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April 08, 2012



rse, solid science and lots of activities like dance and music. Strong lab psychology, too. I agree about the unworkable ideas.

P.S. I have a Sunday confession to make. I launched a copy of "Last Exit to Utopia" into the belly of the beast ... in the hands of a social justice philosophy type who thinks Europeans are doing a good job making socialism work.

Do I need to go to confession?

Frau Osterei

Heck no, sbw, stand proudly, smile and let them wonder what you know that they don't.


Think of it like missionary work, in a foreign land, sbw.


Thanks. If she comes back at me I'll just look quizzical and tell her that I thought social justice was cromulent.


I enjoyed your work today, Clarice, and the very last thing that came to my mind was that you were a Commie Symp. I was actually thinking what a good neighbor you had been.

I guess this is more proof that I'm one of those unintelligent, right wing clingers.

Frau Osterei

FLOTUS follows me no matter where I go. Are we taxpayers paying for this? Duh!

You see her here/
You see her there/
You see the FLOTUS everywhere.

Frau Osterei

Clarice, my neighbors do not know the depth of distance I am presently from *their* political stance. Wait a few months and it may become clear. There was a time when our annual block party was free from political rancor. One good neighbor cannot reveal his feelings to his own (liberal) children. What kind of world is that?

Hey Buddy, how do you get this car, into, second, geeeeaaaaar???

Comin' down the Mt. Baldy road in a three speed Renault Dauphine, missing second gear and with old brake lining.

Frau Osterei

Been there in an old Dodge, kim.

Frau Osterei

In the era of Stinky's.


What's this "New York Times" everyone keeps talking about? Is it some kind of local tabloid, like with coupons?


Duh! maybe they overreached like Libtards always do.

Manuel Transmission

Hah! Kim, I had the displeasure if driving an old R/D and speed shifted 1st to 2nd. The shifter ended up in the 2nd slot, but the tranny was still screaming along in 1st. I was about 15, but had been driving for several years thanks to a wonderful America of old.

Fortunately, I was also resourceful enough to get it up on a lift and unscramble things before anyone was the wiser. That proved right there that the froggies shouldn't be allowed to build cars. It was junk compared to my 58 Beetle.

Ned Christie

Breaking news! The AP is reporting that one of the alleged Tulsa shooters is not White; he is Cherokee!

Lee Reynolds

They can't lie about this story anymore. Telling the truth about it is anathema to them, and so they are simply remaining silent.


sbw-thanks. Revel himself regularly came into the belly of the beast. My alma mater's new pres chaired a PM panel at rice where revel was on of the panelists about 10 years ago. You can imagine what revel had to say.

If you have not also read The Flight from Truth, well worth your time. As is his Totalitarian Temptation.

Thanks on Colgate. I think that's what she should do. These days not being on my radar screen is good. I consider tufts for example a no-go zone. It functions as central command for too many bad ideas now.


Did you notice this:

After larding up the preceding news stories with gratuitous references to the race of the shooter and the shot (hence the whole "white Hispanic" brouhaha) Robertson and Alverez penned a 3/26 piece finally announcing the official Zimmerman side of the event---and that story had ZERO references to the race of Martin or Zimmerman! Zero. So when the narrative shifts (at least briefly) to a story of a black teen initiating a potentially lethal assault on a (white) Hispanic adult, suddently the story is rid of all racial descriptors? How odd. Or predictable.

In any case, the April 1 team-written bombshell had noticeably down-played all references to race, avoiding them in first reference to either party, and generally dialing down the tone of the racial factors.

I'm predicting (and I think you've detected) that the NYT team has got a monster story working. My prediction is they located and got to talk Trayvon's teen girlfriend, his cousin and other friends who will, altogether, confirm that Martin had a whole lot criminal mischief in his background (as already reported by right-wing blogs and sources that have been generally dismissed by the liberal MSM).

The liberal MSM *except* for NYT which did report Martin's racially noxious Twitter handle and the report by a school security official that he was caught with burglary tools and stolen women's jewelry in his possession. All reported previously by NYT, which picked up those threads from far right sources (and, obviously, confirmed them).

My big money bet is they are developing all the social media leads and contacts from Trayvon's prolific output---dozens of sources who knew him day-to-day. And we can wonder aloud if Trayvon Martin is going to look less and less and less like the cherubic teen headed to college that so many prefer to imagine. And more like the opposite. Major outing soon to hit, courtesy of the NYT.

Terrific signal reading on your part!


My teenage story with a Renault Dauphine is that, packed full of us, rounding a tight turn at low speed, the frame rusted through in the middle leaving us stranded, V-shaped with the middle of the car scraping on the ground, just able to pull over to the side of the road.

Those were the days of 25 cent quarts of bitter tasting Black Label beer.


Imagine... an entire newspaper, dedicated to sullying the reputation of English majors everywhere.

M. Simon

Baffling? No. They have probably just remembered '67 followed by Nixon '68.

I wrote that up here:


with links to JOM.

M. Simon

I prefer to respect every man's religion (as long as it does not advocate violence against me) they are all equally insane. As is mine.


They dont give a hoot whether they incite a race war. That would both boost readership and ratings and advance the narrative about needing a "national conversation" and "racial healing". The reason they dont cover it anymore is they have finally realized that the facts dont fit the narrative, and if they keep on lying to make them fit, they are digging themselves a deeper hole. They have already succeeded in their plan, of alienating the black community, and getting them pissed off enough so they will turn out to vote for Obama. Covering it further, unless they changed their narrative to finally tell the truth, would just allow those nasty facts to ruin whatever credibility they have left.

clarice feldman

It was a story
(1) about a smaller Washington
(2) a time when people of differing views could engage in civilized discussion
(3) a look at a family which , by any lights, seems so diverse and unlikely it could be the subject of a novel
(4) about an old man recogizing and acknowledging he'd been wrong and Reagan and Perle right about the USSR

As for the "spy" stuff --as I said I have nothing to add to a claim made only after he died, although, to be honest I can't imagine he could have provided them in 1936-1939 very much. Today the Russians probably learn more every day just by reading the internet.

It's hard to imagine why I bother writing if it's for such troglodyte pinheads.


It is Clarice, particularly the kind in McCarry's novels, although there is some
aspects of Drury,


It's hard to imagine why I bother writing if it's for such troglodyte pinheads.

Think of it as trying to save the children.

clarice feldman

I'll keep that thought in mind, sbw.


As I told sbw. yesterday, think of it like missionary work, I must admit some of the AT
commenters are a little too literal,the Ishtar
column reminded me of this as well.

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