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April 22, 2012



Philip Humber, Philip Humber, kept asking myself why I knew that name. Then it hit me,,, he's a former Met!

Sorry to go OT so quickly.


Nice slide home to take Posey out. As long as runner can touch the base it is a legal play.

Danube of Thought

Minus 16 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 1.


I know that my own conscious has been absolved by watching the criminal abuse of the GM bond holders, etc. I now shoplift with impunity, and never correct the checkout lady when she gives me too much change.


TomM-- quoting More in "Man for all Seasons".. Love it, fantastic dialogue and acting. Another ap quote is when after Richard Rich perjure himself ( a sin against God) More sees the Badge of Rank showing Rich has been appointed AG for Wales by Cromwell, and More famously says:

Sir Thomas More: Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world... but for Wales?

So is the GZ Murder 2 Charge Corey's equivalent of Rich's false testimony? can we all say to Corey "... but for Seminole County."

BTW-- More is one of my heroes, but let's not forget, he was a religous fanatic -- in any era.


I made the start of an effort to look for this More quote just a day or two ago, but was overtaken by events aka work. So nice to have it set out for me here, complete with link!

Tom - there is a Milton Friedman quote I thought I bookmarked but can't locate just now. See what you can do about reading my mind and plugging that into a post soon, won't you? There's a good man.


Hee, DoT at 9:32 - latest Obama poll:


LOL, Alice. That second paragraph reads like on of TM's best.

Jack is Back!

Cross posting from other thread:

Corey's other SYG, 2nd Degree murder case.

Its in Jacksonville and it is black on black teenagers.


Thanks, Ignatz. I just hope it is enough to catch the big guy's eye and get results!


I go out for a few hours and return to realize I can never hope to catch up. Damn you, TM and the uppers you rode in on.



If t'wer easy to catch up on all the comments on a Thomas More posting, why it would be Utopia:)


"AYFKM"...Mr Maguire, your language!
Consider the children.

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