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April 24, 2012



I've told this before about our college intern who refused to make coffee and sandwiches for the poll worker volunteers on election day. Said it would look bad on her resume to do such "menial" labor. The Congresswoman told her that getting fired and blacklisted was going to look worse as she kicked her sanctimonious butt out of headquarters.

These kids with their fancy degrees think they are too good to do anything that actually smacks of real work.

My 4 nieces and nephews worked from the time they could walk and all had to pay for their own educations.
When was this? The length scale is so different now. WonderBoy's first year at Notre Dame next year has a sticker price of $55,000 -- he made $5,600 last year. DrF and I both have some freelancing opportunities and it's not clear whether, after taxes, it will end up costing us more in lost financial aid than we will make.

I am forced to admit that EBurke is right. I compensate for my enormous wang with my small Russian pistol.

Osawattamie Brown

I find myself strangely aroused by this conversation.

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