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April 18, 2012


Jack is Back!

Why is this surprising?


What does surprise me is that TomM didn't do a Obama- Ayers post about dog meat in Indonesia.

Give up now, we have no chance.

Hey, fake eggs are manufactured in China and sold as real.


That $600 toilet seat story is decades old. With inflation, it's probably over a grand.


Kagan's job-view: shill for her master. LUN


Peter-- that link is truly an outrage.

Jane (where is Jon Corzine?)

I don't find Kagan's mindset the least bit surprising. The left believes in overlords and she attained that status when she worked for Obama and now she has lifetime tenure. She believes that she is one of the elite and it is her job to determine how the rest of us lead our lives. I'm quite sure she believes this is her role and sees nothing wrong with it.


Okay, let's be fair about the toilet seat. (1) It was not an off-the-shelf item; it had to be manufactured to specs. (2) It was made of metal as other materials wouldn't stand up to the next requirement. (3) It was for a large military aircraft, a C-141 if I recall correctly, and it had to be able to withstand back pressure to keep the contents of the toilet waste holding tank from blowing back into the cabin space in the event of sudden decompression of the aircraft.

Not that there isn't a lot wrong with the pentagon procurement process, but "toilet seat" simply made for better headlines.

Rob Crawford

The left believes in overlords...

The technical phrase is fuhrerprinzip.

OK, there may be a different one, but that one fits and its historical baggage gives it a little extra "oomph".


this just came in over the transom.LUN

I do not remember another president activating not one, but two airlift squadrons prior to an election. This will take 5 C-130's and 4 C-17's out of regular operations, which are already overstretched, to provide support for the President's election campaign. This is a misuse of millions of dollars at a time when we can ill afford it.

This really is outrageous.


actually, rex, the real costs lie in traceability and materials.

Designing and building for the Military is incredibly demanding in documentation. Every lot of plastic, metal, or other materials has to be able to be traced right back to the mine, refinery, factories where processed, etc and then documented.

They want to be able to go back if there is a mishap and trace the exact circumstances at all phases of the process.This adds huge costs to the process.

Of course, the Chinese go through the motions and their documentation is a joke, but hey, it's COTS.


Ah, the fair minded jurist. She was practically arguing the case for Obamacare from the bench three weeks ago.

Strawman Cometh

I hadn't heard or considered that, that I have now is another victory for the intertubes. I often think how different past events would have played out with it. But then I realize we had in 2008 and we still got 0bama.
Mark Levin may have a on-air heart attack as he goes through that.


there was the $700 hammer too, if you remember. By the way, the response from the Air Force on those special squadrons.

"Sir -

Thanks for your call. To answer your earlier question, we typically operate
in this fashion during an incumbent presidential election season - history
has shown an increased demand for airlift during these times. Operating from
locations close to the National Capital Region, with dedicated aircraft
rather than tasking aircraft from other units, allows us to operate in a
more timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner, particularly with respect
to fuel savings. In fact, a similar operation in 2004 avoided approximately
$18M over the course of the operation. In terms of historical precedents,
we've had dedicated airlift operations similar to this in 1992, 1996, 1998,
2000, 2004, and 2008.

I hope this helps. Have a great day!

Very respectfully,"


actually, rex, the real costs lie in traceability and materials.

I've forgotten where I read this, but I believe the Pentagon cost assignment at the time used a blended price/unit method, wherein they took the total price for a full product, then divided it by # parts of the product. So, say, they ordered a fax/printer for $500, they'd enter it in the accounting system as
(1) fax/printer(base),
(1) ink cartridge,
(1) feeder,
(1) modem, and
(1) RS232 cable...

that's 5 parts, duly recorded as $100 each.

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