but have little hope that he will be defeated. Bennett was caught flat footed in 2010 so Hatch has spent two years cleaning up his act and playing twin to Mike Lee. My fear is that he will be reelected and spend his last six years hating the conservatives who challenged him and making them pay in some way. Many in the legal community credit him with getting Clarence Thomas on the court and will be forever grateful for that.

Hard to keep up on the GZ threads but the links to TalkLeft and the treehouse are super.



I'm sure Hatch has got Lisa Murkowski in his corner. Ughh:(


Daddy, you remind me of another reason I really,really dislike the guy.

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