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April 09, 2012


Rob Crawford

Oh, come on. It's not like Chicago has a sizable minority population.

Captain Hate

How many of the trolls are in those pictures?


Hmmm... 'Bam's campaign is not very big with da' bruthas. I guess since it's a captured market why bother. Standard marketing practice, no?


Sue gave us some info on the White House Easter egg roll on the other thread..
Here is a bit more -

"Obama proceeded further down the lawn for a reading of “Where the Wild Things Are,” the classic 1963 Maurice Sendak book. That was followed by a quick stint at the basketball court where the president was forced to complete a couple of pushups after missing three jump-shot attempts.

"Somebody saw me cheating on my push ups," Obama joked after members of the press grumbled he did not fully complete them."



Here was Sue's post -
"There is a basketball clinic at the WH during the Easter egg roll. The balls being used have a picture of Obama on them.

Posted by: Sue | April 09, 2012 at 11:24 AM "

Good Lord.


Not only are they all white, they also all look like they're still eligible to be covered by their parents medical insurance.

Okay, they did allow an Asian girl in. But maybe she's a white Asian . . . so all right then.


The Palestinians want to play the UN/statehood game again.

I guess this is going to become a regular occurrence, sort of like the cherry trees blossoming in spring or the OWS protests.


isn't calling it an egg roll anti- Asian?


Oh frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!

Arianna has sold off the bulk of AOL's IP portfolio to Sith Lord Gates.

I wonder how long it will take to burn through that pile.....and then???


Here is the basketball -


Sith Lord Gates

No relation.

There is a basketball clinic at the WH during the Easter egg roll. The balls being used have a picture of Obama on them.

Q: What do you call a cheap, overinflated piece of crap that's useless for anything besides basketball, and even for that you have to put up with seeing Obama's smug grinning face?

A: "Mr President".


Hah, bgates, we knew we could count on you.

Jane (where is Jon Corzine?)

I still want to know how much we paid for that.


Stolen, bgates!

clarice feldman

My heart belongs to bgates.


Heh, bgates.

The only thing good about that ball is that occasionally it will spin around to just the right spot so that you can enjoy the pleasure of smashing Obama's mug right into the pavement.


why that is a special collectible artifact specially manufactured and paid for by one of the president's many corporate sponsors as a part of the First Lady's "get up offa yo' ass and ball it" program.

And last I saw him at the All Star game, Dawkins weighed somewhere north of 350 and was wearing the most awesome pimp suit evah!

Frau Ostermontag

Hey! In my precious leftist college town, we are NOT allowed have an city Easter Egg Hunt. We get a Spring Egg Hunt instead. Next, I'll need a feather to speak at the city council meetings.

Gag me with an Obama basketball.

Captain Hate

If the balls have as thin a skin as the model, they'll be completely worthless by November.

Dave (in MA)

Not Diverse? But the adorable little snowflake on the lower left is sporting a Yasser Arafat Neck Napkin.


Diverse? On a hunch I loaded the web page of the organization whose members have been pushing the Masters Tournament to diversify the Augusta club's membership. There are only women on their board.

You would think they would lead by example.


Forty-four days after unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin was shot in Sanford, Fla., all sides await a decision on whether there will be charges for neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who fired the fatal shot.

The case was expected to be taken up as early as Tuesday by a grand jury.

But special prosecutor Angela Corey said Monday she will not bring the case before a grand jury.


I don't know the answer to this question...do presidents routinely have their image on stuff at WH events? I just think it is creepy, as in North Korea creepy, to see Obama's face on everything.

Thomas Collins

Sue, let's hope Obama doesn't see the baseball card in the LUN and get any ideas.

James D.

Sue, it's difficult for me to picture any of our previous Presidents having their face plastered onto basketballs or other such items. I certainly don't recall ever seeing anything like the Zero commerative basketball.

Captain Hate

Sue, his self-absorption is off the charts compared to other Presidents.


Sue-I think it is creepier to those of us who know our history than to those who do not. Or who have been taught cultural anthropology as a substitute.

I found the looks on those staffers faces eerie. There seems to be no conception that the past 3 years have not gone too well or that a 2nd term will impact the country in ways that will have a lasting impact on what they can be.

They just seem to see themselves as being part of the Cool group.



Ain't that the truth? And btw, aren't you proud I haven't mentioned Red Sox baseball? Until now, anyway. ::grin::

Or Yankee baseball either, for that matter.

::tee hee hee::


And oh my singing heart! Lamar Odom has parted ways with the Mavericks. No more crowd shots of his skanky wife when he manages to drag himself off the bench long enough to screw up.



I'm trying to figure out who in the Obama campaign thought that picture was worth releasing.


Basketball......Black man.......



Obama Chicago HQ looks exactly like a Howard Dean meetup in Vermont! Who knew? At least its not a war on women or whatever the meme is today...


He couldn't have gotten his face on a basketball without becoming president. Do they even have basketballs with Michael Jordan's picture on them?


And just like Obama, those balls were probably made in China.


Next thing you know, we'll hear that they served fried chicken and watermelon at the basketball camp.


Dave (in MA)

Could one of those basketballs be easily converted to a speed bag?



Derbyshire got fired for less than that.

Captain Hate

And oh my singing heart! Lamar Odom has parted ways with the Mavericks. No more crowd shots of his skanky wife when he manages to drag himself off the bench long enough to screw up.

Wow, that whole deal has just been a massive failure from the get-go. I thought he'd be a much better fit than it turned out, obviously.

Tom Maguire
aren't you proud I haven't mentioned Red Sox baseball?

I will mention Yankee baseball as soon as they start playing some.



I hate him. I hate his ugly wife. And I hate her family. I was so sick of the camera panning to her when he did something.


So Lamar Owed 'em, is a has been basketball player and his personal Kardashian is a never was.

Only in America.


TM Rangers number 3 in the rotation goes 6 scoreless innings yesterday and turns it over to the bullpen to mop up. Dont worry, the number 4 and 5 in the rotation are Yu Darvish and Neftali Feliz. And if you chase them, Scooter Feldman a previous 17 game winner is the long reliever.

Hamilton hit one deep into the 2nd deck yesterday, lucky someone was not killed on impact too...


I was so sick of the camera panning to her when he did something.

Both times he did something this season they panned to her? Odom is as miserable a failure as Zero...



Don't get too cocky. We were 1 out away, 2 times, from winning it all last year. Dear Leader's team has a ring. ::sigh::



They panned to her when he farted. I know he was farting because everyone around him had sour faces.


I just think it is creepy, as in North Korea creepy, to see Obama's face on everything.

Oh, come on. Except for the halftime show of the college basketball championship game, he hasn't been on tv yet this month, besides his introductory message before Saturday's broadcast of "To Kill a Mockingbird".



I couldn't watch. I didn't want To Kill a Mockingbird ruined for me.


GMAX-- wouldn't it be sweet if the Yanks, RedSox and Phillies were -- OVER? AL looks like it may go through Arlington, Anaheim and Detroit this year.


I hope the Phillies are over. I haven't forgiven Lee for leaving us.



Remember I am regularly dismissed as a effusive optimist here. Yet I witnessed with my own two eyes, the mastery of Harrison ( guy who did not have that last season ) and the shot by Hamilton was breathtaking. The one by Murphy was upper deck too, just shorter than the massive one Hammy hit. The rocket into the bullpen by Beltre was only third best last night.

I am sure the Yankees will eventually beat someone. Dont they have games scheduled with Washington during interleague?



I'm with ya', all the way! Go Rangers. Were you at the game? Josh's catch was also spectacular. And Michale Young made a dandy stop at 2nd. I can't wait to see Yu tonight. I've laughed at the WBAP crowd today doing the Abbot and Castello bit on who's pitching tonight? Yu. I'm not pitching.


I had TMax and Jmax and Smax and Mrs Gmax all right there with me Sue. Once we dried off the raindrops from the seats, it was a practically perfect night for baseball and well played by our side too...


Tapper says the NBA/WNBA brought the basketballs to the camp. Whatever.




The ball has a UPC tag........ Obama's balls are for sale.


((besides his introductory message before Saturday's broadcast of "To Kill a Mockingbird".))

that is the kind of thing that Breitbart said the Republicans have to do more, far more presence in pop culture. That's what Sarah Palin does, to her credit, and a lot of Republicans don't take her seriously for that very reason.


((You would think they would lead by example.))

they don't care about that. to them, that's as it should be, double standards are the norm. As Dennis Prager said in Janet' link yesterday, social justice isn't just.


If the Phillies are over, can we have Papelbon back?


Yu surrenders 4 in the first inning. Bad news for the Rangers right? Well no, they roar back to a 8 to 5 lead, Darvish settles down and is pitching in the sixth inning and mowing them down right now...


Ten straight batters retired by Darvish the talking heads are telling me...

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