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April 30, 2012



2:46 just official motions etc and intake paper and affidavit of SP


Completely Off Topic-- link to a story about a 400 PM Bloomberg News 'debate' between Herr Doktor Krugman and Ron 'Crazy Uncle' Paul about more Keynesian 'STIMULUS'. Can you pull for both sides to lose? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/watch-paul-krugman-dispense-keynesian-brilliance-debate-ron-paul-live#comments


Why not? Appalled always does. %^)


Re the gag order request, is it unusual for the prosecution to ask the court to gag law enforcement personnel?


I'm surprised there hasn't been any action by the court on O'Mara's demand for a Statement of Particulars. It's up to the judge to decide whether the prosecution has to provide one. I've read several Florida cases where the request was denied, so it doesn't seem to be something that's assumed to be granted.

Under Florida law, the Statement of Particulars is quite significant, because as the state supreme court said in State v. Davis:

When the prosecuting officer has, in the statement of particulars, specified as definitely as possible and as is known to him what the material facts are (and such is his clear duty) and, in the opinion of the trial judge, such facts do not legally constitute the crime charged or they affirmatively establish an effective bar to the prosecution, then the motion to dismiss should be granted.


Why not? Appalled always does. %^)

No matter who you elect, the government always gets in...

Jim Eagle

Clarice, Strawman and jimmyk,

On behalf of the rest of us here, we appreciate you all keeping KaKa distracted and shackled to that thread on TM and Obama's intervention. Don't let her out")


JiB, unfortunately that thread will be closed to comments in a day or two, and she'll have to come into a more recent thread to spread her nonsense.


A law student journalist speculation, but interesting.

Zimmerman's Lawsuit Against Al Sharpton, NBC, and the Martin Family Attorneys

Thomas Collins

In a perhaps surprising example of good sense at the Ninth Circuit, it was held that showing up for work is an essential job requirement for a nurse in a neo-natal care unit. See LUN.

Melinda Romanoff


I tried to speed up her hamster wheel, but she didn't seem to notice. All it got was TM's attention, which "cost" me an e-mail.

Not to mention her making me dizzy with the walkback, pivot, goalpost-shift dance routine, and no cheerleader skirt to be found anywhere.


I found an old photo with Andrew Breitbart and decided to blog on it. LUN

We are all Andrew Breitbart.


We are all Andrew Breitbart.

We are all The Beast, and need to be fed. Feed me, Judge Lester! Feed me!


What the hell is it about Harvard Professors?

Harvard Prof caught smuggling Pot into Bermuda in her underwear.

I didn't think she was a Harvard Prof until I read her statement:

"At her court hearing Monday, the Boston resident acknowledged that she knew marijuana was illegal in Bermuda but she "responded illogically due to the amount of pain I was in."

Yep. She's from Harvard.


daddy, did you ever hear this story?


Yep, Harvard.


And just to punctuate the point;

Mey Akashah, an environmental health instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health, admitted bringing 6 grams (0.21 ounce) of pot into Bermuda for a weekend trip with her husband, but said a doctor prescribed it for medical reasons

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2012/04/30/2446074/harvard-instructor-caught-with.html#storylink=cpy


I think she must have been stoned. Bermuda is a very low or no tolerance country. 98% of the violence on the island is drug gang related.



Why the Prof thought he needed to go off campus to steal Manure is beyond me. I thought there was more bullshit produced on Harvard Campus than anywhere else in the state.


Speaking of spreading aomething;


Can't have her being upset.

Dontcha love the judge's reasoning in Bermuda?


And in other news, Man sues BMW after motorcycle seat allegedly causes 2-year erection. See http://blog.sfgate.com/stew/2012/04/30/man-sues-bmw-after-motorcycle-seat-allegedly-causes-2-year-erection/?tsp=1


Guess who shows up in this piece, our old friend Teresa Ghillarducci;



Shouldn't the people who didn't suffer priapism be suing?


Matt, why did recommend that very tendentious
piece by Stephen Walt I know is there any other kind, about the Iraq War.


I like how she's a Teacher at Harvard in Massachusetts but her Doctor who supposedly prescribed the Pot is in California. Nice gig.

"Hi Doc. I'm in Massachusetts and feeling bad."

"Sorry to hear that. Smoke some pot. Do you want me to send you a prescription?"

"No, just send the Pot. I'll stick it in my underwear and smuggle it through Customs when we vacation in Bermuda."


That's how that fellow George Jung started his enterprise, well except for the Bermuda


Carp DrJ,

I went for a bike-ride earlier today and didn't even come home with a boner:(


further to gutsy call: I don't think boasting about getting OBL is going to help Obama. people generally find braggarts repellent.


daddy, clearly you did not use the Ultimate Driving Machine.


narciso, so the point is Nocera blew away his 401(k) account so the rest of us shouldn't have one?


And this was the weasel who denied his own reporting during the campaign;



That would seem to be the conclusion;


TM might want to make it another thread,


No rational person could think Obama is a tough guy. He's a manipulative weasel that had to vote "present" to avoid minute responsibility for meaningless bills. Does anyone think he was ever in a fist fight? Maybe a pillow fight with an unnamed white boy.

He's Barney Fife with one bullet, acting tough.

Jim Eagle

If anyone gives a rat's ass about English foot ball and today's match between Man City and Man U, then this is for you.

Liam Gallagher rushes the interviews in Man City locker room.

Actually, I am a Fulham, Tottenham and Preston North End fan. You can google them and find out why?

Jim Eagle

By the way, if you play the vid of Gallagher speaking before the game you will get an idea of PUK's accent from Lancashire.

Elliot knows:)


Have you seen the jeans Zero is prone to wear? Metrosexual is too kind. We all know who wears the pants in that family, and she would rather pound you than look at you.



I like the new Icon pic!


McCarry becomes a little more prophetic, although I've pointed out Asiri's track record;



JiB. I posted this before, or so I thought. You might like it, if it ever shows up on the thread. Futbol. (and some baksetball)


(The original will pop up right when I hit "Post."


The Hot Spurs? Is it possible to be a Hot Spurs fan? JK

Jim Eagle


That is me at about 5 with my dad who was driving a 1938 White pumper fire engine for our volunteer fire department. But the curls are long gone:)

Granny Jan

Did someone just say the word Obama and metrosexual? The pollster, Charlie Cook, recently called Obama a metrosexual to explain his poor polling with the bitter clingers. That got my juices flowing with an amusing result:

Barack Obama is the Metrosexual President http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYAgHKh7q4U


Well except for Sadat and Quaddafi;




This might take a few beers...


Heh. Good one Granny Jan.


Great work, Granny Jan


RIP Benzion Netanyahu;



Nice job Iggy. You've earned your spurs today!


Where's a motorcycle seat?


Have you seen the jeans Zero is prone to wear?

Mom jeans and he throws like a girl:


No Ig, for Tottenham you need an English rounder with bad teeth and spikey hairdo...


That doesn't even really fit;



--No Ig, for Tottenham you need an English rounder with bad teeth and spikey hairdo...--

Wouldn't get past my bad teeth, spikey do filter, Gman.

Some guy

he throws like a girl

That's an insult to girls...


Great pics, Sara.


On the comedy scene I'm upbeat lately.

We have John Lovitz going apes#$t a few days back, and now doubling down on Twitter.

We have Jimmy Kimmel doing some great stuff anti-Omaba at the Correspondents Dinner: ""If we truly want to overcome the problems that we face, we have to do it together. It doesn't matter if you're black, like President Obama, or white, like President Obama, or red, like President Obama's agenda." And especially his riff on dirtbag Jay Carney and Hillary Rosen!

We have the great Adam Carolla rant from a few months back on OWS that was an absolute thing of beauty in destroying the narrative.

And every day we have Dennis Miller on for 3 hours who does so many wonderful bits that are pro-Conservative and anti-Leftism. I love how Dennis is unapologetic about his opinions, and he especially deserves praise for having on Major Garrett and folks like that, and they find themselves being pushed, because of Dennis's quick intellect and verbal brilliance, to the point where they can't rely on stupid platitudes and talking points, but have to work their butts off to justify themselves and not come across like morons.

Because of all that I am pumped about our chances with winning the youth vote this time around. They can have their geriatric Letterman and and their infantile Colbert and John Stewart and Jimmy Fallon. If they're stupid enough to buy the weak cheese tripe out of those bozo's then so be it, but at least we have a kickass comedy quartet on the field now that has to be empowered by Kimmel's taking it to the O last Sunday.


My SEALs have spoken...and they aren't happy with Obama. Drudge has it.



I like how Lovitz said don't blame him, blame Obama for lying. The loony left has come after him for criticizing Obama, who Lovitz reminds them is president, not king.


Narciso, SP does throw strikes!


I would not get carried away with predicting carrying the yoots. Enthusiasm will be way down for sure, and it may be a tad less lopsided than before but I dont see the naive not voting Democrat like they always do...



I think they will stay home.


It's a pointless exercise, much like what is going on in the other thread;



A crime reduction program that works!



52% 47% on the disapproval scale today at RAS. That is almost a mirror image of the 2008 election. Its about erosion on the margins. More republicans voting, a few democrats defecting and winning the indys.

It could still become a blowout, but Romney going to have to draw the distinctions.

Strawman Cometh

Kudlow had on yrrrrrrrr!!!! Dean and a GOP congresswoman whose name I didn't get having the same (GOP war on women/unequal pay) argument. The gentlewoman, with a beatific smile on her face throughout, was pummeling Dean, who kept angrily talking over her with the usual logical fallacies, distortions lies and nonsense. Kudlow (and BOR and the rest of the mc/opiners/yacking heads) need to mute the mikes of these clowns when they do this, which is always.


I don'r smoke, but here's a lighter Steven;



A diiferent angle, originally broached by Thiessen in print, but here before;



Sue, well the title of the thread does have the word "seal" in it :)

for once in my life I agree with a. huffington, from your link: ((Arianna Huffington, an outspoken liberal who runs the left-leaning Huffington Post website, roundly condemned it.

She told CBS: ‘We should celebrate the fact that they did such a great job. It's one thing to have an NBC special from the Situation Room... all that to me is perfectly legitimate, but to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do.’))

I am surprised to say the least that she found that within herself.


I love the Romney response, he can be so nice as he drives the knife in and mocks Obama at the same time. It goes by fast.


Sara, from Sue's link:

((A former intelligence official who was serving in the US government when bin Laden was killed said that the Obama administration knew about the al-Qaeda leader’s whereabouts in October 2010 but delayed taking action and risked letting him escape.

‘In the end, Obama was forced to make a decision and do it. He knew that if he didn’t do it the political risks in not taking action were huge. Mitt Romney would have made the call but he would have made it earlier – as would George W. Bush.

Captain Hate

That's twice in one day that Zsa Zsa has exhibited disgust with the JEF. Maybe since she cashed out she doesn't have to placate the HuffPoo vermin.

Captain Hate

Speaking of spreading aomething

Tammy Bruce unloaded on Savage today with one of the most brutal verbal smackdowns I've ever heard. If he had any sense of self-esteem, he'd go into seclusion.


what did he do to deserve it?

Captain Hate



He hasn't updated that piece on his Facebook, or even on the Daily Mail blog:


Are you talking about Harnden, narciso? Try ames and pronouns more often because the posts multiply at times between posts.


Yes, that's who I was referring to,

Rick Ballard

"If he had any sense of self-esteem, he'd go into seclusion."

If progs and prog enablers had any self esteem the CO2 level would drop dramatically. I believe that the prog narrative failure is worse today than it was when the Soviet Union collapsed. EUtopia is sliding into the abyss, BOzo has incurred $5 trillion in additional debt in a vain effort to use failed pseudo-Keynesian policies to absolutely no avail, the public recognizes that AGW and Obamacare are complete scams and they also realize that the Peak Oil nonsense is the result of Obama policies and hold him responsible for blocking energy independence. Additionally, they realize that the Obama driven Arab Spring has had only negative results with all signs pointing to a rise in Mohametan radicalism as the result.

Abject failure has always been the hallmark of the progressive movement but the failure has never been as glaringly apparent as it is today.


It's the Flowers for Algernon effect, I'm being charitable;



I've often wondered how a loving God can be depicted in the book of Revelation as raining down punishing plagues of fire and hail onto the earth. Not long ago it occurred to me that perhaps the intended message is that God doesn't send plagues down on mankind, but that His moral law is subjectively felt as a plague by those who hate it. That is certainly the impression that Savage gives, so for now I'll stick with my theory.


I don't think Toby goes to his facebook daily but he does check it rom time to time.

I love the Romney response, he can be so nice as he drives the knife in and mocks Obama at the same time. It goes by fast.
He concluded with:
Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.
Sliding it right in.
Captain Hate

Abject failure has always been the hallmark of the progressive movement but the failure has never been as glaringly apparent as it is today.

The sheer volume of items that are made up of corruption and stupidity that this clown car administration unleashes daily is just staggering. I'd suspect it was deliberate except this bunch couldn't be trusted to organize a three person picnic with one course.

Wee Wuz

"If Obama had a carnival, it would look like this..."


Jim Ryan

Groupthink. Ouch.


Nice groupthink link Jim R. I enjoyed that.


The new MLB nightly shows in my opinion are awful. We get very few games now, and it seems like even when they are live they shunt around to a number of games and I can never figure out what is live or what is taped, and I just can't get into the flow of the games at all. And the announcers are very distracting because they are talking about innocuous stuff that doesn't apply to what I think I'm watching.

Are you finding the same thing back east?


A goofy topic.

Just saw some ad for some new pillow, and it made me think of the ancient Egyptian headrests they apparently used as pillows.

They look so darn uncomfortable to me I imagined that they must have had some kind of cover or cushion over them, but reading this article, apparently not: And You Thought Your Neck Cramps Were Bad.

Maybe they did it to keep creepy crawly bugs out of their ears but man, it sure looks uncomfortable to me.

Anyone have any different info on these Egyptian pillows carved out of rock?


Ron Paul Warning

Can Dr. Paul actually condone these tactics?



I am a dyed in the wool United fan. Introduced to the sport and the team by Stretford Enders.

To see the Firm owned by Florida real estate developers and an A-Rab owner for those pansy robin's egg blue wastrels is to understand how far the beautiful game has gone astray.

Watching Chelsea, Barca, and Bayern play in the past 10 days has restored my sense of wa. Los Galaticos and City must perish.


Liz Warren sez she's 1/32 Cherokee. Says her team has found that a great, great, great grandmother was Cherokee.

So what do you call a person who is 31/32's White?

A Native American.


Sorry, wrong link.

Lizzy’s great, great, great escape---Cherokee tie found 5 generations ago.


And this story, The History of Pillows,tells us that for a thousand years the Ancient Chinese used pillows made out of porcelain, stone, wood, jade, bronze and bamboo:

"In ancient China it was believed the especially soft pillows robbed the body of vitality and energy....Hard pillows were preferred on the theory that soft substances robbed the body of vitality and were bad for everything from blood circulation to keeping demons away."

Have Blue

Jack - If you are around tomorrow, is that fire truck in the photo from the Agawam in Massachusetts?


Chinese porcelain pillows


Daddy, reminds me of that Ray Charles song, Lonely Avenue:

Now my covers they feel like lead
And my pillow it feels like stone
Well, I've tossed and turned so every night
I'm not used to being alone

Jack is Back!

Have Blue,

Not Mass. but Agwam Engine Company, Southampton Volunteer Fire Department, Long Island.

Captain Hate

daddy, since I don't have cable and we have a local team I'm not aware of the MLB situation you're talking about. I do know that MLB has been running a *lot* of commercials on the over the air stations so I don't know if attendance is down and they're trying to goose it up or for that reason or if it was a planned ad campaign to maintain things.

Jim Eagle


Cleaveland leads the league in lowest attendence percentage. Best is Philly and Texas. LUN


``Abject failure has always been the hallmark of the progressive movement...''
Yet some how, according to the identity conservative worldview, we control the news media, the education system, academia and the movie business.
Can't have it both ways, Rick. Either progressives are "abject failures" or a threat to civilization. Make up your mind, lol...
Or...maybe you can find a paranoid conspiracy theory to square the corners on your elliptical logic...

Jim Eagle

Sorry about that - wrong link. Fixed.

When you sign in using Typepad the little menu for name, email and website go missing. You can't LUN and have to add it using HTML tags.

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