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April 10, 2012


Caspar Weinburger

I don't understand why they would drop George. It has only been 48 hours. If they truly believe he is suffering, then it is now more than ever that he needs his legal team to stick up for him.

Rob Crawford

Can we please get buub and Dave barred from this thread? Their primary interests are swinging from Zimmerman's corpse and bathing in his blood, so do we really need their "input"?


I don't understand why they would drop George. It has only been 48 hours. If they truly believe he is suffering, then it is now more than ever that he needs his legal team to stick up for him.

It could be that we don't yet know why they quit,i'm sure we'll learn the whole story at a later date.


Yo yo yo, score another one for black power, bitches!

The NBPP done got that whitey good and scared and on the run, and my man Holder ain't gonna do shit to protect him.

Peace out.


TomM-- was GZ ever mirandized? IF he's indicted, wouldn't the defense move to bar any statements he made? because as best as I can tell, he was 'detained' from the moment the cops arrived until he left the police station hours later-- No Miranda, no statements in evidence. BTW the PTSD? good luck with that; I'm no trial lawyer, but I've got to believe a judge would let that all in, subject to rebuttal regarding the reliability of the statements given his alleged physical condition.


we were never told if he was or wasn't--I'd bet he was.

East Bay Jay

Too bad, GZ. You don't look enough like Obama to be his son so your life has to be ruined.

If he were smart he'd flee America and never look back. He should use whatever he gets from his website for this purpose. Why stay for the mob justice that the DOJ and Obama have in store for him?


Can we please get buub and Dave barred from this thread? Their primary interests are swinging from Zimmerman's corpse and bathing in his blood,

On the contrary,I hope that he's safe.He's obviously under a great deal of stress.

Just because I want to Justice done doesn't mean I want to see George Zimmerman harmed in any way.


sorry...see justice done


Clarice-- if he was Mirandized, and he nonetheless gave statements that night to the EMT who treated his wound, to the cop who cuffed him, to the Major Crimes detective etc etc, there's no way he kept his story straight, and the State will have plenty of GZ's own staements with which to swear out and justify an indictment-- IMO.


DubDave-- So now you're catching on how the criminal justice system can do grave injustices to an innocent man who is victimized by circumstances. Sorry, I still hope that someday you get an even better education on the matter, through a personal experience with police and prosecutors.


NK, that's just speculation with no evidence to support it. As far as we know, everything he said consistent with self defense has been substantiated by other evidence.
TM's theory that if there is a problem he'll claim PTSD or something may be correct in any event.

I lost my program.

Did the good guys win?


If GZ's new lawyers claim his prejudicial statements are not reliable because of PTSD, the State will be very comfortable saying see you in court. That would not be a good scenario for GZ, I'm afraid.


-- Did the good guys win? --

That only happens in the movies.


They dropped him because they don't want a later claim of malpractice for not (allegedly) telling Zimmerman not to talk to the prosecutor.

It is common for attorneys to drop their clients when they learn the client contacted law enforcement.

The same lawyers could show up later in the case, though. They have to take their stand here, for now.

Thomas Collins

It's not surprising that Zimmerman is in a bad state. He gets jumped and has his head pounded into the concrete. For defending himself, he has a bounty taken out on his life. The President overtly sides with his attacker. Influential MSM outlets smear him. If I were Zimmerman and had the dough, I would flee to an island without an extradition treaty.

Flog a tout.

Are you trying to tell me that Clarice had insider information when she unloaded the white hat concession on me?


As though the presser wasn't enough publicity, the attorneys have a date with Anderson Cooper tonight.

Hmmm. Not being discrete in assisting "their client," squared.


How much has he paid them? How much do they want him to pay?

Right now he doesn't need a lawyer, he just needs to keep his mouth shut.


You might be figuring out why GZ wont return their calls. Could it be he finds them to act slimy and questions whether they have his best interest at heart?


If that is true, cboldt, maybe Zimmerman isn't in as bad a shape as we imagine. Perhaps he saw his "attorneys" as media hustlers, which is how they are starting to look.


toldja. IF Zimmerman's innocent, he would have been much, much better off had the police arrested him, then performed the fullest possible investigation, leaving no stone unturned, then given him his day in court.
On the other hand, IF he's guilty, his "erratic behavior" etc. is par for the course and the Sanford PD's attempts at coverup execrable...


shorter Rob Crawford: "Out damned spot!"


I think the AC interview is recorded from earlier today, but still ...

They aren't counsel of record. No entry of appearance. Never met Zimmerman face to face. There isn't any legal "action" for them to intervene in. Their only function has been frontmen to the media, and likely giving Zimmerman advice to not talk to anybody.


Getting arrested is the best defense innocent people can hope for.


New Yorker slams the lawyers. LUN

At various points during their press conference, Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner, the two men charged with keeping him out of prison, came off as petulant, confused, angry, and finally, totally ignorant and out of the loop. In the process, they made Zimmerman look crazy for having engaged them in the first place, even pro bono.

I'd bet he was. Me too.

It's not good for Zimmerman that his attorney's quit and are now going public.

They may not be "counsel of record" but their obligation to the privilege is still applicable.


TC opines: ``For defending himself, he has a bounty taken out on his life.''
On what planet is lethal force necessary or reasonable to defend yourself in a fistfight? Zimmerman shot a teenager dead. To suggest that's simply "defending yourself'' is deeply dishonest.
The risible dishonesty and compulsive bigotry of identity conservatives on this issue is, indeed, already paying concrete political dividends to their enemies.
From Daily Kos:
``Two more institutions, one commercial and one non-profit, have announced that they will part ways with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided an education grant to ALEC, and will not be making future grants.
``The foundation said it would not award another grant to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in the face of criticism of the council's involvement in voting laws and in "stand your ground" gun laws such as one under scrutiny in the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida.
`"At this point, we've decided that it's not the right environment to continue working with them," Gates Foundation spokesman Chris Williams told Reuters on Tuesday.''
well-deserved comeuppance indeed!
Win or lose for Zimmerman, SYG laws and the gun-fetish extremists who brought them on are going to take a serious political beatdown…


McDonald's is the other institution pulling the plug on ALEC, btw...
I'm lovin' it!


I don;t watch teevee (other than TCM and baseball), so this was news to me ... "(before he took Zimmerman on, Uhrig was probably best known as a television analyst commenting on the Casey Anthony case)"


Getting arrested is the best defense innocent people can hope for.

"What, you wanna look innocent in jail? I'd rather look guilty at the mall. - Chris Rock

Paja Rocko

"gun-fetish extremists"

James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton


Well the Gates foundation is now explicitly in favor of voter fraud, and against self
defense (the last was kind of a feature) heck I think we have more of counsel in conducting
the investigation than any of those folks,
and we didn't even have to go on Anderson



Asked about Hannity's interactions with Zimmerman, a Fox News Channel spokeswoman said the issue "will be addressed on Hannity's show tonight." The show, "Hannity," airs at 9 p.m.

This article leaves me with a different take (not taking it as true, tho'), where Uhrig and Sonner were initiating lots of contact, daily calls, and not giving much in the way of advice. For example, "[Zimmerman] has made a series of decisions that the two lawyers would not have advised." "Would not have advised." That is passive. It is not a statement that Zimmerman was advised and went against advice. Could be an error in reporting too.


I agree with RB. No indictment. Martin's supporters wear black armbands for a week and we all move on...


Perhaps Zimmerman is being smart here, maybe listening to his former magistrate dad. When did he contact these lawyers? Early on before it became a media slimefest?

If I was him, now, I'd start up a website to solicit funds and hire the most savvy criminal defense lawyer I could afford. Especially if I was innocent.

PS Whomever commented that Zimmerman family member who wrote DOJ about Black Panther bounty posters was being stupid...



Well I can't say I was impressed with the earlier statement that 'Zimmerman's credibility was destroyed' or 'the shaken
baby syndrome'


On what planet is lethal force necessary or reasonable to defend yourself in a fistfight?

The last time you brought up fistfighting, I posted a link to a case in which a Florida high school student killed someone with one punch.

Captain Hate

After inflicting Vista on the world, Gates isn't exactly the gold standard in smart decisions.


I posted a link to a case in which a Florida high school student killed someone with one punch.

Fist-fighting can cause death, brain damage, disability, disfigurement and loss of teeth.

How beat up are you willing to get?


Win or lose for Zimmerman, SYG laws and the gun-fetish extremists who brought them on are going to take a serious political beatdown…

don't be too sure bubu

Jorge Zimmerman just might become a cause celebre de la Raza amigo, I know...latinos usually support dems, but what if Dumbo has miscalculated yet again.

The most significant trend, however, appeared to be the nation's new count of 50.5 million Latinos, whose massive expansion accounted for more than half of the nation's overall growth of 27.3 million people, to a new overall U.S. population of 308.7 million, officials said.

The Hispanic population grew 43% since 2000, officials said.

In stark contrast, all other populations together grew by only about 5%, officials said. The nation as a whole expanded by 9.7%



I can just imagine the jury selection on this one


Vista, could only come from the mind of the Old Ones, with representation from Wolfram & Heart


On what planet is lethal force necessary or reasonable to defend yourself in a fistfight?

Welcome to Earth, bunkerbitch.

If my man Slimm had been a little better at the knockout game he woulda taken out that short fat cracka neighborhood watch punk before he could pull his piece.

And for gods sakes educate yourself man, yer constant ignorance is almost as offensive as yer constant efforts to make Tray out to be a weak punk ass little boy.









The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin shooting case says she will make an announcement about the case within 72 hours.

The issue of reasonable fear in a fistfight is going to be left to the jury. In the universe of fistfights, some merit use of deadly force to repel, most don't.

I've been coldcocked. One punch, end of fight. I can't come back and shoot the a$$hole. I can sue for damages though, and the hitter is committing the crime of assault (or battery, depending on what label the state affixes).


Welcome to Earth, bunkerbitch.

I like it :)


The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin shooting case says she will make an announcement about the case within 72 hours.

Posted by: cboldt | April 10, 2012 at 08:55 PM

Hope it's a sharp decision


and by "sharp" I mean legally relevant


I don't know Corey's public communication style at all; and even if I did, this case is different - she's a special prosecutor.

That said, I don't think she'd announce an announcement, and then just say the case is still under investigation. She might disclose an approximate timeframe for reaching a conclusion, but she could do that anytime, without teasing a 72 hour lead.

I'm with windansea, I hope it's a substantive revelation.

Same info, different source, LUN



You told us his two lawyers who were apparently only nominally representing him were going to quit?
Musta missed that one.
You realize of course that his nominal attorneys quitting has nothing to do with anything you said after 'toldja' right?


NLG -- no one has suggested it's impossible to sustain serious injuries in a fistfight. The question is whether its reasonable to expect to. I think it's obvious that it is not reasonable in Zimmerman's case, since his assailant was smaller and younger AND Zimmerman knew the police would be there any second.
There must be millions of fistfights a year and only a tiny handful result in serious injuries. That's why it's unreasonable to assume a fistfight will lead to serious injuries -- barring circumstances apparently not present in the Martin murder/shooting case.

Thomas Collins

Bunkerbuster, why don't you have one of your friends get on top of you and pound your head into the pavement before you classify as "dishonest" a statement that Zimmerman was defending himself.


-- You told us his two lawyers who were apparently only nominally representing him were going to quit? --

It's been alleged that the lawyers were self-appointed to the assignment.


There must be millions of fistfights a year

when was your last one?

ever been cold cocked by a NLG?


Hey, bunkerbitch, you let me know where you live and I'll drop by and pound you in the face and slam your head into the sidewalk for a few minutes.

If I fail to kill your or at least fuck you up real bad, I'll admit you were right.



The protesters can always move on to this one.


“You better get out of here — they’ve got guns.” That’s when Stokes looked back down the highway and some the motorcycle gang — 30 or 40 bikes strong — headed his way"------
"The bikers calmly mounted their rides and left the scene. Not a single biker was stopped and detained, or even questioned."


Answer me this and try to do it honestly. Have you ever been in a serious fist fight?

Charlie (Colorado)

On what planet is lethal force necessary or reasonable to defend yourself in a fistfight

The ones in which there are fistfights. There's a reason they're called "equalizers".


--It's been alleged that the lawyers were self-appointed to the assignment.--

Well that makes buub's "toldja" even more meaningless.

Charlie (Colorado)

You know, this "no limit" person is beginning to annoy me.

Caspar Weinburger


Trayvon was bigger than George. An athletic man against a short pudgy one. No contest.

Hands are weapons. If you have your hands on someone's throat, the police have every right to shoot to stop you from killing your victim.

Anyone here have a link to the picture of Trayvon standing with a bunch of his friends? That pic shows how tall and big he really was.



I'm not comfortable with BB being physically threatened,Tom.

I don't want to see anyone thrown out of the group,alot of the posters here are friends,alot them are really smart and their opinions,even though I disagree with them,are invaluable.

Perhaps you could suggest toning down the violent rhetoric a tad.



There's no physical threats, Dumbassdave.

I'm just offering to do to bunkerbitch what Slimm did to that cracka popo wannabe.

Since your whole argument is that what Tray did was harmless, I don't see the problem.


I'm not comfortable with BB being physically threatened,Tom.

Apparently BB does not consider fists to be physically threatening.



I know you are scared. Perhaps now would be a good time to get lost.


No Limit. "Let me know where you live.." That's a threat and Tom should know better than to allow physical threats on his site.

Captain Hate

Pretty funny how N_L_N got punkorbitch to lose his snotty attitude.

Captain Hate

Aaaand hall monitor pederesta shows up to quote from Amy Vanderbilt/Emily Post on interwebbz etiquette.


After weeks of bravado about how ol' Georgie-poo shoulda just sat back and let his beatdown happen, I'm lmao at all you cowardly pilsbury doughboy motherfuckers pissing yourselves because I offered to let bunkerbitch put his money where his mouth is and go through the same experience he has repeatedly claimed was no big deal.


-- "Let me know where you live.." That's a threat --

it's an offer, and it's obvious hyperbole. The point is that fists can represent a risk of serious injury, as most her agree - especially those that are concerned this "offer' is a threat to perpetrate a serious injury.


Let me count the ways.
These lawyers never met with Zimmerman. That is, in itself, highly unusual and suggests that they sought him out and offered some sort of service, likely without so much as an engagement letter. In most states, it is unethical to begin a legal representation without such a writing. If Zimmerman is attempting to reach the special prosecutor it further suggests that he sensed that his lawyers were not adequately representing him.
I would not be surprised if, on the witness stand, Zimmerman said he was suffering from post-traumatic stress, but I would be shocked if he took the stand at all. This lack of evidence will be problematic for any prosecution. The independent witness will testify that Martin was on Zimmerman and banging his head into the ground as Zimmerman called for help. There will be forensic exhibits but nothing to suggest a crime, except Obama’s expert testimony. Were I Zimmerman, I would call Roy Black.

The shooting of an empty police car is redolent of a different time. It suggests that Obama’s chickens may come home to roost. There is nothing to compare to the hate spewed by the New Black Panthers. Makes me long for the originals.

Finally, I remain persuaded that the Special Prosecutor will charge Zimmerman with the least of the homicide crimes. It’s expedient in that town in these circumstances. I can hear the discussion in which the State opines that he’ll never be convicted and that it is really in his best interest to be vindicated by a jury.

Reporters will be alerted three hours before the news conference, which is to be held in either Sanford or Jacksonville.

Corey's office says in its news release that media access will be limited "because of safety concerns."


With the idiot haters bound to harm innocents after this incident, I encourage anyone willing and able to provide for their own self-defense.


again, the question isn't whether it's possible for serious injuries to result from a fistfight, but whether it a reasonable person would in Zimmerman's case.
Maybe a jury will decide it was, but anyone who claims the mere fact that there was a fistfight means Zim had a right to kill Martin is living in a pretty sad fantasy world...


No Limit. You going to pull a gun on Bunker when he starts kicking your ass? Bet you would, but you're a wanna-be, threatening people over the internet, when no violence is called for. Biatch.

jack moss

Tom, Special Prosecutor to anouce "new info" on the case with 72 hours (Friday?). Via my source and now confirmed via 970 wfla in Tampa.



Hey, bunkerbitch, I'm just offering to put you in the same situation that little Georgie was in. You keep trying to convince everyone that cracka had nothing to fear.

But instead of either manning up and accepting the challenge or admitting you were talking out your ass, you and your friends piss yourselves and start screaming your little heads off about "threats".

(And pederast, your try at sounding tough with "Biatch" just confirms you're a pilsbury doughboy - short, fat, white, and dickless.)


Wingnuts -- being children emotionally -- are pretty big on anonymous physical threats. There have been many against me on this silly little blog and I take them only as confirmation of the arrested-development juvenile mentality of JOM regulars.
DoT, in particular, alternates between fantasies about fighting me and fantasies about my sex life, so, yeah, there's plenty of reason to categorize the fumbling bluster here on JOM as the compulsive whimpers of children addled by chronic intellectual self-abuse.


No Limit. I was being silly. You, however, are serious, which is pathetic. Go confer with Captain Hate(uber cheerleader) and discuss internet threats and why they are so sad.


bubu and podesta sittin in a tree


k i s s i n gee


I don't know what is the proper reaction in a situation, like this, one makes a tragic mistake, that slavering rat Sharpton pins your
hide to the wall, the Panthers and like minded
fellows issue bounties and death threats, including that fat Mastodon Roseanne, the President prejudges the case, the lawyers throw you 'under the bus',


windansea sittin all alone, doing God knows what. Zoomin Zimmerman pics? I really don't want to know.

Cam Guy

Sounds like bunkerbuster may be a little fearful of a fist afterall. Come on bunker, man up! I'll record you and no limit then after he beats you down for a while, you can jump up smiling and give the camera a thumbs up. We can then submit it as evidence in the Zimmerman trail.

However, in the likely event there is no trial we will submit it as evidence in the kangaroo court trial the dems put on in a basement closet of the Capitol building.


God I love lefties.
They huff and puff and talk about which punches are 'droppers' and what punks and chickenhawks conservatives are but let anyone post even the slightest hyperbolic push back about their tough shit patter and they wet their panties and rat the meanies out to the teacher.
Don't you guys have an anti-bullying video to star in?

Cam Guy

And podesta can be the ring girl. Wear something skimpy, pod.


Ignatz. There's a video called, "Ignatz huffing and puffing about the huffing and puffing." It's pretty boring, actually.


I'm pretty sure if someone is offended by the comments they are free to leave and not return. If they stay, they obviously are enjoying themselves.


cam guy. you wish.

Caspar Weinburger


The anti-bullying video comment is legend.


Posted by: podesta | April 10, 2012 at 10:27 PM

why do you feel the need for multiple identities?

you think "Tom" knows?


I got caught up in one of the Rodney King riots. I was in SF on the day the verdict came down, and on my way to the airport to pick up a friend. A few blocks from SF State Univ, the traffic came to a dead stop. And then I saw this mob of youths coming down the street and swarming over the cars in front of me. I had just enough to time to hit the locks on the doors before they got to my car. They surrounded me, beating on my car with sticks and bats and shaking it as if they were trying to tip it over. After a couple of minutes they moved off down the street to the cars behind me. Luckily I was just a few feet from the end of the block, so I able to drive up onto the sidewalk and make it around the corner and onto a cross street and drive away, before more of the mob realized I was momentarily being ignored.

There were no police around to help me that day, and I truly believed from the look of bloodlust I saw in the mob's eyes that if they could have gotten me out of the car they would have torn me limb from limb. The fact that I was innocent of having anything to do with Rodney King would not have mattered in the slightest.

That is the face of mob justice.

Since I wasn't there, I cannot say for certain whether what happened that day in Sanford was an act of cold blooded murder or self-defense, or something in between. What I care about is that if Zimmerman is tried and convicted, it has to be done according to the rule of law and not the rule of the mob. And I fear that we have already crossed the line where that is no longer possible.

The race baiters, Obama with his imaginary son, Eric Holder with his racially-biased justice department, the New Black Panthers with their wanted posters and bounty, the media with their lies and their manufactured "evidence," and all those who--so full of smug self-righteousness--are demanding "justice for Trayvon" at any cost--what they are accomplishing is the replacement of the rule of law with the rule of the mob.

You liberals who post here on this blog--do you think there is any guarantee that you will forever remain free of the consequences of this? One day you might find yourself surrounded by a mob seeking "justice" for whatever is the grievance du jour. The mob isn't going to care that you are a "good liberal person" who only wants to "make a difference in the world" and "work for a non-profit" and who voted for Obama and wanted justice for Trayvon.

The mob is going to want blood, and whose blood they spill won't matter in the least to them as long as it's wet and red.


windansea. I don't have multiple identities. I do have one, you should work on that too, having an identity.


Bubu - but it was not "just a fistfight" as you put it. You are being dishonest even by stating so.

From accounts, Martin hit and knocked down Zimmerman. Even IF Martin was acting in self-defense, then Zimmerman down ended the threat to Martin. At the point that Martin got on top of Zimmerman and started pounding his head on the ground, Martin's actions became assault and an unlawful use of force. At that point, Zimmerman is justified in using Deadly Force to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself according to 776.012(1) and/or 776.041(2)(a).

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

Richard Aubrey

You know, they give classes in one-punch victories in every other strip mall in the country. Only the technique brand varies "kung fu" "self-defense" "karate", et tedious cetera.
It looks pretty slick when you're standing there on the mat and the instructor slow-mos the heel of the hand to the chin, bringing it up from the floor. You can just imagine.
But when the other guy is wired and moving you might miss altogether. Or you might drop him in half a second. Even if, in retrospect, you didn't mean to kill him. What the hell the other guy is supposed to know about what's going to happen to him is...ludicrous to assert. And that's what some are insisting Z should have known.


Funny when Spoke Lee, Roseanne Barr issued implicit death threats, that didn't matter, to Darryl, Darryl and his other brother Darryl.Hzinga was nabbed for being terminally stupid, but otherwise the Panthers have been given free license,


FWIW--from Macsmind:

UPDATE: The 72 hour time period puts a release on Friday. I now told that this will be a decision on whether or not Zimmerman will be charged. Friday is a traditional “charges announced” day, but again I stand by the prediction that Zimmeraman will not be charged with murder or even manslaughter. That’s not to say he isn’t charged with some lesser crime. I’ve also confirmed that Zimmerman did contact Corey’s office and there was a “conversation”, but there’s little else on that.

One other thing Zimmerman isn’t in Florida according to his ex-attorney, in fact he said that he’s “far from Florida”. This is key. Normally even if a subject isn’t arrested the prosecutor – if they were moving towards a charge – would have moved to have Zimmerman secured in some manner or even warned him not to leave the area.


Did anyonw wtch Hannity If so, hat happened?

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