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April 05, 2012



He said it was, "effing cold!" not the racial slur CNN thought they heard him say.

The entire reason Zimmerman made that call that night was b/c it was COLD and rainy and TM was wandering around, near houses. Not walking purposefully the way everyone does when it's rainy and cold outside!


It wasn't about his skin color or the stupid hoodie. It was about his behavior on a COLD and rainy night.


Tom, the Times is publishing a correction to the 3/20 story about how many times Zimmerman called 911. It will appear in tomorrow's paper and should show up online today. I'm keeping my eye out.

clarice feldman

In the report of the new counsel we get some additional info. The night of the shooting, Zimmerman passed a PD administered voice stree test.

About Blow and Alverez, once again the NYT shows us they make horrific AA hires and defens them to (the paper's) death.

clarice feldman


Tom Maguire
Tom, the Times is publishing a correction to the 3/20 story..

I have been checking that daily since the earlier heads-up (from you?). My insufferability index will hit a new high when I see that.

Well, unless they updated between the time I checked this morning and the time I posed this. Now I am looking over my shoulder...

Tom Maguire

OK, correction's appended, insufferability commences!

clarice feldman

"streSS test"..Yipes, I am blind and crippled today..


Sometimes it helps to sit back for a moment and get a little perspective.

Zimmerman goes to Jail it's proof that institutional racism is alive and well and that should translate into a bag-full of legislative goodies that appease the African-American community.

Zimmerman goes free;that translates into a truck-load of legislative goodies.

Either way,Affirmative action is alive and well,lax gun laws will get rolled back and it's more likely independants will keep an African-Amemerican in the White house,just to prove to their inner Liberal that they're not racist.

Sue me for seeing the bigger picture.


Professional journalists - Layers upon layers of fact checking.


If there is ever an "eerie silence" with regards to Trayvon/Zimmerman on JOM, I'll know Tom got a (threatening letter/resolution) from the (Black Panthers/CBC).

(is there a difference?)


...the Times is publishing a correction to the 3/20 story about how many times Zimmerman called 911.

Let's see, that's what? 16 days now?

Just the NYT rolling up the windows and tooling along until the next drive-by.


Yes, sometimes it does help to sit back and get a little perspective:

Toledo Hate-Crime Victim declares his intent to get a concealed-carry permit.

    At his home Monday, Mr. Watts said he has never allowed weapons inside and that when his four children were growing up, they were not allowed to play "cops and robbers, to kill the Indians."'

    But now, Mr. Watts says he plans to buy a gun and obtain a permit to carry it.

    "What happened to me … down here on the corner, that changed my perspective on humanity," Mr. Watts said.

Rob Crawford

What "lax gun laws"?

You don't have any idea what you're talking about.


I've been talking to them about the correction since Monday. The reporter was unaware of the error until then. She's been very cooperative, and there may be more from the Times in a positive direction. I don't want to repeat our conversations, but they're good. Correction tomorrow. Should be online in their corrections section later today.


BTW, Tom. My mail to you bounces.


You and Obama are on the same page, I suspect, DubDave. Hard to know which of you is more dishonest.

If you get falsely arrested some day I hope that someone gets to profit off of your misery, with an equal amount of glee.

Is this program for tonight's event?

You da man, A.


Clarice: they make horrific AA hires and defens them to (the paper's) death.

Practicing my fluent Clarice, I had translated the phrase to:

they make horrific AA hires and it deafens defens them to (the paper's) death.

Makes sense either way.


"If you get falsely arrested some day I hope that someone gets to profit off of your misery, with an equal amount of glee."

Who was arrested,Jane?

Rob Crawford

OK, Dave -- I hope you end up living in fear of lynch mobs after being accused of doing nothing more than exercising your natural rights.


Hopefully you DubDave.


HUD, housing projects and Sanford:



It looks like I'm going to have to eat crow about the SPD blowing the Zimmerman investigation. Now a credible report that GZ voluntarily subjected himself to a voice stress test on the night of the shooting? It's really getting close to the point of admitting that the SPD did a thorough job that night and released GZ because they had nothing on GZ that night, pending some additional witnesses coming forward rebutting GZ's story. 6 weeks later and still no witness or forensics discrediting GZ's story. TomM and the JOMers who have stood by GZ are close to being able to spike the ball in the endzone and pointing to the scoreboard. This looks more and more like it was a properly investigated case of self defense with tragic consequences.

Gregory Koster

Dear DubDave: I didn't get the crack about "lax" gun laws. What laws did you have in mind---Illinois? DC?

Anyway the Inner Liberal of the independent may howl raaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccciissssssssttttt, but such howlings will likely be drowned out by this message from Stephen Harper I thought The One's witlessness and Harvard honed stupidity couldn't rise any higher.

I was wrong. Here's to November 2012, when the liberal bigots's world comes to an end. I hope

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster


GK, as Tom Friedman and Barry keep telling us, we should be more like China
-and buy cheap Canadian oil!


maybe they are walking things back because they are getting a bit worried about financing Zimmerman's retirement fund?

if it turns there is no case against Zimmerman, and if the published mistakes (lies) were not corrected, could he not sue them?


bgates/GK-- bravo.
I ask Canadians if we can swap 'Bam for Harper-- hey aren't Canadians euroLibs?-- they should love 'Bam.


if it turns there is no case against Zimmerman, and if the published mistakes (lies) were not corrected, could he not sue them?

I've been getting the impression that it's not possible for him to sue for libel, because he is a public figure (because he was so widely libeled by the media companies).


What ????!!???!!!

Rinky-dink, local yokel, redneckville Sanford PD actually knew about voice stress tests and asked GZ to subject himself to one?

Whodathunkit? In the MSM anyway?


Harper's from Alberta, that's practically Texan,

Rob Crawford

I've been getting the impression that it's not possible for him to sue for libel, because he is a public figure (because he was so widely libeled by the media companies).

Just has to show malice, right? Shouldn't be that hard to do with NBC.


Could George Zimmerman get a fair trial, after the President, after the edited tapes? Where's the ACLU?


"it's not possible for him to sue for libel, because he is a public figure"

I'm not an attorney, but the understanding I have is that one must be a public figure before the fact, not because of it, to negate libel or slander lawsuits.

Any attorneys out there?



As the acid drips (groan), comes this news from Beltway Confidential.

Rob Crawford

Where's the ACLU?

There was a gun involved; they're not interested.


TomM and the JOMers who have stood by GZ are close to being able to spike the ball in the endzone and pointing to the scoreboard. This looks more and more like it was a properly investigated case of self defense with tragic consequences.

I don't think it's so much that I (and I suspect a few others) am on GZ's side, but rather against shoddy reporting and a manufactured narrative in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

If evidence showed that Zimmermann had murdered Martin (as opposed to a self defense claim) I'd be calling for the death penalty. Just like I do with all murderers.


Re: shoddy reporting.

As soon as I heard phrases like "white hispanic" being thrown around, I knew their was shoddy reporting. "ERRRGH... MUST FIT NARRATIVE....."


((Harper's from Alberta, that's practically Texan,))

and he's an economist, (in a good way, not in the krugman way)


And the 7 year old picture of Trayvon- selected to mute or hide the bad facts that eventually came out from Trayvon's on line displays.


"shoddy" to me implies carelessness or negligence.

This was done with malicious intent, to create a racially divisive controversy and to help Obama stir up the black base of his voter constituency.

What the MSM has done here is much worse than simply being "shoddy".


On the contrary, there was nothing shoddy about it. It was a masterful display of what Limbaugh calls the "drive-by media." In case Art isn't familiar with the metaphor, they open the windows, spray a hail of bullets into some innocent bystanders, and tool on down the road until the next shooting.

The NYT posting a correction more than two weeks after killing the bystanders is just part of the game. Can't have those inaccurate "errors" sitting out there for posterity, after all.

Today, Shelby Steele called the MSM lies "poetic truth."


My fishwrap hasn't entirely sent the horse to a glue factory


This is turning into Dukes II case,

The media and the race pimps have yet to bring any evidence that contradicts the Zimmerman story.
Law suits can get very expensive especially for a media (NYT/WaPo/MSNBC) with a proveable track record of false statements and lies. The race pimps will of course crawl back under their rocks and smile until the next chance.
The communities that they insulted and caused problems for will take years to repair the damage.


Ace has gotten around to linking yesterday
retracto thread, in other news, our Leg continues to prove Mark Twain right


((This was done with malicious intent, to create a racially divisive controversy and to help Obama stir up the black base of his voter constituency.))

they have no excuse for their irresponsible reporting because it can be easily demonstrated that not all media rushed to judgement. Hannity and many blogs like this one were far more judicious and responsible in covering the story from day one.


Drudge has an article up written by one of Obama's former law students ripping the Prez a new one on his comments regarding the Supreme Court. Highly entertaining.


'As Troy McClure might say, we know her from
Psychotic vets shoot up bank, and other such classics;


hit and run

BTW, Tom. My mail to you bounces.

So it was rubber stamped?


narciso - At first, your comments seemed Shaka, when the walls fell, but they've become more and more Sokath, his eyes uncovered.


John@3:30-- that's very poignant and true. It's looking more and more as if the events of feb 26th in Sanford were tragic and a waste, but a lawful killing. What the race hustlers and media did after the fact in March was cruel and calculated, they are the real criminals here.


Darnok back at you, Alice


--So it was rubber stamped?--

You're at the bottom of the barrel if you're posting ones that might not even have gotten past my filters, hit.

Corky Boyd

Silence descends when a non-public figure is libeled and has hired a high powered lawyer.

Cache all the NY Times stuff, because it will prpbably disappear or be edited well after the fact.

This could be jackpot day for a trial lawyer.


BTW-- I have much respect for Tom Maguire's finely tune media BS detector ('MBSD'). It only took Tom M a few days of digging to uncover the BS the race hustlers and their media confederates were peddling, and then he relentlessly exposed the scam. So here's to Tom M's infallible MBSD, we owe it much.


Oh God, narciso has absorbed another one.



It might be a hoot to see if we can get the Times to print a story on what part of this case they have not in some manner got wrong since they first mentioned it. In other words, what did they initially get right?

Might be their shortest story of the year.


In the "dog that didn't bark" department is the fact that we haven't heard of the Martin family releasing a recording of Trayvon's voice to the "audio experts." Perhaps there are none, but I think it's unlikely there isn't at least a voice message from him or his voice-message greeting. Perhaps the family and their attorneys just don't want to fan the flames by proving he was the one begging for help. Just joking about that one.


I'll confess ignorance-- what language are narc and alice speaking?

Rick Ballard

In a better universe, where journalism had any standards and sociology wasn't 99.9% politicized bunkum, a paper with a reputation would run a thumbsucker on the societal forces that moved Trayvon from the 14 year old with a nice smile to the grill wearing banger wannabe who took a chance on beating up a volunteer and wound up on a morgue slab.

Who glorifies the bangers and grill wearers if not the MFM (to include "entertainment" as well as the propagandists)?


VDH at the Corner has this one buttoned and with a bow methinks:

It is clear now that the African-American civil-rights hierarchy is concerned largely with maintaining power and influence by promulgating the theme of unending white racism — and the need for its exclusive agency to find redress and reparations from that eternal fact. That is a serious charge, but one easy to substantiate — whether we compare the commensurate outrage accorded the Duke case, the Skip Gates mess, the Tawana Brawley hoax, or the present Trayvon Martin tragedy, with the veritable neglect about the carnage of young African-American males in our cities, or the deliberate distortion that white-on-black crime is an epidemic when, in fact, black-on-black crime is — in addition to the fact of vastly higher incidences of black-on-white crime.

How can you argue with that?


I'm not really that cryptic;



Tamarian, NK.

Please don't follow that link.


--I'm not really that cryptic;--

narc, you're not cryptic at all for those toting around an encyclopedia in their heads.
For those of us who came with a rock as standard equipment things are a bit more problematic.


From CC's link...this is so sad. Who will Mitt hire next?

"Mitt Romney's new advisor, Ed Gillespie, was a lobbyist for a federal individual mandate two years before President Obama embraced the idea."


"Just has to show malice, right? Shouldn't be that hard to do with NBC."

Just watch any episode of Piers Morgan and you'll see all the malice you ever want to see. Especially the night Piers went after Zimmerman's brother and said that GZ chased after Treyvon and that he (Piers) knew that GZ said "F---ing Coon."


Look at this nitwit Time magazine reporter giving Nikki Haley a hard time. Unbelievable.


Janet- more evidence-- being liberal/Dem is a mental illness, honestly.


where is Sara?

yesterday Mark Levin was going on about Mitt's "tin ear", for example, the luxury house he's building, (garage with car elevators, etc.) He said that there's nothing wrong with that except this is probably not the right time to be doing that project because it will give his class warfare enemies grist for their mill. The Gillespie hire seems to be tin earish as well. What say you?



I would hope at least that Nikki wouldn't give a big tip if the Cabby driver was a Mormon because as we now know from Larry O'Donnell at MSNBC “Mormonism was created by a guy in upstate New York in 1830 when he got caught having sex with the maid and explained to his wife that God told him to do it.”

The exception to the rule today is a TV reporter that is not a pompous, classless bigot.


Daddy-- when GZ sues the media, his lawyers will gleefully go through the emails and depositons they take of network reporters/execs in discovery-- can you imagine the treasure trove of reckless bias of those media that discovery will show? GZ will get a big settlement-- another richard jewell/Exploding Pick Up case.


No, there is a little context, Gillespie has subsequently run McDonnell's campaign, but can't they find one person who wasn't a fan
of the IM.


Now that Tom Owen has been dispensed with, libs are totally throwing all their eggs into Ed Primeau's basket:


I am in discussion with a lot liberals on this board:


I'm 'manofaiki' there. As you can see, one of them keeps ENDLESSLY posting the same post, claiming Ed Primeau has silenced all debate about who that is screaming on that 911 tape. He says it can't be Zimmerman, that that this is a 'young man' screaming.

Since you've done such a good job of looking into Tom Owen, have you found any info on the claims Primeau is making?

Strawman Cometh

Anybody heard from Rich (Sharpton is right) Lowry?



I shouldn't have wished you in jail, regardless of your desire to defraud the system and punish white people. I apologize.


Once again, Jane demonstrates that she's a better person than I am.


This may have been posted already (I haven't been following the Trayvon stuff very close), but I saw this on Verner's FB - The Missing 2:30 & DeeDee's Testimony

Time stamps on the audio & a timeline of events.


Jane is a better person than I am as well. I was hoping they'd throw away the key. ;)


"can't they find one person who wasn't a fan
of the IM."

I am with you Narciso. Sorry to say but this to me is another example of why I have zero confidence in the guy I am going to reluctantly pull the lever for. At least, unlike McCain's staffer's, I think Gillespie will vote for our side.

Strawman Cometh

On another threat it was shown that Primeau's own site shows that he has nothing in this case. His own work states that his software has to have multiple samples of an individual saying the same words in the same manner, in this case that would be screaming, to make a match. It has also been established that a recording of a cell phone is useless fro this analysis. All Primeau has is that he thinks its a young man. He brings no technology to bear.


Strawman, I thought that was Tom Owen, not Primeau.

Rob Crawford

Jane, you're better than I am -- I will not retract my desire that "Dave" should get what he wishes for others.


Oh I'm not better. I just shouldn't always post what I think.


Primeua's listened to HUNDREDS of hours of audio.

I'm a talk radio listener. Does that make me and expert as well?


I wouldn't worry about Mark Latrine, Chubby. He also used to think you have to be born here to citizen parents just to be a citizen.

He will come around on Mitt. I am sure of it.


Guess it's time to boycott Coca-Cola, then.

Coca-Cola caves to progressive boycott threat over indirect support for voter ID laws

I think Limbaugh should start playing this game. It seems like fun.

Lou Gots

If-when-this fiasco falls apart, and Zimmerman is acquitted, or no-billed, or granted immunity from prosecution under Florida law, there are going to be a lot of disappointed, angry "Trayvons."

This is not the 60's or 70's. The sky is a different color now. The liars and fools who have stirred up the mob against Zimmerman will bear at least moral guilt for the Omdurman the mob will suffer when it breaks itself upon armed Floridians, empowered by Florida law.

Strawman Cometh

Look at point 4 on the "I screamed.." thread.

did you ever get a reply from Primeau? I found his site but can't find his blog.

Thomas Collins

Bosox Express picks up steam from where it left off last September. See LUN.

Well, I suppose at least PDinDetroit is happy!


Morals beget moral guilt. The liars and fools will bear nothing.



Egan Jones Downgrades USA From AA+ To AA, Outlook Negative


Not to worry,I see the Obama regime has invited Al Sharpton to the White House. I'll bet they're going to talk to him about paying his back taxes.
No, Sorry:
I've just been informed that the actual topic to be discussed is

Don't guess anyone at the WH cares whether we get downgraded or not.


Yesterday, someone posted a funny spoof from Don Cheadle on Captain Earth, or something like that. (Sorry I don't remember who it was or what thread it was on.) I didn't realize the guy was so cool, but here's an AoS link from today:

Don Cheadle: Not An Idiot

Shockingly enough, despite being an actor in left-leaning Hollywood and black -- two reasons for him to take the very easy path of condemning George Zimmerman without facts -- he actually... castigates NBC and the media's narrative generally.

He makes a sharp point to those in the media who feel they need to "help" a story along:

"Truth does not need 'help.'"

Unfortunately, he's wrong about that.

Old Lurker

Speaking of tin ears, so Newt takes his company into Chapter 7 stiffing maybe 50 creditors and he thinks we should hire him to run the country?

Where do I write in CC's Garden Gnome?


So in the midst of a Duke and Duke venting session, (Schmidt, Schnur, Fleisher) courtesy
of Ben Smith, I see they want to remake the
movie, yet again,


Sorry I meant the Mummy, they have run out of ideas.


In case anyone missed the motivational video of Tony Robbins using Iowahawk's post about how we could fund the government by confiscating the money from all of the the Fortune 500 companies, major league sports, and everyone making over $250K per year:

Inflammatory Expert Cited


Rasmussen: 60% View Al Sharpton Unfavorably

In fact, just 26% of American Adults share an even somewhat favorable opinion of the Rev. Al Sharpton, with eight percent (8%) who view him Very Favorably.
Yet, as pagar linked, Sharpton was invited to the White House's pre-Easter festivities.


But he wasn't alone.

One pastor wore a hoodie, the symbol of Trayvon Martin, the young black man shot to death by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.
I'm with Janet regarding the question of these "pastors'" religious affiliations. Do they actually have any sort of reasonable claim to be clergymen?

Ugh. More threads. :-)


can we call them Trayvonians?


Robert Zimmerman Sr, a 64-year-old Vietnam veteran and retired magistrate judge, said his family has received ‘thousands’ of death threats and become the targets of overwhelming public vitriol in the aftermath of the shooting in Sanford, Florida.

He defended his son’s actions and claimed he was left no choice but to open fire after Trayvon told him ‘you’re going to die tonight’ while the unarmed 17-year-old was beating the neighborhood watch volunteer.

‘I never foresaw so much hate, coming from the president, the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP,’ Robert Zimmerman told Fox Orlando Wednesday night.

‘Every organization imaginable is trying to get notoriety from this or profit in some way.’

Obama famously said, ‘If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon,’ in his remarks about the shooting. He also called for a full investigation to ‘get to the bottom of exactly what happened’

George Zimmerman, it was revealed earlier this week, is a registered Democrat.

The elder Zimmerman would not show his face on camera during the interview — the first time he has spoken out on television. Instead, the local TV station showed just his shadow.

He described a life where his son was forced to flee his home, and he and his wife were also forced to leave theirs to hide out while the case attracts international publicity and thousands of angry protestors.

‘We, the entire family, we basically don’t have a life,’ he said.

They cannot do anything in public that includes giving their names, he said, including seeking medical care.

He called the negative attention on his family ‘unimaginable.’

‘I’m sorry all the hate that’s going around,’ he said of the anger toward his son.


heck of a job Bammy

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