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April 08, 2012



The best page of the New York Times is the weather page. After that, it is the obits. Goes downhill quite rapidly after those two, although the corrections are usually good for a howler.

Danube of Thought

Odd indeed, when you consider that a few years back, just in advance of the Masters, the Times had a story about Augusta National's men-only memnership policy on the front page for 37 consecutive days. That's right, folks, 37 consecutive days. Throughout that period nothing about the policy changed, and after a while the Times started reporting that as news: "Augusta Policy Unchanged."

Hard to know what's fit to print these days.


Maybe the paper finally paid attention and started reading JOM.

Sean D Sorrentino

It works like this. The NYT reporters know how this story is going to end. They know that the evidence shows that Martin attacked Zimmerman and was shot in self defense. They know that this is all going to come out and they will have no way to defend their actions, so they have shut up, and are preparing all their "He's Innocent!" stories. Then they will follow up with a weeks worth of "How did others get this story so wrong?" pieces. And they they will ignore it and devoutly hope that it will go away before anyone manages to point the finger directly at them.

It's happened before. One of these days they will be right and they will get the race war that they were trying to build, but not this time.


Holy cow Clarice!

The things we never knew.


'facts not it evidence, clarice, remember it took them two weeks in Wasilla, to establish
that Trigg was Sarah's meanwhile they had tagged her as a budding Nixon,


Sean has it right. NYT knows the evidence doesn't support its preferred narrative and earlier stories, so it clams up after lighting the fuse.


Of course there was the 37 day Abu Ghraib spectacular which AQ should have paid a bonus
for, that suffered from similar errors, (one of the interrogators, Israel, was actually a born again Christian)


Two white guys kill three black guys in Tulsa and wound two others. What, none of you racist white trash JOMers are going to defend these guys?
Even after you learn the shooting probably was motivated because some black dude shot one of the white guy's father a couple of years ago?
What will bubu use as a reason we crackas don't support these guys?

Danube of Thought

I trust they have been arrested, right?

Fine palindrome: A slut nixes sex in Tulsa. J.i

Danube of Thought

Forget the inexplicable J.i


--I trust they have been arrested, right?--

Yes, DoT. Arrested and charged in that very cradle of okie crackers, Tulsa OK.


--Fine palindrome: A slut nixes sex in Tulsa.--

I wonder if Sandra Fluke has ever sung "Take Me Back to Tulsa I'm Too Young to Marry"?


wonderful story, Clarice. You run with an interesting set.


D.C. was different then. People actually talked to each other even if they held different views.

Rick Ballard

The NYT actually did a story on March 26 detailing the parent's sale of Martin's body to Crump/Sharpton. Crump and Sharpton used NBC to advance their racist narrative without having done the due diligence which would have revealed the grill and tats photos which took the halo right off St. Trayvon. The NYT stepped off the racist Crump/Sharpton Express rather smartly once the 1000 word photos were disseminated.

I find the narrative fail to be similar to that of The Silence of the Occupoopers. Perhaps the gatherings of murderers, rapists and arsonists will return again over the summer - maybe the Muslim Brotherhood will give them some usable tips from the wildly successful Arab Spring.

Frau Osterei

Another Sunday treat, Clarice. Thank you.

This is from Marvin Olasky and somewhat on topic!

At the editor's farewell party, he talked about how he got his start 60 years ago as a newsboy standing on a corner with a stack of papers. No one was buying, so he started yelling, "Read all about it. Fifty people swindled! Fifty people swindled!" Curious, a man walked over, bought a paper, checked the front page, and then said, "There's nothing in here about 50 people being swindled." The editor-to-be started calling out, "Read all about it. Fifty-one people swindled!"


Thanks, very funny, frau!


Happy Birthday, peter!!! & also to the littlest Porchlight!
A blessed Easter to everyone!


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perhaps they are making space for something new coming down the pike, perhaps something related to "the war on women"


Oops..wrong thread.


oops, my last post was in response to this question by TM ((Why the shift?))

instead I inadvertantly pasted in something totally unrelated from an earlier post.

Frau Osterei

Speaking of grills,

I saw the Egg at Costco for $599, and

With the cost of gold being so high, how did T.Martin come by the cash for all that work in his mouth? Was it a birthday gift, and who would allow that in the mouth of a teen?

Real jobless rate is now about 14.5% but as our leader sez, there's still a lot of work to do. (Are you in?)


Is the littlest Porchlight 1, 2, 3? I remember it like it was yesterday - I think. Hmmmm


We are no slackers at 'look squirrel'



There are some occasional signs of life;



Clarice: best column evah! Didn't Boudin the younger get appointed by Reagan? Anyway I always thought that was interesting.


More news on the liar & loser Rep. Cleaver. Not paying his loans now. I like that Powerline reminded readers that he was such a liar about the March 20th Tea Party rally.


But does anyone wonder if the term 'overexposure' translates into Spanish for this Sophia Vergara chick?


Today would have been my wife's 52nd birthday.

My mother in law has baked a cake and my parents and her sister are going to join us at the cemetery for Cale and ice cream.

Happy Easter y'all.


Cake. Red velvet cake.


Cale and ice cream would be unappetizing.


donald-which cemetary? we lost a dear friend 2 years ago same week as puk. His wife and my dear friend pulled strings and was able to get a plot in decatur. I never knew it was there. Lakes and ducks and rolling hills made us smile painfully on that sad day.

It's a nice place for a picnic conversation too.


Kale is considered to be a form of particular cabbage. The color of Kale is typically purple or green and is difficult to grow but easy to put in recipes.

Glad you clarified. I was thinking, not with my ice cream you dont...

hit and run

I'm very sorry to hear she's gone,Donald.

Danube of Thought

I remember my mother feeding us kale during WWII. We hated it, but it was all she could get on occasion.


Tyrone rse.

Also I thought I posted this to the happy Easter thread. Sorry.


So sorry to hear that Donald,

hit and run

I love kale.

I would eat it over cake any day of the week.

And twice on Easter Sunday.


"look squirrel"

OT -- I think the Romanian word for squirrel has to be one of the most beautiful words in the universe.

"Ververita" LUN

Jim Ryan

Kale! Hit, you the man. Here's my recipe. It's for when you get home from work and can't be bothered to lift a finger. Just put the kale (which you have torn with your fingers in to small chunks, stem-free) into a large pot. Put a quarter cup of water. Bring to boil, turn down. Stir frequently. When the water's gone, it's done, turn it off! Put some butter and salt. And then you eat it. (Ever notice that when kid tell you a recipe the last step is "and then you eat it"?)


I did not know that Chubby, you're right 'ardilla' just doesn't compare.

Jack is Back!

Easter Sunday mass at St. Mary's in Sylva and now back to The City Lights Bookstore and Cafe for soup, quiche, wine and WiFi and in that order. Absolutely no signal at our cabin, the land line is out, the washer and dryer bust but at least we have DirectTV and CBS for the Masters.


I lived near Connecticut in the Chevy Chase are of DC back in the late 80's, early 90's and was quite regular at the Prose and Poetry bookshop as well as that trendy bakery up the block (you probably know the name) where people lined up on Sunday to get more than their daily bread.

Sometime in early 1988, just after I moved in to my place, I went into the bookshop there was a signing going on and the guy who wrote the book was speaking and in Introduced "Izzy Stone" to wild acclimation (except your truly) since I was busy looking at books in the back and had no idea who he was. But from my recollection he didn't look that good then but everyone but me was over him like a cheap suit on a vagrant. Never met him but later found out who he was and what the Nation represented in terms of intellectual dishonesty and malpractice. Not much has changed since then.

Leaving here soon for the Masters on TV. Go Phil.

DoT, how was Gundel?


of course I just HAD to spell it wrong:

not "ververita" but "veverita"

look veverita!

(Another) Barbara

OT for this thread, but when I defended Derbyshire's essay yesterday, it was after reading his piece in Taki titled "Multiculturalism: When will the Sleeper Wake?" (LUN) It had been linked to me by a NR friend who said there were rumors Derby might be fired over it.

I've just learned that TM's link went to another piece: The Talk. (Which I've not yet read, but will now.) I just wanted to make clear here that my remarks were related to the MultiCulti essay, not the one Tom cited. I did not follow his link, believing I had already seen it. Sorry.


--Today would have been my wife's 52nd birthday.

My mother in law has baked a cake and my parents and her sister are going to join us at the cemetery for Cale and ice cream.--

Not sure what to say Donald besides how sorry I am.
What a world.

hit and run

Sent you an email earlier today JiB. I hope your weather up there is a nice as it's been down here in the Piedmont. Found where you are on the map -- and indeed a couple years ago we were just up the road outside of Bryson City near Fontana Lake. Our cabins were actually yurts which was fun and interesting. We were there in fall and it was beautiful. I imagine it is equally impressive in the spring.


I am waiting for the explanation:

"Since Zimmerman was diabetic, the skittles and iced tea were lethal weapons and therefore justified the shooting"

Too soon?

There was no excuse for letting Zimmerman walk away after the arrest. The Hold Your Ground Law would never have applied in this situation. It made the cops look like they were signing off on killing Martin for "walking while black"

Ben Franklin

Happy Easter, everybody.

I just don't understand what Bunnies and Eggs have to do with the
Resurrection. Free market, no doubt.

I could speak for Seixon.

D, this is a vale of tear, and triers.

Jack is Back!


Spectaclular weather. Sunny, cool, but still warm outside if sitting. Very artsy-craftsy kind of place when you come down off the mountain. Dillsboro especially. This little joint in Sylva is a gold mine selling latte's, books and crepes. The never ending line of customers. And we are doing our part.

Hardworking couple who are always here when we come in and have a pretty large kitchen and serving staff. Bet they are working 7 days a week to keep the federal thieves away. They even have a help-wanted sign up.

Happy Easter and Passover all.

Frau Osterei

Donald, such a loss.
My daughter-in-law died two years ago just a month after having her fifty-second birthday. She was the heart of the family.

The Pitzer, Seuss's zooter.

Sad & shocking Dana. Ain't U larnt nuthin'?

Frau Osterei

It's a Pitzer, all right, kim.

I guess #OccuKidz in SF is over and it's time to kick the shins of the religious.


So now Reuters is putting Sanford's racist past on trial. Anything to keep the story alive.

This is turning into a case study on propaganda.


When would be the smartest time for Zimmerman to sue NBC? He has multiple potential targets, but I was thinking he should just pick one right now, before the Grand Jury investigation is completed, and accuse them of inciting racial hatred and poisoning the jury pool with fraudulent and prejudicial reporting.

Surely some competitors would cover that story.


They went back to 1946, I can't say that wasn't unexpected.


They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel



Clarice got an Instalaunch!


Oh, Fahrfegnugen, seriously;


Danube of Thought

"I just don't understand what Bunnies and Eggs have to do with the
Resurrection. Free market, no doubt."

Of course you don't, you poor sap. Think "free people" and you'll get a better grasp of what's going on. Of course, since Bunnies and Eggs weren't organized by the state, they must be irrational and subjected to ridicule, right?

Take a trip to the joyous Gorky Park and report back, dolt.

Danube of Thought

Bunnies and Eggs? Really dumb.

Passing a feather around among sophomores to signify who can speak? Cutting edge of intellectual advancement.

Frau Osterei

"Of course, since Bunnies and Eggs weren't organized by the state, they must be irrational and subjected to ridicule, right?"

And religion as the root cause, DoT.


you'd think someone from Pitzer would know about pre-Christian Europe.


or not.


Happy Easter to all.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

My God DOT, can't you even let your nastiness go on Easter Sunday?

JOHN 13:34
"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.


NYT dispatched a full gang of reporters - five or six of them, IIRC - to Sandford about a week ago. Obviously, they haven't found any news that's fit to print, or to print that fits, yet.

To the ignorant comment that Zimmerman "should have been arrested": Florida law REQUIRES probable cause to arrest. If police arrest someone without it, they lose their sovereign immunity to lawsuits - personally, the department, and the municipality.

Even the prosecutor could find no probable cause in this case, and apparently the Special Prosecutor hasn't yet, either.

Danube of Thought

Sara, take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

Frau Osterei

Best Easter greetings, macphisto. Check in more often if you have the time.


I was going to say something about someone wielding Easter like a club but it appears DoT has his own methods to point such things out.


The egg is actually the symbol new life and goes back in both Slavic and Druidic legend long before the arrival of Christianity.

Christianity in its wisdom adopted some of the symbols of religions which it displaced, co-opting these symbols to make the faith more appealing.

I'm going to guess the rabbit symbolizes the fecundity that comes with spring in some tradition or another.

Frau Osterei

Now to cleanse the mental palate:

"The curious art of diagramming sentences was invented 165 years ago by S.W. Clark, a schoolmaster in Homer, N.Y. His book, published in 1847, was called “A Practical Grammar: In which Words, Phrases, and Sentences Are Classified According to Their Offices and Their Various Relations to One Another.” His goal was to simplify the teaching of English grammar. It was more than 300 pages long, contained information on such things as unipersonal verbs and “rhetorico-grammatical figures,” and provided a long section on Prosody, which he defined as “that part of the Science of Language which treats of utterance.”
LUN (Red alert: NYT)


Lest we forget the degree to which paranoia calcifies the wingnut inferiority complex, Tom is there to provide an ample demonstration.
If they Times does report, they're whipping up hysteria. If they don't report, they're admitting defeat, OR planning another vicious propaganda blitz. Whatever they do, Tom is waiting to pounce, rather than using time to actually gather facts or do his own reporting...

Frau Osterei

Is bb here, to monitor and report back to some central bowels? What an assignment! Talk about an inferiority complex...


Matt, according to a sweet elderly nun to whom I posed the question many years ago, you are totally correct. Re the rabbits: she used the term "abundant life".


What are the facts Bubu? And why do you constantly talk about others lack of facts when you have zilch?


Yo bunkerbitch, why do you and that Kathy cow keep trying to paint my man Slimm as some punk ass bitch who screamed like a girl while he was beating down Georgie?

If that cowardly Peruvian punk hadn't pulled his piece Trayvon woulda finished teaching him his lesson then gone home to watch the rest of the game and left that pile of shit lying on the sidewalk wishing he'd stayed in his little truck.

The modern pastiera was probably invented in a Neapolitan convent. An unknown nun wanted that cake, symbol of the Resurrection, to have the perfume of the flowers of the orange trees which grew in the convent’s gardens. She mixed a handful of wheat to the white ricotta cheese, then she added some eggs, symbol of the new life, some water which had the fragrance of the flowers of the spring time, candied citron and aromatic Asian spices.

My guess--They talked to the Sanford PD, who told them what they know.


Even the prosecutor could find no probable cause in this case, and apparently the Special Prosecutor hasn't yet, either.

Furthermore, an arrest starts the clock ticking on a "speedy trial" as guaranteed by the Constitution. Given that there is no statute of limitations for murder, it behooves the police to NOT arrest a subject until not only probable cause has been found, but sufficient evidence to believe a successful prosecution can be conducted.


I'm putting together a post on my own erstwhile blog showing the shell game that NBC is engaging in,


Right, Bubu--because TM hasn't been digging deep enough on the case.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Sara, take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

Happy Easter to you too. Having a bad day are we? Pathetic!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I was going to say something about someone wielding Easter like a club but it appears DoT has his own methods to point such things out.

SBW: I gave you credit for more class than this. Happy Easter. If you don't celebrate Easter, then Happy New Beginnings, Forgiveness, Life, and Love.


Had some Portuguese Sweet Easter Bread with an egg in the middle today matter of fact, and it was delicious. Matt's correct, the egg is a symbol of new life in the Resurrection...Happy Easter all.



My two cents on the eggs: I was told some years back by an older parishioner that once upon a time the faithful had been forbidden to eat eggs during Lent. He speculated that it was to insure the next generation of chickens got a chance to hatch in the Spring and that the abundance of eggs at Easter was a symptom of the release from the ban.

I don't know that it is true or not, but it made a lovely explanation for a curious ten year old.


Via Tim Blair
Here is yet another environmental jackass.

"In his online manifesto, Trenton – an absolutely perfect name for a prissy modern environmentalist idiot – lists the reasons for his “act of civil disobedience”, including opposition to elitists, competition, “the transnational-corpo-aristocratic ruling class”, Bollinger, transatlantic slavery, genocides, war, tyranny, racism, misogyny, “forced labour in supermarkets”, spying on emails, police brutality and control of food production."

Good Lord.




SBW: I gave you credit for more class than this.

Sara, don't throw Easter in someone's face.

clarice feldman

Oh, dear, i was on the road most of the day or visiting with my mom. I'll never catch up. It seems that many of the AT and Lucianne readers never read to the end of the story and have now decided I', a commie symp or something though Noemie Emery wrote to say she found it charming.

When did we decide that all people were pieces of cardboard with only one dimension?\\Be back later,


I tried to explain that, Clarice, I'm sure they all been stalwartcounterrevolutionaries, in their communities, sarc, Hell thee folks would have ostracized Whittaker Chambers, he
was actually a Soviet agent for a while, horrors.


sbw-red's best friend is in at colgate which I believe is in your proximity? Thoughts? Also skidmore.

Anyone can join in.

Honestly sara I do not get why you were angry at dot this time. Yoga breathing please.

clarice-there goes your security clearance.

Did I ever tell the story of my law school classmate who went to DOJ? FBI doing her security investigation goes to childhood neighbors. One had a child in chronic trouble so when parents heard fbi they were ready to faint.


I know you won't believe me, but I predicted Bubba to win yesterday!

Rob Crawford

"In his online manifesto, Trenton – an absolutely perfect name for a prissy modern environmentalist idiot – lists the reasons for his “act of civil disobedience”... “forced labour in supermarkets”..."


No, never mind. I have no desire to indulge the malignant fantasies of these thugs.


rse, a most beautiful campus!

Success at Colgate requires one to be a self-starter with a strong personality, an independent mind, excellent reading and writing skills, and the ability to tolerate an upstate winter.

I'm too many years out of Colgate to be a fair judge, but the school has turned out people of exceptional character and some real self-centered *ssh*les with no discerning way to determine which one on the way in. I suspect that good character in equals good character out.

What does Red's best friend want to study?


Science but she and red also love books and may be the only 2 kids they know who are always reading something. She is shy and loves dancing. Still taking ballet in high school.

She is a self-starter. Red and I joke that she doesn't know how to play hooky.

I think ivies lost a gem but I believe colgate can perhaps be a better fit. I have warned parents that the closer a college is to top 10 the more pressure to adopt bad ideas.

clarice feldman

I saw that, narciso, and I thank you for that valiant defense.


Nice to see Bubba win.
Southpaws of the world unite.


BTW I'm an economic libertarian and get a little sick myself of the commercialized dominance of cute little bunnies and easter eggs on a day that is about something altogether different than either.

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