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April 11, 2012


Danube of Thought

My understanding is that the obligation to read Miranda rights arises at the moment the subject is no longer free to go home. Being placed in handcuffs suggests that that moment has arrived.

I've been assuming that GZ was duly Mirandized, but that as a wannabe and a guy who felt he was on the cops' side, he wouldn't have dreamed of invoking his rights. But I've seen no mention of it one way or another.

Getting late here, enroute Linz. Nytol


Good night DoT.


RickB-- if there was no Miranda, we're all going to get a tutorial of SOTUS rulings of when 5th Amendment rights are invoked by 'detention'. Ugh.

I like Facts


Zimmerman has been posting on Waglist!
He's Simon


I just got confirmation for Eric Holder.

Whitey Zimmerman is being charged with "MANSLAUGHTER of a 17 year old, that looked like Obama's MAKE BELIEVE SON".

The Secret Service is now involved.

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